NYPD Protecting Jews After Kansas Shooting

by Firepower

Bernie Madoff

In the land of Feudal Lords, only a few selected get that Extra Equal Protection as promised by the Evil WASP Founding Fathers they hate.

Ever notice? Even the word “jew” is treated by liberals as an epithet.

Jews are 3% of the total US population. Yet, most of them live on Manhattan.

All can clearly see their disproportionate numbers as rulers inside Uncle Beast’s Club: Charles Schumer, Feinstein, the Levins, Barb Boxer, Al Franken. LIUFY*: how many jews are US Senators? Learn. Tell your pals. Even evil Liberal nazis cannot dispute and argue against numeric facts.

Jews are 40% of BIGGov.* I wrote how the IRS Overlords persecuting the white TEA Party are jewish (or mino) in:

You don’t have to Niggerspickike* to make your point: A picture of a gang of…

…arrogant USG jews-as-rulers is powerful enough to get even your dimmest targets thinking about the issue instead of screaming “racist!” to get Rob’s Mommy Badge.

Manhattan jews get extra protection because of Kansas – thousands of miles away. Those same jews weren’t given Special NYPD 9/11 A-OK HEROCop!™ Protection Details after coloreds PolarBeared them a block away.  No – the ridiculous difference is when a white guy shoots jews they get special treatment. When the black does it, it gets swept under the rug by the Propaganda Media run by…the jew. It helps if the jewish splc drags out The Boogeyman and whips up a frenzy. Note how the splc doesn’t use terms like: cracka, bootlip, honkey or even pink-lip white motherfucker. They don’t Niggerspickike. They use facts.

When a white guy gets his brains turned into vanilla pudding by a pack of Detroit coloreds, do Whites get the special NYPD/NYFD A-OK FU! Protection Squad? No. When the auzzie joggah was shot in the back by the three Struggling-African Americans? Nope.  See a pattern?

No hate crime here! No Special SWATZI Race-Defender Squad

SWATZIs (most of them white) give special protection to jews – but attack fellow White Men at Bundy Ranch.

Liberal nazism wants you dead.

PS Having Trouble Interpreting Those Lil’ Acronyms!?  fucking read the glossary on the homepage

NYPD “Protecting Jews” After Kansas Shooting
Liberal Nazism: IRS Abuse of State Power






18 Comments to “NYPD Protecting Jews After Kansas Shooting”

  1. Wow! A racist did it. I guess at 73 years old, he wanted to put in a bid before he died. He will be remembered. I hope he milks the system’s just-us system for all it’s worth.

    Crazy stuff FP. I just saw this story about a few dudes that rape and pillage…while wearing a GPS unit. Clearly some animals are more equal than others. When one sees the jew getting all that protection, it speaks volumes.

    [ednote: seems they offed colored and Migger welfare sows. pity. the greatest unintended ally to do-nothing gnationalism is colored criminals]

  2. No White man should die of old age……….

    • Or at least never waste a suicide, if it comes to that…. even if only to set a fire at his illegal oppressors office at night before shooting himself.

  3. Unless one understands the Jew qua Jew as the archetype ethnic self-annihilator and the Orthodox Jew (spiritual Jew) and Leftist Jew (intellectual Jew) as the feeble attempt to fill the void then one cannot get to the method of the Jewish madness. Where MacDonald goes wrong is where he strips the Jew of his free will AND ALL ACCOUNTABILITY for his anti-Supremacist “nature,” ie, the self-annihilating “nature.”

  4. One can easily observe the liberationist mechanism at play…

    First law of Liberation:

    White Supremacy = white degeneracy…

    So we have a “white” degenerate kill innocent non-Jews in a supposed attempt to kill Jews. Apparently, this “white” degenerate may or may not have self-identified as a “white supremacist.” This NOW READS no different than a devout dyke calling herself a “woman” or a mother who had just aborted her son claiming she exercised her “reproductive rights” or an ugly, fat female claiming to be “beautiful.” In Wonderland, these false equivalencies are “legitimate” to the mind of the radical liberationist.

  5. The Utash incident is interesting because it shows how bizarre this world is. So much for tried by twelve or carried by six. If you can’t stay out of certain areas apparently you have to hit and run, which most people should find offensive. If the Utash family falls all over themselves about how blacks aren’t racist it just shows you that they are not our breed.

