Resistance is futile, little peasants

by sanfercur

There’s a passable piece over on Takimag by Gavin MacGinnis about friends getting on into geezerhood and realizing too late that womens’ “biological timeclock” is an egg timer that dings about age 37. This guy writes too many ‘list’ pieces for my taste (“10 Reasons Urban Hipsters Can’t Grow Soul Patches Worth Shit”), but this one is amusing if only because we all know these people. …Or we do if we’re over 40.

At one point, MacGinnis’ relays someone’s posit that Boomer divorce rates cursed GenX (and maybe Millennials) to distaste for hearth and home, family and children. When early homelife conjures memories more Detroit body bag than Pollyanna flower basket, some hesitance surely will arise. My own  family was as dysfunctional as Malaysian air traffic control; since I didn’t have a kid until I was in my 50s – and then adopted – I guess there’s some substance to sins of parents stalking offspring like a playground molester. (But I never blamed the entire G.I. Generation for fucking up; I slag my parents individually for my maladjustment, ducking responsibility for my own crappy choices, just like everyone else.)

But there’s another factor for our barren lot, and that’s …

…media indoctrination. When I was halfway through high school, about 1969 – ’70, THE conversation bauble was overpopulation. Media loves to pick trendy doodads to pore over, exaggerate, mythologize, perhaps revile, and then drop when its ripeness hits five minutes ago. “ZPG” was the ideal – Zero Population Growth. For you youngsters who’ve never encountered this onetime holy writ, that’s when birth rate meets or is below death rate. In the same way everything about the ’60s ‘revolution’ enraptured it, media latched onto ZPG nonsense since it flowed from emerging environmental fanaticism, which had as tributary hippie-dippie ‘let’s go through a teepee/noble savage phase before stock trading’. That back to nature, shit in the woods, ‘change the world’ hogwash has been a looong time dying.

With this conceit, we could consider nagging spouses, savage kids, and mortgage payments as temptations on par with swigging Clorox – while hiding this natural aversion behind facade of vast social consciousness. This about NATURE, man! You want to squeeze out another pup who’ll fuck up yet another piece of the big blue marble? Not ME, tree-hater!

Now, though, it’s vanished. ZPG is down the memory hole with geodesic domes, banana-peel highs, and macrobiotic enemas. Today, we need more people. We need vibrant imported folk to do work our people won’t do because they’re white racist fussbudgets. …Because they’re too old and stupid. Because they’re not accustomed to working long hours in toxic conditions at $7 an hour. Ingrates.

The key to our immigration enterprise – our stuggle for the freedom and unencumbered welfare benefits of open borders – is really economic. Rich people want subsistence-level workforce not only because low wages mean low overhead; average pay for America’s working class has stagnated for all the decades since kicking off this brisk stride to ‘globalization’. The big draw is lots of poor and a few rich mean less depreciation of their fortunes. More money in circulation means inflation; no one has figured out how to reverse that rule. Inflation means all those dollars in all those elite accounts lose value incrementally. Billionaires dropping back to mere millionaire status is atrocity too obscene to imagine.So we get the push from media. ‘Immigration’ is good. ALL immigration. Don’t call it “illegal immigration” ’cause how can there be an “illegal immigrant”. How could you call a snot-nosed whelp sucking wetback tit an ILLEGAL PERSON?!

That card trick of making ‘racist’ any opposition to open borders was one of the information industry’s mos’ deft feats.

One of the reasons white gentiles aren’t as buoyant about becoming a minority in their own country is that media and academia have so branded us as THE problem of this new social transaction. This isn’t just because ‘anti-immigration’ pushback from our population is most-intense and best organized – and it is. This demonization was extant before immigration became such a holy chalice. White gentiles have been despised by every tentacle of common communcation for decades now.

We cannot understand why it’s such priority to replace us with another population, a different culture, another language. Anyone is a fool if untroubled about transferring an entire culture, assimilation be damned, from failed narco-states that never cottoned to functioning democracy to begin with.

Consensus among know-it-alls is that our reluctance is natual consequence of… yeah… racism. We hear, constantly, how we’re irredeemibly racist, but it would seem, if this racism amounted to such crisis, there would be greater body count in a race war never apparent to those of us outside media, academia, now government.

