Courage is also Infectious

by doomdigit

It can be discouraging to see the many examples of how infectious cowardice is, and it is very easy to forget that courage is also infectious. If betas can study game then lesser men can study and emulate greater men. Branmir Tudjan is right: “The difference between a coward and a hero is that a hero acts in spite of fear.” The problem is that fear seems to come in so many forms; a coward in one situation may be a hero in another. Fortunately, we know the solution to this problem: fear must never affect your tactics, only facts. We also know the importance of a support group. Cortez, in the example below, never could have saved those men if he did not have …

…covering fire. Small, motivated groups can achieve much as individual bravery inspires a collective bravery for greater than the sum of its parts.

The two grunts who had been wounded in the new ambush were still lying in the open; their cries and sobs hovered over the field between rifle bursts.  While the grunts and gunships were trying to draw the focus of the enemy gunfire away from the two wounded soldiers, occasional automatic fire turned back their way.

“Oh Christ!  They’re gonna shoot them again,” Cortez mumbled aloud, watching the wounded soldiers 50 or so yards away.  One soldier’s jaw had been severed, the mandible hanging as he desperately tried to push it back into shape.  Sitting up with his feet outstretched and his hands helplessly holding his damaged face together, he was sobbing.  The frightening cry carried across the gunfire.

The second wounded soldier’s legs were splintered.  He was lying on his back, writhing in pain, unable to turn and lift himself as enemy rifle fire kicked up around their position.  They were easy targets.

“Oh Christ!” was all Cortez said as he looked at the wounded soldiers and then to Beal and the wiseguy point man.  Putting down his M16, he sprinted across the open grassland in a broken field run toward the seated soldier.  It was third and long for the wounded Americans, and Cortez was going for it all.

“Cover Him!  Cover Him!”  Beal yelled as the Blues laid down a wall of fire, giving Cortez time to bring back the first wounded soldier.  It was an awkward carry, but he managed to pull the man up over his shoulder and pull him back to safety.  Putting him down was anything but easy as the enemy gunfire tried to zero in on the target, to no avail.  Cortez had made it back safely, and the Blues were laying down a blanket of suppressive return fire.

The black-haired, brown-eyed Californian was winded, with beads of sweat falling from his forehead.  His sweat, mixing with the blood of the seriously injured soldier, made Cortez look like he might have taken a round through the shoulder.  His chest was heaving from the run, but he wasn’t giving in to fatigue.  “Medic!  Medic!”  Cortez yelled to Doc DeValle, who was low crawling in his direction, before Cortez turned and sprinted back to help the other wounded grunt.

“What the fuck is he doing?”  Burrows was yelling while rising to one knee and offering Cortez supportive fire.

The question didn’t need an answer.  Everyone knew what he was doing.  Cortez was acting on emotion and instinct, and it was having a strange effect on all of those who were watching.

The grunts who had begun retreating were now back on line, swearing and moving forward.  Two of their own had been wounded, and Cortez’s courage had sparked something inside them as well.

What began as a slow, rolling anger turned into a full-scale assault as the grunts assaulted the tree line.  The gunships only accentuated the attack as the Blues and Rangers joined in the battle.

Kregg P.J. Jorgenson, MIA Rescue: LRRP Manhunt in the Jungle (Boulder: Paladin Press 1995), 196-197.

18 Comments to “Courage is also Infectious”

  1. Yep but in the WN clown circus those who attempt to put a crew together always inflate Big Momma and her radical children up into Godzilla when in fact they are all clowns. Then these “leaders” go out to face Godzilla to show how brave they are expecting the followers to be Army Super Rangers or something. It has not worked and as I will always suggest its a lot easier to destroy the authority the supposed liberal elite has over the minions than to make every white into Super Rangers.

    Of course the “elite” is doing a great job of destroying itself, I don’t think even the contards can save the elite now.

    • The George Lincoln Rockwell template is not any good, ‘Murka is way gone, none of these appeals to some mythical AUTHORITY are going to have any effect. Maybe in 1960 some semblance of authority could be summoned to save us, but it doesn’t exist these days.

      ‘Murka is the Jim Jones cult writ large, and it will end in serious bloodshed simply because the sadists have taken charge just as the sadists took charge of the Jim Jones cult in its last day and made that pussy drink his own kool aid when he balked.

    • Too many people think of the gun when they think of direct action. That’s the ultimate. Very few are suited for it. I would add – also few of the modern military as well.

      When I think of direct action, I’m imagining something like this, what Ghost Rider does, for wn purposes.

      You can see clearly how GH can lay into it, because he has the confidence. His pursuer does not have that amount of belief. That’s a big difference between a wn and an ordinary person. We should* have a higher risk tolerance.

    • “It has not worked and as I will always suggest its a lot easier to destroy the authority the supposed liberal elite has over the minions than to make every white into Super Rangers.”

