From Russia With Love

by eradican

Russia is a unique place European but not western. Their links to the continent are racial and cultural but not political. Russia’s borders with Europe, Islam, and the Orient have always kept them at a civilizational crossroad. Russia itself has never been quite sure what it wants to be. The best description of Russia is an army with a country. The Russian idea of human rights also begins and ends with Vodka. Recent Russian history is the most relevant to the modern era. It’s almost the 100 year anniversary of the glorious Russian Revolution of 1917 which not only transformed Russia but also the entire history of the 20th century. The outcome of the second world war was mostly decided on the eastern front as well. Nazy Germany and the Soviet Union (both totalitarian empires) would wage an epic battle of annihilation against one another for continental supremacy.

Russia was a country made through conquest, from its very beginning as the Duchy of Moscow the city state had enemies on all sides. Its biggest threat was …

…the Islamic Golden Horde which ruled much of Eurasia with an iron fist. As Mongol power waned and declined the Duchy of Moscow would rebel slowly retaking the fallen lands of Rus. This monarchy would later become the Tsar of Russia. It was during the imperial era that Russia began to embrace a European identity as it successfully waged war in defense of Christians.

The Russian Empire was embodied in the creation of Saint Petersburg. The city was built from scratch and was purposely made to reflect Russia’s western cultural heritage. It was also the imperial capital of the Russian Empire itself. This magnificent city would also create the winter palace one of Russia’s most iconic buildings. While imperial power and prestige created a successful state everything has its limits.

Russia began facing serious setbacks in the 19th century as it lost major ground to rival European powers. Russia’s only real asset was simply land. This land gave them the strategic depth necessary to retreat from Napoleon’s invading armies but at heavy cost. The Patriotic War was won but it soured Russian enthusiasm towards Europe. The rest of Europe also made big breakthroughs in science, education, human rights, freedom, and prosperity. Russia however was a despotic absolute monarchy that didn’t tolerate dissent. Arrest, imprisonment, exile, and execution was just as common then as it would be later in Russian history albeit on a smaller scale. Serfdom, illiteracy, and poverty were ubiquitous even in a relatively modern era. While serfdom was eventually abolished nearly the entire country consisted of landless peasants. Unable to keep up in other areas of development and incapable of addressing major problems Russia was on the road to ruin. Much as the Golden Horde learned beforehand once their military prowess declined the whole system collapsed. Russia following the path of Asiatic nations with a European veneer was no different.

Not only was Russia the most backward country in Europe but her territorial conquests brought many diverse groups together and not always smoothly. Russian colonizers settled new lands much to the resentment of their native inhabitants. These regions had been independent beforehand but now answered to a distant ruler far away. Even empires need decentralization but all the power was concentrated in the capital and with the Tsar. No monarch however talented can manage so much.

While minority groups and conquered nations were tolerated they were never respected. Jews in particular were mercilessly singled out. Drunken oafs would usually squander their family savings at Jewish taverns and money lending businesses. This naturally created resentment but led to vicious pogroms and destruction of Jewish property. Jews were eventually settled into a region called the Pale of Settlement. They were generally not permitted to leave but they were still a minority within the pale itself. This again made them a target of murderous peasants, arsonists, and bigots. I’m all for vigilantism when it’s necessary such as after the American civil war. Back then the Klu Klux Klan defended the lives and property of southern whites in the post war chaos. What occurred in the pale and elsewhere however was nothing like that. The Russian government was never directly involved but did little to intervene and often approved of massacres.

Russian Empire

The poet Victor Hugo once famously said nothing can stop an idea whose time has come. The Tsar’s time was almost up; what had once taken Russia so far had simply reached its end. A highly centralized society requires the best leadership bad or even mediocre would not cut it. The last Tsar was Nicholas II a well intentioned but foolish man largely in over his head. During his reign the Russian aristocratic elites decided to do what they did best; seize more land. Europe was too powerful but Japan and her imperial territories seemed like a ripe target. This was the age of European world empire after all. Nobody could stop the march of the white race or so it was believed. Japan however had done the remarkable back in the 19th century when Russia should have done the same; modernize. They recognized how backward they were and took the hard steps toward change. The Imperial Japanese military would crush Russia by land and sea being the first non-white nation of the era to decimate a European imperial power. The defeat humiliated Russia on the world stage. Unrest was already underway beforehand but now sprang up everywhere with even soldiers demanding change. The failed war also heavily indebted Russia to foreign banking interests.

