You Will Not Be Saved

by Ryu

Never lie – to yourself.

We have lied to ourselves about what motivates people. The only consistent motivator for me has been pain, fear, and hate. I’ll bet most people on Earth are very much alike.

Be honest with yourself about who you are and what you want; you don’t need to tell other people about it. If the things you want require besting others, you will have to …

…develop strengths to use against enemy weakness.

90% of WN is about what goes on inside your head. WN has failed because WNs have consistently lied to themselves. The masses will not awaken and revolt. There will be no collapse. God will not come down from heaven to save us.

We have lied about our abilities. Look at our poor track record shooting it out with authority figures. The individual cop or soldier is far from invincible, and thus the police and military as a whole are vunerable. No WN group has shown the desire to out-train and out-prepare the enemy, which is why we lose. Every battle is decided…before its fought.

We have lied about our commitment. How much activism can you do part time? When I come home from work, I’m tired! I’ll bet you are too. I don’t want to study, or do something requiring a great amount of thought. Your style of WN has to fit in with your life.

You need to stack things in your favor, fight on the ground of your choosing. That’s how WNs can win. It doesn’t even matter if we talk about WN or some other area, the process is the same.

Human moves. Conveying personality. Choosing an area of specialization and excellence. Becoming something. WN
hasn’t emphasized these things enough. I’m having to learn from the best I know at it. Arnold nows how to personify something – it is the primary reason he is famous.

31 Comments to “You Will Not Be Saved”

  1. Stalin took menial labor jobs so he could use his spare time to write and agitate.

    If you have the discipline to use your time well become a welfare leech, or find a bullshit job where you don’t have to work.

    • We have a lot of writers already. How does one agitate?

      • You spread dissension.

        You recruit others. You lead them.
        You guide them past the shoals of VRW, TDO & JAN.
        You lead them to The Next Step

        Send them to Ryu’s Writing.

        It’s either that or:
        The Tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time
        With the blood of patriots
        And tyrants

        It’s simple.
        Sweat now in training
        Or Bleed IRL

      • I suspect the minos themselves are our very best recruiters. Few come to us just because our writing is interesting.

        One day perhaps, they will want what we have. Until them, we have to keep training and progressing to stay ahead of them.

  2. Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    “90% of WN is about what goes on inside your head. WN has failed because WNs have consistently lied to themselves. The masses will not awaken and revolt. There will be no collapse. God will not come down from heaven to save us.”
    And this doesn’t apply just to WNs…

  3. Great essay Ryu.

    I didnt watch this vid but i remember in another one arnold said something along the lines of, he had to be the best at everything. It takes a lot of drive to do what he has done. I heard he even is trying to get the law changed so that people who arent born in the US can run for president.

    Yes since the mass awakening may never happen we need to work on our plan B as you have said. Personally I too have that little voice inside me that tells me I can be the best at what I do. Maybe that’s why we are perceived as having privilege-because we strive for excellence. Egalitarian dogma was meant to stifle that in Europeans. I’m sure of that. We must ignore that crap and shoot for the stars as we are meant to do.

    • Oh and the striving for excellence is a means to an end. We must amass money and power to beat back the anti White scum, of course. And I agree that hate is the motivator sometimes. Hate for those like Oprah who want us dead. There is love too or there wouldnt be any hate but the hatred is more intense.

      • “Hate for those like Oprah who want us dead.”

        White liberals are our greatest enemies. Colored hatred is understandable; liberal hatred is simply vile.

      • I love how Whites are always correcting each other (not really). I just was especially hating on Oprah yesterday but there are others I hate even more whose skin is not the color of poop.

        [ed note: YOU ARE the biggest offender of this – your own accusation – you dumb fucking broad]

      • And if you are calling White liberals greater enemies than Jews you are missing a lot.

        Someone reminded me recently that Jew have, on average, a 15 point higher IQ than Whites do. This is nothing to sneeze at. White liberals has been tricked, plain and simple. It’s a little suspect when people try to blame Whites for everything taking attention off Jews. Anyone who has been around awhile knows that Jewish groups pay little Jews to do this sort of thing on wn and other dissident websites.

        Oh and if you don’t believe such a thing is possible, trust those of us with higher IQs. It is.

      • No. As clearly stated, you and your type are the greater danger but it’s all apples & oranges – a pointless argument over who’s the bigger yuckyicky-doody head.

        This is feminine thinking; a gossip-orgasm thrill to find a worse scapegoat to take focus off you, then excuse your own shortcomings.

        The GirlCherry On Top is the female quest for self-validation.

        My IQ far exceeds yours, yet you persist with incredible, inexplicable statements. It’s hormonal; the only way to explain your contradictory behavior is to attribute it to emotion.

      • FP knows about the jews. Other wns spend more than enough time on them. At his level, understanding is a given.

        The liberal is our primary enemy. Liberal-anything. It’s better to focus on “liberals” than focusing on other groups. It’s the old way to obsess about the jews while beans and negros come in from the flanks, and the gays from the rear. Don’t be distracted.

      • The liberal is our primary enemy. Liberal-anything.

        Very true.
        Liberal coloreds, liberal miggers liberal jews liberal whites.
        They all have but ONE thing in common: They want White Males eradicated.
        They…are winning

        Because whites fap to old black & white PeterPanzer newsreel wetdreams of victory.

        Victory they are even scared to email of
        In Obamao’s Liberal nazi Police State
        …Here and now

      • Oops sorry. You are right.I am an offender. Will work on this. Mea Culpa.

