Feudal Frisco: Western Castle of Elites

by Firepower

I’ve told you San Francisco is Feudal.  It’s a key, sacred city designated as prime territory by The Elite.

A while back I showed you a googlemap: It’s not as impregnable as Moated Manhattan, but SF is buffered by a southern mountain pass and only three roads give access – access Fedcoat Storm Troopers will swiftly seal if Lady Pelosi or Lady Feinstein felt a tad uncomfy from the mob.

People care little about the map; dumbing-down works on “Our Side” as well. You see no strategists in Nationalism, while Liberal Socialism has them in abundance; it’s why they’ve won.  Meh. You’ll learn…when you’re eating your FEDPrison gruel awaiting execution for…

… an obscure Future FEDCrime®

Frisco makes is a great redoubt. Luxury towers grow while poor seem to miraculously vanish – just like Soylent Green/Hunger Games hell world – why, just like in Manhattan!

San Francisco desperately wants to be the Western Manhattan. Still, that questionable southern approach creates doubts. So, Honolulu is competing for the title of The Empire’s designation as Manhattan West. It has its own allure of weather and remote safety, but it is too distant. Frisco likewise has its own features of easy access to Liberal Capitals of Los Angeles, Washington DC and Manhattan.  Frisco is more a place where you buy a mansion for work, then buy another in Hawaii – to vaykay and rub perfumed shoulders with The Obamas & The Oprah.

I assume SF will be the designated-segregated elite playground reserved for homos, for even many permissive Manhattan liberal elites object to their sickening sex practices. They object when David Geffen buttfucks their 21-year-old Harvard Son & scion to their dynasty.

Only TWO Roads & Bridges For Access

This new Feudal Dukedom will search the future nation for nubile youth as its sexual playthings and entertainment when those teens learn putting out will buy that New Xbox EXTreem 3000!™ they “simply must have to live”…or that can of Spaghetti-Os.

Tomorrow’s Justins! and Tomorrow’s Chelseas!™  better have steel assholes. They already have zero morals and empty heads: They already are the perfect posable FuckDollz.

Now, a jewish lawyer for Google (honestly, is there any other kind?) wants to be rid of the Little People. The peasants’ huts must make way for M’Lords & Ladies Grande Feasting Halls. Even leftist education propagandists (aka “teachaz”) take a bite of The Shit Sandwich their elite dishes out – when it is money & status at stake.

You people don’t think martially…militarily.

BIGGov does; the Mino Machine does.  Liberal nazis sure as shit do.

Tell me again: For 40 years who runs education, movies, TV, news and government?

20 Comments to “Feudal Frisco: Western Castle of Elites”

  1. Ha – I guess you ran out of flowers for your hair m8

    [that is funnee]

  2. There are two styles of politics:

    Manly Domination.

    Womanly Manipulation.

    The liberals got their power via Womanly Manipulation. But for them, Manly Domination is going to be foreign territory. The problem with Manly Domination is that if you use too much force, you make too many enemies.

    Manly Domination and Warfare is going to be a bad road for Liberal Nazis. Their mercs will be unreliable, they will live in a self constructed prison of fear.

    • I agree, yet I see no Manly Domination emerging.

      It’s been purged from every male below 55. There are only males now – not men – and certainly not Men.

      Today’s Brandon!™ is neutered – incapable of any action of any sort.

      • Nothing is more certain than a man whose loyalty can be purchased for hard cash. Murka’s mercs will be as reliable as they have been, as long as the checks clear.

        We look for their degradation due to diversity initiatives and the Murkan education system. But we don’t rely upon it.

        That’s why wns have to emphasize training and study. We can be better one on one. The fact that they have to call 400 cops to contain Randy Weaver’s family speaks volumes about their ability – and that was 20 years ago.

      • “Controlled aggression” is the phrase we are looking for, it negates a lot of the feminization propaganda we have endured. FTR I got that from a SP site.

        The “Gamers” spend years writing essays that can be summed up by that phrase and that phrase is dominant over the sissies’ propaganda.

        [Game is dead. Resistance is dead]

  3. Like the Opinion of the author. New food for thought if they dare to care.

  4. Manly Domination does not always have to result in ultraviolence. It’s like that in the wild, and it’s like that with humans. Intimidation is a large part. Most people are not intimidating. At some point you will be tested, especially if you’re a newcomer or oldbag, which is when the violence happens. But people can get a long for a while with just the intimidation.

    We’re dealing with a mindset issue. Certain choices are simply unfathomable. I’m not even talking about anything illegal. People are stuck in their ways and see no way out. They don’t realize that you can make some of your own rules.