The Russian Revolution of 1905 would lead to the establishment of a constitutional monarchy. It also created an imperial parliament allowing political parties for the first time. The pale of settlement was also abolished and regions were vaguely promised more autonomy.  Like so much else in Russia however these European like attributes were only on the surface. The real power was still in the Tsar and little actually changed. A few revolutionaries like Bolshevik party leader Vladamir Lenin understood that. Foreign policy for example was still set entirely by the Tsar and his ministers to disastrous effect.

An assassination in the Balkans would ignite the first world war in 1914. Russia would side with the US, UK, and France against the central powers Germany, Austria, and Russia’s old rival the decrepit Ottoman Empire. Nobody had seen slaughter on such a massive scale as the first world war. Poison gas together with bombs and machine gun fire killed tens of millions many of these casualties were Russian. The war became extremity unpopular with all sections of Russian society including soldiers and officers. Tsar Nicholas made a bad situation worse by taking command of the war effort himself. He had zero military experience and his bungling antagonized even his most senior commanders. The Russian military would eventually enter into a state of mutiny. Many were drawn to the Bolsheviks. These talented career soldiers would later be the bulk of the Bolshevik’s Red Army.

The war had taken a major toll on the imperial treasury nearly bankrupting it. War procurement also produced disruptions in food supplies causing riots. Industrial workers also demanded better conditions and wages. One of the earliest and biggest critics of the war was Lenin. Even as the country foolishly marched into war with patriotic zeal he denounced it as adventurism serving only the elites. When the reality of millions dead and wounded sunk in Russians began to listen. The February 1917 Revolution had begun with people from nearly all political factions, ethnic backgrounds, provincial regions, and social classes wanting the Tsar gone now. While Lenin was in his exile his Bolsheviks would continue on through his top two subordinates Joseph Stalin (Georgian) and Leon Trosky (Jewish). Lenin a wanted fugitive in Russia and now living abroad with a price on his head would return home in an armored VIP train car sponsored by Germany. They understood that should Russia withdraw from the war they would have their best chance at victory. The ensuing chaos and violent upheaval forced the Tsar’s abdication and the establishment of a interim government comprising of his ministers called the Russian Republic.

Russia would descend into a period of lawlessness as the new government was plagued by infighting, incompetence, factionalism, and corruption. They tried their best to manage the enormous challenges they faced but failed. They shared power with other parties including the Bolsheviks but once again little changed. With the entire government staffed mostly by ex-Tsar officials and other aristocrats it shouldn’t have come as a surprise. Riots and widespread unrest resumed. Several Bolshevik leaders were assassinated during this period and Lenin himself was targeted multiple times. These hired hits may have been from the government, industrial barons, large landholders, criminal organizations, or various violent fringe groups that were emerging everywhere. With WW1 still ongoing and little to nothing achieved legitimately it was time for action.

The interim provisional government was deposed in a violent Bolshevik coup dubbed the October Revolution of 1917 which seized Moscow and Saint Petersburg (now Petrograd). This new government was dubbed the Soviet Union. As chaos and violence grew throughout Russia the Red Army would be established to safeguard the revolution. GRU a military intelligence operation would be separate from the Cheka a secret political police force and predecessor to the NKVD later KGB/FSB. Both of these organizations continue to operate even today in modern Russia.

