Victoria’s Secret Models & Coloreds

by Firepower

I Just Vomited in My Mouth – Again

We all know about Heidi Klum mating with… Seal Henry Olusegun Olumide Adeola Samuel (his full name, LIUFY) and pumping out a litter of pickaninny mulattoes.

Kroes & Pal Chim-Chim

Now Doutzen Kroes defiles her genes for eternity:

These are the sacred “Nordic-Aryan Goddesses” with germanic virtues the VRW set howl about. Nowadays, it seems german girls are more likely to suck black cock than attend Hitler Jügend meetings.

And then there’s Kelly Brook.  Britisluts have no reason to bang coloreds out of Media Inculcated Murkan Slavery Guilt, yet they do even after the colored monkeys in britti-ville developed a habit after being dumped, of throwing acid in their face of their hot white girlfriends.  The universality shows monkey-love developed fully into a Western Thing now. It matured the way the Propaganda Media Elite intended.

Attention Whore – check. Steroids – check.

These are independent wealthy women who could get any man they want. The problem is: They’ve made their choice.  White women are now the utmost in Power – it’s not white males.

Miscegenating whores are the vanguard of white Liberalism. The epitome of the vast numbers of whites who must be eradicated before StormFappers even get to “them nigras.” Until then – it’s all pretend Vikings riding pretend wolves in glittery Frazetta Fap-Dreams. Pedestalizing germanic whores who spread their legs to colored monkeys – then get inseminated by these animals – is the oh-so obvious reason PUA and Men’s Rights “Activists” should* be ripe allies.  Alas, they are not: They coo and invoke “Saint Martin Luther King, Jr.!™” as their  “I’m-NOT-A-White-Racist!!!™” talisman and shield.  Must be some powerful Joo-Joo in that Black VooDoo majick.

These Fabulous Fuck-Fantasies are ……marketed to Western females daily in rags like People and OK!  Liberal nazism wants you eradicated; wants your genes eradicated.  Either from being bred out to extinction – or by the Concentration Camp when you’re disarmed and/or old.  Whites have dangerous, revolutionary SO76. Mulattoes have MLK.  They’re bought off with bigger WIC checks. Mulatto colored mix are the Pod People of the 21st Century. The New Ubermensch.

Obviously, any bimbo – especially the increasingly colored-loving Dutch – who poses like this while pregnant is a Condition Red Attention Whoor.

Caution! Colored Parasite On Board!

There’s a liberal PBS travelogue host fond of tossing out Global Warming theories to enhance his LibCred.  Rick Steves does a great job exploring history and exotic locales.  He did a show on Venice that recounted the rise and fall of the once glorious city.  Rick said, basically:

Once the trade routes to the newly discovered America in the World opened, Venice lost its monopoly on power and money because folks bought other countries’ goods. Venice then fell when it became addicted to debauchery.  Rich ladies would put on the party mask disguises and fuck whomever they wanted – maybe even the dusky Gondolier.

If Rick-Rick can sniff out a Global Warming Fart in the Four Winds – his sniffer can’t see the gigantic pile of brown shit on his very own Mass Media.

*lil’ murms, note proper usage of word “should”

March 02, 2014:  Super Model Petra Nemcova Is Living In Haiti on a Full Time Basis

37 Comments to “Victoria’s Secret Models & Coloreds”

  1. Good post. This sort of thing enriches the Uranium of Hate to 99.999% purity.

  2. Thirty years ago, we witnessed the genesis of she who would become the most liberated “white” female in all the land. She prognosticated the “material girl living in a material world.”

    And since then the sheep have unaware that the dominant metaphysics have changed. They are unaware of this change because they can only grasp the idea of “free will” in the most base and degenerate sense and so in sheep mind nothing has really changed.

    The liberated “white” female is at her “essence,” unfaithful… Faithless… Lacking faith…

    A material girl STUCK in a material world.

    So it is clear that if one has a belief that “free will” only exists in measurable units AND NOT actually as a state of being grounded in grace THEN a free will does not really exist.

    Unfaithful… Faithless… Lacking faith.

    Equals liberation…

    “White” liberationist


    White Supremacist

    Those are the white male’s only options.

    The white female will obviously follow the leader…

  3. To further elaborate for those who’s ONLY language is English…

    Material girl STUCK in material world EQUALS liberation…

    Liberation EQUALS the right to be unfaithful… The right to be faithless… The right to lack faith…

    Unfaithful = not loyal..
    Faithless = lacking loyalty…
    Lack of faith = no desire to be loyal…

    Liberation = Betrayal…

    Now, where ELSE do we see this?

    HBD… MRM… PUA…

    No free will… No good (white) women… No desire to be faithful…


    Material boys STUCK in a material world. De facto homos.

  4. White women like that are pissing in white men’s face. It’s a gigantic shit test.

    • It’s more than that…

      These “white” females almost certainly had either real scumbags for fathers or extremely harsh ones. There is pathology in these WF/BM duos between child and parent. We try to abolish this pathology through “cultivated” indifference which really starts with the taunt of a deracinated “white” male towards any white man that has a visceral sense of this pathology.

