Murkan Mino Master Machine: Budget Purse

by Firepower

Directorette of OMB

Sylvia Mathews Burwell. So PC, she doesn’t need the hyphen.  Or, a comb.  Lesbians aren’t judged on appearance, only White guys are.

Who’d imagine running the budget could be so sweaty.

Today’s Glamour Girl digs outsourcing, romantic soccer games with her sig-other and cleaning carpet.

Feel happy knowing she’s in total 100% control of the ridiculous Federal Budget.

She controls the money and Holder points the guns.  There’s not much else you need.

4 Comments to “Murkan Mino Master Machine: Budget Purse”

  1. Good! I’m glad a bunch of crazy liberals are driving the govenrment into the ground. Also, they fired their best generals, and the Chinamen are dumpin’ dollars!

  2. Wow. Her profile reads like an elite how-to.

  3. The budget is in today’s news. The repubs are whining about it already.

    • The only party of the Elite appointing MINOs quicker than Patrician Republicans are Aristocratic Democrats .

      Even a full-fledged Commie like Vladdy Puts-it-in won’t stoop to elevating minos.
      All minos MUST be eradicated.

      If not, they will grow until
      They eradicate

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