Reader Mail: Levels of Intertainment

by Firepower
This in from Dave Drapeless:
I am curious about something.  How many others do you think are at your level of understanding or better in the world?  Who do you consider the strongest nationalist alive?”
I once thought everybody was angry at how Murka – and what’s laughably called our government – failed to work. Who wouldn’t be?  Look at the mess. You’ve seen it coming for years. The CBS-purported exposé news show, 60 Minutes, told our great-granddad all about it in 1972. It just gets worse.
But, most people actually don’t give a shit;
they’re satisfied with xBox
and who’s dating
Miley’s clit
On the other hand, MINOs actually love how the USG works; it gives them …

…tons more shit the more colored spawn they spray out. With them growing into the New Majority, people get the government they vote for; the El Gummin dey deserve… an shit.
I once read a few blogs, but they were merely concepts I knew for myself since I was 14, and they showed me nothing innovative and new. They kept repeating the same old shit; they were absolutely correct – but it was still repetitive. That means it’s not a lack of information or exposure hobbling the masses, but the masses’ inaction.  This became clear in my participation on a blog called The Spearhead.

Never was a group more deserving in their anger than divorced white guys with kids, getting fucked in the ass by the ex-Little Woman. The ex-Love Of Their Life.  Kids stolen, money pilfered in increasing amounts every year…and still these men sat/sit with their thumbs lodged snugly up their ass.  Blogging is like…commenting on a constantly flooding toilet filled with shit. Everybody screams about how nasty it is, how “wrong” it is – how bad it smells – and that Somebody Should Do SOMETHING! When 142 million murkans do it, it’s called The Blog-0-Sphere. If all those battered bastards do is mewl while their sons get kidnapped and brainwashed by some fat Harpy who steals half their wages in the process…well, a few coloreds moving next door don’t mean much. These Men’s Rights Non-Activists are just an example in microcosm.

Commenting on an overflowing shitter is easy. Explaining why it’s overflowing is the hard part: That’s what I do.  Problem is, nobody wants to learn about plumbing, plunging, demolition and final remodeling.  If nobody wants to learn how a system is constructed, they can hardly repair it, if they don’t know what makes it tick. It’s then futile, instructing how to mess it up.

Few have my level of understanding and it’s proven daily: I predicted to the dull whiners today’s situation would come to pass during their idle years of dull whining – and it did. It will also get worse.  Ryu coined Jews & News (JAN) and I, The Daily Outrage! (TDO). Instead of instruction, infotainment is what Mr. Internet now does best. Now, he’s Extreem Mr. InterTainment.
I am the strongest nationalist because I know all those things, above.
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8 Comments to “Reader Mail: Levels of Intertainment”

  1. The overflowing shitter is a good analogy. I can visualize that, and I can see women bitching about it while doing nothing to fix it. I’d never seen the penis cake picture.

    You are a cocky MFer, FP, but you’ve earned it. I like that. You are probably the best wn strategist alive. But that doesn’t mean you should stop progressing. It’s harder to stay on top than reach the top.

    • Murka itself is the fitting analogy to the penis cake – a dark-shaded Peencake

      Strategy is clarified immensely by noting its inherent differences compared to tactics.

      My progress’ natural ebb & flow would be to pass the torch to a willing adherent.

  2. Solution: Create a conlang with a few trusted friends. Or learn languages with a few trusted friends. Do not tell others that you know these languages. Analyse target society. Discretely neutralize the worst elements.

    Do not run around and yell and scream that the WHOLE target society sucks. Not even on teh interwebs. That is spreading HATE and hate has consequences, as we all know.

    That is how Antifa does it:

    1) A group of MINOs learns non-MINO languages.
    2) Analyses non-MINO society
    3) Discretely neutralizes the worst non-MINOs (i.e. “fascists”)

    Anything else will result in Epic Fail.

  3. All men are fools but I am de Yzest eh…. No seriously, that post got me thinking.. You fought to take your country from the Brits, with a little help from your French m8s.
    Now you are after giving it all to the greasy flatulent hispanic and the niggers the Brits brought you, to till your fields.

  4. I think the most interesting aspect of the Spears, Beiber, Cyrus mass conditioning is how the opinions of their fathers are absolutely nonexistent. No anger, no disgust, no rejection, no repudiation. Nothing. Of course, in this day and age it suggests collusion over sheer silencing.

    There is/has been an epic failure of white fathers in repudiating the radical liberation of their children.

  5. Did you see this FP? Maybe things are changing, at least outside Murka.–politics.html

    • In a world of radical autonomists, “an enemy of my enemy is my friend” is just a meme to weed out lesser autonomists.

  6. Look at the whole Sterling “affair…”

    It is amazing how the maneuvers of a grotesque and degenerate LIBERATED “elite” can then be imMEDIAtely turned into a triumph over “white supremacy,” i.e., “racism” in the passive liberal voice.

    Now… Because the autonomy of the “black” collective MUST lurch in an ever more radical direction…

    It is now “racist,” i.e., the ickey thinking of those white supremacists, to not desire your wife/lady/daughter/sister hang upon a “magic johnson.”

    LOL… As RRS would say…

    “That’s f$&king stupid!”

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