Spotting Informants

by Ryu

It’s a critical skill for wns. I have puzzled and worked to find a simple way to do it. Ask two questions:

Is this person a real stickler for the rules? Does this person benefit?

It’s that easy. If they love the rules and aren’t in, they will rat.

Types emerge. Most Americans over 50 are crazy for the rules. They grew up in a different, whiter time when trust for the gov was usual. Their insistence on obeying the rules while accruing no benefit makes them…

…the perfect slaves. Be very careful trusting old people.

Another type is the white beta male – beware of him. He’s shy, timid, not good around girls, but good at video games or computers. He does not know what trouble really is. When an authority figure sits him down and leans on him, he’ll crack.

WNs have to become comfortable in a criminal world because all effective solutions have been outlawed by the system. If it’s legal, it’s ineffective.

Most wns today are not wired properly to be brought in on anything critical. They are still waiting for the miracle cure; “the financial collapse”, “the rapture”, when one day the USG topples and everything returns to normal. Such a miracle will not happen.

The blacks were much stronger when they could make songs like this. The movie Deep Cover is also excellent.

How to Spot Frauds and Informants in Political Resistance Movements

26 Comments to “Spotting Informants”

  1. I guess I’m not much of a WN then. I’m a stickler for being law abiding, and I tell people that up front — don’t try to involve me in any thing illegal and especially not violent. Back in the days of the National Alliance and the hard core WN’s we were all very versed in Conspiracy Law, and we told all new people, “If someone tries to involve you in a conspiracy, tell them that you think they are joking, refuse the conspiracy, and report them to the police. It’s either a police infiltrator or a defective loser, and in either case, there’s no dishonor in ‘snitching’ on either type.”

    It seems like you are jumping the gun in thinking that we can only do illegal things to make any progress. I won’t go into detail, except to say that I disagree.

    • It’s a free country man. At least, it was.

      All of the legal methods of politcal change have been outlawed. Watch Golden Dawn. They tried it the legal way, and are doing all right. So the system goes illegal and begins murder, arson and bombings. But GD is still playing by the rules. GD will either learn to do what it takes, or they will be eliminated.

      Progress CAN be made by legal means. Then, they hit a wall. Few can get through it.

      This is the real world. The good guys do not win. Playing by 1950s rules in 2014 is a recipe for disaster. When the Murkans want to enact regime change, they do not blog and twittter as a foundation.

  2. Wont be shit for a WN movement till the masses have begun to be liberated from the “racist” label. Play bad boy all you want, basically WN is a prisoners game (watch those locked up shows). Sorry RYU you probably mean well, but you will get a few people but they will play then because they can actually wander off they will, and then you will come to hate whites because of some reason and then you might go off Miller style or whatever hand grenade human you wish to identify with and that will be it.

    A billion whites cower and afraid of being publically defined by beasty as a “racist” and what do WN do but play bad boys, sorry dude.

    • Charges of “racism” have two interesting implications:

      1) Racism = bigotry+power => this means the “racist” is (supposedly) in power. Point this out

      2) Racism =Hitler => this means “racism” is inherently anti-democratic, so a “racist” is completely consistent within his anti-democratic ideology if he doesn’t respect laws made by democracy. He is no longer ethically bound by them, and only fear is a valid reason to comply.

      Of course, if you are in power, you do have to have fear.

    • I’m a racist for myself. I am the movement. It progresses as I progress. WN is something deeply personal. You have to do it for yourself.

      All Americans today are prisoners, RRS. Some of us would like to break out. One always finds that so few actually want to, and can, bust out.

      Alcatraz. 1600 prisoners – 3 escape. My interest is in those 3. To the rest I say this – enjoy your cells. Freedom is something taken, not given.

  3. I don’t trust ex-military types, period. no exceptions

    • The issue with ex mil is that they have been propagandized to take orders, and only orders from the USG. We get them after they are out, which is useless.

      When you look at the SP, you see the best result of disgruntled Jordies.

  4. I do. Many enlisted types went in because the had no better options. Most come out disgruntled these days.

    I wouldnt trust most former convicts. There’s the chance they have made a deal with feds.

