The Ocean of Blood

by Firepower

aa814-eric2bholder-reverse2bracism2ba-ok2bwith2bthe2bdepartment2bof2bjusticeThe dominant entitlement culture today is designed to always present MINOs* in favorable light. It is based on perpetual debasement of Men in general – and the lesser category “males.”

It is what White Males once did to redskins, coloreds and females. It works. That’s why it was – and is done.  Hittites did it to Egyptians, Greeks to Persians, Romans to Gauls, Redcoats to Colonials and Uncle Sam to Comanches and so on throughout History.

White males had this right of dominance because they earned it with all those conquering armies, frontier expansions and colonization. But, about 55 years ago they suddenly gave it all away.

No other race in history gave their power away to such vile rabble, especially when the dominant group was also the majority. And never in Human History did conquerers stupidly give it all away to groups several steps below them. MINOs did nothing to earn such a munificent gift:  Protesting is not conquering. It is not conquering by either force of arms or power of wise virtue like The Renaissance.

What you see today is the beginning of the…

…eradication endgame of White Males, as conducted by the MINO FFOL.* The only way to salvation is immersion in The Ocean of Blood.

Whites will fall because whites are just as stupid as coloreds. Sorry trailer park nazis (and fly farmers), everybody is indoctrinated today by the same BIGovernment Schools™. All races are similarly immersed in the Miley~Minaj Media. Old-fashioned Roman “Bread & Circus” is the same as our modern version of Pizza & Sexting and just as corrosive.

When whites fall, they will leave a vacuum of today’s higher functioning management quickly filled with minos.

High level government jobs (with lots of power) are irresistible to the mino the way being Police Chief was desired by an 1845 Manhattan mick. Now, the chiefs are coloreds. When coloreds rule, you don’t get Moscow and Paris – you get Detroit. Then that degenerates further into Somalia. When Miggers* displace whites you get Los Angeles. Then you get Tijuana until it degenerates further into Venezuela until it reaches bottom in Cartel Loco~Land. Today’s standard gets diminished until it’s eventually erased by the tomorrows and nothing remains but cardboard shacks that are then viewed as adequate housing.

When the total faction of Minos rule, you get Obama’s Government: The Mino Master Machine [MMM]. A machine made of minos who are your master. It’s not just coloreds, but miggers, fags and feminists operating as one – all united against Whites – against White Men.

Open your eyes: Minos now dominate every key government bureaucrat position and entire departments. Look at your own government. Walk through your State offices in your Capital. Look who’s in the cubicles. Odds are, even if you’re in the village of Whitebread, Iowa – minos run your government. They crack the whip…you make the trip, baby.

Hopefully, whites sense this. But, realistically, it looks like they won’t actually realize it but instead “feeeeeeeel” it – based solely instead on their current degraded mentality.

If they do, they’ll stop being Joinin’ Jordies fightin’ fer Uncle Sam, awakening to sense their Hispanic-African-American-LGBT Feminist Female 4-star General is sending them into combat to get their balls shot off for At-Risk-Dis-Empowered Single Mothers in Ethiopia.  Either way, mino Presidents need mino Generals to send White Boys off as World Police to save the International MINO.  Jordie probably will never realize this, but instead be whittled down in numbers before depriving the Military of dim, white cannonfodder-hicks.

The MMM will need bodies, so they will remodel their military based on minos. An army of goose-stepping coloreds in tanks enthralls mino rulers with wetdreams of African Dictator/Strongmen.  Think of Kwame Killpatrick popping boners inspecting “his” colored police department; Obama’s bragging of his killing of Osama. Now, imagine Hillary’s attitude…

With minos in total control, they will oppress future whites in ways only I can imagine, because most of you prefer remaining stuck in trances of St. Ronnie’s “War on Drugs” – or Benghazi. Benghazi Bois died for…what, again?

What scattered whites survive will reactively retaliate after Liberal nazis sic their colored army on them. It may be too late by then: Coloreds and minos don’t give a squirt of piss about “The Constitution” and quaint notions of The Spirit of ’76 [SO76*]. Nor…the concept that the US Military is not used against citizens. To a Liberal nazi, whites are not citizens but vermin for eradication by “any means necessary.”

Imagine Future Bundy Ranch/WACO standoff(s) between white sodbusters and BIGGov SWATZIS – but this time, not imported mercenary triggermen from Utah, but battalions of BIGGov alphabet soup FED coloreds itching to put in some legal killing-time on flag-waving white bumpkins.

