Victim Hood

by sanfercur

Our media’s expected yet still unfathomable lionization of Clayton Lockett as martyr to clumsy execution dusted with racism reminded me of former ABC newsman Ted Koppel’s interview with another jailhouse shrine, Wilbert Rideau, some time ago. Rideau had turned himself into a journalist and author while behind bars. Evidently, on that score, the reporter and his cumulonimbus-hairpiece had bonded previously with the yardbird; the two seemed downright buddy-buddy as they hashed over familiar topics of racial injustice and poor, pitiful Wilbert Rideau.

This is standard practice for upper-tier information drones, as this New York Times review of Rideau’s book “In the Place of Justice” indicates.

Looking back, he accuses the black community of abandoning him. “I find it ironic that I socialize almost entirely in a white world,” he notes. “But that’s because almost all of the …..….people who tried to get me out of prison were white.” And yet he refuses to return to his boyhood home in Lake Charles, where his elderly mother lives, “owing to the hostility expressed toward me by some of the white townsfolk there.” Wilbert Rideau has spent his adult life earning redemption. Now, perhaps, is the time to find peace.

Koppel never dwelt on why Rideau was in the slammer, except in very cursory passing. At least the Times piece fills in that gap, suggesting some grounds for Lake Charles’ antipathy, even after 53 years. Seems “in the place of justice”, Rideau dealt out some street-level injustice of his own. Robbing a bank in that Louisiana town, kidnapping the manager and two female tellers, he subsequently shot and stabbed all three, killing one of the women. The hostages were, yes, white.

Rideau claimed he was about to release them when one of the women bolted out of the car and the manager tried to overpower him. Rideau opened fire, hitting all three as they fled. When one of the women rose to her feet, he writes, “I grabbed the knife, stabbed her and ran to the car.” …The surviving victims told a different story, insisting that Rideau had used his weapons at close range and that the woman he killed had begged for her life.

Since those survivor stories were consistent and held up under cross-examination at Rideau’s trial, I’m betting on their account as valid of the two. Not that any of this matters. Koppel never interviewed those survivors or family of the woman Rideau murdered. This would upset celebration of this habitual jailbird, as the Times review coronates him, “the rarest of American commodities — a man who exited a penitentiary in better shape than when he ­arrived.” It’s a toss-up whether any other society, anywhere in the world, anywhere at any time, regularly turns out choirboys from their bastilles. I bet not, but then again, I’m a honky gentile. What? …Sainted Israel maybe?

Well, gee, why cry over spilt milk – even if it’s spilt blood in this case? The only important determination is whether this angelic if somewhat cold-blooded murderer has found peace. Between the lines, the Times review indicates Rideau still thinks he was unjustly treated and blames everyone but himself (regardless any throwawy mea culpas or crocodile tears), so we may be forced to bathe him in the warm milk of forgiveness again – when he takes his next victim(s).

In light of this worldview, the Times editorial staff was all warmed up when Lockett exited this vale of tears in that botched Oklahoma lethal injection a week or so ago.

The medieval mechanics of death, though, are hardly the only reason that states are abandoning the practice. There is growing evidence that capital sentences are handed out in an arbitrary and racially biased way, often to innocent victims. A new study published by the National Academy of Sciences estimated that more than 4 percent of all death-row defendants are innocent. …The “exceptional cost” refers not just to dollars and cents. It refers to the moral diminishment of the United States when a man dies by the hasty hand of government, writhing in pain.

Let’s pause here to wipe tears from our eyes for this poor, mistreated man. Then we can wipe vomit off our chins when confronted with sickening crimes that landed Lockett on evil, racist death row, detailed in a breathtaking column by evil, racist  Ann Coulter; it’s singular recounting of Lockett’s own, ferociously ugly backstory. After beating a man half to death in a robbery, he and his accomplices took captive two of the victim’s female friends, repeatedly raping them anally, orally and vaginally. After one of the women refused to promise not to “snitch” for her rather brusque treatment,

Stephanie stood by the grave being dug for her for 20 minutes. Lockett shot her, but his gun jammed. So he walked back to the truck to fix it, listening to Stephanie cry, “Oh God! Please! Please!” The three men laughed at her. Then he returned and shot her again. But Stephanie was still breathing — so Lockett told the others to bury her anyway. She coughed as dirt was heaped on her face. She was buried alive.

