Unfinished Business

by Ryu

From now on, the op is not complete until the agent is clear, long term and short.

I am tired of watching people do these great things, only to get busted after a short interval. There seems to be about 3-4 big actions every decade which suggests the next one is not long in coming.

The professional starts with the desired ending and works forward. He starts with how to get away. Your freedom is the greatest asset you have.

Amateurs have a tunnel vision for the action. The action is nothing. It pales next to…


…the time spent thinking, planning, simulating and prepping. Note that few soldiers and cops plan their own ops; mostly they just obey orders.

The system demonizes “calculating, cold-blooded, methodical” people because they are the hardest to catch. Be assured that they too make calculations, are cunning and also emotionless. The system wants their enemies to be impulsive and angry, like negro criminals. Such men present no threat.

Ignore high technology solutions. They place too much confidence in their electronics. It’s the human element where the system is weakest.

12 Comments to “Unfinished Business”

  1. Dear FBI I’m part of no op.

    • “Dear FBI I’m part of no op”

      How does that help? You can just be arrested for hate speech instead of conspiracy. Or you could just be audited. I’m not trying to be annoying. If there’s something I’m missing let me know.

      [ednote: btw, your new post publishes saturday…]

      • I agree fully.

        The FBI can/will/does KILL YOU if you’re a preggo at Ruby Ridge; they need no excuse.
        In fact rrs – tyrants never need a “valid reason” to lop off your head.

        If you’re scared into mere silence the FIB, in a “free” country, then they’ve already won.

        Government works ONLY when it FEARS its citizens.
        T. Jefferson said the tree of liberty must be from time to time nourished with the blood of tyrants.

      • RRS gets to show off his obedience. He’s just another harmless Murkan.

  2. Anyone who has ever posted here should post a disclaimer as I did

    • Ummm FBI? Emjoy your paychex while you’ve got ’em, oh and thanks for setting people up all the time.

    • There’s very little difference between an agent and an effective wn. I understand the system now. They throw out a press release saying “We see and hear all.” Then the public, including wns, believes it. Of course it’s not true, but its benificial for them to believe in it. Advertising is cheaper than substance. I know exactly where the line is.

      You’ve got to have balls to be a wn. That’s my new mantra. Modern WN: Too much brain (and poorly directed), too little balls.

      If you have ever wondered why the illiterate goat herders, dumb spic farmers, and negro crack babies can do what 50 million angry SWPLs cannot, that’s your answer. They have balls, whites do not. They don’t have one tenth the fear that whites have. The fear is more real than the enemy.

  3. Great comment. Why don’t whites ever riot? Because they’re afraid to be seen as acting like blacks or communists. Also, they know that a police record is a quick ticket out of the middle class. The result is they’ve surrendered the street to the police and other races, and they just hope that the police are on their side.

    Whites should riot whenever the Refugee Resettlement Program dumps another thousand Somalis on their town, or when racial torture-murders of whites go unpunished, etc. Rioting is part of self-government, a popular response to government missteps. (Darn, there’s that “should” again. Yes, the reality is whites do not.)

    • But oh noooes! If we riot we’ll be accused of being Swatzis!

    • Yes.

      And Tomorrow’s Justin is even less likely to eradicate colored pests.

      Although you are totally correct, the gross reality is: Today’s murkanwhite is only sufficiently poked to bring out the .223s for a rancher mavericking on someone else’s grassland.

      They went back home to the trailers, put on their lawnmowing overalls, punched-in and returned to work for their colored female bosses.

  4. The latest video from the Rightwing Russian Hardcore scene – You Must Murder. Subtitles included.

    A video from White Rex’s Pan-European MMA tournament at Casapound in Rome, Italy.

    • I’m always impressed with Russian nationalist videos versus Murkan ones. It’s like night and day. They are years ahead of the average American wn. Thanks.

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