Mayhem Chronicles 03/07/14: Assassinating DC Elites

by Firepower

Washington DC is not only the head of the serpent, it’s now one of the wealthiest places in Murka; government $$$ now displaces former mercantile wealth.

Say what you want about The Elite, both the Trumps and Bill Gates: At least they earned their wealth – they didn’t steal it with a gun, from a cowering, ruled subject.

Alexandria is a wealthy suburb rich white (and mino) Government Elites go home to when… they don’t want to live among Real Coloreds.  Ask roisshy.  It pays to hype that Generalized Idealized Mino “oppression, and shit” but when it comes to parking their Precious~Lexus next to a real colored – forget it.  The MinoMaster Machine (MMM) may not publicly admit its hypocrisy, but…it also doesn’t have to.

Some Angry White Guy has been offing DC LimoLibs – and those libs want ansy-answers.

…last month’s shooting of music teacher Ruthanne Lodato, the Dec. 5, 2003, slaying of Nancy Dunning and the Nov. 11, 2013, killing of Ronald Kirby …all three were killed in their homes after presenting themselves at the front door.

We all know it’s impossible to kill Elites. They all have SS protection.

All three victims were prominent in the Alexandria community. Lodato was a well-known music teacher, Kirby a respected transportation planner and Dunning a real-estate agent who was the wife of then-Sheriff James Dunning.

This outrage “shoulda”* been prevented and solved by the 400,000 CCTV scanners plugged into every cop car in Murka.  I detect a jew-conspiracy to lure Angry White Guys into life prison sentences because we all know it’s impossible to get away with this stuff.


*MURMs, duly note proper usage of the word “should”

41 Comments to “Mayhem Chronicles 03/07/14: Assassinating DC Elites”

  1. Because the prison community needs some ethnic balance, – otherwise we’ll start thinking niggs make up the majority of the criminal underclass. Nice one.

  2. A “Turner Diaries” scenario seems more possible each passing day….

    Alinsky tactics are pretty much standard behaviour for te YKW, character assassination is something they do very well.
    [ed note: The Turner Diaries remain an impotent vrw fantasy for The Left to mock if left dormant IRL]

    • If Your One True Enemy has a tactic that works – co-op it for yourself to use against them.

      This is why you don’t see leadership jews call even the KKK “cracker whitebread honkey-Whiteys” who should* be rounded-up and exterminated.

      Unlike the bitches and idiots here (and in Fap Palaces)
      … that scream nonsense in the boiler-room of the VRW Factory

  3. It’s just like the missing Malaysian airplane. With all their money, their technology, the 500 cellphones/ipads/iphones on board, 250 people and they can’t find it?

    Truly, we are to blame for worshipping the state as a god. All the money, forensic technology and they can’t find that Alexandria hitter. It’s good work, I salute him. The facial hair messes up the FRS that pigs use. They take the pictures from driver’s license photos.

    • I just read that article again. 2003? Maybe this dude’s been around for ten years. That’s a long time. Very good work – he can do the action, and cover himself.

      [ed note: there are many surprises-as-lessons buried inside even propaganda news. we well know to banish TDO, but you must sift and pan for gold – then share it. i doubt that will even work, as the level of stupidity in our subordinates is actually, painful]

    • It is not USG power “oppressing” the patriotic individual’s tendencies toward true liberty
      But these “patriots” subconscious choice preferring VRW~TDO over action

  4. Talk of violence is all foppery, here, WN bad boy beer parties, the SPers, nothing but foppery and let me explain. This violence only re-enforces the AUTHORITY of that side. The AUTHORITY is the way more important target, then the adherents to that fallen AUTHORITY are meat bags.

    Think about how the vermin mutts of the anti-fa are heroes because they have the AUTHORITY of the day that is to be worshipped and bad boys like us and others are the meat bag targets.

    I know being the social critic is not tough talk or intellectual enough to be gabbling about gay judeo bolshevickism, but its anti-authority and it is fun. But be forewarned you have to be a very cold person to destroy a person’s authority. I’m sure a good many of you could go all ninja stormtrooper on an anti-fa and feel good about it, but the mental war of destruction of their very being is cold hearted once you see a lost person in front of you. (read mindweapons heart rending story of him spending his time talking about race with some mystery meat black kid) Hell even the whole jewish shtick is to dehumanize the goyim before the jews go about with their culture of critique (attack on authority). That makes it easier for the jew to go about their culture without breaking down (I knew a nice ex-jew one time that was horrified with what he was being asked to do by his cult, so he left)

    • The Taliban.

      No Madison Avenue “opinion survey” exists on Muzzville’s feelings of their activity; the survey-takers would disappear like allah’s breath.

      Let us assume the categories are the typical human response of 1/3 supporting them 1/3 against and the last third ambivalent.