We know driving force behind this ‘population replacement’ is economic. Boon of the new immigrants – ‘legal’ or undocumented – is that they work for less money than natives. The ‘racism’ issue merely couches simple human greed in terms of high moral consciousness, while at the same time choking dissent. If white gentiles are susceptible to anything, it’s guilt (and split-level homes).

If fear haunts us, it’s because indications are that in the future we will be considered and treated as hostile demographic, to be reduced in status and even oppressed with legislation. This process already has begun, and if our Attorney General can be lauded for anything, it’s his honesty pointing out that ‘hate crime’ laws do not apply to white gentiles as victims. Today, evidently, we are to cooperate in our own cultural suicide, our own social regression. To do less is to reveal ourselves as the racist monsters that evidently loom so large in imaginations of everyone neither white nor gentile.

For affirmation of this righteous if somewhat sanctimonious project, we can include academia, here. Our institutions of higher learning shun that grand, once-treasured ideal to be arenas of debate armed by free and open exchange of ideas. Radicals from decades ago now run them as Stalinist work farms where only ‘proper’ ideas and dialogue are tolerated. In the big picture, doesn’t this process soften up our best and brightest for ugly, repellant nonsense like hate speech laws and the like? I pray students resist this return to the Inquisition, if only as post-grads. Even all those ridiculous Middle Eastern fairy tales are better than this.

But, by far, chore of spreading the dogma outward, to the great unwashed and uncredentialed, falls to media. Same ideas as college classrooms with a little less hoarse zealotry. Bane of today’s journalism: It’s become megaphone for government and industry, as valid as the old Soviet Pravda. Sensationalize, ask marshmallow questions, and protect the status quo – that’s the job description. Remember the 2008 financial meltdown? Weren’t you grateful for financial writers’ heads-up it was coming? Oh! Don’t remember any warnings? Guess why.

Keep in mind, anything you hear from media is what a shrinking, vitrifying elite demographic wants you to hear. Rich people own television networks, radio stations, whatever newspapers are left, as well as film studios because shiftless poor and working-class stiffs won’t accept responsibility of ownership themselves. …Assuming these underlings ever could afford a junked mimeograph gin, much less a publshing empire. More and more is owned by fewer and fewer, and propaganda helps keep it that way. That’s why things we hear don’t quite make sense. Why should we give a shit about the Ukraine? Why DID we invade Iraq? Why is it our responsibility to pay for someone else’s birth control? How did this country become mother of earth’s prodigals, flinging open the gate to those wondrous, vibrant astrophysicists and engineers paddling to our shores by the thousands.

Check out soulful moans in any newspaper, on any TV screen or Internet news site about the Supreme Court’s apparent gutting of Affirmative Action this week. Adored is propped-up, incompetent Sonia Sotomayor, wise Latina and Affirmative Action justice, who churns out a lame dissent absent Constitutional interpretation and fat with ethnic whining. Media crowns her our new cultural Cassandra warning of aroused honkies at the gate.

If only that were true.


19 Comments to “Resistance is futile, little peasants”

  1. What I’m learning is to teach people who object to the anti-white stuff is that they are the ones who should especially keep their mouths shut and infiltrate the power structures, and among the power structures, to mouth their platitudes even more fervently, so as to take that spot from someone who would be a true believer.

    We should fill the ranks of business and government with purposeful liars about their ideology, so that the gov’t thinks it’s got a bunch of loyal ideologues when it in fact it’s ranks are full of oppositionists. Do our own “march through the institutions.”

    • THAT is the same ideology I advised you to use.

      Instead of fleeing to the woods with a bunch of whites – stay in the cities.

      Instead of fly farming, work in the corner office.

      When you move away from your enemies – that’s called retreat.

      Go…where your enemies ARE.

      • Ha ha ha. Now this is a teachable moment. What if she doesn’t obey your warning, FP? Shall we send in the tanks?

        The process is the same no matter who has the power. You should have more sympathy, FP. It takes balls to fight back. You get what you take, nothing more.

        [ed note: females got lippy because of that excessive, WhiteKnighting sympathy. sympathy is for simps. less coddling is what bigmouth bitches need. written coms aren’t reality. if she were in my cadre the penalty for insubordination would be much…harsher]

      • You must (and shall) inevitably learn 98% of all females are UN-teachable and thus worthless. All they are good for is sleeping with the enemy to gain intel – thus, similarly – acting as receptacles to sate your own needs.

