Mino Master Machine: New York Times

by Firepower

From left, Joe Nocera, Thomas L. Friedman, Arthur Sulzberger Jr., Carmen Reinhart, Andrew Rosenthal, Paul Krugman. (Photo by Neil Rasmus/BFAnyc.com)

Meet the Feudal Warlords who run the NYT: The article is full of collegial, chummy inside references of the arcane and esoteric.  They are all Grand Dragons in the same cushy club. You need to understand the under-pinnings of social structure with new eyes.

Jews make up 3% of the US population.  Cut that in half to ……eliminate those who aren’t in the game – under age 8 and over 88.

It’s often called the Jew York TimesI Wonder why.

1.5% of the US population is 94% of the NYT editorial board that creates, directs and distributes the official doctrine of the entire nation’s Liberal nazi propaganda.  America’s Official Liberal Doctrine then infects all Western Civilization and all its nations.  This is the bunch Sean Vannity – and Welmer Price – want to convert.  The bunch they seek to appease and obtain their approval – then act shocked – shocked! – when the synagogue at the NYT remains…Liberal nazis. Manhattan Mensch.  Manhattan Mafia

To merely rant about Jews And News!® is ineffective; it really does offend brainwashed Murkans – those who perceive even saying “jew” as racist.  They’ll mock and invalidate the truth (any truth) from those they deem “racist” then deny it – and get most everyone else to deny it also. But…simply showing this picture and flipping the game around and propagandizing them shows them a truth they cannot deny.

Firepower Says:

The Only Way To Attack Truth Is With A Lie”

Force The One True Enemy attack your truth with The Lie. This is called an ambush – then expose the lie. Such exposure contaminates not only the statement, but the one who uttered the words into a polluted pool now rendered forever suspect.  I’ve done this my entire adult life. You see it now primitively done on Twitter.

Your goals are to persuade minds until we are the majority. If such people are stubbornly resistant to Truth and always need additional, constant persuasion -they are stupid by degrees.  Measure them constantly.  They do  have purpose. The many hopeless are fit to be grunts storming future barricades.

I often queried Spearhead Price over why he worried so much what the NYT said, thought – and printed.  He never gave an answer.  Pretty shocking for a guy who writes 40,000 pages a month who’s unable to respond cogently.  He’s one of those who thinks even writing the word “jew” is icky-racist-anti-semitic-horror-terror…

Now YOU TOO can be SHOCKEDSHOCKED when the NYT sucks, licks, fellates – then excuses Obama’s Latest Outrage!© – then endorses HRH Hillary for Queen.

61 Comments to “Mino Master Machine: New York Times”

  1. FP writes about da jews! Pat will be shocked.

    Looking at that picture, I’m interested in the physical awkwardness. No one looks really comfortable in his body. Also, and it’s true for every Hillary and Obama pic, where are the secret service? Those hoffjuden must have bodyguards. Where are they?

    • The factual jew doesn’t shock Heetler Haniggan.
      He only discusses “juden,” kikes, fuckin’ kikes and goddamn fuckin’ kikes.

      That, of course, has worked such wonders… the past 40 years.

      • I should like your thoughts on something. Oogenhand’s system allows white men to take non-white wives. Those kids would be accepted as white. They would also serve as janissaries for us.

        Is this reasonable? Currently all mixlets go to the mino side; Obama is regarded as black.

        I just read this artie. Many comments, non-racists, were essentially calling Clarance an Uncle Tom.

      • Minoism is pure ideology. Whites are often the main proponents of a Liberal nazism that seeks to eradicate them in favor of The Diverse Man. This is seen doubly proven by the HATRED coloreds also have for any of their own siding with Whites. Any man hated by the Jackson-Sharpton Militant Colored Nexus is potentially a great ally. Jews included.

        The part that’s easy to tolerate is our kind of non-white comprises only 4% of their respective race.