Sure, today’s “Oats~Keeper” would never ever never ever dare dream firing on a fellow citizen (unless it’s Ruby Ridge), but Tomorrow’s D’Vontae® in the BLM and ATF will lustfully seek to shoot and kill “uppity whites.”

The odds of future standoffs increase both in frequency and volatility. It won’t take long for a match to ignite all that powder – all that stored up Hate – on both sides.

The black has more political clout with its demagogues long established in the lucrative Mino Grievance Industry. However, they’ll overreach and resent Miggers wanting a piece of the Rotting White Corp$e. Barbarians fought among themselves over the spoils of Rome, too. The migger will start to fight the black because just as Pedro fights whites in La Reconquista!  “Slavery” simply cannot be used on miggers as a guilt-lever to withdraw EBT cash and eternal welfare for 14-year-old black brood sows with 5 niglets.

Thus, the black must eventually fight the migger who fights the white who fights the black who fights…

There will be a three-sided war, unique throughout History.  But, there’s that Mountain of Guns (MOG) that nobody else in history has ever had just lying around. Sure, Whites will finally use them against a tyrannical government, but they will suffer great losses until they overcome their PC neutering and awake to realize coloreds were the target all along – not some FapFantasy Redcoats 2.0. If today’s SWPL neutered white saw a pack of foaming coloreds marching toward them with their raped daughter’s head on a pole, they would hesitate to shoot them in fear of BIGFed charging them with the greatest of all sin: The dreaded “SuperHateCrime!©”

That is, if SWPLs – and most whites – even owned serious firepower. So, The Ocean of Blood (TOOB) awaits your children.

All three races shall war in a final battle. Tweeting won’t prevent it.

*confused by all the acronyms? …fucking read the glossary on the homepage

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  1. Boyd stated there are three levels of war the highest and most important is the Moral level. Whites do not have that, and they probably won’t attain it in the face of psychological warfare by reading WN essayporn, sorry. (Refer the readers back to Horus’ statement at BUGs in response to all those WN “educators”)

    And Ed. good job on the “Murika” word.

    [ednote: it’s MURKA – for brevity]

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    The Ocean of Blood Awaits our Children. Firepower lays it out plain.

  3. Stirring Stuff. BLM- that will be Bacon Lettuce & ?

  4. Rock and roll. I’m hopeful.

    Did you see this, FP? How is this possible? I thought they did all their magical security tricks.

    Man, these 16 year old kids must be ninjas or something.

    Oh shit! Again! Where is all this security?

    • Security exists only to protect The Elite from Whites potential to go full nazi and load up the ovens with minos.

      Therefore, only whites are subjected to Security Scrutiny while minos are invisible to the Mino Masters’ Machine. Coloreds are ignored for the color of their skin the way whites are targeted.

      Bundy Ranch = SWATZIS with machine guns
      Migger Trail = ICE’s ice water refreshment stands with road maps to San Diego…

  5. You pose an interesting question, by pointing out degenerate white behavior, I was going to say it might be linked to the rise in “Social Sciences” – though I recall that seemed to have started innocently enough with the creation of the Manchester Statistical Society, circa 1830, in this neck of the woods, in any event.
    Something appears to have provided the seed corn, for this faggotry, in the later half of the twentieth century.

    • I encourage degenerate behavior. White men need to get their balls back. We’ve got to get back to the basics. Fighting, fucking, feeding. Back to the animal.

      Degenerate – you sound like Thordaddy. A true white supremecist obeys only his own rules, like God does. God loves the devil most of all, because God too wanted to rule.

      [ednote: i’ve used degenerate, decayed, decadent and diminished – long previously – culled from my searches for a simple word describing it better than “today is worse than the past”]

      • Degeneracy is fine, to the extent that it is good for whites. But mostly it is not good for whites, which is why it is tolerated by the powers that be. Smoking weed, pick up artistry, XBOX, homosexual orientation, etc, they’re not helping whites, they’re hurting them.

  6. Whites once were wolves
    Now, domesticated puppydogs
    Defanged, tamed and domesticated

    Coloreds remain savages.
    Domesticity works in civilized societies
    But is a handicap
    In The Jungle

    • Why, what do you think is the probable cause(s) of white faggotry?

