Propaganda In Advertising

by Firepower

It’s grown apparent to me the Mino Master Machine must eradicate all vestiges of White Culture no matter how insignificant they appear, even to us.

The 3rd reich never tolerated even one tiny, lingering speck of jewish reference in its self-created culture when it had the power to erase it completely into suppression. So, the MMM copies this Total Cleansing/Sterilizing mentality.  No germs allowed in the operating room…

That scatterbraned idiot running the “war on whites in media” – the one who never updated it – made a great observation I gave him way too much credit for.  It is simply a sub-facet of The Big Lie.

He wrote:

Often the exact opposite of what blacks are is used in advertising”

To improve the explanation of his thesis: This opposite characteristic manifests itself as obviously counter from truthful reality, i.e. the Propaganda Media stages colored families sitting around the xmas/easter/turkeyday table discussing matters of…

… high culture – when in reality, they don’t even know who their (or the daddies of their ten siblings) is – much less their entire happy extended family.  All they actually care about is MLK, NBA, white female sexual behavior, MMM advancements and Their Obama.

To perfect that lackadaisical Anti-White Media slacker-idiot’s half-baked thesis, I declare this opposite presentation of propaganda is pushed because: To a stupefied, degraded populace nursed strictly on MLK Mythology instead of STEM – utilizing the opposite provides the quickest lesson.  It’s an assembly-line procedure based on and adapted from America’s once-vaunted economic efficiency in methods of production.

Symbolism is used to reach & teach even illiterates in the 3rd world. Now, it works just as well on our 3rd world illiterates…

The black judge. Blacks are cops, whites are the criminals.  Feminists are attractive.  MINOS are oppressed. Coloreds are STEM Gods … whites make duck calls and fuck their sister.

9 Comments to “Propaganda In Advertising”

  1. I’ve used this as a counter and have. People know what it means without having to say anything, although it may take a couple seconds for them to figure it out.


  2. That chicken is racist, Doomie. Blacks don’t eat watermelon. Did you see that racist swan story? You should adapt the “swan-stika” as your avatar. It’s down a bit.

  3. It is natural that the LNs would imitate the real nazis. The eternal song has to play out again. They are creating their own enemies and are fanatisizing them as well. They’re making sure we’re very angry and that all legal remedies are gone. The stage is almost set.

  4. Gays are sophisticated, stylish, and talented. Honkies freak out in comical ways at the slightest provocation.Technological progress is accelerating and we may live forever. Also God exists and is helping out here.

    • Yet it is homosexuals freaking-out
      From just mere words
      By White Men condemning homo habits…

    • Homosexuals are self-annihilators…

      That’s their real “sophistication,” “style” and “talent.”

      Ergo… Nothing to be emulated.

    • Mass media wasn’t always this way despite heeb power. There was an agenda but it was wholesome.

      Media completely changed when white women and homosexuals began taking over in the late 1990s.

      Contempt for white guys became official policy. Everything focused on women and their gay male BFF.

  5. “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!”

  6. The reality is that “white Supremacy” cannot actually be eradicated; only “white” liberationists get polar bared naked. The symbiotic regression of this relationship is self-evident as soon he-who-be polar bared naked speaks after awaking from a deep coma or immediately following the statement from an aggrieved family.

    “We” always knew that “blacks” hated “white supremacy,” but we still don’t know that “white” liberationists hate genuine white Supremacy EVEN MORE… So much so, they will be savagely maimed and murdered before they utter any ugly racial truths related to their total victimization.

    Radical autonomy –> Symbiotic regression –> Self-annihilation…

    “Blacks” become more collectively inhuman and “white” liberals choose death before “dishonor.”

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