        If – and that’s the rub – non-whites seek to ally with us we must welcome them. White separatism is a failure and will be as long as Whites permit whites allied with minos to interfere and infiltrate.

        The Big Bugaboo of TrailerParknazis is “infiltration” by informants and the difficulty detecting traitors who look like they do. The Answer: Infiltrate the white liberal groups. Turn it around. Make them sweat in fear for a change. Odds are, these sissified Pajama Boys will stumble. We all have the same skin color and we can infiltrate them as easily they do us.

        The failure of a nationalism (based on purity of whiteness) must therefore come from excluding others.

        Murkas problem comes not from Africans, but Murkan Coloreds. Some of the biggest haters of (murkan) “niggers” I’ve seen are recent African immigrants. I can differentiate quite swiftly the difference between a black and a colored.

        I see no reason to spare a George Clooney based solely on his color while a Clarence Thomas/Sowell is eradicated solely for his.

        Plenty of whites are proven the worst enemies of Whites. If they would be eradicated first, then there’d be less outcry when the militant coloreds are eradicated.

        The first battle Whites face is weeding out and eradicating the corruptors that make up nearly half their own.

      • Excellent response. I could infiltrate leftist sites but it would be a long term project and I’d be seen alot less on wn sites. Do you give me permission? I am willing to try something different.

      • No, you’re much too valuable here.

        Online Infiltration has limitations. It’s temporary; like our Futrelle skirmish. If you feel like fighting and exercising your essay-combat skills, take a handful of snipes then egress. Do it under a pseudonym. If the libbots follow your alias here, I relish combating them for practice so I can publicize my truth and views on them. But, their rational capacity decreases with every blowjob they give Obamaism so its difficult to learn new tactics of defense as they mutate into a Religion. For me now, it’s like a Viking fighting a monk.

        Even Futrelle with his “large” following avoided invading Eradica.

        The infiltration of their actual irl groups (the way USG infiltrates ours) causes more damage.
        Check out
        …for a primer on how to cause mayhem. It’s all based on my dictum of Truth. Make The One True Enemy lie – then publicize that to the audience full of dim sleepers.

      • I think “someone” should be infiltrating those groups. But it’s a full time job just as this is. Too few wns are doing any projects. We have no Yegravs, or at least none to my knowledge.

      • Yes.
        Seeing how everyone is still behind us by years, screaming about “n-niggerz & k-k-kikes”
        TDO & JAN…
        Donning their MegaViking Horn Hats
        Dreaming of Riding Sparkly Wolfies

        We must inspire others who’ve not yet earned your rank.
        Infiltration is the foot-soldier’s duty.

        It is also a good way to proof and test them.

        You’re better off finding subordinates to carry out your orders.
        You know how to judge loyalty better than a recruit.

    • One day, all will bow down to MJ:

  2. I’m reading this book: The Fatal Embrace: Jews and the State http://www.amazon.com/Fatal-Embrace-Jews-State/dp/0226296660

    It was published in 1993 and was written by the “American” jewish college professor called Benjamin Ginsberg : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benjamin_Ginsberg_(political_scientist)

    Jewish power isn’t a recent phenomenon that started with the Rothschilds and Karl Marx in the 19th century, its much older than that.

    The tax farmers of medieval Europe are almost all kikes, in Spain they worked in the bureaucracies of the both Christian and Muzz sides, they’re the ultimate insiders posing as outsiders.

    The jewish merchants controlled the trade between Christian Europe and the Muslim Middle-East: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radhanites

    We can go even further than that, there was a Ancient Jewish lobby in 1st century BC Rome, they supported Julius Caesar and exported gold from the Roman provinces to Jerusalem. In the words of Cicero: http://diaspora.commons.yale.edu/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=88&Itemid=51

    The hatefulness of the Jewish gold now follows. Surely this is the reason that this case is being tired not far from the Aurelian steps. For the sake of the crime, this place and this crowd, Laelius, was sought by you. You know how large this band is and how close and how powerful they are in assemblies. So, I will proceed with a quiet voice, so that (only) judges may hear. Indeed, there is no lack of those who would incite them against me and anyone respectable. I will not help those men to do this more easily.