      • 1. The wealthy white Establishment abdicating responsibility to rule; it’s easier to be Santa Claus than face the harsh requirements for leadership. Sissy 1950’s grandkids and descendants of harsh 1800’s men preferred frivolity.

        2. Libertine media; you can see their degeneration from the former standards above in their movies championing Mr. Sidney Poitier-type cliches. To simplify, this degenerated further into All In The Family (actually a rip-off of a British show)then Good Times then Cosby. All are phony propaganda designed to elicit sympathy.

        3. Government School Propaganda raised little shitheads willingly accepting the above reinforcements from the then newly decadent authority figures of Media and government power.

        All these forces coalesced into The New Establishment wherein it’s Heresy – and sin – to contradict the Official State Decrees. Whites are thus the new subhuman to the ruling Mino Elite.

      • The desire to “love” whomever you please…

        It’s a self-annihilating affliction because it always degenerates to YOURSELF… “Loving” yourself…


        Homo = same = EXACT SAME = self…

        Exaltation of the homosexual lifestyle.

        It IS self-annihilating…

      • Feminism gays have daddy issues.

  7. Minos are coiled springs of violence, them being told NO and to go fuck off will make them snap.

    [ednote:.. get a concealed weapon permit. if you’re attacked, defend yourself legally from those who would kill you over mere words; one less mino racist/nazi]

    But for now whites are caught in the propaganda war and not realizing they are in a propaganda war aimed at them. The are deluded like Limbots thinking that they have a say anymore or they are caught up trying to catch everyone up on the latest jew shenanigans (calling this education).

    I want every white to be bullied by the “racist” word by the Minos and white capos, then we can talk about freedom from such vermin “Wouldn’t you like to be free from those anti-white bigots?”

    Sorry esoteric essays on Haitian sugar production or what the Rothschilds look like will not enable our survival, that shit is total fucking fail. We’re offering freedom, that shit is good.

    • “Sorry esoteric essays on Haitian sugar production or what the Rothschilds look like will not enable our survival, that shit is total fucking fail. We’re offering freedom, that shit is good.”

      Why don’t you write something?

      On a similar note, it really irritates me that all the Hitler Freunden never thought to post certain passages from Mein Kampf alongside passages from the works of liberals to prove Hitler’s points. Instead, someone else did it, and now it’s too late. Maybe I missed it, though, since I don’t read many blogs.

    • I meant Minos in the collective political sense, not lumpen low IQ mugger/rapists. If it gets to a situation where a MinoFas has the say like Harry Reid did and does like Bunkerville then said MinoFas will order “shoot.” And that my friends is where we got to get to, basically instead of quibbling the details and instead telling them to fuck off while standing on the moral high ground (the moral being the most important component to war).

      Freedom from the anti-white MinoFascists is the moral high ground, Haitian sugar production stats while interesting are best reserved for college level jibber jabber sessions.

  8. Aren’t these things, you describe, symptoms – not causes?

    • No.
      Whites surrendered. Like a former star athlete who sat on his ass, lost his shape and got fat. It’s easier to eat delectables than train. It’s easier to be Santa than a Drill Sergeant.

      The media became hyper-compassionate after WW2. All their screaming for Jap & Nazi blood made them feel sad and guilty looking at pictures of bombed, dead Jap & Nazi babies. So, they felt they needed redemption after Hiroshima and switched to Berlin Airlift Mode. They discovered it made them sleep better.

      The USG saw it could manipulate people with propaganda and force when needed. They didn’t want a domestic version of WW2 in the USA between Whites and coloreds. There were many US race riots even during the war: LIUFY. They wanted to nip it in the bud easily – without blood – so they began propagandizing whites to not be like Nazis and put their problems in an oven.

      Thus, BIGov acquired mega-powers as it conducted WW2. It discovered it could use these new found powers in conjunction with passing out candy & presents to gain more power – and, as we all know in the saying: Power corrupts.

      But, such an arrangement is fallacious and cannot survive. One day a great fight happens when one side resents another getting too much presents. Add the MOG to this mix and you get TOOB

      • You speak, specifically, of the US and your niggers. The UK imported the Paki hordes after WW2, primarily because of a shortage of labour.
        Though now, in many respects US and UK society reflect the same problems, caused by unwanted and inferior races, And PC administrations that can’t conceive the loathing, within the electorate, caused by this sapient pollution.

        This is either a complete coincidence or there is a common factor.

      • I must specify USA problems for its sheer size and economic impact to the entire Western World.

