NSFW ~ Why White Men Will Be Allowed to Mix

by Ryu

To win, wn needs to create a compelling reason for white men to get off the sideline and off the couch. The nagging housewife approach will not work and neither will shaming. The desire for sex and power will do it. Most men have this competitiveness and drive to be the best, even if they deny it.

We need the white male libido working for us, not against us. PU is not a jewish conspiracy. It is biological truth. White women oppose the Oogenhand system because it gives resources to mino women which could have gone to white women. This is a biological dictate.

The logic has nothing to do with it. This is why, as Oogy has pointed out, if a white woman is in a mino harem, it’s bad. Yet if a mino woman is in a white harem, it’s also bad? By that system a white man who wants mino women would be better off having nothing.

Very few mino women are attractive to white men. Most black women do not look like Halle Berry, most spic women are not Salma Hayek, most dink women don’t look like Tera Patrick. There is little profit in obsessing over sex, something we do at…… most an hour per day.

I know Jack Avalon likes mulattos. A good example; he’s as racist as any of us. Janet doesn’t look like this good any longer. Black woman are unappealing largely because of their attitudes, which have only gotten worse. This video is over 20 years old.

We want white men to feel as if they can go out and take what they want. Go for it! We’d like men to experience these feelings of conquering, dominating and colonizing.

Naturally, there are different standards for men and women. White women with mino men is a personal insult to white men. PU has proven conclusively that men and women are different. Men can make the rules for the women. Where man rules the house, the home is happy. When woman rules, chaos reigns. I learned a great deal from this video, ironically posted at MW’s by a woman. And I understood the subliminal message; from now on, I will bring my whip.

The children from these couplings will be Janissaries and regarded as white. Mixed minos can say and do things ordinary whites cannot. Just look at Clarance Thomas and Thomas Sowell. Obviously we don’t send our kids to public schools or have TVs in the home, so they can avoid some system prop.

Let’s try it out. We already know what the result of dogmatic racial purity is – we lose alot of good racist men who like mino women for one reason or another. I salute Oogenhand for being brave enough to propose this system. It goes against most wn ideology. He is a true leader and a credit to his race. It may be crazy enough to work.

A man who won’t fuck won’t fight. WNs definitely have to have that physical side. We’ve already seen what the intellectuals can do. White woman have little to worry about. If they had the vision I have, they’d know that:

[ed note: I inserted the catwoman pic, turning the post NSFW, not the original author: send letters to Firepower.]

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  1. Uh, no. Race mixing is not the solution to white survival. Just the opposite. Oogenhand is a lunatic.

  2. I think the only excuse a white man could have for feeling attraction to a non-white woman would be because a lot White women have become mongrelized through too much out-breeding and lost some of that homogeneous feral beauty that one finds in Eastern European women and in a few other bastions of White national homogeneity.

    I believe the inter-mixture of White ethnicities in the U.S. is one of the causes of obesity and the reason why obese white women are more inclined race-mix. If your parents were prone to crossing ethnic lines, the next step you might take is to cross racial lines.

    So some white guys who are attracted to the type of women who can bear children in the field, a possess a vintage, ethnic femininity and beauty might be excused for their lust, but I think ti would be better simply to bring back the Feral European woman.

    • Criminizing sexual desire will not work. WN has to adapt to what white men want. America is now run by women and mino men. It’s white men who must be engaged.

  3. Provocative and interesting post.

    First off, I argue there is no such thing as wn. If there was – you’d see it. All I see are wiggers like Macklemore espousing Diversity and Faggotry.

    All I see are Today’s Brandons!® accepting, promoting and worshiping the PC Cult called MINOism.

    Then, even the most quasi-rebellious of those settle for burying their seed for the 543rd time in the tomb of a 300 comment roissy post.

    Next: It is impossible to recruit a Clarence~Thomas Sowell or Deneen Borelli into a group that threatens their death at first impression by its very name.

    Finally: We all see evidence of Colored ability in physical sports. Conversely, we acknowledge the superiority of White IQ in managing those sports and engineering those stadiums.

    Miscegenation creates the Mulatto (and Octoroon) that combine to solve those generalized racial deficiencies.

    There is the apparent 21st Century Ubermensch. Your 22nd Century SuperMan – as I’ve predicted. The progeny of MINOism’s philosophy and the foot soldier of Liberal nazism.

    Hayek, Tera and Berry are all mixed.

    Research Tabatha Cash and her famous bf. You’ll find it most interesting…

  4. One key brake on this proposal, for it to work on wn terms: white-fathered mixed boys cannot circulate back to a white girl.

    • Sex-selection and abortion? Would put a nice twist to the present gender imbalance due to sex-selective abortion.

      • Once you accept self-annihilation in part, it must be justified in totality IF THE WHOLE PROJECT fails.

        So acceptance of abortion and euthanasia NOW tells us EXACTLY your end if things go wrong… It’s 50/50 at best.

        In a long view… These things become unnecessary AND there is not even an inkling of tolerance for self-annihilation.

    • Even more cunning: white-fathered mixed boys can choose between either having access to white girls, or getting first dibs on other girls, while white boys MUST choose for having access to white girls.

  5. Creating a docile, but intelligent and physical superior hybrid superman is undoubtedly the plan, but I don’t think it will work.

    Miscegenation’s greatest problem is that hybrid vigor is the exception to the rule.

    [ed note: maybe for plants; human mulattoes do quite well. in fact, notice how well coloreds do. only one can eradicate an entire white street that stood for 100 years]

    Either way the Powers that Be will win. Because they want population reduction. Which is understandable.

    • yeah, they breed. but they can’t maintain infrastructure. or do engineering. The intelligence is not necessarily lost, but the ability to actually plan and design and create is.

      Hence you have some smart guys like Obama who can’t actually do anything useful. That doesn’t mean they’re not useful to the Elite, though.

  6. Re:: JT Ready-STRANGELY, never saw photos of his girlfriend (not wife). Press made a big deal out of him insulting his girlfriend’s grandchild for being part Mexican, remember? I doubt Madeiros was Brown.