    When it was accustomed that gold was sent to Jerusalem each year from Italy and from all the other provinces by the authority of the Jews, Flaccus forbid by edict for this gold to be exported from Asia. Who, judges, is there who would not truly praise this deed? In fact, the senate during my consulship vehemently and frequently in the past determined that gold ought not to be exported.

    Pro Flacco 66-67 (Latin text from thelatinlibrary.com)


    The Colosseum was built with the gold looted from the Jerusalem Temple after the Jewish Revolt of 70 AD: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colosseum#History

    Construction of the Colosseum began under the rule of the Emperor Vespasian[5] in around 70–72 AD, funded by the spoils taken from the Jewish Temple after the Siege of Jerusalem.

    We’re facing a enemy that kept a consistent Modus Operandi over more than 2.000 years.

  3. I’m gonna be honest with you folks I just don’t believe that female in that pic has a magic jewgina nor does that little idiot cult have females with magic jewginas in general. Maybe they believe that shit in the synagogue or at Stormfront (send money to the latest jewser “namer”)

    If any of you have proof of magic jewgina let me know.

    [ed note: nonsense. you’re not getting the point. what does magic have to do with bolstering additional proof for an actual photo. the picture is the argument]

    • So you don’t give the jews any special status, that they are no different than any other liberal?

      • The thing about jews is that they’re not liberal or comservative, they use ideologies and religions created by themselves to defend and promote jewish power, their religion is TribalJewish Power.

        After the Romans destroyed their Temple they launched a mass campaign of subversion against Rome, it was called Christianity but backfired on them so later they did the same with the Arabs, the Muzz prayed in direction of Jerusalem, they changed to Mecca later.

        When Christianity vs Islam, Capitalism vs Communism,… Goyim butchering themselves for the good of jews.

    • I mock them, I mock them if they look like that, I mock them for no doubt wishing they had magic jewginas instead of altered shlongs.

      Now if I were a good jewser I would shriek everytime I see world healer or read a world healer and his/her/its magic words, but I don’t because I don’t want the kids to get the idea that the world healers are the POWERFUL OOGA BOOGA g-d.

  4. I can not imagine anything I read on this page being permitted to even be discussed in any mainstream media organ in the next ten thousand years.

    • I no longer care about the vast majority of humanity. I only respect radical wns and the direct action types. They are truly the best of us. Either someone is hungry enough to take, or they get what they deserve – nothing.

  5. It’s a good article but I’m pretty sure that isn’t how population statistics work.

    [ed note: that last part of your observation isn’t at all convincing}

    • Sorry for the rant but even if there is a strong genetic and cultural component to Jewish social influence, I blame the Gentiles for choosing to maintain this crap society, when they have the numerical power to instantly make any political change they might desire. It seems they WANT things to be this way.

      • People need leaders, there isn’t a single goyim leader capable of fighting the ZOG machine.

        Nieztche was right, Judea defeated Rome.

  6. @Ryu (February 13, 2014 at 12:32 pm) “Ooog”‘s mantra is for White men to race mix with non-White women because he’s a freak. No offence Ryu but I have never understood why you take this Jew-Aspy-Race-mixing promoter seriously. Race-mixing is the answer to all our problems?

    There are still a number of White women left in this country you men could take as “spoils” of war so really, is this even worth serious consideration.?

    I can tell you are getting frustrated Ryu, as we all are but I hope you will stay the course of study and training for action when the time comes.

    • Rita…

      First, WN has no articulated procreation policy. Secondly, that WN sect that advocates “race purity” is a sect of radical liberationists.

      The white Supremacist starts with a simple axiom. Procreation is imperialistic and generational in scope. In this, Oogenhand passes.

