Proper Interrogation Responses

by Firepower

Humans like variety.  Those “in power” demand it out of arrogance that you (little person that you are) are shining them on.  Give them the variety they need.

The best response is always “I have no answer” but that gets repetitive and angers questioners into pressing harder.  Use it as your Go To Response but pepper (and season to taste) your bullshit with style.

Here’s how the pros do it.  If it’s good enough for the Imperial Leader of Murka and his $604,303 a year carnie press flack…there’s also good chunkage in it for you.  Brush up on your bullshit.

They include

  • referring reporters to another department of the government,
  • refusal to speculate,
  • pledging to get back to a reporter later and
  • simply saying he doesn’t have an answer
  • The Fuhrer won’t tell me!

The top 9,486 ways Jay Carney won’t answer your questions (interactive)

Coupling a string of couplets of I have no answer with It’s a good question, but I don’t have the answer and am unsure, so I’ll have to get back to you is weaving a tapestry of art that deflects scrutiny rather than the angering your enemy with the wiseass Trailer Park Nazi variant of repeating the same phrase.  One seems natural while the latter is combative.

Liberal nazis hold all the power. They will torture. Save the VRW for when you interrogate them. Then, I can tell you how to extract info from anyone.

5 Comments to “Proper Interrogation Responses”

  1. These tactics are meant to be used by the media will give a pass too, anyway. If you or I try to use them, we’d be crucified:

    “when asked about situation y, Mr. X dissembled, Mr. X evade, Mr. X professed ignorance of the situation.”

    Best thing to do is walk right past the cameras. I’ve seen too many people become camera whores because the reporter seemed genuinely empathetic and interested in their opinion.

    During important circumstances I just ignore the cameras. I’ve walked through NPR reporters, TV reporters, and past cameras, without breaking stride.

    Sometimes you have to talk to reporters, and then it’s best to use the Macarthur method, at least that’s what works for me.
    Macarthur would show up to interviews during WWII with his corn cob pipe prop, and his riding crop and say a lot nothing. Because he had poise and power, the reporters couldn’t call him on it.
    In the end, he would give very little to use period, much less against him.

  2. I like the Golden Dawn face slap quite a bit.

  3. Am I authorized to publish this on twitter?

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