The Soviet Union would immediately negotiate an end to Russian involvement in the first world war. As the faction which controlled the two biggest cities including the capital (now Moscow) they were recognized as the legitimate authorities.  Russia itself was still a mess and the coup now created a chain reaction which lead to chaos everywhere. Russia was now descending into a massive civil war with numerous armed factions, warlords, bandit raiders, and major armies all battling for power. The Russian borderlands also began seceding. Foreign countries like the US/UK and much of Europe never recognized the Soviet Union and invaded Russian territory to support their local Russian allies. Everyone began tearing each other to shreds with some armies having no purpose other than to rape, loot, and murder with impunity.  The Soviet Union was situated in a highly defensive region of the country which kept it safer than other places which became nightmarishly violent. The only other army with widespread support was the anti-Bolshevik White Army. The Whites were a motley crew of aristocrats, democrats, liberals, conservatives, businessmen, and others. They were even loosely aligned with the Mensheviks a group of communists who wanted to pursue peaceful politics and viewed Lenin’s coup as a criminal act against the new Russian Republic. The Red Army would have to battle them all. They were going to have to fight for every inch of territory. These revolutionaries feared no one and were highly organized, disciplined, and motivated for war. The Red Terror had begun.

The Russian civil war would see massive destruction and loss of life on all sides. Tens of millions were killed, injured, displaced, starved, or otherwise adversely effected. Despite all that these political forces could not decisively win through military might alone. They still needed the support of Russians themselves. They each had to make a case to the people as to why their cause was superior. The Red Army appealed to the peasants, borderlands, intelligentsia, and minority groups. They promised land reforms, regional autonomy including outright secession, access to education, industrial modernization, and secularism in pursuit of a non-ethnically centric state. The White Army wanted to maintain a united traditional country albeit with modest reforms. They appealed to the Orthodox Church, landowners, nationalists, cosmopolitans, and anti-totalitarians. The Green and Black armies lacked a nationally appealing platform. Criminal groups, marauding raiders, and murderous gangs had no platform except violence. Self defense brigades and regional armies that opposed both the Red Army and the White Army were also active. Local militia strongmen and ethnic clans looking to settle old scores were ubiquitous but provincial in nature. Finland was given its independence by Lenin and the Red Army in exchange for them not giving a base of operations to the Whites. The Caucuses also changed hands many times with allegiances constantly shifting. After the White Army perpetrated several major massacres in Chechnya they switched sides and supported the Bolsheviks. In exchange for local militia help and violently denying the White Army a safe haven the Red Army would exterminate the Chechens long time enemies the Terrek Cossaks and Ossetians; both were settled into the most desirable lands in Chechnya by Tsarist decree. The Chechens would later be given autonomous Soviet republic status which included the lands they sought as a reward for their support. Islamist separatists and terrorist groups also sprung up but they were crushed by both the White and Red armies.

The Russian civil war was not always fought along ethnic, religious, or ideological lines. Individuals and groups across the now dissolved Russian Empire sided with different factions/armies based on their needs and wants as well. It was simply unwise not to because war scarcity combined with an uncertain political future meant that if you weren’t on somebody’s side you were probably going to lose everything when someone did finally emerge victorious after the carnage was over.

All sides in the war participated in massacres, rapes, looting, and ethnic cleansing. Even the vaunted White Army engaged in mass murder in Bolshevik territories it conquered slaughtering hundreds of thousands of Red Army prisoners, Bolshevik sympathizers, Jews, and others. Cloak and dagger operations were also undertaken by everyone. While the Red Army secured the front it was the Cheka who secured the rear. They hunted enemy spies and supporters in conquered cities/regions. They also liquidated “traitors and defeatists” within their own forces. Whenever the White Army would retake fallen cities from the Bolsheviks they’d come across corpses that were horrifically tortured. Assassinations also occurred frequently. Desertion among the Red Army was high during periods it was losing the war. When groups of Red Army soldiers defected to the Whites they’d leave after killing their commanding officers. With photographic evidence this proved they weren’t double agents. Belligerents and partisans would often have a “change of heart” depending on whoever had the upper hand at the moment. With fighting in every region of Russia and millions of casualties on all sides there was no clear idea who was going to emerge victorious so a lot of guesswork was required.

A briefing with lieutenant Zofia. Perhaps a private one as well?

