Cowboy Commie

by eradican

The wild west represented different things to different people for some it was an untamed frontier, to others untapped opportunity. Where one person saw chaos another saw freedom. This era was uniquely American rife with imagery of a rugged individual conquering hardship and danger. It’s almost hard to believe a country like that morphed into the coddled and sissified nation it is today. The cowboy sharply contrasted the communist which emphasized control and centralization. These two philosophies would collide directly during the Cold War and in some unusual ways. One might even argue that the roles are reversed today.

America was born a decentralized republic while Tsarist Russia was a highly centralized monarchy. As America grew in size its centers of power moved westward. Russia in contrast was a massive empire whose power remained concentrated. Our system survived, thrived, and prospered. Their system would eventually, decline, whither, and die. There is an argument for and against centralization/decentralization but the tide of history favors the latter. There were other reasons for the ideological divide as well. America was a country that……arose through rebellion. Russia was a country made through conquest.

The origins of the Russian state go back to the medieval era when the Mongols conquered eastern Europe. By then the Mongols had divided their massive land conquests by geography and ideology. Their seat of power was in the Caucasus and this branch of the Mongols had embraced Islam. Their empire was the Golden Horde; its territory included much of Eurasia and all the major city states in Russia. They ruled with an iron fist and the nobles of Rus paid regular tribute or else. When the Golden Horde weakened and decayed their grip on power waned. Suddenly city states and nobles increasingly became emboldened and the Duchy of Moscow would fill the power vacuum slowly retaking all of Russia. Centuries later Tsarist armies would finally arrive at the Caucasus. It was this area that for so long inflicted pain, humiliation, and exorbitant tribute on the people of Rus. Well it was payback time and one of the biggest cities was renamed Grozny meaning terrible. The area also underwent demographic change with new Russian settlement much to the resentment of the local populations. The people of the Caucuses especially the Islamist north Caucasus would remain marginalized throughout the Russian Empire and Soviet era alike, although they were never specifically targeted for reprisals except when they tried to revolt during WW2. Much like other areas of eastern Europe they too welcomed the Nazis as liberators especially compared to the USSR. As punishment they were mass deported to other regions of the Soviet Union. Tens of thousands died during the journey and others deemed unfit for travel were liquidated on the spot by the NKVD. Considering that millions of ethnic Russians were murdered and imprisoned by the Bolsheviks for far less they should consider themselves lucky. A giant statue was also erected in the middle of Grozny celebrating the commander who had secured Russia’s frontier. The inscription denouncing the local population as the most vile specimens of humanity he had ever crossed. One of the first things Chechen rebels did when they began their brutal rebellion in the early 1990s was destroying that grotesque statue with high explosives.

Organized crime always existed in Russia in the form of frontier banditry not too different than America’s wild west outlaws. Both were regarded as criminals but also folk heroes as well. The Soviet Union would crack down hard on these groups wiping them out entirely. In the gulags however would rise a new type of criminal. A secret society of sorts or a thieves world. The Russian mafia or vory was born. Unlike other mafias there was “diversity” as membership included people from across the Soviet Union. When people think of the Russian mafia its often the Russian speaking Chechen branch but regardless there is no hierarchy. It’s more like a brotherhood but one with a very strict set of codes. To be a vory you must reject your family and friends entirely. You must never marry or have children either. You may sleep with women of course but absolutely nothing beyond that. Legitimate employment is also against the rules. No political activity either. Cooperating with the authorities in any capacity designates you a bitch marked for death. You may also never own property. You are however expected to assist other thieves in their missions when you can. You must also live among the criminal underworld with body tattoos designating your rank/experience. The vory would dominate the Soviet prison system and underground economy as well. The America mafia with it’s “family” culture and specific hierarchy have been mostly eliminated by the authorities but not even the USSR could achieve that against the vory. It has also been rumored that organized crime groups in the Soviet Union assisted the CIA and other western spy services during the Cold War. It might explain why they have such a large presence in NATO countries today. The 1990s in Russia were basically the wild west with shootouts and bombings occurring regularly between criminal groups. Not all of them were vory and as time went on the vory’s dominance of the economy waned but to this very day the vory are at the top of the pecking order in Russia’s prison system. Crossing the vory is extremely dangerous as even the Russian skinhead movement has learned. Once a central Asian type was assaulted and killed in a neo-Nazi attack but this nobody was a somebody. He was the equivalent of a made man in the vory. Several skinheads were found tied up and killed execution style soon afterward. Gangland slayings also have military like precision with rival mafia bosses assassinated by snipers. The vory do not fear anyone and don’t hesitate at killing cops either. They survived Stalin they can sure as hell survive anything.