    I dont do “illegal” stuff. These two guys came into my circle talking about weird stuff and I had to cut them off cold. Perhaps they were just fantasizing and I felt bad rejecting them but I can’t take a chance.

    • You shouldn’t trust people who talk about illegal stuff. Or, even legal stuff. Or anything. One always has to use his own brain and horse sense.

      I will say this. “Illegal.” Today there are 100,000 laws in the US, more each and every year. They can make anything illegal that they like. Perhaps one day they will make it illegal to be white, and that all whites must commit suicide. Whites that obey the law will then be dead.

      Oh wait…are the whites who obey the law going extinct today?

      • There is a reason i used quotations. I know what is legal and what is illegal.

        I guesd some need it spelled out.

        Is it legal to ask me to fund the genocide of my people? I am not advocating anything just posing a question

    • Then BIGov has you where it wants you: You don’t act on anything because you’re suspicious of everything.

      STASI 101.
      If you never take calculated action born from intelligence, you are doomed to Tweet the rest of your life…until The Informants come to take you away for even that.

      When they came for David Koresh I did nothing because I was not a Branch Davidian…
      When they came for Tim McVeigh, I did nothing because I was not a Militant Militia.
      When they came for Cliven Bundy I did nothing because I was not a Cattle Rancher.
      When they finally came for me there was no one left to help me because…….

  5. I’ll take this opportunity to mention for those readers in the central Ozarks area that I’m thinking of taking a road trip to Nevada and would be interested in car pooling with like minded individuals.

    No arms or munitions or illegal substances.

  6. Someday when these laws affect our everyday lives and oppression from such laws makes our lives depressed and not worth living, then changes will occur. As mentioned earlier in another commentary, there are a lot of folks just waiting for the last straw to be put on their back.. When that happens, the unrest, riots and armed conflict will occur. If you study Greece right now and white South Africa, the tipping points are almost there. When that happens in America watch out. I know who will win the conflicts.

  7. The school system is the same way. Bullying is rampant because kids are taught not to resist.

    It’s even against the rules to fight back just report it to the authorities as if they give a shit, LOL.

    Nice white ladies running the school system produced an unprecedented scale of emasculation.

    • Exactly. I say it is your moral duty to defend yourself. I say it is your moral duty to protect anything that is yours if you want it to stay yours.

  8. It’s interesting how the radical autonomist has shown us how we can maximize our autonomy by either wearing no face or many faces depending on the circumstance, but because it is a talent that is trained towards like anything other pursuit most who try it, fail. And since there is really no barrier to entry (a feature, not a bug in the system), we are now a land of altering egos, the places with many faces, 313 million bodies with a trillion… 2 trillion… 10 virtual SELFs?

    At ones fingertips is to dig into every crevice of the HUMAN brain. It’s really ugly when we aren’t reading how glorious it is…

    A lot of people will need to be put to sleep at the hands of the Nerd and it will be priced from strict euthanasia to a contract that trades virtual paradise for bodily energy extraction…

    Which bring us back to Miller the “white supremacist” FBI informant.

    It ONLY MAKES SENSE to the masses of radical liberationists that are really detached from reality.

    I’m reality,.. Miller was a real white degenerate who simply appropriated a title for himself that was far above his status and the radical liberationists affirmed it. He was, in fact, A RAT amongst a nest of RATs. The informant revelation ONLY CONFIRMS IT.

    The genuine white Supremacist doesn’t get bent. That’s a prerequisite. The genuine white Supremacist is free. He sees the ABC like XYZ. No “men’s” movement, only man’s movement. No one is trusted in a radically autonomous environment. And outside it, no one is busted.

  9. Silly Ryuski, tricks are for yids!:

    Note successful defense against infiltration.
    Research how the Viet Cong, IRA, KGB, La Eme and even MSNBC etc. did it successfully.
    Learn how they weed out enemies. Use trailerpark nazis as the lesson on how NOT to do it…

  10. “WNs have to become comfortable in a criminal world because all effective solutions have been outlawed by the system.”

    Another, less naughty reason, is the simple fact that more immigrants = more crime.

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