      How exactly would you recommend doing that? The People’s Cube has some of the best propaganda out there, but what exactly has it/will it achieve?

      When I’m talking about a support group I don’t just mean a crew. What happens when you start doing well at destroying the authority your way and the authority realizes this and destroys your livelihood. How many people would be willing to help you out? How do you know?

      Again, not trying to be annoying, but it sucks to be left twisting in the wind… alone… I know. From experience.

      A lot of the people who are on your side will not lift a finger to help you when you need it. This is the sad reality.

      • Propaganda takes time to have its effect. Bob Whitaker has got some great stuff out there and now we are seeing some of it on Fox News. When a whole lot of people in this country reject White guilt, the White privilege BS and so on, the government loses it’s power to govern. BUT of course, no matter what we do, they can kill us but I think there would be too big a backlash for them to attempt that on a wide scale. Here they are trying to make Putin out to be a horrible fascist, so they’ve got to watch themselves too.

      • A better question is how many people would you be willing to help out? And help out how? Can you help anyone out?

        A tough, honest question. Most of us do not live in the same geographical area. Most wns are middle class to poor. They don’t have alot of money to give. It’s a limited help we can give.

        The crew is the support group. I think groups are important. That why I’m here instead of on my own.

  2. Speaking of Mino elite and the Jordies have the editors noted that Bradley Manning is getting a million dollar dick chopping done while white jordies are being left out to die at the VA?

    • Doomie, I think the problem is the audience.

      We have many positive examples, if one knows how to read them. Kaz was operating for 20 years. Nearly all lone wolf attacks work in the short term, they just don’t plan their escape well.

      WNs feel bad about not being able to do everything. They go for far too much at once. It takes alot of practice, years of it. They should focus on what they can do, then try to improve.

      WNs fear the NSA and FBI more than anything else. But almost no one has studied those organizations well, has their structure memorized, run recon on them. Fear comes from misunderstanding. Those who’ve actually been to Quantico report that most feebs are egghead hipsters.

      • Please cracker stop with the video game dreaming, here is the deal once whites say fuck this shit to the taboos put upon us and start to say “fuck off” you will get all the ops you ever wanted and it will be useful to whites but this wolf shit you are talking about only benefits the anti-white propagandists.

    • Read about it a few days ago and saw it on FOX news in passing.

      It was best stated in one of their corny ticker headlines at screen bottom:

      Wounded vets get left to die!
      While a traitor gets a VIP sex change procedure!”

      Fuck ’em up the ass sideways: Anybody stupid enough to volunteer to risk all for a Post-Clinton government deserves eating MINO shit…

      Megyn’s MEATBags…

  3. “When a whole lot of people in this country reject White guilt, the White privilege BS and so on, the government loses it’s power to govern.”

    You aren’t trying to convince liberals because they can’t ever be convinced, and even if they could you wouldn’t want them.

    “A better question is how many people would you be willing to help out? And help out how? Can you help anyone out?”

    Jobs. I have offered to help people with gas money, etc.

    • Most wns just don’t have a lot. That’s why we’re here. There are very few rich wns. The amount of help we can offer is not a lot in terms of money.

      There’s a dilemma. The poor have the most reason for change. But those who do follow wn 2.0 and acquire money, tend to lose their taste for risk.

      • It is strange that hate and revenge are, as yet, absent. Strange they are not motivators at this stage.

        Donald Sterling is a prime candidate to donate hundreds of millions to ProWhite groups – out of his billions even.

        You can make a list of the aggrieved from Don Imus to Mel Gibson with motives. Perhaps they do, but are discreet. I know I’d use their donations quite effectively…

      • Their fear is more than their hatred. They need either more hate or less fear.

        People believe the media too much. Murkans fear their secret police in the same way the Soviets feared the KGB.

        WN has always been underfunded. I’m shocked we’ve been able to do so much with so little.

      • Then, The Establishment LN-MMM must be debilitated broken further until their resistance is weakened to force their grip from the carrots & whips they use to control The Mob.

      • > “Donald Sterling is a prime candidate to donate hundreds of millions
        > to ProWhite groups – out of his billions even.”

        Donald Tokowitz “Sterling”

        “I’m not a racist!” … “I’m a Jew!”

        Donald Sterling may have donated hundreds of millions to the ADL, SPLC, AIPAC, etc.
        but he would never donate a penny to ProWhite groups.

        Don’t you know who are the enemy?

      • Did not. Know he was. A jew…

  4. Remark someone made on Red Eye this weekend about the Sterling incident: “80% of racism is between men”. Which just goes to show that Red Eye is still the only show worth watching despite Oderus Urungus’ death.

    [men see the issue is white females: every color of man wants to fuck them; the wisest white men oppose contamination of a resource so in demand]

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