    • She wasn’t that brown. What some call Anglo-Mestizo. Mexicanas or women of hispanic origin try to be as white as possible. Hence her daughter getting offended by Ready’s humor.

      I mean, skin-color, that’s what really matters, right?

      How many sons did you say you had again, Rita?

      This question matters a lot more than a dumb one like whether I’m a fed or not.

  7. Mixed race kids are hideous. I feel like puking whenever I see one.

  8. But why even call it WN then? When other whites are the main problem and mixing is fine, where is the WN here?

    It’s irrelevant that mixed minos can say and do things whites cannot, the solution is not within.
    Look at the tea party, they worked and succeeded from within, what good did it do them?

    They only ended up strengthening the lefts immune system and as the butt of every joke.

    California no longer has a white majority, you want to push back with mulattoes?
    The lowering of standards is the last thing we need, no half measures!

  9. Coincidentally while googling for Crimea, where “unknown” troops seized the airport
    this came up: http://www.loveme.com/tour/crimea/

    Get your mail order bride now before the ruskies move in for good!

    That’s a kosher mix up and alternative to Oogenhands insane proposal.

  10. Things are progressing well, I see.

    1) The majority of White people need to be exterminated
    2) The remainder should race mix

    It all seems rather counter-intuitive but, who am I to argue with the leaders of the White Revolution?

  11. I agree with MW. Races and ethnicities wax and wan, but one thing that has not happened and will happen in our lifetimes is genetic engineering.

    Our part if we pull our head out of our ass and stop trying to be little bitchboy undergrad Mommy Prof ass kisser is to create the WILL to exist, then we will. Combine this with genetic engineering and voila the White planet.

  12. Stupid.

    This was the logic used by the conquistadors and as a result, South America is a completely worthless continent.

    We could afford to absorb a very small number of non-whites, but that’s not what you’re talking about here.

    In the future America is going to be full of reasonably attractive mixed race women. Once you start accepting a few mixed people there is no longer a barrier to accepting more and more of them.

    Since the mino population is very large and very fast growing, it’s not going to be a matter of breeding out a non-whites. At best it would be a situation where like Brazil or Argentina where so called “white” people actually have 10, 20 or even 30% non white DNA.

    Forget you posted this. If you’re feeling like the cause is lost in America, emigrate.

    If you can’t manage to avoid having sex with minorities, use a condom.

    • Errrr, Spanish culture of the Contra-Reformation IS better preserved in South-America than in Central-Europe (old Habsburg territory), or even Spain itself (think of inviting Sephardi Jews or even Morisco Muslims).

  13. There is certainly a middle ground.

    There is no need to promote miscegenation BUT at the margins there will be white men possessing a sexual imperial intent that dare not become a litmus test for loyalty to one’s fellow white man FOR IT IS AT THE MARGINS where the sexual war is fought and NESTLED DEEPLY within this collective are the “racial purists” who, HAVING NO OBSTACLES to purifying, take that freedom and do nothing with it.

    So in fact, there COULD BE A PURIFYING GROWTH at the core AND at the margins given determined insight and generational outlook.

    Right now… There is neither.

  14. How the hell would the spread of even more mixed race, 3rd world, scum populations benefit the White race? (You’d give them access to our unspoilt genepools too! What the hell?)The end result of this stupidity would be precisely the end goal of the enemy: A world wide mass of dumb, low impulse control, identityless, violent, scummy, brown people easy to control.

    I’ve been so impressed by the guts you show in your past entries but I think you deserve a sound kicking for this on

    • First, I don’t promote miscegenation.

      Where I agree with Oog is that a WN procreation policy MUST HAVE an imperial intent and generational outlook.

      And because WN is a spiritual and intellectual given as well as physically existent here and there then we have degrees of WN. There is a core of “racial purists” and on the fringes are the sexual imperialists who FIGHT THE BIOLOGICAL WAR or GET ASSIMILATED into the “other’s” world. This is why it is the “fringe.”

      The PROBLEM…

      At the core are those that ASSERT a false reality (ACTUAL racial purity does not exist… At best, “it” is something desired), strip white man of his God-ordained free will (by a demand to submit to a false reality) and treat the sexual imperialist with the same disdain as the sexually assimilated (value “equality”).

      That’s a nasty little core…

      That ISN’T EVEN PROCREATING when no obstacles exist to their “purification.”

      This “core” does not define the movement nor leads it. Only genuine white Supremacists can lead WN.

  15. Janissaries were racially superior to the Turks. The Turk benefited from mixing with them. With Whites it’s the opposite.

    This is elementary.

    • We don’t have a big enough stock of imperial-minded white men to create this janissary class of children…

      Plus, no man worthy of calling himself a Father could see his son as a “janissary” and carry this over generationally. It doesn’t fly. And it doesn’t really speak to the on the ground reality.

      • Strictly speaking, janissaries were not mix-bloods by Turkish fathers, but fully non-Turkish boys brainwashed to become Muslims. At least in the beginning Janissaries were forbidden to marry. Less known is that before the Turks became Muslims, they were subjected by the same policy at the hands of Arabs; resulting in the mamluks, who took over Egypt.

    • Elkos…

      The real issue is WHO DEFINES the WN procreation policy?
      Procreators or nonprocreators?

      Imperial-minded procreators or “racial purists?”

      I say the white Supremacist defines
      the policy. The policy is imperial in intent and generational in outlook. It will evaluate and judge each victory and loss at the fringes where the sexual biological war is fought BUT it does not make participation IN THIS BIOLOGOCAL WAR an automatic FAILING of a litmus test that simply rejects a white man’s sexual imperial nature…

      Such an admission — that white men with a sexually imperial nature are not real white men — from the core of WN is a signal to all “others” that one said core is on the path to self-annihilation. This core is an anti-core that destroys the fringes… Its fighters mixed amongst its traitors…

    • Given the pressure Turks apply to e.g. Germans, we could question that statement in a strict Social Darwinist sense,

  16. There is a conceptual stumbling block for most aspiring WNs who only see the options of explicit or implicit acceptance of miscegenation on one side versus racial purity on the other. They believe these things to be antithetical and polar extremes. In fact, they are the BELIEFS of those that SHARE A FUNDAMENTALLY Liberationist “nature,” ie., a self-annihilating “nature.”