        Indeed, the UK’s Paki Problem is quite similar – as is your importing Poles – with the latter like our importing Irish. You also have a large contingent of Indians.

        The catalyst lacking in the UK is MOG – the Mountain Of Guns – sitting there like a time bomb.

        Hopefully, there will be a day when a few of your White London Billionaires import shipping containers of our surplus firearms and you will eradicate those prior poor import choices.

        I do not believe in coincidence when it’s about politics (see my quotes on the homepage tab).
        The simultaneous flagrant decay of all Western nations from Murka to Europe is the design of our identical Ruling Class and Political Aristocracies: Keep The Little People fighting amongst themselves so the Lords’ can reap the cream easier.

        There is no such thing as coincidence in politics.

      • Gawd FP have you not heard of the Frankfurt school?

      • Be aware that although Germany is the Heart of Marxism, it never became a Marxist state. Ever. Even after two wars.

        I’ve read Marcuse, Adorno, Fromm and others – and their God Weber.

        You go read Weber.

      • Gawd FP have you not heard of the Frankfurt school?

        you mean to tell us you need a SCHOOL to tell you how to cook… dogs?? lol

  9. Sure, today’s “Oats~Keeper” would never ever never ever dare dream firing on a fellow citizen (unless it’s Ruby Ridge), but Tomorrow’s D’Vontae® in the BLM and ATF will seek to shoot and kill “uppity whites.”

    Heh, nice. I’ve given up on talking to some friends about whether certain people will follow orders. Some people just can’t see it.

    • The author is talking about degraded but he needs to read Daily Kos they make the posters at Freakistan look like distinguished intellectuals. I read two threads dealing with the Bundy cattle roundup and they literally have to have a script handed to them. But then again do you are anyone else reading this know of a lib who can actually think, I don’t and I know well educated Obama voters who simply have one refrain for whatever issue and that is it.

      We all love to bash us some white contards because they don’t applaud at the reading of the WN essays but if you want to see stuck on fucking stupid read a Kos thread that goes into the hundreds of posts.

      Like I said at another .com if me and one other BUGster had free reign at Kos we could destroy them within two weeks (and no not a debate over Haitian sugar production), because the truth is simple and it needs to be said over and over without tailgating the discussion.

    • doomdigit wrote:
      I’ve given up on talking to some friends about whether certain people will follow orders. Some people just can’t see it.

      You misunderstand.
      They do see it
      They just don’t want…
      To believe it
      So they deny

  10. RobRoySimmons says “But then again do you are anyone else reading this know of a lib who can actually think”.
    Consider the old liberal/commie, guardian journalist – George Orwell.

    In his novel “1984”, he successfully described the majority of the techniques used to brainwash the masses.
    Political correctness is merely “New Speak” and “New Think” though in a considerably more wealthy and less violent society, than that envisaged by Orwell in his novel.

    So yes, plenty of smart “liberals”.

    • You had to go back to 1946, and ironically it was his disgust with the commies that committed him to write those two classics that no doubt the illiterates at Kos will want to burn one day.

      Speaking of debating libs Janos Skorzeny who I think is our beloved mindweapon is doing very well at Kuntsler’s site, he is keeping it simple, straightforward and personal when its needed in his responses to the usual gaggle of libs (and those are the nice libs compared to Kos).

  11. I’m not at all convinced that the hordes make it to “civilization” in the case of an across the board collapse. As far as the most potent hordes… In a real national collapse (like Katrina x 100 big to midsized cities), 3/4 of the horde will be gobbled up by 1/4 the horde and all potential for horde collaboration on national scale would be destroyed. It also assume that at this point, the hordes won’t be hunted down BY whomever with near immunity. And it doesn’t take guts to pull a trigger… Only fear for your life.

    [ednote: it’s best to refrain calling them “horde” as it denotes fearful power. that said, do not overcorrect and think they’re all stupid. I’ve seen them at gunshows buying proper gear. not junky old Chinese AKs but Mossberg shotguns, Hungarian AKs and scoped Remington bolt-action .308s]

  12. the urban mestizos and ‘groids will be at each others’ throats sooner than many of us think. In fact they already are…some time ago I heard a Carolina Black being interviewed on NPR about the Latino influx. He referred to them as “cockeroaches”. The morning the Universal Ponzi collapses and the EBT cards fail, the dark ones will be eating each other for dinner. Literally. I suspect our deadliest enemies in the coming boisterousness will be the millions of Jews & brainwashed White Cosmics. Both are beyond redemption.