      The deracinated and emasculated “white” male simply doesn’t care if the nigel does his daughter for fun.

      That’s a horrible father…

      It’s fatherhood for dummies…

      And a lot of black daughters just can’t accept the total indifference of their fathers to all things procreational.

  5. Why are there are no white males impregnating a succession of black females, thereby increasing the spread of Indo/European genes, while the opposite does happen.

    • ^^^Because WN as currently constituted absolutely abhors any hint of imperialism intent in matters procreational…

      Thus… They are REALLY “white” liberationists.

    • Ha. I have read your site, Jackie. I don’t dig Serana Williams, but whatever.

      You’re a racist, so I want to help you get what you want. This is a PUA who specializes in what you want.

    • Some points to consider:

      -Black men consider their offspring with white women to be black, white men do not consider their offspring with black women to be white. For obvious reasons, women don’t like to get pregnant from men who will treat their children as filth. In fact, the Muslim habit of abducting their children with non-Muslim women and raise them in Muslim country as Muslims, makes Muslim men highly attractive at an unconscious level; human sea-horses: the male gets pregnant.

      -White women spread their genes in the black population, increasing the spread of Indo-European genes.

      -WNs freak out at the idea of non-white women spreading their genes in the white population; European women in Arab harems is considered a disaster, but Arab women in European harems is considered a disaster as well. Double-think?

      • Oogenhand…

        This is because black males really have no concept of spreading “black supremacy” beyond sheer breeding. And in this lack of conceptual design is the “freedom” to be indifferent to your offspring.

        As for the jihadists, the mechanics are straightforward. Islam needs a steady stream of future self-annihilators and will accept all comers equally. They will even steal them for conversion. Islam carries on an imperial breeding strategy that always outpaces the pool of potential self-annihilators. Good mechanics that produce a steady stream of jihadists WITHOUT collective self-annihilation.

        WN has nothing but “racial purity.”

        They have what amounts to a submission to a false reality with no complimentary breeding strategy to outbreed its self-annihilating adherents.


        Perpetually doomed IS EVEN MORE effective.

      • I’m with you, Oogy. I understand it now.

  6. Its true I want to be liberated from Political Correctness. As for women, no shit they are self centered half wits addicted to endorphin rushes in their female “brains.”

    Women always and I mean always do what they are told to do, you might not like who is doing the telling though.

  7. I think this video kind of fits this blog:

  8. I’m glad to see that you can ID someone using steroids, FP. That dude’s been using for years. When he goes off, it’ll all be gone.

    The real danger is getting addicted to easy results. Many don’t train when they’re off. It’s sad.

    Steroids make a terrific difference. I found this video of a natural Arnold. One can see that his genetically gifted bodyparts like chest and bis are still there. The legs go away.

    The change is stark; he is down about 40 lbs of muscle. Only two years ago he won the Mr Olympia.

  9. If you’re going to form a white-civil rights organ you should never pick arrows or intersecting lines as your group’s symbol…needs somethin’ organic.

  10. As a young man living in the UK, I used to know this girl who was into fucking niggers, One time, she got some buck from Africa and he took her home fucked her a lot and then locked her up in the wardrobe, presumably for fucking later or some such. She escaped, and whined to the cops about rape and all that, but the boys in blue must have taken the same view as me.
    If you want to practise some form of sexual deviancy, there’s not much point in whining when things go wrong.

    Oddly, the response would probably be the same even in these days of Political Correctness, Whilst rape is the same as murder nowadays. The notion that niggers rape white girls daft enough to get into that situation, must surely amount to an idea too tricky for the British elite. And kinda tough for any cop trying to rise up the career ladder.

    • The default setting for 98% of coloreds – is animal.

      Those Jane Goodalls that lie down with monkeys get their face bit off.
      Those that try making cute pets out of chimps do it publicly and demonstrably for PC points, while hypocritically reserving the safety of their proximity and home as a “Colored FREE Zone.”

      • The lady was Liz (from Liverpool) – It was a perversion, a kink, something about the strangeness of the jungle bunny, indeed their animal behaviour. These were Africans. The major hazard with the local Brit niggers was their tendency to break into your property, if they knew where you lived and saw you out socializing. I wonder if she didn’t pick up AID’s given her fondness of the nigger knob.

        When they talk about a “Coloured Free Zone” in the UK – the elite don’t mind a few token niggers – it demonstrates an inclusiveness and indeed is seen as fashionable,.in moderation. The major racial problem is imposed on the lower social orders by their Guardian reading betters – an infestation of Paki’s. Miles and miles of muzz.

      • Whites need more animal. They set their sight too far into the heavens without being grounded in the Earth.

      • Whites are too materialistic to be animal. A wolf and killer doesn’t have iPhone 52.0.