Far from expressing remorse for this unfortunate, rash act, Lockett continued to be a bad-ass in prison, where other inmates tried to avoid his violence. From behind bars, he also “strove mightily”, as Coulter puts it, to have his accomplices (who ratted him out) and the two surviving victims killed before they could testify against him.

John Derbeyshire, villified sage of Takimag, always advises reading the comments sections of mainstream-media puke pieces. Even in the Times, most readers felt Lockett didn’t suffer enough during his for his crime. But there are always bleeding hearts out there, although it’s tough to discern whether commenter “Figaro” is real or some cyber-front created by the cunts in the NYT editorial department:

Hey, it’s Oklahoma, you know, the creationist state, the christian state, the salvation through Jesus state…

Yeah… they deliberately engineered a hot shot to make sure Lockett entered paradise “kicking his leg, then twitching, then writhing and moaning in agony”. We KNOW they did. They’re that bane of Eastern Establishment elites – Christians! Can’t they fathom that Lockett did his victims a favor – putting them out of their goy misery?!

This little bon mot is posted on the side of the main story, one of three “Recent Comments” notable by NYT lights; no surprise if it’s intended to offset less-than-sanguine reactions from other readers, who fail to understand the Times’ showy hand-wringing over this mostly unmourned piece of shit.

…Even though his murder victim was a white teenager.

Contrast this ocean of humane empathy with treatment of Donald Sterling – or any of our cultural bop bags hammered punchy by media over any hint of dread racism. (Although, as a Jewish titan, Sterling is first in line for civic rehabilitation. His tribe does nothing if not give itself good press, unlike Other transgressors like, say, Mel Gibson or countless shunned exiles.)

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the Donald Sterling scandal is that virtually no one in the sports world was surprised to hear that Mr. Sterling, the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, may have been caught on tape spewing racist sentiments… The league’s top leadership tolerated and sheltered Mr. Sterling for much too long. The new commissioner, Adam Silver, needs to make clear that there’s no place in the league for owners with plantation attitudes, whether or not they’re caught expressing them on tape. [New York Times]

Even the Wall Street Journal sniffed out hypocrisy in that bullshit, noting that the “sports world” that so coddled Sterling also is populated with sports writers from the New York Times: “Did Silver miss all the previous Times editorials urging action against Sterling? The question’s premise is false. A search shows that Sterling has never been mentioned on the editorial page before today.”

Our self-declared arbiters of good and evil hate our guts. Their job cowing us has been easy, since conversation pre-Internet has been one-sided: They inform and we consume their warped fabrications, lies by omission. American media would rather hobnob with soulless murderers than allow any sanctity of life for despised white gentiles. This isn’t about battling for justice and against racism; this is about diminishing status and repute of a hated demographic. From history, we know that those whom culture gods would destroy, they first make scorned. Two-bit concepts like “white privilege” has us shielded from all abuse or suffering – even choking on dirt in our own impromptu grave.

Few stay fooled forever, though. And no one likes being duped. So, when the facade falls and truth is revealed for even the most stupid and cowed among us, God help the tricksters. …Even if it’s a Levantine fairy-tale god who plays favorites and luxuriates in murderous senility.


24 Comments to “Victim Hood”

  1. WNs and their intellectuals and internet rowdy tough guys who just hate intellectuals and “brains” are mainly just playing Bad Boy to Big Momma’s fucked up authority.

    As Horus says these above worthies are trying to conduct an information educational program while the other side wages full scale propaganda war, and its going to fail against a propaganda war, because you are always going to be chasing them being the reactionary.

    Just state the simple fucking truth when faced with propaganda. The propaganda is getting soviet union bad, millions of people just want to hear stuff like “That shit is so fucking stupid, fuck that and fuck them.” But no our side produces essays that basically enshrine the authority of Big Momma.

    The day the propaganda loses its AUTHORITY all those internet tough guys talking about “ops” will get all the violence they can handle, because AUTHORITY is the name of the game and once its breached its a new fucking world.