    • Research the miggers’ rapid de-blacking of Oakland, CA. LIUFY

      It is most likely combat occurs from proximity among hostile groups, such as between miggers and the black. But, these coloreds also always live on the outskirts of White Enclaves, suburbs and streets.

      They will swiftly be re-directed by their demagogue Sharptons to stop fighting amongst themselves and switch to attack whites – their true mutual hate.

      Simply put: That’s where the spoils are – the gold, TVs and women.

      The vast majority of urban whites are completely indoctrinated by media and BIGov to revere the black as a divine, Godly mixture of The Cosby Show & MLK, so these dupes are incapable of killing them. Most applaud their white daughter’s new pickaninny baby as their “NotRacist! Medal”

      The worst charge to level against SWPL whites is Racism. They will not fight back.

      You see this massive disparity in The Daily Outrage!™ parade of NAJ where wild colored dogs endlessly savage meek white Poodles.

      Thus, the VRW Fantasy of ancient 1970s rahowa~hogwash is dependent on rural NRA Whites as the combatant-eradicators. Only the most aggressive with hunter-like mentality will venture to The City to Safari.

      The majority will stay on the farm protecting their families, having never even seen a real-live colored in nine years or even ventured to The City during that time, except for a Gun Show.

      A stretchy comparison could be made regarding Bundy Bunkervilles but that’s not combat. It’s not dirty and ugly with real violence.

      • Rockwell’s toughest crew lived in a black hood; “The Oakland Suicide Squad.” The cities are where the action is. It’s the city wns who are the most fanatical. The rural white tend to become Jordies.

        I think Detroit would be a great place to visit, under the right circumstances. The USG is leaving that area to the savages. It’d make a great colony.

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    Yes and no. The problem herein lies within the class warfare between whites. The Turds are just merely footbsoldiers in the White Class Warfare being enacted bybthe rich, connected White elite. The True War will and is between Elitist Envious Whites and Middle Class Working Whites. Holder is just a sock puppet of Elite Jew Think Whites and the Zios. Look who was behind the Fed Fiasco at the Bundy Ranch – White man Reid. The White Middle Class has morals and integrity, it is the Wealthy White Elite who do not.

    • You will never get full cooperation. So, you must abandon time-wasting notions of futility and resign yourself to proceeding without unanimous “consent.”

      Coloreds kill over OJ but whites have neutered themselves to the extent they are now the only group needing permission to riot for their rights – so the greater task of actual eradication will require lakes of blood from diversity-loving proximity whites; let these SWPLs be the sacrifice. Let D’Vontae & Juan do the dirty work for a change and clear them from your path.

      As far as the morals you mentioned: Look how much power the Elite gained “without” such burdens. Holder is amoral and is the most powerful Ruler under Obama’s command.

      There is a great lesson in this: Immoral MINOs gained the most powerful nation on earth without one armored division, fighter jet or MRAP.

      • It’s not racists getting beat down in the streets. That almost never happens. It’s usually some SWPL liberal city type who gets it.

      • They were GIVEN power and their power can be taken away.

        [ednote: very true. don’t you have any hot daughters to introduce to me?]

  14. There is a growing resentment against the top 1% income earners among the white folk. Eventually the armies of police and white middle class will turn against them. Once they are ousted, the real war will begin. I know who will win that one.

    • Then you will LOVE these:

      Most urban whites are docile sheep indoctrinated successfully by BIGov School and media. Perhaps 13% are the type who read my words – or even National Review. More likely, only 3% are the kind who read stormfront or Eradica.

      Almost half of the Middle Class voted Obama – twice. You’ll need to do more work…Because reading is not revolution.

      • In reply to the conversation above.
        Murica’s niggers and the UK’s pakis were both imported due to labour shortages. This might be seen as the common cause.

        The other thing you need to know about European politics is that no one is really that bothered about the Poles, who for the most part, seem to be nice people who go about their own business. Here’s the explanation of that Red Herring.

        The confusion arose due to the campaigning by parties that might be considered right wing and populist.
        Essentially, say in the UK, a lot of the population hate Paki’s but you are not allowed to say this – it is a criminal offense.
        [ednote: then there – made flesh – in all reality is your Orwellian Newspeak]

        Equally political researchers for the likes of David Cameron cannot come to the conclusion that say, “Humans hate Pakis” because such a conclusion is illegal and you could, at the very least, end up out of a job for saying/thinking it.