America’s wild west era produced superb firearms especially the Colt 1860 revolver, Colt Single Action Army revolver, and the greatest handgun ever made Colt 1911 automatic. When you see cowboy showdowns in movies it’s these babies on display. They gave the average man/woman excellent firepower that was fast, lightweight, concealable, and easy to use. The Soviet Union would also produce a legendary firearm in the AK-47. Perhaps the most lethal firearm ever made the AK-47 and its offshoots the AKM and Chinese Type 56 are actively used in every battlefield on Earth. In one of life’s little ironies the most murderous and totalitarian state in the world produced the weapon of choice for rebels and insurgents across the globe.

The AK-47 would be made to good use by Chechen separatists in their 1990s uprising against the newly formed Russian Federation. One such Chechen desperado was Shamil Basayev. A soldier, GRU operative, mercenary, rebel commander, and terrorist, Basayev was a born killer. He organized and participated in bombings, hijackings, hostage taking, assassinations, and guerrilla warfare against the Russian people and state. He did not always hate Russia however. He served in the Soviet Army and afterward moved to Moscow with aspirations to be a lawyer. After failing the Soviet/Russian LSAT he enrolled in engineering school. He flunked out and then drifted aimlessly from job to job. A family friend would hire him as a computer salesman but according to his employer Basayev was a lazy and ineffective employee obsessed with video games and Che Guevara. The two men would ironically end up on opposite sides of the Chechen wars, with Basayev’s former boss sponsoring a pro-federal militia dubbed “Shamil Hunters”. Going nowhere in life and working dead end jobs it would seem fate had a different destiny planned for Basayev. As the USSR collapsed hardliners from the KGB staged a coup against Boris Yeltsin. Basayev armed with hand grenades was among those courageously guarding the Russian white house. This brought him to the attention of certain interested parties.

In totalitarian regimes the security apparatus is always at war with each other. Spetsnaz GRU is an entity which had long history of conflict with the KGB. Their fight however goes deeper than just that. GRU was the commando/spy network of the Red Army. They played a major role in the Russian Revolution. The entity which became the NKVD, later KGB, and presently FSB was a major rival and in some ways a reorganized continuation of the Tsarist spy service. As you might expect they were natural enemies as active against each other as the west. GRU  foiled the KGB’s coup attempt in 1991 which saw riots at KGB headquarters together with the destruction of a statue devoted to it’s founder. The KGB itself suffered a massive loss of power and prestige as it was divided up into the border guards, presidential guards, foreign intelligence, and law enforcement. GRU retains all its powers and even today commands a bigger budget and manpower than many of the KGB’s successors. GRU secured the power of the armed forces during the upheavals of the 1990s.

GRU would recruit Basayev and other Chechens into their ranks where they would return to the Caucuses to fight. First for the freedom of Abkhazia in a Russian backed coalition against Georgia. Stalin himself was an ethnic Georgian as were his top enforcers. Stalin was a Georgian nationalist and supported Georgian subordinates throughout his reign as well. After Stalin’s death and likely assassination by his inner circle together with the armed forces the Red Army seized power. They later executed all of Stalin’s top henchmen including the NKVD director and Stalin’s heir apparent. Accounts of his demise vary but he was likely taken to NKVD headquarters after it’s capture, stripped naked, beaten for humiliation purposes, and tortured to death. His remains along with other NKVD leaders were later dumped in a landfill. The NKVD would later lose most of it’s powers as it was divided up and control of the Soviet Union’s nuclear weapons transferred from the NKVD to the Red Army. When Khrushchev began to go against the interests of the armed forces a decade later he relied on the newly formed KGB against the Brezhnev faction supported by the military. The latter prevailed in the power struggle after duping the KGB leadership with promises of reward only to renege later. Khrushchev was deposed in a 1964 coup and the Soviet Army was driving the agenda again with their man Brezhnev. All the important security agencies including the KGB were now led by military men a trend that continued until the 1980s.