    Anyway anybody got a good jews essay or a how to survive in Big Momma’s Bad Boy basement and spend years being the new jews while the propaganda war is being waged against the rest of the whites essay?

    • The media has been spewing out its sickening, anti white propaganda from around the nineteen sixties onwards. It is only recently, in the last ten, maybe fifteen years, that people, and by people, I mean white goys, have had the internet to communicate and share their dissatisfaction with their lot.

      Already the Jew media types are beginning to see, what a threat this is becoming to their perverted aims. Though they haven’t quite worked out what to do about it…. yet.
      Across Europe, parties of the alternative right are in the ascendancy. This would have been unthinkable five years ago.

      Maybe its just some catching up that people need to do. Maybe its a different scene in America, and your situation is worse.

      • …if only our illustrious new author would get off his ass and respond, maybe he could maybe address your maybees?

      • I was addressing RobRoy Simmons gloomy comments, actually FP. Though I find your illustrious new author quite good.

        [ednote: he IS better than good: he’s great. one of the few i admire. he needs to participate]

        The subject of American executions is an interesting one though, you must admit.

        How come the Americans fuck it up so much? Its not that difficult to kill someone. Check out Iran, all you need is a rope. Fucking barbecuing convicts, what was that about.
        If you want to inject someone with something lethal, try a nice bag of smack or some Diconal. Do it just like Sister Ray says.
        Alternatively, you could get your sand nigger mates in Saudi Arabia to send over their swordsman. Its not difficult.

    • “Anyway anybody got a good jews essay or a how to survive in Big Momma’s Bad Boy basement and spend years being the new jews while the propaganda war is being waged against the rest of the whites essay?”

      Fair enough, but it’s easier said than done. Everything has to be done just right.

    • The problem with your method is that you don’t approve of ANY direct action.

      The Muzz do it all day long, not a peep. The Cartels run it, you remain silent. The negro does it, the same. You don’t mention any issues with fed behavior at Waco, Ruby Ridge or with Gordon Kahl.

      When a wn proposes it, you immediately apologize to the feebs and yell at the guy. It’s good for the minos and the USG but not for whites?

      I won’t stab the bravest white men we have in the back.

      • Interesting article on “Natural Killers” in the military. Were the some of the best warriors in history nothing more than individuals with genetic predispositions that allowed them to kill without remorse?

      • Went to court again for the sovereign citizen. I think his case is stupid and it’s hurting his family, but he’s stubborn and continuing to fight, so I’m going to support with my feet and my money.

        We packed the courtroom except for the back seats. First thing I noticed walking in is in the rear row, they’ve deployed some BIG roided officers there. Never seen that before.

        Afterwards we asked one of the officers why he was seated in the rear. He said “to maintain a safe environment for everyone” and I barely paraphrase. Right. You know they’re starting to get more nervous as we get more working-class men to show up in the courtroom every month until it’s finally full, so they finally take four big cops off the street. to maintain order in the courtroom.

      • “Good” officers know the importance of positioning. I’ve seen interogators spend 10 minutes arranging chairs.

        SC always seems to lead to court. SCs believe in rule of law, that’s their weakness. He must be fighting for “principles”, which are very expensive. I find SCs in general too dogmatic, not pragmatic enough. Idealists of a sort. They are antisystem but they don’t go far enough.

        Don’t chase bad money with good. In a casino, men try to turn a losing streak, usually losing even more. You can’t fix a bad plan. Be careful getting in too deep. Any plan that works within the American justice system sounds dangerous; depending on their system.

        Hopefully you are taking some notes. The officer’s names, the judge, the layout of the building, others. All information can be valuable. Write it all down and save it, as well as your own feelings.

        Here’s an article, cops on gear. You might gain some insight.

        I love cops who use roids. They surely look the other way in that case.

  2. Righttard essayists fucking shit up for decades trying to sound smart and shrewd. A NYTs ex-reporter named Wade nails it, right wing essayists being bitches and reactionaires are left a bit confused, now wait for orders.

    Well here they are; State the simple truths and state them repetitiously. Don’t write boring essays that have no intro hook like the tards who write currently, BORING.

    Hat tip to Vox popoli

    • I don’t read vp – and don’t think I’ve ever.

