by Ryu

There are alot of people who profit by making soldiering seem more difficult that it is. Firepower has done a great job of demonstrating the stupidity of the average American. Now imagine the capability of an 18 year old American.

Uncle Sam spends 12 weeks converting these high school graduates into soldiers. 12 weeks is nothing. I would ask any adult if 12 weeks of any training would produce lasting change and alter one’s worldview.

There’s alot of internal work and self doubt involved. They say most criminals actually want…

…to be caught. Am I worthy to do this? Am I justified in doing these things?

I know, that it is difficult to visualize oneself as a fighter for the race. Especially for those putting in a 9 to 5. But man as a rule can become accustomed to anything.

23 Comments to “Adaption”

  1. Jaysus the ones at the back, in the hats, look like wiggers.

    • That’s expected, them being from the uk and all.

      • Lol Brits!! Check out British conservatism in action. With bonus points if you get past third paragraph.

        Police stop and search to be overhauled because the police were checking out too many niggers and not enough law abiding citizens. – Its what passes as right wing rationale nowadays.

      • Stick with me, for I shalt make Thee –
        bigger than…Clannad
        Nay – Umphrey’s McGee

        The britons rolled-over to the Angles, then they became Anglified. The Angles offered up their soft rump to the Saxons who Saxon-ized them with the blade. The Saxons grew fat and the Normans fucked the Anglo-Saxon clean out of them.

        Now, you lads will have paki-gibberish mumbling brown grand-babbies yobbing about Boddington’s…

    • That’s the wn future you’re looking at, Conrad. It’s exactly what an 18 year old white kid looks like today. How to transform somelike that into a racist killer?

      • With difficulty Ryu. They have been brainwashed, and will continue to be brainwashed.
        I would have thought that, subtlety and cunning, is the only way to go, given the strategic advantage and overwhelming resources of the enemy

  2. I read an essay by a man discussing the mischief he and his buddies caused back in the day. His friends would feel compelled to confess after days or weeks, but he never did. We must isolate this X factor and share it with our People.

    • As wns we all have secret lives. If we went public, most of us would be google felons.

      Anyone who is good at what he does wants to take credit. For wns we have to eliminate the need to brag in the wrong place. Of course, no confessions.

      • They already know about you m8. They don’t spy on you – because you have citizenship rights.
        They get their British hired help to do that. You are a file on a computer in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. If they need to look you up, they are merely accessing the files of a friendly foreign power.
        Here’s the rationale – the Brits have a need to keep files on Americans with bad attitudes, in case you help some their revisionist racists plot some naughty and oppressive actions against the ethnic equalmensch.

        [ednote: they knew about Tim McVeigh, too. Closing the barn door after the horses’ buy ammonium nitrate makes a big pile of shit to step in]

      • @ Ed – No one said your spooks were any fucking use. Just ask the poor bastards still picking the ball bearings out of their legs in Boston. Coz like durrr we don’t listen to any Russian shit.

  3. You convert these white boys in the same manner that every variant of liberationist is attempting to convert them, by calling into question their manhood.

    You start with a default LIBERATED position…

    These white boys are automatically assumed to be dispirited, deracinated and homosexualized.

    And this ^^^ is exactly why they are “men” ACCORDING to inverted logic of liberation.

    The reality is that the white Supremacist will bring to “life” the “new white soldier” and work assiduously to portray a hideous experiment gone wrong where the notion of loyalty is so thoroughly destroyed that the idea of “good white soldier” goes right along with it…

    One cannot be a “soldier,”

    A “good soldier…”

    A “good white soldier…”

    Without being loyal to real worthy of loyalty.

    So in fact, a dispirited, deracinated and homosexualized “good white soldier” is strictly-speaking, pure mercenary.

  4. The true Christian worships the Perfect God and the Perfect Man, i.e., objective Supremacy. Clearly, in the West, the masses value “equality” which is simply a euphemism for anti-Supremacy. Meaning, in the West, the masses DENY objective Supremacy. Anti-Supremacists. Anti-white Supremacists to be more exacting. In reality, almost no genuine white Supremacists exist, but “they” are still the most potent “boogeyman” utilized towards the advancement of radical liberation, i.e., self-annihilation. All of the West consists of individuals that absolutely reject the existence of a Perfect God and the Perfect Man. Ergo, the West is self-annihilating.

    • Sorry… Christianity is the assertion of the existence of The Perfect God and The Perfect Man… Objective Supremacy. Perfection. Solution to the infinite regress of radical liberation. A Supremacist assertion.

      • Wow I think I am beginning to understand you. “All men are equal is completely at odds with a religion that is supposed to strive for perfection, yes?

      • Not strive for Perfection…

        Strive towards Perfection so as to transcend the infinite regress “we” are all mired in.

        Perfection ALREADY exists… And “it” is a reprieve and not an imposition.

        Those who DENY “it” are in the business of “perfecting” man through socio-genetic engineering. And on top of this hubris is a total lack of belief in “perfection,” i.e., objective Supremacy.

        So what are they actually engineering?


      • When it is said that “all men are created equal” this should only be understood as “all men are created with free will.”

        So we can instantly see why an HBDer might object and a radical liberal might agree AND ONLY APPEAR AT ODDS…

        In fact, both reject white man’s free will…

        This is why an HBDer won’t translate the quote properly and a radical liberationist will translate it literally.

  5. “White” “nationalists” delude themselves as they reject the genuine white Supremacist as their self-evident leader.

    What this rejection actually insinuates is that the dominant crop of WNs believe that white man HAS NO FREE WILL…

    Meaning, objective Supremacy does not exist; therefore, white man does not have the free will to get “there.”

    But this is the intellectual argument…

    This is not the actual desire of the current crop of WNs…

    The desire is to be unaccountable. The desire is to have no loyalty. The desire is to be loyal to nothing. Liberation and no free will to make one accountable. The internal logic is sound.

    WNs in their rejection signal to all…

    We are “white” liberationists TOO!!!

    Desirous of “equality,” after all.

    • Ohhh wait, you are talking about how WN is painting itself as a minority now? That is only for the awakening part of the mission. Once enough are awakened (and if you are enlightened) you forget all about this “we’re a poor beleagured minority, just like the negroes used to be ” stuff, . It’s just a tool. Unfortunately, too many WNs stay in victim mode. They hate their job but don’t go after another one…or start working for themselves or…whatever. They mope around reading news and Jews until they flame out. The next step after waking up to our problem (Ongoing Genocide-it’s real) one must also realize how powerful each one of us are.

      I have never believed in “White Trash”. I believe most Whites ARE almost a blank slate with tremendous potential. BILLIONS have been spent to distract, disarm, disease and dismay Whites into annihitaing themselves because we ARE so powerful. No one else needs this kind of money spent on them as far as I can tell. Once the perfidious are repatriated and blocked, our people will get their minds back.

  6. It’s right there in the First Commandment…

    Thou shalt not love whomever they please…

    Ergo… Giving your loyalty to anything is equal to giving your loyalty to nothing…

    The hardest thing for the WNs is to really love his fellow white man. He looks around even a little deeper AND IT IS EVEN HARDER TO LOVE your fellow white brother. In fact, most are even thinking “love,” they are thinking “how can I not hate.” It’s about order and starts in the First Commandment.

    You can’t love whomever you please and you can’t hate whomever you please. There has to be an “order” to it.

  7. Cromwell, Mao, and Vo Nguyen Giap (he said he studied at the academy of “the bush”) never had any formal military training. Basic training is about being taught to follow orders, not how to fight. Important for spear carriers, less so for leaders.

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