Kill the Enemy, Not Yourself

by Ryu

There must be something about the white soul that promotes suicide. It’s not mino soldiers or mino men commiting suicide in record number. White men will NEVER recieve the pity that mino men have. You do not get what you want in this world by sitting back and waiting. A mino dominated Murka will be less kind and more brutal.

The enemy will always show you if your actions are effective. The more he reacts, the more effective. Every day, there are 22 military suicides, with an additional 50 unsuccesful attempts; the majority of these are white men. Nothing is done over white suicides. Nothing will ever be done over them.

I found this confession on a MRM site. It’s 4 pages long and takes about 10 minutes to read. Basically, a father got screwed by…

… the courts and killed himself.

It reminds me of Thomas Ball, the MRA who torched himself in New Hampshire. He has been nearly forgotten by the MRM, and is certainly forgotten by his enemies.

Compare that to the system response to Chris Dorner. Why, the system was quite interested in that gentleman. Ruby Ridge featured 100 cops PER member of Randy Weaver’s family. They must have been a little concerned about something there. And the USG really likes to use fire to punish the true threats as it did with Dorner, David Koresh and Bob Matthews.

This scene is a true depiction of Murka. What would it take to get people’s attention today?

9 Comments to “Kill the Enemy, Not Yourself”

  1. “Pain or damage don’t end the world, or despair or fucking beatings. The world ends when you’re dead. Until then, you got more punishment in store. Stand it like a man—and give some back.”

  2. The Left’s propaganda war is strong, essays basically weak shit, hell getting a reactionary to admit that propaganda is effective is hard enough because they have to play tough guy intellectual and damn the rest of whites as stooopid.

    Hell speaking of tough guys that Parrot fella was all about the Essays and Nietzsche strategy and look at what some “priest” did to him with the big propaganda word “racist”, metaphorically bent him and gave him some prison love.

    Big Momma is a POS but she does have some effective propaganda, and we got some reactionary chasers giving out fine points on such wonderful info as “Gay Judeo Bolsheviks.”

    • Do you consider the rest of whites as automatically intelligent – a grace granted solely by basis of their color[?]

      • Most people by a vast majority are what is called “Authoritarians” they repeat what they are told to repeat and that is good enough. Are they educable, NO, but they are trainable and that is what the anti-whites, the left and right do they provide training. And I’m talking way, way up the IQ ladder, hell white libtards are automons, if I had no shame I would run a sex cult for libtards and have sore dick syndrome from it.

      • You are using enemy verbiage. Race is not simply skin color.

      • ‘Tis you will WIN the war for the PeterPanzers and TrailerParknazis. YOU are The Chosen One: All they need do is sick you on the MINOs and you’ll nag them to death.

  3. Honor.
    Those men died because they lost honor; they felt dishonoured, their souls stained, and they could not scrub it out.
    They saw no other way; turned inwards and self-destructed.

    A different kind of honor based on a better foundation – a foundation of supremacy (as Thordaddy would say) is needed.

  4. And yet suicide is a type of action, so in that sense they finally overcame their cowardice. It can also be extremely effective action, if a cowered victim finds the strength to lash out at his tormentors while they are dreaming their gleeful dreams. At the very least he can cause economic damage equal to the damage the evil people have inflicted on him. A ruthless bully can be shot in the back in the hallway he controls.

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