      What makes him so remarkable?
      If he were, he would be with Eradica

      I bet he blogrolls sailer – and Duh Durbb.

      • Vox read that Wade’s book on genetics and described how Wade repeated himself thruout the first chapters with a message so his libtard blank slate moron reviewers would end up repeating his work and quoting Wade. Brilliant move on Wade’s part. Hell even Vox figured out finally that the blank slate theory is a fraud, hell most contards are quibbling the details via boring ass essays in which the intro is undergrad smarmy smarty ass kiss, but Vox finally broke thru and is showing serious disrespect for the left.

        Fucking left is a fraud based on a fraud, fraud science, fraud academia, fraud media just a fucking fraud all around and I don’t give a shit which leftist an essayist admires and seeks respect from, the left is a fraud and the right wing tools who play reactionary dupe to that shit are even dumber. If George Will wasn’t cashing big checks I would nominate him for dumbass of the year for sitting there taking serious those morons across from him.

      • I agree.

        CNN had an allegedly important show with Robt. Novak and Bill Press – the former a Manhattan-ite con and the latter a rabid lib; both were “staunch.”

        I read that after a show of notably heated debate between them, as soon as the cams were off, they switched to their true jocular amusement. Like Robt. Downey Jr. and Woody Harelson in their scene in Natural Born Killers. I read it in Human Events – a great paper btw.

        Novak & Press then went out to dine at a $499 a plate Manhattan eatery.

        As I often say: The left wants you dead, and the right wants you to clean their mink toilets up until that time comes.

        I do not read genetic books or heavy tomes.
        I do not need “science” to rationalize or justify the reality all coloreds – all MINOs – must be eradicated. I do not need science to give me a clean conscience or happee dreemz.

        Science of hatred is simply a waste of time.

      • Our problems are not problems of technology. It’s the human element that made whites weak.

        Then there is science itself. The USG funds most science in the USA. That means the vast majority of scientists work for the USG indirectly or directly. They are the ones building the surveillance state and the technological tyranny.

        Kaz saw this decades ago. He couldn’t bear to sell his brain to those dudes. My admiration for him grows and grows.

      • Yes. Kaz was enlightened to the BIGUniversity scam of research departments existing on BIGov BUX.

        Ivy Leagues are the most sinister. They are funded by the USG. That is why they mesh so well together as a cozy elite.

        Peeeple need to reminded constantly that *ahem*
        Colleges are still made up of government employees – some of the biggest.

        This observation exposes the fundamental compromising relationship between BIGov, Bought Science and the herd mooing for them both.

      • What do you think about these predictions about Murkan public schools and unis being obsolete? It’ll all be done online.

        It doesn’t seem possible. One, there’s too much money in them. Two, the students do not have the initiative to study on their own and to assign their own homework.

        Most free online class students are overwhelmingly third world; from India, Middle East, SEA. Of course, they cheat the hell out of it. They beg for answers on the forums.

        Anyone could get the equivalent of a college degree today. I think if one just took all the books in a single four foot shelf, studied and mastered them, they’d have it. Plus, they’d have the pride of doing on their own.

      • An apt conclusion.
        All of murka’s alleged education is hostage to BIGov Unions dominated by staffs of overpaid Affirmative Action hire MINOs.

        If their grip is broken by a collapsing economy based on taxpayer revenue, indeed our skewls will resemble phoned-in BigscreenTV customer service staffed by oversea foreign minos.

        The quality of future ed-joo-kay-shun depends solely upon the demands Single Moms will make.

        The trend proves to us this is disaster.
        The standard product is drooling, grunting FutureJustins!™ degenerated into conditions unrestrained enough to thoughtlessly crash themselves into decayed Murkan triggermen.

      • And Koppel is a joke asswipe propagandist, sorry if that upsets all you, but prove otherwise.

  3. Its Adam Silver, I feel most sorry for, in this whole Sterling/Clippers business. Imagine having to be horrid too another jew, just because he gave out about niggers.

  4. Executions could be humanely carried out by general anesthesia followed by an icepick through the heart.

  5. The first step of countering our own debilitation is to stop cooperating with it.

  6. You don’t really need propaganda. Just take a field trip to any court in session

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