    Both the promoters of miscegenation and the believers of “racial purity” SEEK SELF-Annihilation by merely different means and memes. One is on our insides and one is on our outsides. Both sides have a plethora of useful idiots.

    The “other” DEFINITELY BELIEVES that a white man that takes his daughter in imperial fashion is a real white man.

    Let that little battle be for now…

    The core NEEDS THE FIX…

  17. The First Objective is clear…

    Smash THE ONLY TABOO in “our” radically liberated society.

    Can a white man strive towards Supremacy?

    EVERYTHING IN YOUR LIFE was meant to make sure that you NEVER WANTED to be a genuine white Supremacist…

    You can NOW look back and see all the evidence…

  18. Ryu you’re a pussy. I thought you dtaw line. You don’t.

    [ed note: if you can’t make a point or even a minor contribution – stfu. If you can’t even spell then really SHUT THE FUCK up.]

  19. This was a very interesting read, especially the comments. It did generate a heated debate. And chimpouts. You’ll have to count me out of its execution though, as I’m too lazy to make an effort or even recognize a presence if she isn’t white, but this is well-thought out as far as desperation moves go. Mission accomplished. It was a recipe for imminent lols.

  20. Hey I’m not a woman…

    Like I said before, the patrilinearity thing is nonsense. First off, we tried that in India, where it was imposed by a race of conquerors and believed to be the law of the gods. I don’t count India as a success, and they had a much better chance of making it work than us. Second, how many of the “racists” who want to fuck Thai prostitutes would let their White daughter marry an Obama-looking mulatto just because a White father spawned him with a negress? There goes 90% of your audience, and the remaining 10% are just confused.

    White men fucking Thai prostitutes without spawning mongrels seems hedonistic, if not as outright disgusting as the female equivalent. Miscegenation is the reverse of homosexuality in that regard, which makes sense biologically. I like double standards, but both must be standards. I can’t let my armchair sexism suffocate my armchair fascism.

    • Hindu Bharat and even Persia retains its Aryan religion and culture better than “pure” Europe.

      Irony: Iranians have dark eyes, and identify as Aryans, Israelis often have light eyes, and identify as Semites. Even more irony: the highest standards of “purity” are demanded by Dual Seedline Christian Identity, a religion that demands both ritual circumcision and ritual slaughter.

      Sexual energy should be directed, not wasted in prostitutes. As I make very clear at my blog, any relinquishing of the duty to reproduce, EVEN Natural Family Planning, should be compensated by euthanasia laws. As the justification is primarily demographic, euthanasia should start with the elderly, not the disabled.

  21. Meh troll post or not… Majority of political Zionist Civic Nationalist leaders are race mixers, so are you taking a leaf out of their book, or is it more birds of a feather fly together? I guess you’ll get paid by the state ABC agencies if your successful at politically redirecting whitey anger, if you were a real life leader or popular blogger.

    Oog also hates the Muslims so much so as to get even, I find that attitude disturbing as there is no love or hate just a form of male Stockholm syndrome of poor imitation, perhaps this is born from jealousy of the barbaric and his betters. Unfortunately Oog reminds me of someone who has ties with say the Dutch Jew who have soft spots for Indo Dutch and Pino Dutch. Hence his obsession, and perhaps justifying his lustful desires.

    Ever go on holiday to the Philippines Oog?

    A certain percentage of the Scandinavian and Netherlands Beta males are flocking to the Pino and Thia to marry and make mystery meat as we speak. Are these men really going to create Janissaries? No, they will create dysgenics and excessive materialism in the half caste sprogs that they spawn, I doubt their blood lines would last 2 maybe 3 generations, as there will be no chance of genetic nor cultural homogenisation. This is also the aim of the assimilationists, so why would you want to play into their hands?

    Question is who gets all the excess white women that are left behind by the race mixers and MGTOW. I’m sure white men with means will find a way, we always do.

    • I don’t write troll posts, Craig. But I am willing to try anything to get results.

    • Getting even with Muslims does not mean reproducing with Thais. It would mean taking Muslim women without conversion to Islam.

      The Muslim Gulf States do import women from SE Asia, so maybe we should share the Muslim loot with SE Asian men.

      Actually, I repeatedly stated that if you oppose ANY race-mixing, you should START with cracking down on Yellow Fever:


      The last question is easily answered: MY ideology DOES allow polygyny. If you were to propose polygyny to regular WNs, most would ask what the excess white men are going to do.

  22. “Do you remember the Poland club post? WNs escorting white women to the club to be picked up by mino men”

    What is this you’re referring to? Please post a link…

  23. After sleeping on this, I have to say that Ryu is on to something here.

    The big issue here is that he is advocating being a true father. I could nitpick about my father all day long, but instead I’ll focus here on things he did right:
    -Providing a home, food, clothes, and other necessities, to the point he worked himself to an early grave
    -Being a good man for my mother
    -Sharing life lessons
    -Setting good examples
    -Giving advice when his kids make mistakes… much better than his advice on how not to make mistakes. Sometimes kids just have to learn.
    -The most important lesson I learned: Be the best at what you do. It took a long time for me to internalize this lesson, but looking back, he was always trying to improve himself. It cost him a lot of time and money to do so, which made providing for us even and thus spending time with us harder for him.

    Compare and contrast to Murkan culture: we have baby daddies instead of fathers, and the gubmint is paying for it all. Obviously this way of doing things is an abject failure. That’s fine, that’s exactly the kind of thing Ryu and Oogy are fighting against. Would white mothers for these children be better? Possibly, but ask yourself: with all the assimilation of mino culture being imposed specifically on white kids, how many white women are actually suited for the kind of fatherhood being advocated here? Not many. Hate on spics all you want, *but they still celebrate strong men in their culture; that alone puts them a step up on many white women for these purposes. Despise them for being uncivilized if you must, I would argue that white women have become TOO civilized- white people in general, but especially the women.

