by Ryu

This book has been a specialty of mine for decades. We’re very close to that sort of society. One can recognize almost every situation and gesture from real life America.

You can see the “outer party” working to build their own prison in 1984. They are like our own middle classes, building the drones, writing the surveillance programs. From one point of view, the whole purpose of the middle class is to carry out the designs of the elite.

The proletariat in this movie are the beer drinkers, the TV watchers, the average man. And so it is with us. You can see how boisterous the poor are, how loud their bars are, their vitality. The outer party or middle class are more intellectual and more controlled. They control themselves in fact.

Many have wondered how the thought police…

…worked. They function exactly like our modern FBI. Those who want illegal journals are sold them by system agents. If you want to rent an illegal bedroom, they rent it to you. If you want to join the resistance, they set up the meeting. They facillitate the carrying out of prohibited activities. Nearly every turrist event in the US now has FBI involvement; the FBI offers to give the bombs, anthrax or whatever is needed.

The resistance in 1984 is real. However, they cannot act collectively in the face of the thought police. Again, this is exactly like wns in the USA. One cannot organize under total information awareness. If you can’t organize, you can’t win. All that one is left with is a lone wolf suicide mission every 3 years or so.

I hope nationalists will watch this movie with an eye to our current situation. Murkan freedom is being free to vote republican or democrat, supporting the Dallas cowboys or the New England patriots. The most vital freedoms are the prohibited ones.

The only reason we are allowed to blog is because blogging is ineffective. Anger is not action and information is not action. If blogging worked, it would be outlawed. Even on this medium, I am not allowed to write anything I’d like.

At 1 hour 13 minutes, Winston is arrested. That’s when his education becomes complete.

5 Responses to “1984”

  1. The solution is to piggy back off other movements like Occupy, Tea Party, Transition Towns.

    [ednote: perhaps. but you’ll need to live to 157 to see it. your kids won’t see it; they’ll be slaves. by then – your grandchildren won’t even know what Jefferson stood for.]

  2. Readers are fortunate to have ryu show them logic. He tells how BIGov (the USG) are complicit in their own terror economy.

    The more boogeymen Ooosooma’s they create by provoking Muzz, the more BIGTax$$$ they demand you surrender for “your safety!”

    St. Ronald Reagan’s purported War on Drugs is the biggest failure ever un-noticed by the ScreamyEagle/SnarlyWolf Avatar Crowd on Twitta.

    Conservative fools screeching at Socialist fools over what color future shitshovelers shall be.

    • Most about us already knew about DaGov’s ant- White plans. Ryu’s gift is in highlighting their weaknessrs.

      BTW, the more minos they employ, the easier our job becomes. Heck, there are some Whites right now who are learning to game the corrupt system.

  3. Orwell’s two dystopias, Bradbury’s book burning dystopia and Huxley’s are all required reading IMO.


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