Urban Terrorizing The Elites

by Firepower

It takes balls to threaten The Elite.

They’ve lived so long without fear of The Little People that even spraying graffiti on their mansions warrants the Fascist FBI helping the hundreds of standard local SWATZIs while they’re pulled-off investigating huge caseloads of Miggers murdering whites or cranking out Escalades full of Meth.

The IRS jamming a telescope up the TEA Party’s ass and Imperial MINO Commissar Sir Eric the Holder’s stammering on who ordered machine guns given to Illegal Mexican Miggers will just have to wait while the Feudal San Francisco Elite demand Federal executions for those spray-painting their nine-car Garages.

I wonder if the CCTV surveillance cams will identify these rascals – or if they wore ski masks?  Maybe they even bragged to their Weather Underground profs at Berkeley.  Angela Davis, can ya feel me?

Maybe Hippies re-figured it out that the only establishment government that respects you is the one that fears you.

9 Comments to “Urban Terrorizing The Elites”

  1. It takes balls to be a wn. Guts and the strong desire to improve are really all I look for now.

    The worse things get, the more the system will overrreact to the slightest insult. Now even some paint is a holocaust. It’s wonderful. A college student can terrorize a campus just by throwing a noose onto a tree.

  2. Revolution starts small.

    This is excellent practice for budding wns. All ops are in fact the same: intel, prep, action, CYA. One has to crawl before he can sprint. The perps here got away with it in the short term – that’s always the easy part. You’ve got to cover your ass in the long term. The cops need a confession in this case.

    Fuck that old woman and her ideas in the video. She’s fat and happy waiting for death. You bet they’ve got an axe to grind. Those WW2 rats screwed us.

    Good op. I salute whoever worked it. There’s only two ways to do things: small and constant or big and intermitant. They hit hard and fast, now they’ll go silent.

    • Add to it the CA power station snipers.

      The key is repetition enough to maintain constant pressure
      for…The Elites
      Like The Little Poople
      Forget another BP Gulf oil spill
      Another Bo The Whitehouse Dog
      Airlifted to Martha’s Vineyard

      ONLY when such actions approach a Benghazi that frightens fascist powers will you see fumbling and fear from BiGGov.

      One Hundred “Ragheads” in t-shirts scare Uncle Beast more than one hundred million Twit heads.

      • Yesterday I went to court to support a friend who is waging a long campaign against the justice system in my state. If he wins he’ll have won a substantial victory, if he loses, he’ll have to pay court costs plus the negligible fine he originally incurred.

        On court days we usually have 10-20 guys who come with us to show support.

        [ed note: we need to see them here…if only so they can anonymously see the real you and WHAT you REALLY think]

        It’s always instructive to watch the other court cases. Dozens of young strong looking white guys up on minor drug charges, traffic violations…assault charges.

        Tom Metzger is right. The best white men are in prison. The others mostly can be found hanging out with dangerous and intelligent non-whites.

        [referring to metzger is a habitual mistake. For, does that also mean the best colored men are in prison? metzger was 25 in 1963 and knows little of today’s Murkan Situation. The Torch has been passed: its like relating the vision of the Los Angeles of 1963]

        You want to accomplish something quick? Start a prison ministry. Help young white kid’s learn how to defend themselves in court. Casa Pound’s rock band plays concerts in prisons.

        [yet, you do not see them join and strengthen white groups when freed. never forget they are criminals. they’re imprisoned for making meth (to sell to whites) or robbing grocery stores owned by whites. they aren’t imprisoned for fighting for the White Cause]

        Yes FP is going to go on about man-children, but you’ve got to pick and choose.. It’s like going to the auction block.

        I like look a man in the eye and judge him by his features.

        Going to court in general and just sitting down and taking notes is a great activity and it could net you one good dissident per month, with a little work and time invested.

        [this is actually an interesting idea. report on your progress. Although a good\clever idea, I challenge you to get four of these recruits to comment here as proof. time is running out]

        Most courts allow you to have a silence cell phone/android/whatever in the courtroom, so you can blog/read/whatever during court.

        I am fascinated by procedure, so in my free-time I’m always focused on what’s going on and taking notes though.

        on a final note, Rockwell said something like “fifty guys can do anything they want, anywhere they want, anytime they want. And having organized a few white flash mobs, for various activisms, I’ve found this to be true.

  3. One reason I’m fascinated by militants in southern Russia is that it’s not crapistan. Russia is an ex-superpower with aspirations to regain its lost power/prestige; yet its biggest national security threat has been its own domestic rebellions. Even today attacks on government officials, policemen, soldiers, and civilians occur daily in the north Caucuses. Putin has the region on a massive media blackout but the Moscow elites still get targeted.

    • This is from Zero Hedge. It explains it all:

      Putie will have to disarm tens of thousands of Ukies who now’ve looted the Commie Armory full of AKs.

      ANYbody with a 100 year-old Mauser can take potshots at those fragile pipelines – or any delicate infrastructure, like the Cali Transformer snipers.

      The Liberal nazis urgently need to disarm NRA Whites here before coloreds and miggers set off a war that will destroy the economy. The Elite cares not about death and destruction of any race, but whether their Wall Street stocks keep them luxuriating in Manhattan’s plush penthouse palaces. The Elite only cares about uninterrupted continuation of a profit economy gravy train.

      This can only happen if Tomorrow’s Justins!© become so stupefied they disarm themselves. Those odds grow daily in favor for the future President Chelsea Clinton.

      Today – with folks like us still fit – it is impossible. But, we all grow old and leave our goodies to fools.

      • A Ukrainian revolutionary holding up lawmakers and prosecutors at gun point fought in Chechnya in the 1990s as a foreign volunteer on the rebel side. He claims to have personally killed Russian soldiers and participated in attacks that wrecked Russian armored vehicle convoys. Your first job always builds character.

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