In Abkhazia however violence against Georgian police, soldiers, civilians, and elites was sorta like getting payback on old Joseph’s regime; their friends, family, relatives, and descendants. Many volunteers from groups persecuted by Stalin including Chechens and Cossaks joined the fight. Tens of thousands of Georgians were killed and hundreds of thousands ethnically cleansed in the Abkhazia war with Basayev and his cohorts playing a decisive role in favor of Abkhazia. Entire Georgian divisions were destroyed by GRU battalions led by Basayev who rose to the rank of major. Abkhaz rebels and their Russian partners looked the other way at Basayev’s brutality. One incident occurred where a hundred captured Georgian soldiers were beheaded in the central sports stadium. The Chechen tongue was the name given to pulling out the tongue of a severed human head from the throat. Basayev supposedly pioneered the technique. A man like that however is a double-edged sword. After victory in Abkhazia his battlefield experience would be used against Russia when a separatist movement would begin in Chechnya.

The mission that made Basayev infamous however came when he seized a hospital in southern Russia in response to a successful Russian offensive against Chechen rebels. A personal tragedy may have also driven him as a Russian air raid had recently killed most of his family. In order to slow their momentum he demanded their total withdrawal or he’d kill thousands. This ploy worked giving the rebels breathing space to escape, reorganize, and recover. Basayev and his men nevertheless killed hundreds miraculously escaping the shootout back to Chechnya under the cover of human shields. Basayev would go on to fight with distinction his battalion was among the last to leave besieged cities and the first to retake new ones. Russia would suffer more casualties and losses during the First Chechen War alone than it did during the entirety of the Soviet-Afghan war. Basayev was also one of the main leaders commanding the rebel recapture of Grozny in 1996, defeating the Russian garrison of the city winning the First Chechen War. He would then serve as a top official in the new Chechen government but by then he was only a man of violence and peaceful politics bored him.

Nothing could satisfy Basayev’s blood lust however as many who once supported him would soon learn. Russians and pro-federal Chechens who hadn’t already fled during the war were ethnically cleansed with many executed as collaborators. He would then turn his aggression towards other Chechen military brigades and commanders deeming them as insufficiently radical for his liking. Rather than build a prosperous future for his new country Basayev would turn it into the wild west. Shootouts, assassinations, kidnappings, bombings, and sniper attacks came to dominate Chechnya during “peacetime”. Basayev’s friendships with foreign jihadist types also antagonized many former comrades. Basayev could not be stopped by anyone though killing all who tried.

Basayev would ignite the Second Chechen War by invading nearby Russian territory as a “liberator”. Then came a pivotal moment in Russian history when he masterminded the Moscow apartment bombings in 1999, killing and wounding several hundred and bringing Vladimir Putin to power. It’s not a coincidence that Boris Yeltsin selected a relatively unknown KGB/FSB colonel as his successor. He lost faith in the military institutions after so many disastrous defeats and scandalous corruption revelations. The Russian military performed much better now after Putin’s reforms but in the Caucuses Basayev would fight a brutal guerrilla war against federal authorities and their local allies. He even managed to assassinate Chechnya’s pro-Moscow governor and several high ranking Russian police, intelligence, and military officials. In Russia proper he relied on airline, train station, and public square bombings. In some of his most brazen attacks entire provincial capitals were overrun by guerrillas killing scores of soldiers, policeman, civilians, high ranking bureaucrats, and civil leaders. They even looted police and military armories thanking the authorities for all their new weapons including powerful and sophisticated ones. They would quickly disappear before reinforcements could be mobilized from the surrounding regions. Even fortresses weren’t safe as the regional headquarters of the FSB was truck bombed, with Basayev himself claiming to have detonated the massive explosion by remote control. Hundreds were killed/injured and given the truck bypassed their perimeter defenses in an already heavily militarized area suggests he had inside help from agents within the Russian security apparatus. Real cloak and dagger type stuff with speculation GRU assisted in striking against their long time rival.

