Reader Mail: Dickin’ & Mixin’

by Firepower

Just in from devoted reader Baby Bon-Bon Scott:

I am curious, FP, about your opinion on mixing. Finding white men who will fight is not hard.  But they’ll want something for their efforts.  I can’t liberate them from a bunch of USG laws and then slap some wn laws on them. WN will have to change from what it is now.  Some aspects go more extreme, others more moderate.  I do not think that “raising awareness” will do anything more than its currently done.  It helps find that 1/100 who wants more than NAJ, that’s all.”
Raising awareness means sharing a new discovery – a new way to do things.

That IS exactly what we do at Eradica.

TDO & JAN soothes the reluctant white soldier into ……apathy just as we see The Spearhead whiners eternally mewl about their “situation.”

They never do a goddamn thing about their “situation” – except read their new mutual whinery Price posts every day to keep his hits up.  It’s the cliched Pity Party. He hasn’t accomplished a fucking thing in the 6+ years he’s tinkered away – except getting locked up.  We won’t hear how The Friend of The Court fucked his ass harder with fines.

If the white man needs booty for his efforts he may succeed in conquering but never keeping. Just like any Hun who melted away to History.

The idealist and True Believer (like the modern Muslim Fighter) operates like Viet Cong – for ideology.  Motivation to plunder disappears when that loot disappears. You cannot kill ideology.

Shake up the Old School Racists. They’ve not established jackshit – even in the decades before infrared CCTV in every Southern rural Hickville.  Do it with tact. Always show a rodeo horse its new saddle, gently.

It’s time for change. The proof lies in the past’s failure. We must try new things.

My views on mixing are it’s ok to fuck coloreds but not impregnate them and add to the mongrelization.  With White genes, it’s impossible to fuck our way to victory. Coloreds can.

That said, our only benefit to impregnation is whitening the spawn of Octoroons and select Mulattoes.  There, we can fuck our way back to White.

We can tailor it together as a propaganda message if it requires it.

18 Comments to “Reader Mail: Dickin’ & Mixin’”

  1. Most men want a White woman. Even negroids, when they come into fame and fortune, want a White woman…at least as a wife. That’s just the way it is. This is a non-issue.

    [ed note: as usual, you’ve completely missed the point. that’s not what this post is about at all]

    • Ha! There you are.

      That’s exactly why the wn mixing thing does not trouble me. A wn would almost always prefer a white woman. I don’t think the Aryan ideal can be matched.

  2. Is wn failing? Or are we merely impatient?

    I often wonder. Our message is penetrating slowly. In ten years, alot of people should be where this site is today.

    • Perhaps. Maybe.

      But, what quality of FutureBrandon®! arises from today’s already worthless Miley-ized lump of shit?

      There’s no guarantee their apathy magnifies into inadvertently producing their future children into the enraged cohort finally fit for revolution.

  3. Intellectualism is an escape for smart whites who fail to see that they in fact have the moral high ground. Endless squabbles down in the basement over abstract hooey and purity of hooey while the world’s Brandons wallow about the POW camp.

    Then there is BUGs who basically said fuck that shit, let’s just go cut the wire and topple the guard towers while telling the 4F level guards to fuck off and die and let the prospective cattle run wild a bit.

    But NO, the WN vanguard intellectuals out of a combination of stupidity, vanity and of course jealousness insist a 100% adherence to some quack intellectual framework or they take their fucking balls and go back to the basement and sulk.

    As for those sad fucking Big Momma assistant “anti-racists” they just hate the fact that everyone on Earth wants to be white. If Walmart sold white DNA for home turkey baster insemination they wouldn’t be able to keep the shelves stocked with it.

    • The FFOL is diverse, so these groups naturally disagree greatly within the ranks, yet they conquered. They have Their One True Enemy unifying them until they divvy up the spoils: The White Man.

      wns epitomizes fragmentation even among its fragmented, potential allies: anti-migger groups, emarrems, cons, neocons and libertarians. Thus, wn will fail:

      All their problems are basically attributable to minos, but they do not see. Until they do, they will all be subjugated and enslaved by the united FFOL until nothing remains.

  4. We’re held down by the mysticism of taboos, total junk, and in many ways the mystics on “our” side get strappin little hard ons because of it. They want to replace the anti-white mystic shit with their own little mystic shits and they want it all done like a snap of the fingers. If you happen to mention that you must first break the first shit mystic hooboojooboo before their little mystic shit can have any chance of success amongst the BrandoAryans they have a cow and ban me because I don’t play by the basement kiddy rules set down by the Commanders of yore for their cultists to follow.

    Matter of fact the AryoMystic priests of basement mythology and bad boyness will side with an anti-white mystic good person of white guilt and white shame and white perfidy over a person like me because I think all that mystic shit is, well shit. Mystic intellectuals must all stick together ya know.

    • That Whites need a form of religious~mysticism to authoritatively assert their primacy is proof degenerate weakness has conquered the former masters of the world.

      Vikings Riding Wolves (VRWs) seek to re-enact a mediated glory that only existed in newsreel pageant film propaganda. They seek the movie of the movie about mythology.

      In a Godless nation, they erroneously believe they need a God to grant them permission.
      Such people die in the garbage dump of History.

  5. What’s with all the acronyms?

    [ed note: they’re for the oirish, who we all know can’t read. TTIYF]

  6. “”Finding white men who will fight is not hard. “”

    NO….. Where are you finding these fighting white men, most just run and hide at the word racist. Thats THE problem we have.

  7. How many WNs do you know in real life? I’m guessing you can count them on one hand and have fingers left over.

  8. The fuk…

    I thought this place was hardcore before all the pro-oil drilling shit. I’d tell you people to go fuck a nigger, but then…you’d actually enjoy that.

    [ed note: congrats on Your First Comment! do ya want it stored with the other First Comments you made with that same ip?]

    • Sure… not that IPs are viewable by anyone else, and not that I’ve commented before. But if insinuating that there’s a troll trying to sow doubt about the benefits of blood-smut helps a handful of degenerates feel set-upon and important, then yeah, you do that, massa.

      • former reader foamed:

        not that I’ve commented before

        meh. Nobody gives a squirt of piss about readers who don’t comment.

        You are Plain VRW #2-B.
        So, your words are just tiny puffs of CO2 …
        because they come from you;
        the type who won’t even tell his neighbor
        …to muzzle his barking dog at 4am
        It’s why you ran so very far, far away

        Thus, the opinion of such cattle mean nothing. Your flaccid insults – even less.
        Nobody gives a squirt of piss about readers who don’t comment.

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