      • Socialist Liberal nazis
        set up their MMM …
        Live in Manhattan Splendour
        while you and yours foam in anticipation
        of moving to a rustic tarpaper shack in BoonieVille

        To “Farm Worms for Freedom”

      • Wait! You think I’m a liberal???

        [nope: I am convinced you are ignorant and bossy in typically the way only females are]

    • There’s not going to be a mass awakening. To reach this level just takes far too long. Any mass awareness will certainly be moderate than what you see here. One has to learn to do it for another reason.

  4. Here are the best Arnie videos on the web if you need some inspiration to train.

  5. “Someone reminded me recently that Jews have, on average, a 15 point higher IQ than Whites do. This is nothing to sneeze at.”

    Every breed has its advantages and disadvantages. A higher IQ has its costs, as does a proclivity for violence.

    I’m not trying to be a niggler. This issue is very important. The liberal breed is tricking the other white breeds into tolerating them, which is far more damaging than anything the Jews or anyone else could do. Liberals are suicidal, tolerance of liberalism is suicidal. How can whites possibly fight other enemies when they cannot even recognize the ones standing right in front of them? It’s far easier to fight known foreign influences after getting rid of the hidden, suicidal influences.

    [ed note: research the concept of a stalking horse – an old maxim…]

    • The fundamental liberal concept of universal egalitarianism is weak and vulnerable. I suggest making the unequal symbol in my avatar ubiquitous as a symbol of anti-liberalism. It has become popular in a few Alt-Right circles that I have discovered and amongst European Nationalists. I think it’s something everybody can rally around on the “Right”, whether they are a wn, contard,or libertarian.

      • Looks interesting.

        I have discussed w/ ryu researching & testing potential symbols.

        Explain why is this symbol worthy.
        We need a symbol.

  6. The stalking horse is an excellent analogy. The liberals are the greatest danger simply because: 1) they are the most susceptible to foreign influence 2) whites are loathe to get rid of them due to false affinity

  7. It doesn’t have to be “the symbol”, but it can be one of them. At this stage of the game, the majority of Murkans cannot relate to obscure or esoteric symbols derived from the myriad forms of -isms out there that our side likes to wank off to.

    We don’t need stars n’ stripes nor Iron Crosses that only get a few people on the bandwagon. However, most murkans have an understanding of what liberalism is and they can easily identify that egalitarianism is associated with it. They either agree with it or they don’t.

    There is no elaborate ideology behind the image, and I think this is important. It is a symbol that is distilled down to a fundamental truth. It gets to the point and is something that can unite the majority of the Right. We could easily manufacture this small piece of propaganda and post it all over the place. It could get people thinking and they would be able to determine their own way to resist. I don’t know about including “Eradicate Liberalism” though, maybe “Oppose Liberalism” would be better for those who like a less aggressive slogan.

    • My favorite symbol is the swastika. When we can wear it on our arms freely, that is how to judge that we won.

      It’s powerful, clear and direct. Uncompromising. How stark the complex with modern symbols.

      The more the system demonizes something, the more they fear it. They fear geniune white supremacy. I’d like to be strong enough to wear it. Our greatest enemy is ourselves. We have to beat ourselves.

      I don’t consider the liberals to be scary at all. I have seen inside their souls.

    • I don’t feel that we can “bring down” our kind of wn to the masses. That’s a job for someone else to do.

      There’s Arnold in the gym training, then there’s Joe Weider promoting him. I’m like Arnold, trying to get things done. It’s a different talent to promo.

      Most people are spectators. There’s 20 million watching on TV but 100 on the field. WN is like this. There will never be a majority of players. All require is passive support from whites, or that they just shut up and let us do our thing. My feeling is like a pro athlete talking to a sponsor. I’ll use whatever symbol you tell me to.

      You need a person doing something, then a different person to make it seem cool. It’s very powerful. It’s a feeling. You want to be Rocky, there should be someone who makes you want to be a wn.

      • I thought FP’s idea was to create an anti-liberal coalition that included the “Fasces of the Right”? That’s the concept that I had in mind when I proposed the unequal symbol as significant. I was trying to figure out something that the whole “Right” could identify with. Maybe that’s impossible with so many competing interests and ideologies.

        I do admit that you have to have balls to wear the swastika. Although, It has too many associations with mysticism for me to take it seriously. You also have an uphill battle to climb because the 90% that do wear the swastika, aren’t genuine white supremacists. They tarnished the symbol and the enemy never ceases to point that out.

      • This is what inspires me. I like the way the Russians are creating a wn culture for the young guys through combat sports. I guarantee that this type of environment will create some animals that you won’t want to mess with.

      • They also do a lot of recruiting through the football hooligan/firms. The Red Blue Warriors are the “firm” of CSKA Moscow. You can see that they sponsored the event in this video and the other one that I posted.

      • That’s good stuff. WN is much stronger in Russia than Murka. That looks like real, professional propaganda.

    • I like the symbol very much Political Animal. Maybe we should all make it our avatars. Love the vid Ryu. Hahaha. I’m always the one that kills spiders. I can’t believe how afraid people are of spiders. I’ve never tried killing a rat but my daughter used to keep them as pets so if she was there she would have been trying to make a pet of it.

  8. While I agree no one’s coming in on a white horse to rescue, some version of collapse is almost inevitable. Fiat collapse, student debt collapse, housing market over here in Europe, the only way to hit at liberal projects is in the pocket. No one listens to a pauper. I doubt this would spark awareness, but I can’t foresee how examples of their failure impacting useful white workers could be a bad thing.

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