Das Krauthammer Sees…Liberal NAZISM

by Firepower

I’m so pleased Krauti finally had a thunderous brainstorm of booming revelation.  The dam must eventually break after holding in that much water.

It’s avant-gardly called Thought police on patrol.  Right.  Problem is: The thought police have not only been “on patrol” for 50 years, the first and second GEN have long retired (with FAT BIGGov pensions) and it’s this Third Wave has suddenly awakened der Krautti.

Krautti Announces:

…the left is entering a new phase of ideological agitation — no longer trying to win the debate but stopping debate altogether, banishing from public discourse any and all opposition.”

Banishing implies control.  Don’t merely imply it, CK – state it for what it is: TOTAL control. They DO censor debate. The do it because they can.  That means they really do actually have total control.

The proper word for that attitude is totalitarian*. It declares certain controversies over and visits serious consequences — from social ostracism to vocational defenestration — upon those who refuse to be silenced…”

Totalitarian means dictatorship. It’s how Stalin and Hitler were described. It is…what we are. I’ve long said so.  But, our rulers aren’t…

…militarists in snappy uniforms; ours are liberals; democrats – MINOS.

Sometimes the word comes from on high, as when the president of the United States declares the science of global warming to be “settled.” Anyone who disagrees is then branded “anti-science.” And better still, a “denier”

I’m Cynical Too When My Shit Is Pilfered

When the Big Man says the word – that’s dictation. That’s where the word dictator comes from. (is this really that fucking hard?)

Long a staple of academia, the totalitarian impulse is spreading. What to do? Defend the dissenters, even if — perhaps, especially if — you disagree with their policy. It is — it was? — the American way.”

Aha!  Der Krautti slyly hinty-hint-hints that it could be a “was” – a past tense of an America that is gone.  That’s Murka.

Led Zep worshiped Muddy Waters soooooo much, they used his stuff hard on every album.  He loved them so much he sued them successfully for BigCa$h.  Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. First VDH, then The Krauthammer; I once thought the brain flow dribbled down from Krauti to Victor Hansen to Patti-Buke to Rush, but now I see Vic Vivacious is near the top – just under me…

Blogging is for jerks. We write for free. One day, some WisenHeimer’s gonna publish a Big Reading Book for Conservatives created from ideas stolen from bloggies – and some Lil’ Bloggi’s gonna get some fat bowls full of Yummy Treats. All our pent-up cynicism at having to watch this shit on 24/7 news cycles is gonna make us bite the hand that thieves us.

11 Comments to “Das Krauthammer Sees…Liberal NAZISM”

  1. A right wing intellectuall is there to authenticate left wing propaganda, and since it no longer needs to be authenticated there exists no need for clown like Krautie.

    All the right wingy intellectuals do it, just ask them what lefty they admire and they will tell you.

    Here is how it goes: A lefty spews a propaganda talking point (an “intellectual” quibbles the details) and the propaganda takes on the air of AUTHORITY which is the mother’s milk of politics.

    Here is what I say: “The Blank Slate Theory is a fraud, a complete fraud with no proof whatsoever.” The essayists on our side then write lengthy essays quibbling a single point deep inside some esoteric book.

    As Horus says you cannot fight an educational campaign in a propaganda war, but you essayists will keep trying and failing and then blaming/banning me instead of your lovely lefty lofty heroes.

    [ed note: talk is there to prevent bloodshed. talk increases in volume the closer it gets]

  2. What exactly are you whingeing about here FP? One more convert is one less silly cunt – at the end of the day.

    [conversion means nothing, when it hides its light under a bushel]

    • It’s disappointing to learn that your idols aren’t that good. That they have to take from talented amateurs because they’ve themselves stagnated.

      Conservatives need to take from extremists, but we have nothing to learn from them. All we get is the few discontented conservatives who want more. It’s like the number of wns who graduate from amren or sbpdl.

      For me, the lesson is to be more confident. The professionals aren’t all that. It’s a credential which may or may not have to do with reality. Today especially, there is appearance, and there is reality.

  3. I always thought a virulently pro-Jewish fanatic named ‘Krauthammer’ was proof Kurt Vonnegut designed our postmodern malaise. But… really… isn’t this messed-up cripple just pissed the Left has turned on Israel (sort…. intermittently… to look ‘impartial’)?

    • Perhaps.
      Often, the glaringly
      Obvious Occam
      is regarded as disreputable for its hiding in plain sight.

      That is because those that overlooked it will never admit to being so stupid and thus, easily duped.

      Would a 21st Century Billy Pilgrim admit his error finding himself fighting their war and suffering for them…in a Slaughterhouse-Six?

  4. Yep the jews are being voted off the island. And since they have invested heavily in urban real estate the sunk costs are enormous to have a bunch of non-white savages running amok must worry them greatly. Even Harvey the gay jew fuck from TMZ plays law and order type to the black savages on his show who circle about him waiting for him to pull a Sterling or a Cuban outburst.

    But our intellectuals cannot see shit or state a simple truth right in front of their eyes go and write essays on esoterica while ‘Murka burns.

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