        So Eastern European immigrants are used as a code for Pakis in the UK. (Its an Orwellian thing). The French appear to be up to it as well – they can’t whine about towel heads – so you have to use Eastern Europeans as a coded term.

        NB. There is one exception to this rule. That being the Eastern European Roma – this is a completely sub human race that somehow, managed to survive the Nazi holocausts, Intellectual pygmies that make your niggers look like they all tell Special Agent LRJ Gibbs what to do..

      • I live in the south… most who live here have been tired of this crap since the 60’s. Aside from the shit-hole Austin has become thanks to an influx of liberal CA trash, most here are waiting to pounce at the first signs of rebellion.

    • The middle classes want to be the rich and the police work for the 1%. It’s certainly not my laws they are enforcing.

      It’s the poor and those headed to the poor house who have the most potential. I think our white middle classes are just wanna-be jews.

  15. This whole 50 years of inaction meme is misleading the problems may have started decades ago but it’s only recently they began to hit people hard. The political system was also less corrupted back then. 1994 was a paradise compared to now.

    [ednote: not a mere meme. it’s fact. big difference]

    A strong economy also enabled you to move anywhere with no need to look back. Why bother fighting when you can simply leave?
    [that happened in famous examples of pre-Anglo-Saxon Britain, Goths fleeing Huns, Cherokees…Rome]

    Talented people were also able to move upward on the social ladder and now too many have been absorbed into the royal court.

    Whites aren’t some neutered politically correct race either. They do what their elites tell them.*
    [*you made my point…]

    After 911 Arabs got relentlessly bullied, harassed, assaulted, and spat on. All that just happened to occur when the elites wanted it to during their wars in the middle east funny that.

    Karl Marx was a brilliant philosopher and historian who understood that class struggle and economic factors shaped history and not necessarily political events. I expect a resurgence of Marxism not as an economic alternative but as a social critique and revolutionary force.

    [as do I, but who will be the Marxists in control? We already have socialism/near-communism in our dictatorial MMM/LN BIGov. Write a post on it]

    • The tough on crime, anti-big government, and anti-tax movements of the mid to late 20th century were a form of action. That was when playing by the system’s rules still worked. All of that is unraveling now due to Murkan degradation.

      There is also a difference between fleeing for something worse and leaving for something just as good albeit in a different area. The latter is what kept people in trance up until recently. Now there is nowhere left to go and the good times are over. Colored dysfunction was also once concentrated only in a few areas which could be safely ignored but thanks to the USG nowhere is safe anymore.

      Class consciousness alone is a major step forward. Up until recently if you even mentioned that the real power was not in government but in cliques of elites people would have thought you were crazy. Instead being scoffed at as a commie this has almost become the new normal.

      • Agreed, yet as difficult as Marx’s concept of class consciousness is to achieve…
        What is needed now is what I’ve termed
        Race Consciousness

        I’m working on a piece about it: Most whites still don’t even know they’re targeted for eradication. They aren’t aware that they’re food for the MMM.

    • could you talk more about a resurgence of Marxism as a social critique? what do you mean exactly?

  16. There are some encouraging signs we may be questioning our indoctrination. There are teeny moments of pushback, some so trifling they’re overlooked by the Shame Gods. Miley Cyrus’ crack about old Jewish guys was never walked back – even that is a millimeter on the road to shrugging off our heavy burden of bullshit. It will take courage to abandon the PC bandwagon, and will draw accusations of racism and other magic beans in the guilt bag. But those accusations are potent only as long as white gentiles consider them potent. That’s voodoo’s crucial transaction: participation of the demonized in their own liquidation. We’re not spineless fools as we’ve been relentlessly told by our WORST enemies. Why on earth do we believe their crap? Once one person speaks out, is savaged, and refuses to submit to forced apology, a huge chunk of the spell is broken. Once one person says, “I mean what I said, so fuck you”, the tormentors lash turns to feathers.

    • I like combining the online mass distribution of propaganda with RL challenges. We must challenge the Establishment – the PC Status Quo.

      An Indian Boss interrupted my convo with a white receptionist, then left. I made a crack to the receptionist of my disappointment that the remarks weren’t worthy of interruption for they were neither juicy or even merely interesting – thus typical of Indians.