      You see what happens.

  5. In general our establishment is yet another utopian cult that bases its AUTHORITY upon the premise like the Underpants Gnomes. For ex; Ban guns, ?, Utopia. Same for anti-racism, banning whites somehow leads to Minotopia or some nonsense peddled to mudpuppies and mentally disturbed whites.

    These utopian cults are more vulnerable to social criticism then violence. The Indian dude with his movie “The Village” explained it quite well,

    • RRS, you rat.

      I have never seen you praise McVeigh, Kaz, Breivik, or any direct action man. People underestimate how hard it really is.

      How can anyone in the SP help us? Cops and soldiers do not have to cover their tracks. They do all these things that would get them jailed as civilians. When has a SuperSEAL or Green Beret been charged with murder? There is no comparison.

      I do blame you. If a wn goes to the trouble of direct action, he should be praised. Even if only for his guts. The skill itself is nothing. 3 million US military personnal have the skill but not the will.

      • In Chicago a WN tatted up shot someone and was mocked to no end, he was useful, but to who? McVeigh, no WN there. Brevik yet another WN selfish bastard with Viking conceits of great warrior blah blah blah.

        So stick your rat bastard comments up your ass for pleasure and go grab the moral high ground. Hell with the moral high ground you can found a country like Israel and then grind the muds under your heels forever, without it you raise money for the SPLC.

        PS, Kaz is a joke that even Hannity makes fun of when he compares him to another joke called Al Gore.

      • Kaz is a joke now, RRS. What did they say when he was loose?

        A killer…on the loose. Lock your doors, watch your back. He’s out there and he’s coming for you.

        Today, Osama bin Laden is also a joke. But he was feared when he was free. The system goes from fear to humor in ten seconds flat, once a man is caught. If Kaz had escaped, they would have feared him again.

      • I’ll stick up for a WN. David Lane, he produced the 14 words which then were promptly given to morons to bastardize with foppery and foolishness, but he produced them and you can stand up to the world and tell them this and then tell the world to fuck off with no apologies. Brevik, a thousand page tome of intellectualist bullshit.

      • What does it say
        when even I have never heard of David Lane.
        What does it say
        When his Great Utterances of 14
        Had zero effect

        It’s not the lack of info, over-info, MEGA-Info and even Hyper~InfoEXTREEEEM!®
        Coming from Sainted WN Mini-Adolfs
        It’s not the lack of quality leaders
        It’s the lack of quality followers

      • Hey, I found something for the SPs! Maybe they can get a gun and a mocha latte enema in the same place:)

      • If no one understands what the hell the “want-to-be” leaders are talking about then you can hardly blame anyone for not following.

        Would you speak English, please, Firepower.

      • It’s informative that you have never heard of David Lane given that Ryu and many others have mentioned him several times in comment threads on your own posts, Firepower.

        Just Google: “david lane eradica”

        Now I know you read your comment threads as you are quite meticulous in responding to everything said, so perhaps you just don’t read what Ryu has to say. Point taken.
        [heard the name, never read him. just as i’ve listed Ho Chi Minh, Mao and dozens of other actually influential writers that you’ve never read, nor anyone else here]

      • Meh: I’m fed up with your nitpicking, you divisive shit so go fuck yourself – hard.

        You forum-flit like a GESTAPO agent with a Google microscope to stick up every poopchute while wandering in search to only join with those that think exactly like you.

        Thus, long ago, you revealed disturbing characteristics of an Iago, Richard Rich – or Judas. So, goooo-gull that.

        The only True Mirror you’ll ever find are those fellow Peter Panzer Club members worshiping the same musty WW2 Blitzkrieg vids of a failed, foolish empire.

        Thank Christy-christ for YouTube, or you’d still have to wait months (like in the old days) for A Time to Love and a Time to Die to repeat on TCM so you can get an ejaculation.

      • Lolz! Asking you to speak in a dialect somewhat commensurate with English is nitpicking now, is it?

        I didn’t even mean anything provocative with my comments. I simply can hardly understand a thing you mean. I get the gist, sort of, but nothing tangible to argue for *or* against.

        Now you’ve gone into abuse mode I see. Whatever. Anyway, I’ll be reading as always.

        [ed note: so long as you have nothing instructive to contribute – stfu]

  6. Self-discipline is the toughest thing in the world. The Taliban was composed of men born into a harsh world. Developing discipline in a soft society, giving up hot water and doing hundreds of pushups a day is not easy.

    And one can disciplined as hell, and still make mistakes out of carelessness or stupidity.

    • Then, if even a bit of current self-discipline is difficult
      True Change is impossible…
      Until Murka falls further into its own Kabul-like goat hole
      That forces revolution.

      If Murka requires deprivation and a Dark Ages to motivate it, then what value do such a people possess that deserves saving?