        How many truly great Conservo Babes can you actually enumerate among all the men?

        Do the math.

      • Insubordination is a good thing, in the right doseage. The best agents know how and when to break the rules. You have to be a rebel to even become a wn.

        That which we repress, grows stronger. Banning someone just makes them more fanatical. The system bans us, we get mad. If they truly wanted to destroy wn, they would let us speak.

        Did Rooshie or Ferd banning you work? Did it silence you? No way. They made you stronger.

      • Working in a group is hard! Many wns are not accustomed to it. It’s much easier to do your own thing. WN really is like herding cats.

        Where is crotchrot posting now? I want to track him down and get him to write some MMA stuff.

        It would be a waste to post at Roissy or Roosh’s. Too many commenters now. 300+ comments per post, the good stuff gets buried.


        Use your imperial editor powers to search Eradica for his email addies…then let me know how your powers of persuasion progress…

      • Where the ideas come from doesn’t matter if we can agree and collaborate.

        [ednote: come up with some of your OWN FIRST…THEN you can chirp simperingly when people steal them from you]

        Oh and my official stance is that people should do what they are good at. I personally am not someone who could infiltrate but there are others who are/will be very good at it. I support any forward motion. Passive resistance, infiltration, street marching…whatever people want to do. The proof will be in the pudding.

      • No Site for White Knights, then so

  2. How to reconcile this powerful economic analysis with doctrinaire opposition to class struggle?

  3. The overpopulation angle always makes me chuckle and think stupid or lier.

    Considering that all-together only 20% of the USA is completely populated, but not only that…
    4.61 million square kilometers of land composing 47% of the country – doesn’t have one inhabitant!

    In fact, metropolitan area population weighted by density is down from 2000!

    It would be actually accurate to call the USA a “sparsely” populated country
    according to wikipedia it’s number 182 by population density, out of 244 listed.

    The density would have to jump ten fold to reach Japan.

    Which is a nice example, Japan, ten times the population density
    but at the same time ten times more civilized, how do they explain that?

  4. Inspirational piece! Though I suppose its worth extrapolating the cheap labour thing, back through history, to see what turns up.
    And what turns up is the Nigs imported from Africa, to work in the cotton fields. It needs someone with a philosophical bent, and indeed knowledge, greater than my own, to arrive at any conclusions, in respect of that earlier migration.

    • Smash the system. The whole thing has to go down. The only thing left to save in Murka is the guns. The more time that passes until revolution, the more certain that what comes after is nothing like what came before.

      I’ve been working on a wn redistributionist plan. It’s poor young white men that are the movement. It’s very sophisticated: take what you want. You get what you fight for, not a penny more. My rule is you fight, you’re right.

      The middle class and the old are useless. They don’t have the balls anymore to do what it takes. 1950s rules no longer apply. It’s always the young who do the niggerwork and it’ll be true for wn as well.

      Every day that passes, more infamies occur:

    • No person on Earth works more cheaply than an electron. Electricity is the cheapest slave alive. What is it? 10 center/kW hr?

      The Agenda 21 people see the picture as emptying out the wilderness, stick everyone in cities, then reduce the population.

  5. sanfercur I see things pretty much as you do. Yet maybe we are all wrong, maybe this transformation of America into a non-White 3rd World slughole with an Asian technocracy and an OWNERSHIP that is, er, NOT gentile is a GOOD thing, to quote just one highly regarded writer, since DECEASED, I believe:

    “Something is happening: we are becoming the first universal nation in history … If you believe, as the author does, that the American drama is being played out toward a purpose, then the non-Europeanization of America is heartening news of an almost transcendental quality.”

    Ben Wattenberg, The Good News Is The Bad News Is Wrong (New York: Simon & Schuster, 1984), p. 84.

    • America as “universal nation” is only going to be advantageous to those who have trained to be radical autonomists. And even then, said training still must account for one’s own contextual situation, e.g., is one a “black” autonomist, “white” autonomist, Jewish “autonomist,” homosexual “autonomist,” etc?

    • Well I for one want to see the White race live on in safety and prosperity so I don’t like seeing every White country and I mean EVERY previously European country browned out. No I do not.

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