by Ryu

Parkour was invented by kids to navigate the urban environment. Was the US military or “the professionals” involved at any level with its creation?

Now of course the military has seen how great it is, and they attempt to train their soldiers to use it. But their organization did not have the capacity to even conceive of the idea.

Hacking is another area not invented by the USG. The USG simply finds it useful to hire hackers. One would not expect the best hackers to work for the government, because they would understand the nature of the men they’d have to serve.

The internet has made the creation of thousands of subcultures easier. Each of those subcultures is superior to the US military or the police in some way. If they decided to fight the system on their turf, they could…

…not be beaten.

The best shooters in the world aren’t in the military. Neither are the strongest men, or the fastest. The best and brightest of any field don’t join up. The only reason they can appear so awesome is their massive budget and their PR machine, which now includes the mainstream media. All movies, TV and even video games now have military involvement. Perception is reality.

Most people and most nationalists have too much admiration for professionals. I don’t like the word and I don’t like the concept. We hope that when we send someone to medical school, things like getting good grades have something to do with understanding how the human body works and actually healing it. The purpose isn’t the credential, but what one can do with it. Reality and substance ought to be the ultimate decider.

I hope, that nationalists who want to change things will find areas where they have the advantage. There are people doing things that no soldier or cop can imagine. Free running and parkour is only one of many such areas.

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  1. Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    Conlanging: the nerd’s parkour.

  2. Political Correctness as popular as ass rash, here is a story about the younger gen tired of being lectured to by idiot libs

    • I saw that Robby. I support it. Whites want to fight. They should fight for their side, not for the enemy. Maybe in about 20 years we’ll have something there. They must learn that words are not enough; if a billionaire jew can’t be a racist, no one can publicly.

      • I disagree, wordist authority is here today gone tomorrow, ideas and memes can travel at light speed these days. BUT where you are of course correct is that the contards and wntards and other sundry tards go wrong is basically acceding to the nonsense. Hard to explain, but sometimes its just best to say “that’s fucking stupid”

      • The further into wn I get, the less intellectual I become. I’m turning into a grunt.

    • Everyone volunteering to obey the dictates of executive orders over a Constitutionally declared war are fucking idiots; I have no sympathy for them.

      NSA, ObamaCare, Affirmative Action & Benghazi should SHOW VETS WHAT they ACTUALLY fought for.
      I tweet that fucker 30 times a day and piss the living hell out of folks – most of whom start to see the light.

  3. Good one. My hipster daughter was fascinated with this culture when she discovered it around 7?years ago. She would watch the youtube videos for hours.

    Whites just keep innovating. It gives me hope. NOW if we could only learn to stop sharing/selling off our intellectual property.

  4. Training for parkour can be petty intense. The jumping requires plyometric strength training, especially in the legs and arms, but also a good bit of flexibility. The biggest benefit I can see is that the practitioner will slow lose the fears of falling, jumping, and climbing, modes of movement that, while very natural, have been largely rendered unnecessary by modern conveniences such as vehicles, sidewalks, stairs, etc.

    Practical uses aside, it’s a way to return to some of the better aspects of the primitive nature. You don’t have to start doing the fancier stuff- in fact, most enthusiasts would tell you not to- buy simply trail running through the woods will get your body in the right mindset. Then you can move on to basic body-weight strength training exercises to get ready for the fancy stuff.

  5. Parkour was not invented by kids.

    Parkour was a French elaboration of existing European physical culture.

  6. Rumor has it that Stewarts Rhodes bugged out at the threat of a drone attack.

    lots of great tactical info in the first link

    [audio src="http://www.indianafreedomtalkradio.c...28.14.08am.mp3" /]

  7. like most Americans I found out about parkour from that james bond film.

    at the time, it seemed like the parkour guys were scrawny types. they are strong, but they weren’t really into weight training. not sure if that has changed or not.

  8. Parkour is hardcore, so it may last longer than most types of passive resistance, but it will eventually be shut down North Korea style. At the moment, I can’t even sign up for email without having to give a phone number. Centralized control grows stronger. The future may be infinitely more horrible than anything we can imagine.

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