    Perhaps we will have to take two steps back towards our primal nature. Human history shows us, consistently, that conquering tribes assimilated the conquered women by reproducing with them. Being too civilized, too many of us are out of the Conqueror’s Mindset. Next time you want to show an overly-emotional display of disgust towards race-mixers, take that time to become a stronger man or better woman.

    (*A quick anecdote to show my point here: While working on a construction site, we had a lot of spic labor. Their women would roll up on site at closing time, with dinner ready for their men. They still waited patiently while the men kicked around a soccer ball after work.)

    • Actually you want to get truly controversial, lets talk about superior white men have white children with white women and leaving them to be raised by other,white men who will marry the woman and raise her first child, along with any more they might have together.

      • Yes, I have heard of that as well. It’s possible; nothing is off the table. Probably Dolph Lundgren had the best male genetics possible. If anyone embodied the Aryan ideal, it was him.

        Oh yeah – he was a mixer too. Used to live with Grace Jones when he came to NYC. We’d have to kick Dolph out of WN too. Dolph and Arnie probably had the most genetic gifts, and because of our “racial purity” initiative, we lose both. High cost, no?

      • Excellent and difficult to refute points

        go git’em lol

      • Schwarzenegger’s female co-stars were mostly black/beaner (Commando, Predator, Eraser, etc).

        Nordic men are infatuated with colored chix for the same reason Nordic babes love colored cock.

        In other words these people chose mass immigration and self annihilation. No Jew conspiracy folks.

      • ^^^You mean “Nordic” males who are infatuated…

        Clearly, IF this is how it will be for those Nordic males THEN any effort at conversion will start by transforming that “infatuation” into an imperial rationalization…

    • And that’s an interesting point you bring up about the soccer-ball. I’ve worked construction a lot. Whites drink tons of energy drinks and mountain dew, then still collapse at the end of the day.

      Mexicans have enough energy left over to play adult sports like soccer at the end of the day. Yes, they usually do shoddy work, but the point is they have a vitality that most whites have lost.

      How many white males in their thirties play group sports for fun, of an evening, or something like that? They do it in Europe, but not in the U.S.


      • I’ve seen the bean construction diet and it’s also chips, jerky and Mountain Dew. It must have something to do with the culture. White men seem to enjoy fandom.

        Minos seem to understand that you don’t work hard when it’s not in your interest. Whites and their work ethic makes them very good slaves. Most still believe Murka is a meritocracy!

    • That Western European ethos of gentlemanly chivalry runs smack into the reality of divorce, child support and feminism.

      The very things MURMs fight against, yet are as blind to racial politics as “wns” are to feminist politics.

      Each is the Small Picture. The Big Picture is: There is a diverse FFOL united against you, arrayed to eradicate you.

    • Because their women havent been heavily propagandized for decades. Next generation will be Murkanized.

  24. Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    As I am rather swarthy, maybe people would PREFER me breeding with swarthy women…

  25. I don’t see the point of impregnating non-white women

    Fucking them is A-ok in my book

  26. “He that hath wife and children hath given hostages to fortune, for they are impediments to great enterprises, either of virtue or mischief. Certainly the best works and of greatest merit for the public have proceeded from the unmarried or childless men, which both in affection and means have married and endowed the public.”-Francis Bacon

    • ^^^That sounds like faggot-revisionism from way back when… Faggots were much more free to be ACTUAL faggots.

      It is interesting to note that according to Ms. Bacon being unmarried and childless does not disqualify one from the ranks of Men, but apparently bringing forth an enriching public enterprise is such a qualifier to the ranks of Men.

      But do real men invest in public enterprise or personal flesh and blood? Or both?

      Don’t be fooled by the “freedom” the faggot has acquired by simply being a faggot and therefore unmarried and childless BY DEFAULT.

      Real investment is never in the abstract..

      • Well my point is rather more complex.

        There are quite a lot of damaged, young white males, who carry good genes, but who will never make good fathers.

        So a system can be developed where they intentionally impregnate white girls who are then married off to the more beta-Patriarchal types who will make good husbands and fathers.

        Meanwhile, the young men can now continue the struggle, free of the burdens and financial restraints that are part of being a family man.

      • I’ll add that the next, unborn Generation of White males doesn’t have to be as damaged as this one is. But this one is damaged from the womb on, and we have to deal with that reality.

      • Sons being raised by non-biological fathers is a recipe for alienation and identity crisis especially if the non biological father has his own flesh and blood sons…

      • Hadn’t considered Smersh’s point that a man may be more closely related to a same-race individual with very similar (but never identical) genes than to his own offspring with 50% identical, 50% very different genes. Evolution is a million times subtler than anyone can realize.

  27. The math doesn’t add up. It’s not even close.

    The smaller, shrinking demographic group doesn’t “breed out” the larger, faster growing demographic group. Either the two groups form a mixed population or the smaller, shrinking group gets absorbed and “bred out”. Sometimes you get India, a stabilized mixed population. Sometimes the smaller group only survives as a few percentage points of DNA in the larger group.

    Whites are not in a position to “breed out” mystery muds. Mystery muds are in a position to breed out whites. The numbers of mystery muds are virtually limitless, you can always create more.

    Whites are also not in a position to maintain the loyalty of mystery muds. WN has nothing to offer to mystery muds. WN barely even has anything to offer whites, except the hope of survival. The system has everything to offer mystery muds. The racial spoils system will give them high positions. They will betray you. You can’t even keep white people from betraying you.

    And the relatedness math doesn’t add up either. Because the genetic distance between whites and Africans is so great, mulattoes aren’t actually that closely related to their white parents; a randomly selected white child off the street might be more closely related. If you’re so desperate for numbers that you’re reduced to colonizing the wombs of minority women you’d get a lot better bang for your buck by declaring that certain relatively closely related “almost-white” groups are now white, instead of breeding with what is basically a different species. There are plenty of populations in West Asia that are about 75-80% white in terms of genetics, far better to accept them than to accept Obama. But better still to accept neither.

