DB Cooper

by Ryu

Ah, the system always gets their man. But do they?

The system claims he did not survive the parachute jump. Clearly the man planned. Do they think he jumped at just any time, without knowing exactly where he was, and where the plane would be at every minute of the flight?


3 Comments to “DB Cooper”

  1. Fascinating case. A modern day “Great Train Robbery”. (novella by Michael Crichton… I recommend it to compare and contrast why such shenanigans would require much more planning in an age of RFID driver’s liscences, facial recohnition-controlled camers, etc.)

    Around 15:00, we get a gem from the FBI agent in charge of the search making unfounded disparaging remarks… funny, given how he never found Cooper. Ironic, given that Cooper allegedly ordered the flight crew to keep the flaps at 15% to slow the plane down… not exactly common knowledge.

  2. What I find amazing is that there were like five other people who duplicated his crime, although they all were caught.


  3. A fairly entertaining movie was made about this, starring one of the Bridges guys as DB. Good for him.

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