      There is a core and there is fringe. There is perpetuation and assimilation. Ebb and flow. And of course, there are a lot of white men in need of rewriting the narrative and taking the longer view in this time of radical autonomy.

      • Enemies of my people always chide racial “purists”. Sorry to burst your bubble but you throw an Asian or some variation into your woodpile and you have something new, not a European. Enough people do that and we have nothing left to fight for. Asians can be very intelligent (after all Jews are an Asian mix) but they are not us.

        So….the readership and commenters here….what are you here for? What is it you want? An end. to “liberalism”? What do you want in its place?

      • All I want is a shot, Rita. There doesn’t need to be some miracle cure where liberalism disappears and roses springs from the ground. Just an opening.

      • Oh and are many of you already a bit mixed? If you are, I feel for you but how can you be so harsh against people like me who want to preserve our light coloring and special kind of talents and skills our people bring to the table.

        I have been very supportive of Greeks and other less pure Europeans preserving their race, culture and self determination as have many of my more Nordic looking friends. Can we hope to receive the same respect and support in return?

      • Rita

        “Enemies of your people…”

        Always chide racial “purists” BECAUSE THIS IS PART OF THE SCRIPT…

        But you must distinguish chiding from truth and falsity.

        “They” chide not because “racial purity” is a false liberationist concept. “They” chide SO THAT THE PERCEPTION is of one clamoring for an impossible reality.

        What you don’t seem to get is that “you” are on the same side as your “enemies” and the DISPUTE is the cover.


        You cannot deny this…


        This understanding DOES NOT THEN mandate race-mixing.

        In other words, just because racial purity does not exist DOES NOT MEAN we MUST racially mix.

        There is no necessary connection.

        So first… A procreation policy must be put forward by the genuine white Supremacist.

        Imperial and generational at the fundamental level.

        Actual white “purity” ebbs and flows over generations subsequently influenced by the imperial intent of those in the “business” of perpetuating.


        WN is in mere “survival” mode clinging to a false liberationist construct.

    • All wns are freaks, Rita. We are all far different from normal people. Oogy is just weird to most wns. He is to us, what wns are the Americans. Oogy was the first to write about the costs of victory.

      I believe in true diversity. Nature tends toward it. The more strains of wn available, the more probable that one strain will succeed. The system does not push diversity, because all must love gays and minos. Diversity and tolerance allows hate.

      Would you do *anything* to win? No man can serve two masters. There is no way that wns will get everything they want in the bargain. There will be a cost. That cost may be some mixing, some racial purity lost.

      I’m frustrated in a way. I now realize that wns must work alone IRL. We may write to others online, but that is all.

      • In my mind, Oogenhand’s line of thought is grounded in the idea that European man and the jihadist are heading for another historical clash and his recipe is unfolding in anticipation of victory…

        What to do with jihadist enemy women and children?

        In sheer biological terms, many of the jihadist enemy is Caucasoid (thus there infatuation with radical liberation).

        What would Rita proscribe?

      • TDaddy I am very informed about why certain propaganda is used, such as the “racial purity” rhetoric. And as far as what I would allow (if anyone even gave a hoot and frankly right now I am mostly concerned with the HOW of winning a homeland for us not what happens afterwards) I would never be in favor of our people raping any women. It’s against God’s laws. I don’t think any of us know how this will all play out but in my mind non- whites will be repatriated to their country of origin or somewhere else we decide from whatever land we can secure. I like to think we will not behave like animals like the Jrws (like Oogemhand)

      • I agree…

        But Oogenhand has already stated that his “religion” is in opposition to Christianity on the matter of taking enemy women as booty. And I also don’t believe he has identified as a white Supremacist. The above suggests he is closer to a “white” liberationist.

      • Although Rita…

        It was “you” that used the propaganda of “racial purity” and the question is how it is in the interest of white Supremacists to cling to this false LIBERATIONIST notion?