A major problem the White Army faced was that many incorrectly viewed them as attempting to restore the Tsar. When the Bolsheviks launched their October Revolution they had also seized the Tsar and his family. Fearing the White Army might attempt a rescue the Tsar and his family were all executed. With the monarchy officially gone the Whites would not have an important trump card that could turn the tide of the war in their favor. Another problem the Whites faced was that their armies were geographically isolated from one another. They failed to coordinate and attacks on Moscow were repelled because the Red Army could battle their forces individually as opposed to fighting on multiple fronts. The Whites also had to battle numerous other factions and armies which strained their resources and diverted focus away from Red forces. Nearly the entire international community supported the White Army including the United States, Great Britain, Germany, and Japan. Foreign powers even launched military incursions into Russia during this period against the Red Army. The Red Army founder and leader Leon Trotsky was a brilliant soldier and general who welcomed many Imperial Russian soldiers and ex-Tsarist officers into his ranks. The White Army also welcomed imperial era forces but lacking a coherent worldview and perceived as representing the past was unappealing to many. Trotsky and his superb commanders gave the Bolsheviks the edge to prevail despite all the odds against them. The White, Green, Black, and other colored armies were also riddled with infighting and factionalism while the Red Army was united and disciplined.

When it was clear the Red Army was victorious in 1923 many White Army soldiers, officers, and leaders fled abroad. The other armies, warlords, criminal groups, and militias not aligned with the Bolsheviks were defeated and slaughtered. Foreign armies were also defeated including the British. Even the US took casualties in their retreat. The United States would not recognize the Soviet Union until 1933. The Europeans did sooner because it was clear this was the new regime and that was final. The very same Imperial Japanese Army that had crushed Tsarist forces earlier was also decisively defeated. Their loss was so bad that it likely contributed to them not opening up a second Axis front against the Soviet Union in WW2.  Campaigns of starvation, torture, and mass executions had occurred throughout the war on all sides but would later reach a new frightening apex as population groups that had opposed the revolution were punished. The Orthodox Church seen as closely aligned with the Tsar and White movement would be nearly wiped out entirely. At least a hundred thousand church officials were sent to slave labor camps or executed. Religious minorities viewed as neutral or supportive were politely encouraged to embrace atheism or else. Ukraine in particular where nationalist forces were defeated would suffer a starvation genocide called the Holdomor. Even areas inside Russia that were not aligned with the Soviet Union suffered famines. A White Army region Stavropol Krai (one of the agriculturally richest in Russia) also suffered enormous loss of life from hunger. Meanwhile nearby Chechnya which supported the Bolsheviks did not.

The turning point of WW2 in favor of the USSR was the battle of Stalingrad. The city that bears the name of the boss came to symbolize the entire Soviet nation resisting the invincible German Wehrmacht. After the months long siege failed the Germans were eventually defeated, their top marshals captured, and the Wehrmacht was in permanent retreat. 10 million of Germany’s 13 million casualties occurred on the eastern front. Millions were also captured, executed, starved, and enslaved. Nearly every German dubbed “missing” usually endured such a fate. Even with the defeat of Nazi Germany and their allies in Eastern Europe the Red Army would brutalize them with a revenge campaign of looting, gang rapes, and mass murder. When the Soviet high command was informed of this their response was “we lecture the men too much”. They understood these atrocities were a great way to reward their troops and terrorize the civilian populations. As Machiavelli in The Prince once said do your worst to a conquered people first that way they’ll say later “it’s not as bad it used to be”. Even today Red Army memorials are source of major controversy often being dubbed tombs of the unknown rapist. The descendants of the Russians settled into these areas for colonization purposes by the Soviet Union are outraged at these “smears”. The heroes of the Great Patriotic War brought glory to the motherland. GRU and FSB also celebrate their achievements and founding but could you imagine if modern Germany were to celebrate the SS and the Gestapo? Everything the Nazis are condemned for they borrowed from the Soviet Union. Secret police, death squads, slave labor, torture camps, and industrial scale mass murder. The Nazis only committed a tenth of the atrocities done by the USSR. While the invading German Wehrmacht slaughtered many Russians just as many died from their own lack of preparation. The reason you only hear about the western armies liberating Nazi concentration camps is because the Soviets began raping the women “liberated” in all the ones they came across. They also simply re-purposed them from incarcerating racial enemies to “class enemies” instead. History is truly written by the winners.

