Guts Are Enough

by Ryu

What’s the magical ingredient that’s been missing? The thing that changes everything?

It’s guts. WN isn’t going to shake out like the majority thinks. The intellectualism is nothing. It’s not words that convince people.

It’ll take real bastards to win. Oceans of blood. Once rivers might have sufficed, but that was decades ago. The more time that passes until revolution, the more extreme the cure must be. The Turner Diaries will be are shown to have been moderate.

I admire the blacks a lot. They have taught me what it will take to win.

Instead of getting mad at black criminality, study it. Take notes. They rob, rape, and …

…pillage. That takes balls!

I often see whites in lily-white neighborhoods turning on their car alarms, locking their doors as if the boogie man is out and he’s gonna steal all their crap if they turn their back. It takes alot to steal and rob. Most people don’t have the guts to be truly bad.

Whites must decide if they’d like to win or lose – then act accordingly. Good doesn’t win. WNs who’d like to win must learn how to be bad. Learn, because they have been taught otherwise their entire lives.

25 Comments to “Guts Are Enough”

  1. If you go bad before it’s time, you go to prison. Do you admire Frazier Glenn Cross?

    • I admire anyone who’s willing to take a shot at what he wants. Naturally, I admire those who get away with it a lot more. Right now, Cross is just a suspect. The courts decide if he’s guilty; not me, the police or the newsmedia.

      Prison’s not such a bad place. 3 hots, a cot, a library, a gym, all on Uncle Sam’s dime. You could train and study all day. Imagine doing that for 20 years, then you get out. Going from that environment to the soft Murkan public.

      Repression does not work, MW. What you repress, grows stronger. I have learned this now. If you stick a real wn in jail, he’ll just become more fanatical. The system jails do not reduce crime, in fact they train criminals to hate more.

  2. Whites are subjected to the most intensive propaganda war ever waged and WNs basically as best I can tell want other whites to become the ant under the magnifying glass on a hot sunny day.

    To the average lurker would you like to be free from the likes of the anti-white psychopaths or would you like to become like the human hand grenades you read about on Stormfront who are used by both WNs and the evil anti-white elite?

  3. IMO WN is seriously flawed and only creates hatred for whites in general, but Horus at BUGs still plays on that field and he said it best, “you simply cannot wield an education campaign in the middle of a propaganda war, it will burn you out.”

    So the latest evidence is the Matts from Trad Youth, they are taking a sabbatical because the kooks they invested their time in fighting, the same kooks spewing the talking points finally wore them out and now there they sit totally burnt out and disorientated and looking for the next wordism to latch onto that itself is latched onto the latest craziness the left spits out.

    Whites in some respects are not as bad off in the head as the WNs say, go read the thread at MWs about mudsharks. Do you know whites have been subjected to the biggest propaganda war ever waged and mudsharking is not all that popular for the investment put into creating it. I’ll sum up the thread, using the term mudshark is more effective a deterent to the propaganda war against whites than a million long esoteric essays or taking a swing at the slut walkers.

    • WN teaches hate for weakness. We should hate the weak.

      Live by the sword, die by it. A race unwilling to defend itself deserves to die. I’m going to do what it takes to live. What the rest do is their ass.

      It’s not a logical thing. You cannot logic someone into wn. It comes from inside. Whities who want to live must return to the animal.

  4. Actually, ONE rally of costume nazi clowns demanding more abortion clinics for MINOs would be enough to have the System tumbling down.

      • Simple. The FFOL derives its ideology from the willful obfuscation between Conservatives and WNs, calling the first “Right” and the second “Extreme-Right”. In practice, Conservatives try to save the same persons from abortion WNs want to be free of.

    • I think the media would just use that sort of thing to make is look MORE hateful than they already do.

      Shoot, even some of our “prominent” WN voices harp about the “hate” in our movement. 99% of the WNs I have met, you know, in real life are mild mannered in the extreme. Naturally this is.EXACTLY what our enemies want. We may have to chuck off worrying about our public image. Maybe Ryu has the right idea. Not everyone can or should be in The Order but at the VERY LEAST we should refrain from criticizing people with guts ya?

      [ednote: good idea. does it also apply to your critiques?]

      • They are just trying to act normal. The normal propaganda attracts normal, conservative people. That’s where all the wn intellectualism and conservativism comes from. There’s a place for it.

        One can write for the masses of whites or for a few. I write for the few. Their extremism trickles down because the moderates must come to us for new material. We gain nothing from theirs.

        There’s alot of analogies. The CIA has offical cover operatives and non-official cover ops. The police has ordinary cops and “the zombie squad”, the tac unit. Very few wns could be a part of the order.

      • I do not know if YOU have guts or not FP as I dont know you in real life nor do I know anyone that knows you. So.I think of you like I think of anyone promomoting violence. You may be very sincere or you may be a fed.

      • Exactly, Rita.

        Effective wn is almost the same thing as an agent would say. Quite obviously the system doesn’t give a rip who you vote for, pamphletting, online protests, tweeting. We only see a real system response in certain cases. You know what they are.

        You have to use your own brain to reason it out. I’m never insulted when someone calls me an agent. But they should be able to cook up reasons for or against.

        See and feel the person behind the writing. It’s more important than what’s on the page. One real why wn fails is that there is no standard ciriculum, and many are not wired properly to think for themselves.

      • Rita Rabbit
        FP You may be very sincere or you may be a fed.

        you may be young and hot,
        or you may be old
        and a fugster

      • FP Im Old and ugly. I’m not here to find a mate so it hardly matters.


  5. The best feature of courage is
    It doesn’t need intelligence…
    Anyone can be a Hero

  6. Americans already decided, example…i was telling someone about my dislike of Quentin Tarantino
    because he made 3 whitey is evil movies in a row, and what i got back was: “But we are evil”

    They are applauding their own demise, it’s like the Stockholm syndrome on steroids.

    • We ARE evil.

      There are two ways to go: accept their narrative, or fight it. I accept it totally now.

      I enslaved the negro and took his women from him. I eradicated the Injun. I conquered the world. I can subjugate anyone at any time just by a word or a glance. It’s a magnificent thing. The liberals are the real white supremacists.

      What enabled us to do these things? Magic? We ARE superior. The “good” whites can kill themselves if they want. Only the bad ones can do what it takes to live.

      • Being nice is wrong if you are willfully ignorant thereby being cruel to White children in order to be nice to aliens. It is sinful to raise your children in cultural and moral poverty in order to feed your feel goods.

      • You are right. We should embrace the badness. Any god I would be interested in would not fault me for breaking free from the plan these anal sexers and child molesters have for the world.

      • Evil is inevitable. Either you kill your own unborn, or you kill your neighbours.

  7. Ryu, there is a film you must watch…two actually….but definitely the first one.

    1. A documentary, “The Act of Killing” in which men who have killed hundreds in Indonesia speak.
    They made oceans of blood and now run the country.
    2. Another documentary, “Happy people: A year in the Taiga” about fur trappers in Russia but really an examination of work and freedom.

    • If I must, I will. Those look good. It’ll take me a few days.
      [ednote: i also intended to recommend TAOK to you. its worth is in noting real mens’ calculated rationalization for butchering enemies simply to eradicate them – and how to be at peace with it. To me, that is simply called victory – and the relishing of its reward]

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