Basayev would also organize the the notorious Beslan school siege killing and maiming several hundred people mostly children. Basayev was Russia’s most wanted man for over a decade the bounty on his head ten million dollars. According to a subordinate Basayev evaded capture as long as he did because the police/military feared him and his battalion. Whenever they had a lead on his whereabouts they waited for reinforcements and air support but by then he was alerted to their presence. NATO supplied GPS trackers also probably helped. Despite all their animosity he would praise the professionalism and courage of Spetsnaz GRU his entire life. Basayev survived a thousand battles only to die in an accidental explosion. It seems like bizarre death circumstances follow the best soldiers like a curse. Much like that elite Navy SEAL sniper murdered by his friend back home in Texas of all places.

Special thanks to Ryu for the clip below. The cowboy, the commie, and the cold war all collide back in 1964. Who ever said the wild west died?

9 Comments to “Cowboy Commie”

  1. Wow! Great history lesson. Thank you.

  2. Two things, first the West has an overarching theme, that of securing a nice safe shopping experience for Lil” mIssy, they don’t call Wyoming the Equality State for nothing. Second those bad ass Chechen fucks were not fighting for some ideology they were fighting for liberation from people they hated. But WN being stuck in 1960 with Commander’s script simply will not face reality and hence will be nothing but a target for the Mino fascist police/propaganda machine. WN being nothing more than a waste of time a jerk off circle for the kids who get roped into it and a money maker for the anti-whites who just love people who simply have so little imagination that they still cling to Rockwell’s script as if they really could stage a coup.

    Here is the deal if the WN clusterfuck said they were just going to LIBERATE whites from the anti-whites the SPLC leadership would throw themselves off their taj mahal.

    • When all this new right blogging started everyone said “progress” was right around the corner.

      They couldn’t get Romney elected but they still insist their drivel will work. No cure for stupidity.

      • Indeed.
        Rush Limbaugh has the largest audience of all pundits: He could not even prevent the Clinton Presidency 20 years ago when the nation was better – nor Obama’s when the rot is blatantly obvious.

        If our side (naturally!) on the side of Righteous Good shows a waning influence instead of a positive – something is amiss.

        So how will the Mighty Roissy SuperFriends Alliance with friendly space aliens Matt Foney and Super Sailer prevent Hillary’s?

        The grand champion has proven powerless even later still – combining his audience of millions with FOX News – yet the online pipsqueaks believe “Bloggin’ & Bitchin’!™” and “Twitter Tirade” is some new miracle cure for ignorant apathy.

        It “should*” have been the cure, but never ever underestimate the Murkan Peoples’ limitless capacity for laziness & stupidity – even in the face of true emergency.

        I’ve told them Twitter is Not Revolution. They’re response is not Revolution, but to flame The One pointing that out.

        That “something” is: Limbaugh appeals to sluggish TrailerParkNazis who think revolution is moving from the double-wide to the pup-tent in Mt. Carmel the minute coloreds move in next door.

        I’ve told them they know what to do, but they’re now so stupidly diminished they ostensibly cannot figure out even that.

        *mrms (and hiptard rayciss) NOTE the proper usage of the word “should”

      • I used to listen to Rushie. He was a step on the path.

        Sometimes I turn him on. He always stops short in his condemnations. It’s an act for him; one can hear it in the modulation of his voice. He doesn’t mean it, fake outrage.

        The goal isn’t to raise awareness, or to emote, it’s to win! The anger that he tries to create would be better spent training or studying. The anger by itself is like setting a fire that doesn’t warm. Why spend the energy?

        [ed note: RL is an expert “argumentor” making many good points for use as potent debate weapons. it is not his fault his audience is addicted to listening to him instead of acting on their own. i wonder if the CA Transformer Sniper Assault Team had him on at the time]

  3. What a remarkable man Basayev was. Great post!

    It takes one type of man to win the revolution, another to lead his country.

    I had to see the man, listen to him speak:

  4. The Russian birthrate has really plummetted since the 1960s, only rising briefly during Gorbachevs alcohol restrictions in the 1980s. Remote villages are depopulating. The place became dysfunctional after they murdered many millions of their own people or worked them to death in the Gulag. At this rate they may be forced to pull back to their core region west of the Urals\around the Volga.

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