Durbbing the Durb: Rich Lowry Prophesies!

by Firepower

Rich Lowry is infamous – as The Man Who Durbbed The Durbb – for punishing Da Durbb’s startling revelation of:

…living around African-Americans is…um, kinda~sorta dangerous!”

O! How The Durb suffered mightily for that revelatory bombshell!

Piggi & Matt Foney hurriedly championed Da Durb’s Brave Stance (not the “wide stance”) as some really True Gravitas – then went on a four-month blogging spree of self-promotion (that was predictably disposable) hoping to get linkage at any Durb Forum devoted to commenting on the not-so-surprise announcement with dutiful Outrageous Outrage!©.

Now The Man Who Durbed The Durbb continues in his duty to… Bring The Originality… and surprise us all with His Announcement in The Manhattan FOX NewsRag that Hilary and Our Obama actually fucked-up the relationship with Russia

Jeepers! Shocked I am – shocked!

I can’t wait to hear grecyclers like …

pig & foney tell me what to think of the next outrage.  The more fools read them, the more they settle for just reading – and that’s the reason why everybody you speak with comes off like a Pod Person.

“Our Side” is not the instant fix for Stupid Liberals, because we have just as many Stupids in our ranks that were raised by the same institutions.  The Government Schoolhouse does not discriminate with regards to whom it makes retarded.

umm…Liberals don’t give a shit because they run things and thus, get all the benefits of that rulership. Our side has the anger and ostensible motivation so it should* be more motivated; it is not.

The Enlightened Readership of Geniusii now await with bated breath the next revelatory Lowryian Proclamation that feminists are fat…that coloreds are dangerous to live near.  That colored feminists are colored hogs dangerous to live near.

*Men’s Rights “Activists” please  note proper usage of the word “should”


The Whiners of Derbyshire

23 Comments to “Durbbing the Durb: Rich Lowry Prophesies!”

  1. Rich Lowry is like the schoolkid egging Obama to go fight Putin. what a punk!

  2. Give yourself a medal for actually being able to watch stupidvision newscasts. Anyway Obama is a great president for our latter day shit empire.

    You know how Lowry can still be the gimp and not completely useless to his masters is to start something for the contards like “Jordy Meatbags for Political Correctness” “Die for Pussy Riot and Samantha Power” and publish some Victor Hanson “Spartans liked boys too” “Speech codes, good for the Army, good for you” “Global force for fighting racism”

    • Obama is 100% the President we deserve.

      I want links to those Hanson articles. I’d be disappointed to see if they’re true.
      Being disappointed by Truth is a long masochistic hobby of mine.

  3. You should be grateful that your journalists are allowed to think criminal thoughts like “livin’ ’round niggers can be dangerous”. Never mind express such disgusting racist notions in the meeja.

    America is truly a “Land of the Free”.

    [ednote: murka is a filthy, degenerate monkey more enslaved than when we broke free of your King Geo]

    • Well, one thing is becoming more clearer by day and that is the futility in the idea that healthy-minded Americans can repatriate to another freer part of the Anglosphere as American freedoms decline rapidly.

      That “place” outside America and inside the Anglosphere does not actually exist and this should not be read as a praise of America’s declining freedom.

      • Thordaddy says “That “place” outside America and inside the Anglosphere does not actually exist” – How true, one can’t simply move in the Anglosphere. I think Anglosphere countries have to import niggers pakis and roma in preference to white gentiles – because ironically a nation can’t be seen as having a racist immigration policy

  4. Reading is a secondary activity. The training and study comes first. One should read only after doing some real work. It’s like “reading” about lifting weight or studying. Study first.

    [ed note: research learning modes. some like to learn a concept initially by seeing it done; some by reading about it and others by practicing it themselves. Or, combinations therein]

    • Reading may be a secondary but Writing is a primary activity in which one can motivate millions – if they are capable of motivation.

      • I find writing to be a masturbatory activity. It’s writing about something you’ve already done. There has to be a person underneath all the pages.

        We see so many whose writing doesn’t change, because the writer has not changed. There must be some kind of self improvement work in the foreground.

        Motivation is a tricky thing. I believe that for us at least, it has to be demonstrated. Few are actually good enough to “do” white nationalism. For most, it’s something they just read about.

      • Writing as masturbation applies to those seeking mere self-gratification.
        Writing is not pleasure, it’s a pain.

        If you can reach as many irl as you do with writing, let me in on the secret.
        Remember: Your one-time unckie Ado-Hi influence lots o’ folx via words…

      • I probably “reach” more people IRL than online. It’s influence. I may have reached about 5 people online so far. A person reads an article, it goes in one ear and out the other. Blogging doesn’t affect people, it does not change behavior.

        We can’t really write what we should online. I cannot put a challenge here, people do it, then post pictures. That’s the perfect example of outlawing what is actually effective. All the real solutions are illegal.

        You have to see a person to be changed. The more real, the better. Millions of men were motivated to train just by seeing Arnold. He had that charisma, as did Addie. WN needs that. It’s liking the person, not liking wn.