    • Trying to teach some of the ducks how to escape the pen, Doomie?

      You must have seen it at least a few times. Ducks testing the perimeter, sneaky ducks trying to escape. Did anyone ever make it? Those are the ducks that we want.

  5. Most dont realize how comfortable and soothing life can be within the synthetic serenity of a high-barier liberal enclave. Many problems evaporate when the bad people are foisted off on the less fortunate.

    • It is true.
      Living space, without coloreds’ animalistic filth, coupled with wealth extracted from white workers by their BIGov tax pogrom and into their Corzine Machines, makes shiny-happy people yearning to grasp still more – from buying ever-growing MINO votes.

  6. Perhaps the animals should be helped to get access to the enclaves. Honestly, they already do….they come in as hired help all the time. You might like this song FP. It’s a favorite of mine. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBBvA8Ccvvc

    • We still need more music propaganda; more effective music to appeal to those of combatant age.

      It appears your link is from the 1990s. Then, Rage Against the Machine did it well, as it’s still memorable.

      Past elites were suspicious of their “hired help.” Roman rulers cultivated the loyalty of their Praetorian Guard with enticements much the way today’s SSS retirement bennies outshine grunts’.

      When bored, I chip away at veterans quite effectively simply by telling them in segments:

      You fought for, enabled and empowered, Big Government. You obeyed executive orders of men like Obama and his ilk and killed in non-Constitutional wars. You fought for Affirmative Action, unlimited amnesty for illegals, the NSA, IRS. You obey a Hilary that lets you die on Benghazi rooftops and a VA that lets you and your fallen brothers die.

      It’s quite effective. I top it off and inform them this is the way the LN/MMM keeps them from re-taking up arms to fight real tyrants.

      • This music video is from Bronson Roma in Italy. The production is high quality and the song has a decent hook as far as Fascist-themed music goes.

        I used to love Rage Against the Machine. I went to one of their concerts in California and I still consider it one of the best performances I have ever seen.

      • Good stuff.
        Re music. You are an excellent writer FP. Perhaps YOU could write some lyrics and donate them to a good band. Or hire a studio band to put it all together for you. Get your readers to contribute if need be.

      • I’ll bet YOU could write some good music FP. One must be careful though because music can be just as useless as blogging. We’ve had Rage Against the MAchine and Muse for quite a while. Well not WE but still the songs didn’t set off a revolution.

      • Better to place females as spies so you could sex the pillow talk out of bankers and Hollywood types.

        Propagandizing GENBrandon seems futile.
        Propaganda only works on those who feel…fear.
        PlayStation at 25 – in the same room you had at age 5 – invites structural, phony cavalier indifference.

        Listen closely: Propaganda only appeals to the innate sense of justice.
        That it did not set off a revolution, neither in the Left or Right, tells you this sense of justice is absent in those most historically prone to seek it.

        Pampered, self-entitled dimwits only care for frivolity for their next amusement looms more important than their future freedom.

      • What else do we need to know about bankers and Hollywood types?

        I say that the first thing we do is OUR OWN REPORTING AND INVESTIGATING so those that take action are given proper and fair attention-so THEIR side of the story is told.
        Im tired of WNs believing EVERYTHING coming from the msm about “supremacists”. It’s ridoculous. We help them do their jobs of defaming us.
        The screaming, tattoo’d criminal “Nazi’ ? I sought them out! Could barely find any. What I have found in the movement-in face to face interactions are business owner, middle management, financial advisor, lawyer, professor, skilled trade, etc. White Nationalists.

        The next step is to get out and report on REAL LIFE not grecycle Jew lies and I agree with Rob Roy-enough endless essays! The only essays that are original and helpful are Ryu’s and MWs although you DO have a way with words FP and you have also helped Ryu to grow as a writer.

        [ednote: the invaluable calculus: heed only 0.06% of any female Nationalists – or politician. that’s the number that make acceptable leaders]

      • ryu thanks you.
        Good to read you’re willing to sacrifice That Sweet Ass for the cause.


        erm…that’s called blogging, sugar

      • erm no blogging does not equal reporting Hon.

        [yes it does you bubblehead. go fuck yourself]

        Find out what real journalism is. Google is your friend.

        [real journalism? lmsao…] 😆

  7. Well, to me,. real journalism is where you get out of your house and go to the scene of the crime or whatever and/or interviewing witnesses etc. It isn’t just tailgating what your overlords tell you is “new” or “news”. The WN group that can do this will set the world on fire. Alas, I don’t have the means or I would love to do it.

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