Find Excuses to Win

by Ryu

Many of our allies are helping the enemy, reinforcing the myth of his invincibility. Because of NSA surveillance, Murka has no crime then? And because of the ring of steel, NYC has no crime as well?

I understand paranoia. One imagines that for each pecodillo, the system will go back and check its cameras, and it will use it’s electronic surveillance to investigate. That just doesn’t happen. My feeling is that everything that can be automated, is. The economic depression has resulted in budget and manpower cuts.

We should be looking for reasons we can act, things we can do. It’s certainly not hard to do. Imagine how useless and propagandized a Murkan male teen is today. Then imagine him infiltrating the …

…WTC or airport security.

If Murkan teens can do things like this, just imagine what a well-trained and prepared adult could do.

One quickly learns the solution. Don’t do anything objectionable on camera and don’t leave anything traceable on automated systems. It’s the same thing prisoners and correction officers learn in prison.

The more time and money the system has to spend to catch you, the less likely they’ll succeed. The laws today exist only to protect the elite and their interests. If a big fish wasn’t involved, they won’t spend much time to chase you down.

16 Comments to “Find Excuses to Win”

  1. I’m a broken record on this, but I’ll say it again — the most effective things you can do, do not necessarily involve even breaking the law and definitely do not involve hurting people.

    The System is its own worst enemy these days. Teach parents to not put their kids in front of the television, and to feed them only real food, and to not feel guilty for being White. Teach White adults to be entrepreneurs — both business and social entrepreneurs. For example, when I give food from my garden to parents of White children and teach them how to prepare it, and to avoid TV for their kids, I’m being a social entrepreneur.

    This sort of thing gives me credibility with people. Then telling them that white guilt is bunk is easy. It undoes decades of social engineering.

    Lastly, in explaining race and stuff I focus on the attacks against Whites, and I say that people of color are not necessarily in favor of white guilt. Some take advantage of it, some promote it because it gives them special privileges, but the people who are truly guilty of anti-whitism are white liberals, and that there is a very powerful faction of Jews who are the secret ingredient that make liberalism so powerful, but of course not all Jews are anti-white. However, the only two permitted political factions in the country are Jewish flavors of politics — liberals and neoconservatives, and both factions want to reduce the voting percentages of whites, the self confidence and optimism of whites, and the overall cultural influence of whites. As commenter thordaddy says, liberals want to hog all the white supremacy for themselves by getting working class whites to mix so they can be the only whites left who rule over everyone.

    White people want to be NICE people. They don’t want to be angry white supremacist monsters. So you have to show them that they and especially their children are the victims of liberalism, and they can fight liberalism while still being NICE and GOOD people.

    • Like most WN writers MW you are perpetuating the myth of “the angry White Supremacist”. The WNS I have met are mostly sad.

    • We should be the system’s worst enemy. The system is losing right now. It’s not the case that WN is winning.

      If whites want to be nice, they will lose. Nice people get screwed. Anyone who studied PUA should know that cold. It’s the middle and old aged whites who want to be nice snowflakes. It’s because they grew up in the system and they lost their edge. They’ve got nothing left but their jobs.

      Becoming the new jews is not going to work. We do not have 200 years to play with. Whites today are already trying that, being money grubbing pigs. It doesn’t help.

      I seek the wns who do want to be raging monsters. Like the USA’s SEALs or Delta Force. Mindweapons attracts one sort of wn, Eradica attracts another sort.

  2. I’ve come around to the idea that gun control is good for our side, strategically speaking, because Americans place too much faith in their guns and and that false confidence prevents them from developing skills and actually doing something constructive

    • And put internet jewsing in that category as well.

    • No need to throw the baby out woth the bath water. Keep your guns AND do something with your life.

    • That’s like taking engines out of cars because they put too much emphasis on automotive propulsion. Americans see guns, finally, as weapons with which they can defend their families and homes – not metaphor for their relationship to government. If it comes to any genuine uprising, Americans realize much bigger guns – especially those in the 150mm range, will be needed.

  3. So true. A friend got his bike stolen at the gym and wondered why, with all the cameras and a security guard this could happen. Naturally. it’s because those measures are there to protect the gym, not us.

    • Cameras scare the sheep away. The wolves know that no one’s watching on the other end. Cameras are only good for after the action took place, if it’s worth chasing, and if the police care enough. Most crimes go unsolved.

  4. Small arms are mostly obsolete I think. Don’t get me wrong. I love my guns and would never turn them in. They don’t make me feel safe or sovereign though

    • Ha ha ha. That’s the Murkan error.

      It’s not the gun that makes a man sovereign. The gun is a tool. You must WANT to be free. What people really want, they move towards. Murkans don’t want to be free. If they had the will, they would find the way. Think of those mass stabbings in China.

      Small arms work pretty well. What did that dude at Fort Hood use? He retired 4 Murkan super-soldiers. Whoa! How is that possible? I didn’t know soldiers could die. Especially on a military base.

      The best technology on Earth is balls. Murkans don’t lead that arms race. You cannot outsource your personal security to anyone.

      • Exactly…

        Even if you are not a killer, you should force yourself to imagine yourself killing…. Especially evil things…

        Having children is a potent manner in which to trigger this psychological metamorphism.

      • It should not offend us that most Murkans want to be slaves… All we need worry about is having them hating their Masters in a constructive manner which is becoming an increasingly easier task as we approach Final Liberation.

      • Small arms are fine. so are knives, crowbows, axes, hoes, whatever fits the situation. I’d rather people exercised their 2nd Amendment right to own RPGs because that’s where its at.

        there was old post that used to float around militia boards back in the ’90s about the Liberator pistol manufactured by GM and how it was used by the resistence movements in Europe.

  5. It helps to be able to play dumb if caught. Never appear rude or disobedient, just a bit confused. Mathias Rust did prove more is possible than we will ever know, as did the terror hijackers.

    • That’s my new philosophy. The tall nail gets hammered. They’d just figure you as another dumb Murkan.

      I will look into Mathais rust.

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