Russian Daredevils

by Ryu

Fear is the dominant emotion in the United States.

The only danger you see here is being untrained and unprepared. These “boys” are better trained than “the authorities.” How many cops and soldiers can do this? How many SuperSEALs?

Always remember that amateurs can beat professionals, or what the world calls professionals. The strongest men on Earth are not Green Berets, the fastest are not soldiers, the smartest are not cops.

The point is, you’ve got to have balls to…

… be a wn. Outsiders do not understand. In everything we do, we gamble with our lives. It’s the same when the danger is NSA spooks, overzealous cops, or antifas. It is like this everywhere and all the time.

In wn, the only thing that is real is the fear. The fear of the enemy, the fear of getting caught. WNs must learn to overcome this fear.

The famous “Reach for the Stars” climb. And no, of course the authorities didn’t give permission. Pretty incredible. This dude would be a wn god if he joined us. Is this guy human?

Man on Wire.

15 Comments to “Russian Daredevils”

  1. Reblogged this on Mindweapons in Ragnarok and commented:
    Crazy Russians. There’s about 140 millon more where these came from. The neocons want to send the American Jordies to go fight these people.

    • Crazy is good. Communism has been a good thing for the Russians. It kept the Murkans out, built national spirit, and gave them a little poverty. Some poorness is good. They are richer than us.

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  3. While RYU is chastising other whites to grow a pair so they can chase down the slut walkers to have a debate or a swingfest I advise the lurkers to head over to Sailer’s blog where the intellectuals in their ponderous ways have stumbled onto something useful for once.

    Finally the intellectuals on our side put down the NYTs that they read in hopes they see the paper giving them a smart badge and figured out that liberalism is basically a mental rush of chems to the brain stems of white libs. Our intellectuals have even figured out that PC is what is called “Positional Goods” in economics, or keeping up with the Jones.

    As Mike Savage has said liberalism is really a mental disorder, and that proves he was way ahead of the curve. Jew 1, gentile WN intellectuals basically trailing so fucking bad it makes my head hurt.

    Lurkers you do not debate the crazy slut walkers, do not spend your time worshipping the Wordism that supposedly is in opposition to the slut walkers you just mock the slut walkers because they are fucking stupid. I mean really are the slut walkers marching over to the Islamic students’ center to protest them, I don’t think so. They are just stupid girls being allowed to be stupid and being protected by the Big Mommas who know their precious slut walkers are fucking stupid.

    • Liberalism is a mental disease. There’s some disconnect in the amagdala.

      I don’t see anything at Sailor’s worth reading. Intellectuals bore me. He’s just flashing his smart badge to everyone.

    • The only original Nationalist writings are on Eradica, then mwir.

      Most are JAN & TDO. These promulgate prompt obsessive, fantastical StormShower VRW rants from trailerparknazis & PeterPanzers.

      The others are sailerites who steal much of their shit supposed ideas (from me & ryu) to keep their GrecyclinG GoinG.

      I would not mind, but even the obsessively fair & impartial ryu (any many others) send me emails proving Saily’s penchant for having ideas really really really really similar to mine; that he does so and does not post here and especially avoids promoting Eradica – his secret goldmine – proves the allegation.

      I would not mind, but:
      Talent Borrows, Genius Steals ~ Oscar Wilde

      The idea that liberals are mental was summed up far earlier in bumpersticker phraseology of “Feel-Good Liberalism” “happy pills” and “rose-tinted glasses” in the hippy 60’s iirc.

  4. Communism uplifted everyone who embraced it. Russia and China both became superpowers.

    Ignorant socialist. In the late 1980s, when we know Russia’s GDP in Gorbachev’s time, the Soviet GDP was lower than that of Belgium. “Uplifted”? Dumb.

    Communism destroyed Russia’s economy. People lived in poverty for decades. It was the world’s worst ecological disaster, ruining forests and lakes as the cash-strapped slave state dumped toxic waste straight into the lakes and didn’t bother with filters on the chimneys. Eastern Europe’s nature was devastated. People’s lungs filled with poison, and there was no real healthcare other than for party and military elite. Communism also made the Soviet Union scientifically sterile. They could only build nuclear power and jet engines by stealing technology from the West through their network of spies. That network was rolled up when a Russian engineer fled to the U.S. and brought with him an extensive list of the traitors’ names. This is something the media, of course, will not mention.

    60 million Russians were slaughtered in the concentration camps built by Lenin and Stalin. 20 million were killed by Mao. “Uplifted”. Russia and China would have been wealthy without the communist filth who used the people as slaves. Russia’s economy could have been enormous. Instead the entire Soviet Union, Russia plus all the captive states, had a GDP lower than Belgium. They had to spend most of it on the military in order to have those submarines and jet planes you have seen and drooled over on teevee.

    • @ Arbiter

      Revolutions are made with violence and bloodshed you dumb faggot. How about you actually read what I wrote about the Russian Revolution in the link I posted. Furthermore my upcoming blog post about communism itself addresses nearly everything you said. I expected a high level of butt hurt when I made that statement and you didn’t disappoint. You also know absolutely nothing about the history of Russia/China or what led to their upheavals.

  5. Silly. lulz

  6. I’m all for dumping the “Red Dawn” Russians are our arch nemesis, but I see nothing that warrants idiolization.

  7. I spent all that time crafting a lengthy blog entry about 1917 Russia but evidently people learned NOTHING.

    This is what happens Firepower when posts get lost in the shuffle just as we discussed privately many times.

    Blogging has indeed failed and the problem is 100% the audience. I’m not even sure how I can continue now.

    • It’s not the mind we should be going after. The day of the mind is over in Murka.

      You’ll continue, because of the few. Write for one or two people in your audience. WN is about you. Forget mass awakening. Those direct action guys did it for themselves, for self respect. They did it to conquer fear.

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