        Worse, a wolf and killer doesn’t need iPhone 52.0
        Or, a 96″ Plasma

        But, it’s not just that; whites know what to do.
        They know what “shoulda” been done years ago.
        They just won’t do it.
        They will not eradicate.

        They prefer the safety of the forum.
        It is the mediated “revolution” they prefer
        Because they talk about it on iPhone 2000
        And see superheros on Plasma Extreeem

      • I don’t have an iphone or a tv, and I consider myself distracted. “eradicate” – so that’s where it comes from.

      • Hmmm – plan B from the Guardian (dated 02/24/14)

        [ed note: your Guardian is like our NYT: it never met a black ass it wouldn’t tell its readers to kiss]

  11. It’s not just good enough to look at the result.

    We already know what Final Liberation looks like…

    It’s self-annihilating…

    But these “white” females did not originate to miscegenate any more than they excercise their reproductive right with an abortion on site.

    The pathology was introduced early and fed relentlessly.

    These things are signs that “white” fathers let their daughters GO too long ago and way too early in life…

    These “white” fathers are every bit as guilty as the daughters they help shaped and mold through their total indifference.

    But it is in the “black” collective where this indifference is most pathological. So pathological is the black father/black daughter relationship that you NEVER HEAR OF IT. NEVER.

    When a “black” father sees his daughter sexually submit to “white supremacy” and feels “nothing…”

    He’s pathological… A radical autonomist.

  12. Media control is the key, its decides whats is cool, it sets the boundaries of public debate, it marginalize “radical” opinion… With media control you could turn Murka into a NS country.

  13. Ryu
    February 24, 2014 at 12:48 pm
    “I’m with you, Oogy. I understand it now.”

    And what would Black Nationalists think of comparable rules: Arab women in Afrikan harems, birthing Afrikan children? The precedent: Hyksos maidens in the harem of the Pharao of Kemet.

    • Whoa! What a mindjob.

    • Then again…

      This can ALL be contrived…

      There is the inducement to act in what appears to be in polar opposite manner, but in fact is fundamentally the same reaction.

      “We” are to either be mockingly indifferent or outrageously irrational…

      Either way… We feel radically liberated…

      This bait is already stench worthy…

      I want the “white” and “black” fathers on stand!!!

      • Wanting is the first step to “getting”

        There is no longer a point to arguing with mixed couples about their motivations.
        It is known where they live.
        They must be eradicated.

      • Some would say that is exactly what they are accomplishing BY THEIR OWN HANDS…

        What of facilitation?

  14. How can one contemplate these things and not think a degenerate father/daughter relationship isn’t behind almost everyone of these phenomena?

    • It still requires full explanation why these elite, top, select white females all seek coloreds.

      A degenerate relationship would prompt sufficiently degrading relationships with white criminals, Russian Boyars or the “rock star” cliche.

      Pairing exclusively with monkey-looking coloreds indicates they are perceived (by these females) as The Now Masters of Maledom.

      So, fuck the “man-0-sphere” it is the Monkey-Sphere exhibiting the True Power. The decadent white culture has promoted the colored to the detriment – and eradication – of its own males.

      On ryu’s commenter-commandeered HBDeee-ish post, the commenters’ argument is presented as “hellakwl white aryan brunhildes” must meet egg with Sparkly Nordic Viking sperm as solution to feeble whites’ problems

      Yet it is these Top Females having sex with coloreds while
      Baseball Hat Nazis plow heifers in Arkansas

      • Lol…

        No one can dispute the hilarity of your acidic protestations…

        I think ^^^that’s one way to look at it…

        Another way…

        These bad broods do think that they have a pet monkey…

        These broods are certainly not lacking ego.

        From a “white” liberationist perspective… These “white” broods could assimilationist assassins…

        The narrative is up for grabs…

        The white/black demographics in America are still heavily skewed towards whites…

        It’s hard to see a backlash…

        And that’s what makes it a backlash…

        But there could be a “blacklash” and pretty lily white “polar scared” within an inch of her life by an angry black MOB of “women.”

      • Ultimately, we have to reject this “in our face” miscegenation… Flip the script… PUT THESE “white” females’ “fathers” under the miscroscope to see whether we have a scumbag or rabid liberal… Assert the self-evident “equality” of the two… Scumbag father = liberal “father” = approval of daughter’s “in our face” miscegenation. Either way, this is were the reverberations will start from “our” side.

      • And of course, we can put the black “father” under the scope. His public passiveness towards miscegenation is just the kind of weakness that demands an aggressive indictment of his relationship with his black daughter(s)…

        In “principle,” his passive tolerance for miscegenation is the subtle acceptance of having his daughter assimilated into “white supremacy” WITHOUT making a peep.

        The question then becomes…

        Does such a belief render one not “black” in any identifiable outside of skin color.

        In other words, if a black “father” was tolerant of the assimilation of his black daughter into “white supremacy” could he be considered BLACK in any manner beyond his skin color?

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