by Ryu

WN is like a family. A screwed-up, Murkan family but a family all the same. One of our members, Brandon, is dead. Brandon was a racist specializing in spirituality and finding the hidden purpose behind things. He was the oldest…

…  wn I’ve heard of, being in his 70s. It’s quite rare online to find any of that generation on our side. Even more rare to find one who has not mellowed and pacified.

I like the picture atop his site. It has a nazi with Jesus; Jesus is carrying a gun. God is quite different from modern Christians belive. It’s both masculine and feminine, cruel and kind, caring and merciless. You don’t have to study the bible; just look around. The world itself will teach you about god. Know a man by his works, just as you know us by our writing.

Brandon helped me reach my maximum potential. Balance and instinct. Everything has to be developed, not just mind and body. So long, friend.

7 Comments to “Death”

  1. That’s a powerful header… It can be interpreted in many ways… It’s a “young” Hiltler who was seemingly in connection with genuine “white” Supremacy… When and where did he fall off the Path? Can the repercussions be outlived?

  2. Once one steps out of the world of radical autonomy and into the world or genuine white Supremacy then we see the debate amongst WN at its highest level… Not all WNs can be genuine white Supremacists and yet any WN can choose to be a genuine white Supremacist… Furthermore, a genuine white Supremacist WILL ALWAYS HARBOR nationalist loyalties per the true order of mankind.

    Hitler went wrong… And we have the decimation of genuine white Supremacy to prove it… But it is not dead by any stretch of the liberal’s imagination.

    • It takes a will to autonomy to even become a WN; you’ve got to break free of the system first. I suppose one has to accept a few laws in order to become a WS. It takes a different skill set to become a wn, then a ws. We shouldn’t expect many to make it.

      • There is only one law… White man has God-ordained free will and is thus ultimately accountable no matter how deeply he deludes himself. The “system” is programmed to convince the masses that no one has free will AND only “white supremacy” is actually accountable. One can easily see evidence of this warped psychology in the liberal caricature of the “white supremacist” who is almost never “free” by any appreciable standard.

        In order for the enemy to be accountable, we must deconstruct his “system” and slap him up with free will.

    • Write an article on how a WS acts.

  3. Although there seems to be no requiem
    And our days have become dark night
    Even the moon shares not her light
    We will meet our friends in Elysium


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