tweeeeeting is NOT Revolution

by Firepower

Translated as:
“Le Whites Et Woozees, ALL Zey Do is Tveeeeet!”

?  In Paris? Le’ Outerageusse!!!

 meh. That’s just MORE niggaSex porn for stormfront types
Pure titillation to fuel The Daily OutRAGE!!!™
Futile “niggerspickiking” about “bootlips”
Internet blogsturbation

Keyboard jockeys who screeeeech “look at ALL this shit! – IT’S an OUTRAGE!!!”
only do one thing: Post the same shit line during the next example next week/month/year/outrage.

Gotta thank Stormcloud for posting such ground-breaking news.  Say, if them hot-tempered Muzz renowned for their volatility actually living in Paris haven’t acted on “their wimmin” fucking L’Napoleion Djmbutu-DeGaulle…I’m supposed to do what again, exactly?  This info does what – show me how coloreds & minos actually run the show now and…

… do whatever the fuck they want and whites just tweet about it? OK. Got it.

It hurts, but I gotta breaking newsflash for ya: Most whites are stupid. It’s not that they are deprived of “leaders” or abandoned by leaders then cry out for leaders or cry out FOAR MOAR Leaders… There’s 500 Billion Leaders on just the Interwebz alone.  Nope, they’re just plain morons.

Look at:

  1. SPers (Soldier Patriots)
  2. GI Jordies
  3. Beliebers
  4. Romney 2.0 supporters… especially after seeing Shitstain McCain.
  5. VRW fantasists & peter panzer chickenchokers made erect by Sparkly Vikings
  6. Trailerpark stormfront Gnatzis
  7. all the rest, but our regular readers, then me & ryu

Plus, these morons hate hearing of their blindness: That actually proves how fucking stupid they really/actually/truly are. Example:

 Six years ago The Murmz* hated how Mrs. Murm would still be court-fucking them up the ass… in six years.

Score one victory for murmz.

How crazy is it for a blind man to be angry at the sighted Man for telling him to get off the freeway?  To the blind, the one-eyed are king.  Americans are Murkans. To those blind, the one-eyed are nosy assholes.

Thus, they are future slaves to slick Liberal nazis who are NOT stupid, but cleverly manipulative. The machinations of ONE Valerie Jarrett thwart 30 Million NRA Whites deluding themselves that tweeting is revolution.

Tweeting is not Revolution.

This one always cracks me up, it’s so ludicrous: Try telling a an ex-Jordie current SPer that they did NOT fight for our “freedom to vote” by shooting muzz goatherds in afghaniville… but that they actually empowered The Rulers of The NSA/IRS.

Just go on Twitter and see what they actually do. There’s your proof.
The vast majority of whites are stupid: They are murkans.

What becomes of such a people?  You answer. I’m tired of it.

*MRM/MRA: men’s rights non-movement or non-activist. read the fucking glossary on the homepage

21 Responses to “tweeeeeting is NOT Revolution”

  1. Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    Yeah, the French could do something useful and learn e.g. Fulfulde.

  2. Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  3. Politics is the “Game of Authority”, you destroy the other guy’s touchstone of authority. But per usual WN bad bois end up inflating the anti-whites and other sundry fucks into 10foot tall Big Mommas “who can snap your head off with a clench of her thighs and read my essays because I’m internetztfuff and a street fighting mad man who is gonna get mad”

    An example that Greg Johnson character wrote a 1000 worder describing how ineffectual but nice his liberal friends were, OK, so I commented with a question, “are your ‘liberal friends” anti-white and if so can you ask they why they are anti-white? It was never published folks, but do send him money. WN bad bois either need to grow up and be patriarchs of just go the fuck away.

    • Faggot Patriarchs dont exist as far as I know.

      • Among whites in general its a fading concept and in its place is “Conservative Papa” who exists to patronize Radical Missy and calm down Big Momma and most of all chastise us feral male types who upset the wimmin folk.

        My example was bad using Johnson, but his scam has always ticked me off so I had to include it however wrong as an example.