    You’re basically endorsing the enemy’s plan for white people. Maybe it’s political judo, but I don’t see the upside. Even if you’re a sexual degenerate who can’t stop himself from fornicating with minorities, you can just use birth control, it’s not difficult.

    Mindweapon is basically correct, as boring as it may be. There won’t be a Day of the Rope, but the enemy’s ability to carry out the eradication of whites will slowly falter as the system slowly breaks down and loses efficiency. White people just have to survive and remain white people.

    • First… There is no program for the promotion of miscegenation. The phenomenon is courting self-annihilation and only white men with long term vision should gamble with it.

      Second… Oogenhand is ADDRESSING a particular situation OCCURING at the FRINGES of WN (mainly in war with jihad) where the sexual wars partake and white men with an imperial sexual nature ROAM.

      What are the RULES?

      As it stands, the authority seemingly resides at the core of “racial purists.”

      I disagree wholeheartedly…

      This core is an anti-core.

      Meaning, they provide ABSOLUTELY NOTHING substantive to coalesce around.

      What we can clearly observe is that the “racial purist” at its core and on its fringes SEEKS to banish the God-ordained free will given to the white man.

      At the core is a mandate to submit to a false reality that neither originates under modern evolutionary theory nor does it accept the Adamic “race” of Creation. And at the fringes, it maligns white men with imperial sexual natures by equating them with assimilationists. So what we have at this “core” is something even more outlandish than your garden variety radical liberationist and predictably rooted to NOTHING.

      At best IS THE DESIRE FOR racial purification. AT BEST.

      In practice… We would all know who the racial purifiers WERE BY THE FRUITS OF THEIR LABOR and a “white supremacy”-hating media…

      The “core” of WN has no authority to define the WHITE MAN’S procreation policy BECAUSE “it” has no such policy.

    • It is exactly the “almost-white” groups like Chechens, Albanians, Ashkenazics and Khalijeen(Gulf Arabs) that are most eager to acquire white women, while vigorously keeping their “almost-white” women away from white men (yes, even Ashkenazics, think the father of Bar Refaeli demanding conversion from Leonardo di Caprio, or Benjamin Millepied converting to Judaism to get Natalie Portman http://www.tabletmag.com/scroll/161117/natalie-portmans-husband-to-convert-to-judaism). It is exactly these groups that should be targeted by my strategy, not the Alek Wek type Nilotics and such. It is exactly the “almost-whites” who started out fully non-white, but whitened themselves by using the patrilinear strategy. E.g, Judaism requires circumcision, meaning most converts were female.

      A very nasty strategy for circumcised Americans would be to convert to Islam, and start converting Ashkenazic women. You can refuse marriage offers from Arabs, Pakistanis, Somalis etc. by pointing to kafa’a.

      • Oogenhand…

        You definitely bring a deeper perspective…

        The demographic war is extremely dynamic and simply fanning the flames would be a sufficient act for a lot of white males across the white world.

      • Well, that’s different isn’t it.

        “Cavalli-Sforza’s team compiled extraordinary tables depicting the “genetic distances” separating 2,000 different racial groups from each other. For example, assume the genetic distance between the English and the Danes is equal to 1.0. Then, Cavalli-Sforza has found, the separation between the English and the Italians would be about 2.5 times as large as the English-Danish difference. On this scale, the Iranians would be 9 times more distant genetically from the English than the Danish, and the Japanese 59 times greater. Finally, the gap between the English and the Bantus (the main group of sub-Saharan blacks) is 109 times as large as the distance between the English and the Danish.”

        Iranians 9x, Japanese 59x, Bantus 109x.

        Chechens and Albanians are already white or something close to it. They’re quite a bit closer on the above scale than the Iranians. They’re just not “the good kind of white”. You can get white-ish people from the first generation pairing of a Chechen and a Swede. It’s not clear whether or not you can get the good kind of white people from such a pairing, but whatever, don’t let me stop you from enjoying your Chechen harem.

        The example given in the original post was Janet Jackson. Janet Jackson’s parents are just some slightly light skinned American Negroes. She’s had a lot of plastic surgery and stuff. Mate with her and you just get more mulattoes and outside of laboratory conditions you won’t breed them back to white within a relevant time scale.

        America doesn’t have a lot of Albanian harems sitting around, ripe for the taking. We might be able to colonize a few of the paler mestizo wombs, but mestization has already been extensively tested in South America and the experiment was a failure. A lot of the American minorities are actual blacks or Asians and there are huge genetic distances between us and them.

        Better to adopt a kid from Turkey than to contribute to the spread of Bantu DNA.

  28. The “racial purists” of WN REJECT the genuine white Supremacist as their only true leader. They BELIEVE that white man can be REDUCED to pure race AND STILL HAVE ANY MOTIVATION to live and strive. They believe that genuine white Supremacy can be stuffed into the genetics and perpetuated by gene alone. They believe in a “racial purity” that just is AND that requires of them not even the joy of procreation LET ALONE purifying procreation.

    These racial purists” are radical autonomists who will readily use and abuse “below average-intelligence” white males desperately seeking a solid identity.

    Enemies within or pure naivety…

  29. “Genetic purity” is a “white” liberationist myth. Notions of purity are far too sublime to be rendered mathematical genetic code. I see nerd. “Genetic purity” is a memetic tool AND THE RESULT is simply the result of the “racial purist” and those that adhere to it. All desire and no real motivation. Pleasurable paralysis.

  30. Seems some of you are desperate to procreate, as you have no offspring yet, or maybe you never will. I understand swarthy people want to catch up eugenically, yet only a few will.

    Good point what happens to the excess white men? As in the past medieval era 60% of white men did not procreate. The 60% were chewed up into Labour by their betters or genocided by being slaughtered or sent off to war as the fodder.