      • arnold changed more by his mute pictures than he ever did irl

        he changed more from whatever books “he” wrote.
        Spielberg changes more within media than interpersonal relationships.

        spike lee actually said he “wanted to kill whites b/c of s.africa/apartheid” because “the only solution is bloodshed”

        If he can say so, so can you.
        No judge could ever sentence you
        Without you using The Method of suing the christfuck out of Gummint
        And donating the proceeds to the Turner Diary fan club

  5. Whites are tired of the “ritual shaming” by the anti-whites using the word “racist” and what do WN but write essays about the essays the contards have written that deal with the issue of the day.

    • I don’t describe myself as a wn, but shall reply: If Murkans are happy settling for gaming & sexting then they deserve their fate.

      Does a nation that elects an Obama – twice – really, truly deserve to live?

      You can lead a horse to water…

  6. If Murkans are happy settling for gaming & sexting then they deserve their fate.
    Does a nation that elects an Obama – twice – really, truly deserve to live?

    I ask myself that often.

    • Then you guys are falli9ng hook, line and sinker for our enemies’ ploys.

      A year or two ago I met a man who had been a communist years ago while in college. (He later became a Christian and denounced Communism). He was in the same university as Obama (I can’t remember whether it was Columbia or Occidental, sorry) Anyway, he met Obama a few times socially. They ran in concentric social circles it seems, with Communism being the common ground. Naturally Obama was a nobody then but he remembers talking with him about the struggle communism was having. It didn’t seem to be gaining ground as quickly as they hoped it would. The man I met had pretty much lost hope in a “worker’s of the world unite” scenario. He told Obama he was afraid they were going to lose the battle. Obama said, “Oh No We Aren’t!” (forshadowing of “yes we can?)

      Anyway, in case you didn’t know this FP or if your readers don’t, the Commies just changed tactics. They couldn’t get the workers to rally together so they had to make the March throught the Institutions. Of course, the groundwork had already been laid but they doubled down on the brainwashing tactics, infiltrating the schools, churches and universities like never before. Indoctrination by Screen (TV, Movies etc.) also became much more focused. Long story short, as far as I know, this is the first such war that has been waged against a people. A war where hardly a gun is fired by the true enemy. What a mindfuck that they have made us had our own selves!

      You are probably going to tease or scold me because you already know all about the Frankfurt school etc. but THIS is what is wrong with our people. They have been mass brainwashed. Do they bear a responsibiblity for their behavior? YES. I do not think that they should be completely blamed though. Nor do I think they should be eradicated for being stupid. They need re-education. When we win this thing we’ll have to stick them in front of the screens they love so much and condition them back into normal people. They are worth saving.

      I save all my anger for the scummiest anti-Whites, not the Sheeple. The Sheeple just need to be shepherded.

      • You raise some valid points but nations rise and fall naturally as well. What goes up must come down at some point. People have certainly been led astray from above although a better word might be betrayed.

        The battle between centralization and decentralization is a timeless one though. Americans once threatened war and secession if say New York and Boston were receiving excessive federal power at the expense of elsewhere.Technological change like mass media mostly benefited a few urban centers giving them an unprecedented megaphone to project their power. The internet is a highly decentralized platform allowing us to do the same. It’s almost like a slow and powerful army vs a fast and accurate guerrilla movement.

        The end all be all however is not media power. People are tuning out mainstream media in droves and migrating online but little seems to actually change despite whoever is “winning” the information war. As we say awareness is important but awareness alone is not enough.

        I have a blog post coming soon about Marxism. It was already in the works before your post so don’t assume it’s a rebuttal directed against you.

      • I do not scold when someone starts to see. I want you to write more like this. Rely more on the analytical instead of emotional.

        Obama could afford his youthful optimism of parroting positive platitudes because he came from a rich family to be deposited directly into the Hallowed Halls of Harvard.

        Communists failed in America because: They couldn’t hide from Whites the Worker’s Paradise only enriched coloreds.

        Not only do I know they changed tactics, I know they did it because they underestimated how sharp their double-edged sword of constant reliance on slavery would cut both ways.

        Their March Through the Institutions was doubled-down because their instinct also tells them the only outcome is The Ocean of Blood and it must be postponed until they disarm NRA Whites. Their indoctrination and brainwashing of whites by BIGov School propaganda prevents The Money Machine being broken from all the gunfire and explosions.

        Remember the Kenyan Mall Massacre:
        …folks can’t keep the economy afloat when shopping malls are besieged by gunmen. Imagine the halt it would put on US BIGMall.

        TOOB truly scares them – for many reasons…

        A wise leader would charge a ryu with responsibilities of training – and you with recruiting those brainwashed sheeples. You be the shepherd, ryu a trainer and I’ll be the teacher; all three have equal value.

      • I’ve seen this for a long time. Was just trying to point out that our people don’t need to be eradicated…only re-educated.

        I AM flattered that even mentioned in passing you and Ryu and me working as a team together. Probably something to do with my daddy issues. hahaha!

        Anyway, I will send the right candidates to your blog and we’ll see what you can do with em. Some will be sent to MW as well, as always.

      • “People are tuning out mainstream media in droves and migrating online but little seems to actually change despite whoever is “winning” the information war. ” Patience, my friend.

    • The wise man steps away from the din of TDO and asks himself that same question.

      FOX-ites and Hannities however, have twisted the rhetorical question into a supposedly keen substitute for what used to be actual news.

      The Obvious Rhetorical Question (TORQ) now clutters up today’s information superhighways as the noisy, pounding hammer making every issue a nail.

      All this has actually done is proven it’s the wiser man who can answer it: The answer is no.

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