        Where I stand, the “racial purists” are an enemy within genuine white Supremacy for the simple fact that they appropriate a label to which they are undeserving. In fact, there is a mutual understanding between the “racial purists” and the collective forces of anti-white Supremacy in perpetuating these false realities IN ORDER TO OBSCURE the radical liberationism behind all of them.

      • I am going to havw to let this go because I don’t care to claim the White Supremacist title any more than you care to even notice the “racial purity” nonsense.

        I THINK I understand what you mean by Supremacy so I hope you are striving for.mastery over your self and either taking action to push this forward or training to do so. Otherwise, you. are no better than a Jew troll who comes onto blogs to keep people busy debating about inconsequentials.

        And for the record I don’t have an agreement with anyone to debate on racial purity.

      • Rita…

        I come to here to make sure a distinction is made between “white” liberals and genuine white Supremacists the same way I would go to a “black” blog to make this distinction.

        It is a VITALLY important distinction.

        That the “white” liberationist doesn’t want to make the distinction is purely self-serving.

        They can, quite simply, do as they please and by mere whiteness of skin taint “white supremacy.”

        A way to taint something is to ascribe to it false “truths” such as the “truth” of “racial purity.” So to taint white Supremacy, a radical “white” liberal would ascribe the belief of “racial purity.”

        And since the litmus test is loyalty to white man…

        Free will must be a given.

        In the “racial purity” myth is a lack of white man’s free will FOR THE LITMUS TEST of the “racial purist” is adherence to a self-evident fallacy.

        In other words, to believe in “racial purity” is to reject your own free will.

        Radical liberationist.

        But that’s looking back…

        Looking forward is the false charge that this embrace of truth now necessitates race-mixing.

        There is no necessary leap at all, but “free will” and imperial intent have a long existential history.

        We turn to preservation…

        But this MUST mean procreation and perpetuation in the minimum…

        Why else have an opinion on the WN procreation policy?

        What is stopping the “racial purists” from purifying?


        And that is WHY THEY ARE NOT purifying.

        Radical liberationists…

        So Rita…

        I am glad that you reject the white Supremacist label AS YOU SHOULD. This is righteous of you. But a hierarchy stands nonetheless and in the hierarchy of WN is the genuine white Supremacist AT THE TOP.

        I did not make this so…

        I must submit to this though…

        If I am a white man loyal to white man…

        The radical liberationist can’t be loyal to the white man.

      • All one need do is see LA and Detroit for proof White Man is not supreme.
        Then, see Country Boy Trailer Parks
        Then – Chris Matthews and Bill Maher.

        If Manhattan whites are the epitome
        Of Supremacy
        Then it is not supreme to
        Fixate on $$$$ and
        Abandon their country kinfolk

      • Last time I checked, Manhattan “whites” were of the radical liberationist type.

        But again, you are only conceiving white Supremacy in relativistic terms.

        It’s not white Supremacist versus “white” liberationist.

        It’s your liberated self versus your Supremacist self and the choice of which self affords YOU more freedom.

      • You write in circles.
        NObody knows wtf “radical lib” theory is
        but you

        Thus it becomes a pretty drawing of scribbles a child defines at whim to be one day “an aeroplane” and the next, a Magic Castle.

        You are a Rorschach Blot.
        I offered you an opportunity to post a full article defining your philosophy but you sat idle.
        So don’t presume condescension in a retort of mere sentences.

        You must expose your philosophy to the tempering force of scrutiny or forever be lost in platitudes emulating religion.

        Philosophy relying on mysticism… is religion.
        Religion is a facile luxury for hurried, desperate and deprived people – none of which characterize Today’s Brandyn!® – the very people you must recruit.

      • “NObody knows wtf “radical lib” theory is
        but you”

        Oh thank God. I thought I was the only one who didn’t understand what he’s talking about. I’ve really tried!

      • Lol…

        In my mind, your lack of “understanding” is entirely self-serving.