    I know Beta men who are geniuses of 180 plus IQ points, yet they will not procreate as they are physiologically ugly and have no beauty within themselves, yet some of these high IQ beta men have Brothers who procreate and will pass the high IQ genes on.

    The only past examples that make life fair for the beta men, was when masculine Christianity ruled. The more pagan/atheist/progressive we go where the masculine and feminine equal each in terms of Alpha personalities and physiology the less the beta men will breed IMO.

    Jealously leads to envy boys.

    • There is not a desperation to procreate…

      There IS NO DESIRE to procreate AND SUCH subtle acceptance of self-annihilation PROPOGATES from the “racial purists” at the “core” of WN…

      “THEY” ARE NOT PURIFYING or else we all would know about them.

      All we see here are adherents to a false doctrine OPINING on “rules” that “they” have no legitimate claim in dictating…

      Equating white men with an imperial sexual nature to “white” males desiring to be assimilated into the “other” is the belief of a radical liberationist. To collapse these fundamentally different natures into one that supposedly opposes “racial purity” is to attempt to emasculate the sexually aggressive white man who ROAMS IN THOSE fringes where THE REAL biological war is taking place.

      The “racial purists” are snug as bug in rug AND don’t move past the hug.

      Don’t procreate, self-annihilate… But still perpetuate…

      • Plenty of purist WNs with.White children. To name a few, KMac,Metzger, Brimelow, members of the Order etc.

      • There is no such animal as belief in Darwinian evolution and notions purity…

        One can not have a belief firmly rooted in the former that then MAGICALLY flourishes into a conception of the latter…

        Do you understand the implications of force feeding the white man a false reality?

        This is exactly why we despise Liberalism.

  31. The sex drive does need to be mobilized in this fight because frankly nobody gives a shit about “liberty”

    Give a man a worthwhile reward and he’ll get off his lazy ass to fight. Hot sex is a prize worth fighting for.

    • You have to define “liberty.”

      People don’t hate being slaves. They just hate the slave Master. But in the hatred of their slave Master is a “liberty” that cannot be satiated.

  32. Why plunder mud pussy when there’s models and ballerinas in Manhattan?

    • In Manhattan, many are Jewish. The main purpose of my system is to break resistance; in a way Crypto-Feminism used against Jews.

      • I think you drastically over-rate both the power of men in our circles and the resistance of the other side.

        It’s not hard to break a woman down. It’s not hard to cuckold a non-white.

        It is fairly pointless. There are better ways of breaking overall resistance.

    • I see Oogenhand’s question as fundamentally superfluous, maybe a bit Jewish, (arguing about points of law that virtually irreverent). Mind you, I’m not calling Oogenhand a Jew, I’m saying arguing the question is pointless.

      It generates traffic and discussion, but it doesn’t get us anywhere.

      These days, a lot of white men can fuck non-white women easier than white women. So go ahead, just don’t get them pregnant.

      Intermixture is a move towards heterogeneity, while Whites should be moving towards homogeneity. The reconstruction of the family means that women from families are to be treated differently like citizens while the average American white woman of singe-parentage with no nuclear family, would be treated as little more than a slave for starters.

      Women flock to cops and law-enforcement. The reason more people don’t notice this is that most cops and soldiers are very beta. But women love a uniform and the paycheck doesn’t hurt.

      I have a shaven head and military bearing and women automatically take me for some kind of combat-branch soldier.
      Never been in the military, but I neither confirm or deny it to them.

      My point is there will be plenty of women to go around when the movement becomes cool, edgy and dangerous, long before it becomes victorious, even.

      The reason that the movement isn’t cool edgy and dangerous is that it doesn’t attract that kind of man, but that is changing and will continue to change over the next decade.

      The reason Ayoub had a porn-star girlfriend was that skinheads and bikers are cool in Europe. Men who fight are always cool and have their pick of the women.

      I think a more controversial point again, is whether the best cannon-fodder should procreate with white women and leave their progeny to be raised by other men as part of an accepted tradition like prima nocta or droit du seigneur.

      • And today there are White women so desperate to have a child they are even willing to go it alone. Not all are welfare recipients either. Why not see that these women (Wn minded women only) receive the best sperm possible. their

      • As for these Hot Aryan Maiden sperm receptacles:
        What level of attractiveness do most wn women rate.

        You do not see the FFOL no matter how clearly I’ve written and defined it.
        You do see The One True Enemy is constructed of homos, coloreds, jews and miggers
        You do not yet see The Feminists lurking in amongst them.

        Those allies that sabotaged the foundations of what was once Romantic Marriage.
        If you want to see what “white whomen” have done
        Examine The Spearhead crowd


      • I would even be in favor of them receiving supplimental income from the community (like Germany’s kindergeld) so that the child(ren) could. have the best education etc. possible.

      • I see Oogenhand’s question as fundamentally superfluous, (arguing about points of law that virtually irreverent). I’m saying arguing the question is pointless.

        The entire HBD Exposition is.
        It’s been so since the 452,503rd blog was started about it.

        Doing so is arguing about the flag design you want to plant on top of the White House…
        Before you’ve even acted upon
        coloreds that just
        moved onto your street

      • As far as “sperm recepticles” go….you lack imagination to an unbelievable degree for someone writing about innovation, as you claim. Why does a woman have t be attractive? Have you never heard of artificial insemination? And why would she need to be a WN? INNOVATION my ass. You are the most ridiculous blogger around. But you ARE entertaining. Ill give you that.

      • I gave you links: Can’t you fucking read?
        You MUST have big tits
        to be so dense

        You do not see the FFOL no matter how clearly I’ve written and defined it.
        You do not see The One True Enemy is constructed of united falanges: Homos, coloreds, jews and miggers

        You do not yet see The Feminists lurking in amongst them.
        You, are a One Issue Activist

        …You, do not see

        When you disagree with someone, at the drop of a hat, your kind craft false allegations of conspiracy, “being a jew and or fed” or other nonsense.

        Who wants to lead nuts?
        You do not deserve leadership from Wise Men.
        You do not deserve leadership, period.

        You do deserve the continued slavery of ignorance

    • There is no plundering taking place at all.