      Murka goes ONE of THREE ways:
      1. It gets better
      2. It stays the same
      3. It gets worse

      You make the prediction.

  7. find the US to be a harsh world. Harsh, for a white supremacist. Between feminism, the adulterated food, diversity initiatives, the easily available diversions, it’s maddening. This is my hell. White men don’t get breaks.

    FP is right. WN won’t transition to training and learning skills, so they are stuck. The awareness and the information is nothing.

    • Yes.
      How much training does one need to assassinate DC elites, graffitti-ize or zap CA transformers. It’s the will that is lacking – not even info; look at that little depository of info called The Internet. Information is abundant.

      If info/intel doesn’t spur action – and deprivation and suffering are the truly viable motivators, it bodes ill for the quality of those getting either dose.

      It’s why you see TDO~VRWists screech at, then flee from me. Even lbf’s educated, urbane sanctimoniousness now resides at chateau heartiste where he buries his opinion amongst the other 500 Corpse-Commentariats…

    • I know men who train. They tend to not have time for blogging. They consider it a waste of precious time.

      • Yet training is still not doing.

        Withholding internet publicity of successful, practical tactics conducted IRL, wastes a useful implement in the total arsenal.

        Regarding your lil’ dig: What have those secretive moments in that “precious time” produced?

        (If it’s a new corrugated tin walls for your shack at Mt. Carmel III, good on ya…ya really got them Beta SPers workin’ fer ya, lil’ lady)

      • A baby has to walk before it can run. It’s a very difficult thing.

        I would compare direct action wn, at its highest levels, to being able to bench 500 lbs, to have a million dollars in the bank, or graduating medical school. It’s no easy task. There is a very good reason why only a handful have been able to do it.

        In one book I read, the teacher goes from the classroom to a training mindset. He wears an Ohio state coach sweatshirt, posters of athletes, etc. That change is the one that has to occur to wns. I get nothing now from intellectual discussions. It has to go from something you talk about to something you practice.

        The production is personal change. It’s the victory Breivik won. For a day, he put fear into the system. They felt the fear that a wn feels all his life. That’s a true accomplishment.

        I learn just as much watching athletes than I do reading wns today.

      • Babies have to
        want to

      • “Withholding internet publicity of successful, practical tactics conducted IRL” Post away then fearless Leader!

      • MaMa muttered:

        I know men who train. They tend to not have time for blogging. They consider it a waste of precious time.

        Yet again, you stupid, silly bitch: YOU are the one making a claim. Do you know wtf a claim is?

        I put the question to you to define or describe the actual value acquired from spending all that “precious time” on training.

        Selling glittery viking helmets at Idaho gunshows doesn’t count.

      • It is largely a waste of time. Compounding that hour per day over years is a huge loss. I do it to help those who need it.

  8. There is fine line between pre-emptive strike and the assassination of those “preaching” the mass self-annihilation of the white man. Certainly, the neocons HAD IT RIGHT once again in their assertion that to the truly sovereign man the right to pre-emptive strike is a given. And of course, inside this little nugget of truth is the potential for a semantic sleight of hand. Once again, the radical liberationist provides the fertile ground upon which more radical assertions can be made…

    Within the logic of radical DC “elitism” is the “right” to assassinate that is actually totalitarian in scope and only ruthlessly propagandized to appear otherwise.

    Sovereign nation has right to pre-emptive strike = sovereign man has right to pre-emptive strike = sovereign nation has right to assassinate = sovereign man has right to assassinate…

    This is the Logic of Liberation and our “default elite.”

  9. The 14 Words are too simple and obviously do not recognize the mass embrace of self-annihilation by “white man.”

    There are NO OBSTACLES to whence the 14 Words then become a rally cry.

    White man can procreate with wreckless abandon if so desired. And white man can procreate with ruthless eugenic design if so willed.

    But mass “white” male has chosen a de facto homo lifestyle in which JUST UTTERING THE 14 Words seems like some revolutionary action…

    And I don’t get Hannigan anymore?

    Not a genuine white Supremacist…

    So what are you exactly, Pat?

    Hitler was a bona fide anti-Supremacist… Don’t let the outfits fool you. The belief was not one of the objective Supremacy of the German people (which would make your Australian born idolization weird)… Or white people (which might make your idolization more justified BUT takes us farther away from the truth of Hitler)… It was a “relative” appeal… He wanted an “equal” seat at the table for his people (relative to communist Jews in power)… This was his mass appeal… And he was defeated by what would become a greater global force for “equality,” i.e., anti-Supremacy. These forces want an “equal” seat for all of us…

    So what’s the real beef?

  10. I know men who train. They are too busy to spend much time on the internet.

  11. It looks like APD is grasping at straws here. I’ll leave the law enforcement to people collecting the phat gubmint checks.