    • By all accounts, Utash did the only thing one could do when set upon by a pack of savage nigels… Fight to the (near) death… His children don’t seem to be a reflection of that mentality though.

      • No. The game of Bash-U-Tash was played strictly by the rules Bash himself ascribes to: Never strike a Struggling-African American!

        That’s “HateSpeech!™” and intolerable racist violence that justifiably lands you in prison (deservedly) for 130 years on a HateCrime!™ charge.

        So, Bash defended himself from the hurting, At-Risk Mob the way he and his GENBrady Bunch were taught by Fat~Feminist Teachers, Sidney Poitier – and The Cosby Show: Cushion the blows of all those Welfare-fed, Air Jordan clad feet with your brain pan.

    • The next step is weighing whether Bash-U-Tash is worth making a cause out of.
      All indications show he is not: From his sickeningly PC “Ah Lurv Blacks!” chanting kids to his own sappy mug.

      But if he were, the next step (before riflemen) is to slyly ask:

      “When one accidentally hits a struggling-african american pickaninny deliberately walking in front of my vehicle…
      Am I to continue on my way as if I hit a worthless rat or stop, attempt aid, then get beaten to death?”

      A question must be asked – then an answer demanded – of HEROCops! in your municipality – until the lines are tied and little seeds are planted in their dim, ex-mil jug heads. Trust me, it’s fun for the whole fam.

      Use a recorder.

      • Yes… I agree… If the event is made to expose just how deep is the desire for “white” self-annihilation then healthy minded white men need a definitive answer from the “boys in blue with blue eyes.”

        Clearly, there has to be a loophole that allows the healthy minded white man to hit and run if “not running” means one is then “polar bared naked.”

      • “The next step is weighing whether Bash-U-Tash is worth making a cause out of.”

        Not the person, but the incident, perhaps. It just seems absurd to live in a world where you can’t stop and assist someone you accidentally hit. And almost everyone pretends that is reasonable. It just shows that liberals think even less of their “social contract” than the Constitution.

      • Realize you get limited results from agitating “victims” who rush to defend the black – the very racist gang that harmed Deare Olde Sappy-Daddy.

        Anybody that stoops to render aid to a niglet gets what he deserves. Any relative that insists it is for whites to “stay calm” is oblivious to the racist black that caused the damage. To them, I say:

        Suck a fart outta my asshole

        There’s no helping such idiots, so let them instead help us. They are disposable, they are cannonfodder: Let them now participate in the Endless Game of Courts that seek to exonerate the black and excuse their behavior. I’m laughing my ass off at Simper-Daddi’s retard pics and having a beer.

        I won’t even help them sweep it under the rug.
        But I will agitate.

  6. They are a fucking joke, idiots who ought to grow up and stop the world’s oldest feud.

  7. You won’t see much action taken against Linder, his actions and words and his followers help the anti-whites. I’ll bet when the SPLC heard of this they called the Benz dealer and put in their orders.

    Other than that “Murika really doesn’t give a shit about them (jews) or anything for that matter. This would have happened perhaps as late as the 80s maybe early 90s it would have been a week of national contemplation, just for this Miller tard even thinking about mass murder of jews much less pulling a trigger outside of the holy ground. Some jews could throw a pity party and no one would show, and that is the way it is in Grand Theft Auto ‘Murika.

  8. Glenn Miller was an FBI informant. everyone should read up his shenanigans. Everyone in southern Missouri involved series activities was aware of this.

  9. I never knew Kerry was a Jew, till I read about it recently, I always assumed him some sort weird Paddy who was so American – he just whined and whined like a fuckin Yid.
    So when he was giving out about bombing Syria because of the weight of evidence on You Tube, a couple of months ago, I assumed it was just the usual sort of America owned and run by and for the benefit of the Yids conspiracy. Not the blatant, in your face, load of shit, it turned out to be.

    What a disgusting man the American Secretary of State is. Someone should shoot his hairpiece.

    @FP Acronyms?? – Why the fuck should I, or anyone else, have to look up your personal dictionary? NYPD – New York Police Amirite?

  10. Hey Ryu,

    drop me an email on this address when you get the chance, bro.

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