After conquering most of the European continent the misery endured by the people trapped behind the iron curtain was just beginning. East Germany in particular was singled out for mass punishment. The East German police state is widely regarded as the worst in Europe. No doubt driven by malice and contempt for the conquered German people by Soviet authorities. To make matters worse it was Germans themselves doing it. In order to save their families from poverty Germans would do the torture, spying, and murder for the Soviet Union. That way they could technically keep their hands clean but still stomp on the German people. A cold war between east and west would also begin. I firmly believe that the Soviet Union was the most powerful nation on earth in the first half of the Cold War. They launched the first satellite in space, the first man in space, they also wanted to militarize space with orbital weapons until an international treaty banned it. Their weaponry from the AK-47 and RPG-7 was the best in the world revolutionizing light infantry warfare. Their support for communist allies, insurgents, and regimes throughout the world would see nearly all of East Asia go red.

The Soviet Union could be stopped by no single nation in Europe. Only an alliance of all led by the United States could. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was formed to protect and preserve the free world. The west would undertake the biggest military build up in human history to challenge the Russian bear. An attack on one was considered an attack on all. Turkey which had long standing animosity with Russia from its Ottoman Empire era was the only Muslim country included in NATO. Its proximity to the Soviet Union as opposed to eastern Europe satellite states and puppet regimes made it a valuable ally. It was Turkey where US nuclear warheads were placed to launch on the Soviet Union. The USSR responded by placing its nuclear warheads on Cuba ready to launch on the USA. The standoff ended when both countries removed their weapons from Turkey and Cuba. The USA also agreed never to threaten Cuba’s territoriality integrity or its communist regime. Fidel Castro survived several US assassination attempts but thanks to the USSR is enjoying his fancy cigars and “proletarian” limousines to this very day.

An enemy this powerful simply does not “collapse” but even if you believe that you can’t deny the enormous pressure Soviets faced from the outside contributed to their end. From Russia With Love is a James Bond classic one the earliest films in the series and widely considered one of the best. From Russia With Love for my generation was Metal Gear Solid 3 a prequel set in 1964. Unbeknownst to the protagonist a covert espionage mission at the height of the Cold War would plant the seeds of the USSR’s demise. Key figures inside the Soviet Union are assassinated by the CIA including an American female defector. Metal Gear itself is a highly mobile supertank capable of launching a pinpoint nuclear strike from any terrain on Earth. The first Metal Gear is the Soviet “Shagohod”. If the Shagohod isn’t sabotaged and its leading scientist either brought back to the west or liquidated before mass production, nothing will stop the USSR from world domination not even the combined strength of NATO. There were plenty of Cold Warriors east and west that understood WW3 could be won quickly by whoever delivered the first nuclear strikes. As the story progresses you also learn that the real purpose of the mission is an economic one as well. One of these figures marked for death is a ruthless Soviet GRU colonel and heir to the biggest fortune on Earth. This fund was held in common by the United States, Soviet Union, and Republic of China during world war two but was seized by its Soviet handlers beginning the Cold War. Adjusted for inflation this fund would be the equivalent of several trillion dollars today. A microfilm containing a record of all the hidden accounts and transactions is recovered by the protagonist. The location of the story is interestingly in Grozny, Chechnya. A region that would see two brutal wars between Chechen militants and the Russian Federation in the 1990s and 2000s. The bible says in the garden of Eden the snake and Eve doomed mankind. In Metal Gear Snake and EVA (a female KGB double agent) doom the USSR.

The Russian Revolution of 1917 ended in an ocean of blood, redrawn borders, half a continent conquered, and changed world history forever. We still live with the consequences today. The one hundred year anniversary of that revolution will arrive within a few short years. While you’re busy “tweeting” all day try remembering what an actual revolution looks like.



17 Responses to “From Russia With Love”

  1. Get the movie Aquarium, about the Spetznaz and GRU. One thing the Spetznaz does is get people who have been sentenced to death and uses them as “dummies” to fight realistically. The dummies like it because it’s a reprieve from execution.

    The Spetznaz/GRU guy’s commander says, “If you betray me, you’ll be made a dummy.” Whoa! that’s not like the American army where you just get kicked out and maybe get retirement or disability. I read the book and one thing that happens is that the second they just have a suspicion that you betrayed them, they take you back to Russia and kill you. When they do decide to execute you, they strap you to a gurney and cremate you alive, feet first, in a crematory retort. They show a movie of someone being cremated to all new recruits, to give them a chance to not join the GRU.