      This is a “problem” that doesn’t actually exist.

      • Haha true. When do we get our smart badges?

      • Perhaps not so obvious by whitey, yet. In the USA it would not take much to get the beaners to plunder the blacks and vice versa, if you’re smart enough to play both sides and not get caught in the middle. It’s what’s done here with different races, as TPTB can touch us whitey when ever they want, yet their special pets they have a blind spot for, so much so it goes majority unreported, even if it’s known to them.Particularly if it’s blacks fighting blacks.

        Certainly not the preferred way, yet it works for now. As the 1st world countries deteriorates and the bread and circus can no longer hide the hideous outcomes, the tactics will change.

      • Good stuff. The beans have been genociding the blacks in California. The media didn’t cover it at all, they just can’t afford to change their script.

        In a way, it’s almost like being in a prison gang. The whites can’t take on the blacks or mex by themselves. The AB has to let in light skinned beans now, even mulattos in cases, just to survive. You’ve got the whites, the blacks, the beans and the authorities. How do you beat the authorities.

      • You beat the authorities when you scare them.

        AS the LA riots scared them off the streets.
        As the SO1776 scared them – to death – off US soil.

        The Propaganda lapdog Media cannot and will not publicize deviations of Their Message lest they inspire NRA Whites.
        You see this in the suppression of the story on the CA Power Transformer Snipers.

        Mass, simultaneous power outages in a racial hellhole like Cali are perceived by the LN~MMM as what could be the tipping point that manifests the Civil War II they so fear.

        But, it will not be CW2: It will be akin to the French Revolution with The Terror; mass executions of those deserving it most.

    • Confederate trailers use the mudpeeeple term.
      The term is obsolete.

      You think Manhattan débutantes
      spread for males with RealTree™
      Baseball hatz
      And lightning bolt tatz

      • I agree…

        Unlike miggers… It does not give your everyday indifferent white male any need for psychological alarm.

        “Mud” people gives the impression that there is a “walking upon” that is nothing but “white” liberationist fantasy.

      • Yes.
        The invented phraseology of
        white non-moving-movements
        is substandard – as if it were fabricated at a drunken Budweiser hoedown.
        It is childish, simplistic and deficient.

        It makes us Whites look as ridiculously foolish as lower-case whites.

        When WE lie down with dogs
        We too, get fleas.

        It’s why I call them coloreds.
        Niggerspickiking of muddpee-pull was done for half a century by buzzcut rural nazzeez and they progressed nowhere.
        Even with all them guns and expendable fodder.

        Time for Thinkers to define the terms.

      • Terminology wasn’t the problem then or now. The issue in the past was the economy enabled people to move away whenever an area went “downhill” aka became non-white. You see an explosion of racial awareness online and even mildly irl because the economy can no longer produce the wealth it used to.

      • Terminology is always an issue.
        Terminology is a word of terminology itself…

        Words indicate choices.
        Their usage tells us how to frame the user.
        If you start using Rap/Wigger terminology here
        About how you want some black pussy to
        back up on yo thang sos you can tap it an’ knock da bottom out yaknowwhutumsayin’

        You will be related to in a different way.
        Nigra, darkie, bootlip, ZOG, mud – all indicate a Southern mentality.
        Did the South even win The Civil War?
        Did they then even keep them dadgum nigras out of their cities or rural towns – today?

        Using obsolete junkwords of a failed movement makes one look foolish.
        These words carry the burden of their users’ multitude of abject failures.

        Do not use the words of losers lest you be intrinsically stained with their failure before you’ve even fired a shot.

      • I disagree…

        Terminology is the power that moves 95% of the pawns.

        If you want to crush “white supremacy” then you smash in the skull of the closest “white” liberal…

        You term this smashing of “white” liberal skull, “polar bear hunting.” An event, ironically, that not a single nigel in the history of mankind has ever actually partaken in, according to my knowledge. And now the “term” OBSCURES the very fact that it is “white” liberals, who by and very large, get their skulls smashed in by these savage nigel attacks.

        BUT THE OBSFUCATION is actually desired by the “white” self-annihilator. The terminology has been rapidly internalized and assimilated.

        “Good” “white” liberals STILL THINK “polar bear hunting” ONLY happens to those filthy “white supremacists.”

        Damned fools.

      • You inadvertently prove my point by noting
        the vast difference between terminology of
        Knockout Game
        Polar Bearing


        “Good” “white” liberals STILL THINK “polar bear hunting” ONLY happens to those filthy “white supremacists.”

        No. That is exaggerating. White Liberal nazis of the Mino Master Machine not only don’t care what happens with PBAs – they ignore it. Big difference. Be accurate.


      • Think of this bizarro world that the average “white” male liberal helps creates through his strict obedience to self-annihilation?

        He gets gets his head smashed in and pants ripped off by a gang of savage nigels and is THEN COMFORTED by the knowledge that “white supremacy” has suffered another polar bear hunting.

        It’s pure insanity.

      • When I say…

        “Good” “white” liberals…

        I was not referring to our “default elite.”

        I was referring to the “white” self-annihilator who just got “polar bared naked.”

        HE STILL THINKS only those filthy “white supremacists” get “polar bared naked.”

        An our “default elite” will gladly indulge him in his delusion.

    • @ ckorzeniowski

      Indeed. Given that most of our enemies are white I don’t even know why colored women were emphasized.

      I’m happy answering to our instincts is gaining traction though. Asexual asperger nerds are not “ascension”.

  33. The reality is that your average white man needs to expunge all self-annihilating tendencies before we even need worry about planned procreation.

    In fact, the total rejection of self-annihilation, ie, Liberalism, IS PROCREATION by consequence.

    • I get it now, well if you got nothing to fight for all you’ll get is self annihilation anyway, so you lose either way.

      What sort of environment do you need?

  34. @Rita rabbit
    March 2, 2014 at 10:31 am

    My rellgion/ideology allows polygyny.

    March 2, 2014 at 11:45 am

    There is a reason my blog features shredded embryo pictures.