    • It’s okay. Certain so-called intellectuals are de-facto homos whether they’ve done the naughty deed or not. I don’t consider males who won’t name the Jew men at all.

  4. Not much has changed. Not much will change.

    People must change their focus from writing something to doing something. The “skill” of revolution is missing. It’s not just being angry, which is worth little. Writing crap won’t change things.

    The SP still faces this. They worry about writing clever junk rather than real life. It’s almost as if the internet has become a parrallel world. Being awesome online isn’t much to be proud of. The system owns the net. They allow blogging because it is largely ineffective. “Keyboard jocking” is what the PUAs used to call it.

    Luckily for us, everyone has the same issues. The SP, MRM, wn, the FBI, NSA, CIA and all government agencies have it too. Some just have more money than others. They have to deal with Murkanization, childishness, inaction as well. There aren’t many serious people left in Murka.

    • It’ll happen when it’s time. MW reminded us today that we are not very patient people. So True!

      • If you end as The Most Patient 95-year-olds in History
        What good does that do…

        For that is the de facto trend.

        There’s patience
        And then there’s…
        Continual Non-Action

        Tell Boko Hareem how patience works.
        Tell Crimea
        Tell Miggers

        You conquer the world by action

  5. “This one always cracks me up, it’s so ludicrous: Try telling a an ex-Jordie current SPer that they did NOT fight for our “freedom to vote” by shooting muzz goatherds in afghaniville”

    There’s stupidity, sure, but as you say, the liberals are smart and have been able to deceive people. The deceit should have been obvious, but there is some psychological block. Republicans are different than Democrats–I’m talking about rank and file, not the politicians. Democrats always assume others are lying because they are projecting. Republicans assume others are honest because they are projecting. TDO is basically Republican shock at behavior they cannot understand because they are still projecting. They still cannot understand that such vile creatures can exist. And really, if you think about it, it is bizarre. They are like parasites (the varroa mite, if you will) that will destroy everything. It is hard to believe that people actually exist to willfully destroy everything that is good.

    • True.
      If people are so gullible – so easily tricked – then fuck ’em; you cannot help them.

      Your analysis is 100% correct.

      Note the difference between these two sides: One has developed
      Race Consciousness ala Marx’s Class Consciousness…
      While the other ignores it into Race UN-Consciousness

      is the scarcest treasure
      in Murka

  6. Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die.

  7. Some advice you super WNs will ignore, but I’ll give it to you anyway. Those people you hate and won’t read your educational essays and then join you in the super Aryan Nietszhe putsh or something need to be told they are subjected to an anti-white propaganda war and then be told to stop being the death camp capos for the anti-whites. Mock them and the authority they cite.

    Start there or you will probably end up like the Matts, chasing the booby girls in defense of something called western civ, having your priest or other authority figure wear you down with the WORD “racist” and then either taking a sabbatical or making the front page of the SPLC fund raising letter after a human self grenading episode.

    • You repudiate our
      growing demographic probability that
      MINOs are the winning tribe.

      Nothing is written in stone [or prophesied by GGoDD] that palefaces get their own “reconquista” of today’s brown Wilderness Savages.

      Especially when they sit idle…
      And FutureJustin
      Has even less

      • We’ve been telling them for 50 years, RR. Either we aren’t getting through, or they don’t want to listen.

    • Whites are pretty stubborn it seems. I guess they will have to try every legal method before they resort to.violence. Orthodox Christianity was thought to be the last bastion of large Christian groups that might, if not accept us, might at least not persecute us. How long before the G. Orthodox church turns its back on Golden Dawn?

      Indeed WNs want so much to be accepted by the Big.Guys and get their smart badges.

      I think part of the reason for that is that we learned in school to “stand up for our rights!” but we didnt understand that that message was not meant for us but for “minorities” against “evil whitey”.

      Anyway, all this stuff has to happen, painful as it is to watch. It gets us closer to the endgame.

      • Well, maybe its a good thing.

        That Victor Hanson guy said that the civil war happened after every possible concession had been made. I just don’t know where the line is. It has not been crossed in Greece, nor in South Africa.


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