      She dryly said “Wow. I can’t believe you said that.”
      I responded: If she thought Indians were so damn interesting she needed to give me examples because Indians are as edgy The Brady Bunch.

      She would’ve shat herself if I deigned give her my view on Niggers & Miggers…

      I didn’t intend to be challenging, it just came out.
      She made nice-nice but I blew her off: She was fatNfugly.

      These are the people WeeNees insist I’m to die for, merely on account of their color – as I crash thru BIGFed barricades to collect Thomas Sowell’s scalp for Steve Sailer.

      I’ll sooner skin and eat them after I’ve captured their children to use as toys.

      • Alot of whites aren’t worthy of our sacrifice. They haven’t earned the distinction “white.” I don’t consider them brothers.

        After awhile you can tell. There was that upper body strength/conservative connection which I believe is true. I think jock types are more amenable to racism than intellectuals.

      • Ryu…

        It is clear that HBD/race-realism = nerd who was late to the “unequal” party. Nerds, BY DEFINITION, had/have no real early-aged contact with “blacks” whereas many “jocks” — who otherwise grew up in a nearly all white neighbor — had sports competition to see up front and personal that “they” are different from us. We are not equal. Nerds, on the other hand, only really came face to face with the radical “black” collective when the ideological pressure to concede intellectual equality with their “black” peers was demanded DURING their latter years. This demand for self-annihilation — afterall, “nerd” is a WHITE archetype — was countered with HBD and race-realism. There can be no intellectual concession and if it is the smartest amongst whites that make this concession, i.e., the Nerds, then the “nerd” archetype is all but dead.

      • HBD nerds are yet another strain of WN that worships an “anti-racist” Big Momma authority figure.

    • Thats an interesting notion – “Once one person says, “I mean what I said, so fuck you”, the tormentors lash turns to feathers.”
      We may be witnessing precisely this effect in the UK, where the erudite liberal media has turned on the Racist Politician – Nigel Farange.
      Every day the propaganda against Farange and his political movement becomes more shrill, on news sites like and – but the odd thing is its doesn’t appear to be damaging him in the polls.

      I’m waiting for something like “Farange advocates use of Zyklon B as a humane solution to Europe’s Jewish problem”. And I’m not the only one to have observed and interpreted the Farange phenomenon.

      Maybe he will crash and burn, I hope not. That he has lasted this long, with the PC forces that constantly attack him, is nothing short of a miracle.

      • Sports competition is where I learned that not everything is cool with the “blacks”. I didn’t know any better, I was conditioned from day one to be a “nice guy”. Many “blacks” exploited my deference as a weakness. I’ve talked to many of college friends and they can all share similar experiences. The White nerds seem to be pretty insulated from these types of negative experiences. Walking through the Science Building of my college, they’re virtually non-existent. However, go to the basketball courts and you would think that you were at a Historic Black College.

  17. I work at a night time service job where I meet white people who’ve been drinking and are boisterous and in an in vino veritas mood. It’s as sure as clockwork — any exposure to Minos, and they are hard core racists. From Staten Island, New Jersey, Long Island near “the city” (the only city) — they are racist. Auburn Maine next to Lewiston? Racist, because of the Somali influx. I had a 22 year old hairdresser take an Instagram photo with me because I was one of the guys that made a speech in Lewiston against the Somali influx in 2003. She even asked me if I was single! Haha! She called herself “Somalihater.” I told her to marry a nice White man ASAP and start breeding 8 or 9 White children and raise them to be racists.

    Another big group of 20 somethings in my car. One of them is a schoolteacher and she complains that they aren’t allowed to say, “sit Indian style.” I mention the video, “It’s free, swipe yo EBT” and one of the guys says, “I think he’s one of us!” I should have mentioned Stormfront, I’m almost certain he would have been a registered SF’er. The schoolteacher girl said she can’t take her BF to school functions because he’s too much of a racist and he runs his mouth and offends everyone, but she said it in an affectionate, admiring way — her hot badboy racist BF.

    So being a racist is badboy chic these days. Young women like the badboys, and whiteboi racists are a hot new brand of badboi.

  18. “Badboy” shtick given by our masters taken by our masters. I might be different but I would rather not be at their mercy.

  19. I can’t envision the above scenario happening without a limited nuclear war destroying a few American cities first, or destroying a large number of foreign cities. I do doubt any societal resilience to any real stress. Many suburbanites couldn’t handle being unable to mow their lawns.

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