    • FP says: “Before you’ve even acted upon
      coloreds that just
      moved onto your street” NO. JEWS FIRST. Then the rest.

      FP says “if whites meekly surrender to Los Angelizing and Detroiting the entire nation”. Yes, Whites have been able to take the peaceful option in the past but as we are getting backed into a corner we become MUCH more dangerous. See: “The Wrath of the Awakened Saxon”by Kipling

      [ed note: peaceful option is the euphemism for pussing out. VRW Big Talk scares nobody and certainly not those millions of coloreds who’ve taken over your territory]

      AND, if Whites are so wimpy about their own survival in your opinion, what’s to make a half White so much more willing to take risks?

      [wha? you are mistaken; mixed coloreds hate whites like full-coloreds hate whites. read what I write. see those links before you start believing that calling somebody a nigger online is some sort of positive “action”. it does nothing but scratch an itch when you have leprosy you haven’t yet cured]

      ALTHOUGH we do get a lot of love from certain among the half breeds-they are outliers, not the norm.

      I like the term Mud. FP, you’re funny. You think you are going to change the world from this blog by telling us what words we can and cannot say, just like the USG. I am actually trying to train myself to use the taboo words. It’s an important part of my racial education. It is NORMAL to immediately distrust, even hate an foreigner, an outsider that has gotten inside. I am nurturing what is normal in me by calling it like I see it and using slurs. I don’t need a smart badge. I’m not from the south but count me in with the non-PC racists who you see as hicks (obviously, because you watch too much television).

      • Lambs do not turn into lions.

        It would take alot to make people that mad. Waco and Ruby Ridge didn’t do it, Katrina didn’t do it. Whites do not seem to have much wrath left. And they criticize those who do use their wrath.

        It’s not the halfings that are so important. It’s a white man willing to take what he wants. It’s the feeling of wanting then getting. Women don’t relate to this well. If the USG can’t tell him what to do, there is no way an internet wn can.

        Being able to say nigger, spic and kike is a step on the path. There are steps beyond it. Your wn education is not over yet. There are wider truths when restrictions are loosened.

      • Then keep on Niggerspickiking.

        It’s worked so very good.
        Just like swa-stickees
        On white robes
        and Hoods

        You haven’t yet earned the right to call them niggers.
        If your God Dolphie didn’t call them kikes or niggers – what gives you such rights. You haven’t proven anything.

        You idealistically envision your kind as a Tony Spilotro, Bugsy Siegel and Crazy Joe Gallo mentality, causing too much attention/damage with words and wasted action.

        You need a Boss – a Mafia – to control you behind the scenes: Taking action instead of mere talking about crimes.

  35. @ Ryu How do you defeat the authorities?

    Just like jail mate, not that I’ve been, I know plenty of whites and blacks who have though. In Australia the mediating muscle in the jails is the NZlander Maori, they have respect for whites(From ancestor stories), they also get respect automatically from other blacks, plus they are big bastards which helps.

    Yeah there is still the gangs, Anglocelt Aussies(whites) of all European types mainly British though, Arab Muslim , Lebanese Muslims, Aboriginals ect all form gangs and you have to watch your back for a shiv. Yet there is one thing uniting them, all against the SCREWS who represent the system imprisoning them.

    Simple hey. Not really in jail you have little choice, in the real world we have an abundance of choice and average normal peoplel AKA the masses will always choose the path of least resistance…

  36. Hey Ryu, do think degenerates would really lead a rebellion or just be happy to wallow in gluttonous greed…?

    Cool clip either way.

    • Degenerates for one man can be heros for another. I’m happy to wallow in gluttonous greed. That sounds fantastic to me.

      Those guys are Ozzies. The people in that video are exactly the ones who are interested in direct action. I’d fit in rather well with them. It’s the difference between the football team and the chess club wn currently is.

      • Actually no, they prefer to fill themselves with drugs, booze and sluts…gluttonous greed leads to an early grave of about 50 years old, they would be lucky to even procreate, little alone become a hero bush ranger of old, who actually leaves behind a legacy with descendants to remember them.

        That was a movie in the clip so pretty much a fantasy, mate.

      • The hate for our enemies is the most important thing. Even the brave Ukrainian Nationalists seem to have made a deal with the devil when victory was within reach. The were probably fans of this blog and didnt want to be seen as niggerspicking.

        Indeed we have something worth fighting for. For starters I want a world were our hated enemy isnt blathering in our ear, our schools, our EVERYTHING all the time.

    • There is zero innovation from Fartpower. WOW really? The libtards are our enemies? Even a Zionist “Christian” knows that. What you want us to forget or never realize is that JEWS are directing traffic. YOu are either woefully ignorant or purposely trying to hide this. Get with program!

      [ed note: “fart???” …really?
      YOU ARE the level of maturity that demands “leadership?” OK: if you keep on using Big Girl Words – like those with fart in it – you will be prohibited from wiping your filthy snatch around here]

      • You’re such a nutty cunt!
        We will MISS YOU!!

      • @Rita Rabid

        Even a Zionist “Christian” knows that. What you want us to forget or never realize is that JEWS are directing traffic.

        And, despite having access to hundreds of jewjewz w/in five miles of you, instead of eradicating such a hated enemy – you post for 23 productive years.

        Goode Jobbe!
        (u stoopid kunt)

  37. you ain’t gonna allow us to do jack shite,because we will newver listen to your colored asses,fuk do you know about white mans libido,what are you a cock expert?take your jew propaganda and stuff it up youyr arse.

    • Nobody cares what an inarticulate foamer says.
      If I observe all you do is Big Talk on forums
      Then Liberal nazis and Hillary are assured you don’t do jack shit.

      You are worse than worthless.
      You dishonor a cause
      By your illiterate, dopey rants

      You don’t scare anybody – especially your enemies

  38. I would.nt do a black with dead dog dong for a million bucks I would,nt have a kid in this sicko country for a million bucks because of the blacks ect

    [ed note: nor, I bet would you dare glare at a colored who moved nextdoor to you]


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