  2. This is an excellent post. Have FP put it in your best of thing. I hope Russia crushes Murka in the next war. Absolutely nothing is worse than our current situation. White Murkans would be safer under Russian or Chinese invaders.
    No doubt Russia is a rough place. But they are our best hope.

    These guys are like clones of me, it’s scary. This is what wn should look like. If anyone from this organization is reading, email me.

    • Have you ever heard of White Rex – a White Nationalist MMA Clothing Company from Russia? They have some of the best marketing around that specifically targets young wn and they sponsor MMA tournaments all over Eastern Europe. The videos are worth checking out.

    • Russia and east Asia are indeed the beacons of the free world today. News channel Russia Today is like Radio Free Europe was 50 years ago. As Murka and the EU become unlivable the elites will establish an iron curtain here as well to prevent people from escaping.

      Everything I wrote is both a virtue and a vice about the Russian people. In our time of need cutthroats are required. It’s why Russia and only Russia can destroy Murka and save what remains of western civilization. Unlike most I’m not naive about Russia but we need allies and not saints.

      I regard this as my absolute best blog entry. I had it in the works for a while. Kinda surprised at how little traction it’s received but that’s a reflection of the readership and not me. I guess people prefer fluff posts or stuff that conforms to their conspiracy theories over provocative and challenging material.

      • Generally speaking I would say Russians want to be Ruled, whites in the West want governance. But as our Mino/Jew/white traitor elite tries to convince themselves they have the divine right to RULE and lord it over whites we whites see the alien Russia as some savior state. I’m not really up for that, I would rather live in internal exile in the coming Mino dictatorship, of course I could be wrong.

      • The enemy of your enemy is your friend at least for now.

      • I discovered that nationalist alleged “movements” are quite similar to other failures that exist purely because of keyboards.

        Often, you can put forth the best efforts and still fall short. Not for lack of quality, but for lack of minds that understand a Van Gogh. It’s why you see Grecyclers proliferate. Their audience wants to VRW & Niggerspickike because it’s safe.

        It’s not a lack of valid thought or leadership – it is the audience.

      • You must adapt yourself to your circumstances. Teaching is a long and thankless job. I find one truly worthwhile wn every 6 months.

        The great problem today is that few can actually enact these ideas. The best recipe is useless without cooks to prepare the meal.

  3. Since the axis of NYC – DC stupidity is winding up the Hitler card against Putin and positioning planes closer to Russia I assume full retard is in effect.

    My guess Putin and his gang of cutthroats know there is going to be a fight and he is prepping the battle space to make it closer to Russia, where even the famous No Fly Zones will be difficult to maintain for the anti-Russian allies.

    On the other hand I thought all wars except against turd world countries were basically banker sanctions, so all this war prep of the old school certainly is interesting. Has NYC control of international settlements and loans being eclipsed?

    And another thing can the white male patriotic doofus demo be roused to fight for Uncle Nasty? From the news I read I doubt even the Ukrainians who hate Russia really want to fight for Unca Nasty. They need more holocaust movies then they can be like the tards at Freekistan or the Tea Party astroturds who will no doubt reach for the money that will be dangled in front of them to become “patriotic.”

  4. For some reason the inexhaustible hordes fleeing the horrors of the Third World never make a beeline for the country with the largest amount of theoretically available land but choose to settle in Minnesota and Amsterdam.

    • MIGGERS – even Guatamalan Miggers – trek 4000 miles to Murka, but NOT 40 miles to Panama City, Panama for jobs building new skyscrapers choked with new construction cranes.

      A former 3rd world SHITHOLE is growing better than Chicago

      • Bbbbbut I thought they just want to “work” for a better life?

        Im planning to read this article this weekend so I can give it the mental energy it deserves. Thanks for taking the time and care to write it.

  5. The Russian civil war was one of the most destructive wars in history especially when adjusted for “human inflation”. What came after did not resemble what came before whatsoever. It was literally Firepower’s prophecy for Murka realized.


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