    It’s a stepping stone for copycat killers, but the victims listed are small fish. Targeting a sheriff’s wife takes some balls because they’re not letting that one go quietly; the sheriff himself was a suspect until his death in 2012. The other two, sounds like easy prey. If the residents of Alexandria get a bit out of their utopian fantasy of how the world should work, all the better.

    Worth following just to see if the shooter(s) fuck up and get caught.

    • Professional anglers don’t start catching the trophy fish. It takes years and years of study and training to obtain that ability. People fail because they go for too much, too soon.

      • Yes… If you desire the power to lead men, it would be wise not to buy into any offer that claims to give you this capability before at least the age of thirty. In our anti-Supremacist society, the rats at the top do everything possible to have those up-and-comers burn out and drop dead by age thirty. Just think of all those you know who’s pinnacles of success were and will always be attached to the precious young teen–>young adult years.

        Only at the minimum age of thirty should one realistically consider leading men. And leading men is the very definition of power. So outside the exception, the rule is that one has been fooled into being a “flash in the pan” while believing one has the capability in leading the masses.

      • I agree. It takes a long time to put something together and to get it rolling.

  12. M OK I’ll throw a bone…

    I know a fair few internet WN envy the Muslims, being their moderates are wise enough to accept their radicals even defend then and excuse them, for obvious reasons, they’re trying to colonise fresh lands. This is the total opposite of our upper crusts, being they make their dosh from internationalism. So if you can handle Islam, that’s an avenue been discussed before, that not to many people like, I don’t either.

    Now my next point, I’ve mentioned this a few times around the traps, the oh dear leaders of the internet political WN movement tend to think legal motorcycle gangs, go for rides, sub pop culture, a distraction…Which was not what I was pointing towards at all.

    Out law motor cycle gangs absolutely terrify the authorities, the code of silence drives coppers, lawyers, judges, politicians right up the wall, so they even legislate to make OLMCG illegal to congregate in public. So now they go under ground even further. Yes, the all white OLMCG’s are white Supremacist, yes there are black and mixed race ones to. USA Hells Angels are white Supremacist, my country has the equivalent, more then one actually.

    OLMCG have their own internal codes and laws, the hierarchy is of a military formation, SGT of Arms are generally ex service men. When OLMCG fight each other for turf, you can tell which side has more ex soldiers as member’s, being they use military techniques and have less casualties.

    Now you have fully fledged loyal OLMCG members, who do, well stuff normal people won’t do, then they have a more public hidden face, not fully fledged members but their associates who spread though out the community and work, from tradesman, businessmen, bureaucrats, even Police, and of course current and ex servicemen. There clubs are like fortresses, as they have good tradies who join, when they go through the recruitment phase they have to work for free, to even have the possibility of earning a membership. So building their clubs, houses all that stuff is virtually free labour.

    The Mafioso though is another scale above OLMCG, in fact they’re the smart bastards who play motorcycle gangs off against each other, so they can increase the sales of their products.

    • @ RYU and Thordaddy. in response to your comments.

      Well maybe we’re different down here, but I doubt it very much. My step sis had a boyfriend 22 years old fully fledged member, Dad wasn’t happy about that I tell ya 😆 . I shook his hand and said “14 words brother”, he repeated them back smiled, and yeah, we got on like a house on fire, my sis even said before I met him, he was like me. He worked on ships that repair oil rigs, big money too. Older men have networks, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know, common sense yeah… On top of that Hells angels were like an allied OLMCG to his gang too.

      I find most American’s to be abjectly pro American, just as majority of Australians are pro Australian, so it is what is my friend, still doesn’t take away the fact they white Supremacist OLMCG’s out there.

      I know a fair bit about it all, due to a few reasons I’d rather not say, ahh fuck it, half my family are military, law and order, the other half, step family half, those who don’t work honest jobs are Mafioso and some even join the OLMCG’s. Probably I’d say less than 1 to 0.5% of Aussies would know really, what it’s all about. You think they’ll advertise White Supremacist organisations that the zeitgeist fears? The last OLMCG TV series that came out of America was totally for the zeitgeist, “Irish” bikers, egalitarian in out look, Jewesses playing the onion bitch wife, white Supremacist skin head gangs playing the bad guys. Propaganda to the extreme to perhaps spawn ideas of egalitarian OLMCG…?

      Note: Onion bitch, when a OLMCG biker takes a woman, she has to shave off her long hair, it’s a ceremony that represents all the other men she’s fucked, no longer matter…

      On top of that I find some of their initiation ceremonies to become a fully fledged member rather off putting. So I’m not recommending you join OLMCG, more the fact they make a good example of something underground, that could be replicated for WN purposes.

  13. Thanks for that comment, Craigy.

    They always stick a diversity message in biker shows. I remember this one and they had to throw the injun in.

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