        You both understand that there is a distinct difference between the “white” liberationist and the white Supremacist, no?
        [ed note: no. You make said difference arcane and unnecessarily complicated]

        You both understand that a white man who strives towards Supremacy is a white Supremacist, no?

        You both understand that a white man who tries to be a genuine white Supremacist is doing a good, righteous and truthful thing, no?

        You both understand that if you espouse “racial purity” in the name of white man then you have stripped said white man of his free will, no?
        [I do agree with the formers, except that noted above. maybe english is not your native tongue so you get a break. Still, you assume a belief negates a free will. A lion exercises no free will in choosing to eat meat over oatmeal; it can do both]

        The “white” liberationist will do anything and has “nondiscrimination” and “tolerance” to thank for such “freedom.”

        The white Supremacist must be Truthful as it seems the only gateway to the experience of God ordained free will…
        [if God chose to ordain White Man as ruler of His World – He’s doing a bad job in view of Detroit, Muzzland and Obama. ANY philosophy requiring multitudes of quotation marks will fail]

        So if the battle is against the “white” liberationist, i.e., Liberal Nazi aka The Nonjudgemental Nazi, then…

        What do we call you two if you’re not just another degree of “white” liberationist, i.e., one who will do anything for more freeeeedumb????

        And of course these things run in circles…
        [it need not run in circles. unnecessary complexity makes it circular. if, as Nietzsche said, “God is a thing that makes straight paths crooked.” then the plain truth of Whites oblivious to their targeting for destruction by minos, coloreds and liberal nazis cuts to the simple heart of the matter]

        We’re stuck in your material world just like material girls.

        [if your philosophy cannot stand friendly scrutiny here among compatriots, then enemies will tear it to pieces over obvious mistakes]

      • @Tdaddy Something Matt Parrot once said resonates with me. I can’t remember the exact quote so I will paraphrase: Some of the White people I love the most are ugly and stupid. Still, I want them and our race to survive.

        I probably don’t understand the way you are using the term “White Supremacist” but when you see that even Firepower doesn’t understand, the onus truly is on you to explain it in a way that can be understood, if indeed you’re trying to be helpful. If you are not trying to be helpful here then you are simply blowing smoke and certainly no one is going to take you seriously. Honestly, I sincerely want to understand because I expect there ARE some pearls of wisdom in your philosophy.

        {ed note: maybe english is not his native tongue(?)]

        The only way I have understood the term White Supremacist is as it is used by our enemies. They tell folk that we think we are better than everyone else and they shame White people that might actually like their own people the best. It’s a tool of conditioning Whites into not acting on behalf of themselves lest they be heretics against the equality/diversity cult. SO, I am not eager to claim the term “White Supremacist.” Still I suspect you mean it in a different way, where a WS masters himself and his surroundings and becomes the supreme ruler of his life and his destiny. Am I getting close?

        If that’s the case, I still can’t see that having sex non-Whites makes one supreme. I think you are poisoning yourself when you do this. It is probably more the case with women though because of their anatomy. Still, swapping spit etc. with a non-White can’t be beneficial and I thought the idea was to be supreme? (Superior to others)

        Could you give me some examples of what makes a particular White man supreme?

    • Rita, how many sons do you have?

      • Not sure how this matters but naturally I do have a woman’s perspective on such things and I also think our enemies would have quite a field day with this thread which although I can’t even be sure all of you are even White Europeans, could be used to show how evil the “White Supremacists” are.

      • Hey! Rita, would you be willing to “wing” wn men? You’ve heard the word wingman. That’s something white women can do for their men.

        I have no fear of our enemies. They are servants.

      • Rita…

        Clearly, the radical liberationists already believe white Supremacy to be “evil.” Of course, it is not our mandate to go and play all reverse psychology and show said radicals how really nice and good the white Supremacist really can be…

        No Rita…

        The white man who strives towards Supremacy is the genuine white Supremacist.

        “Evil” gets no play although “evil” will pull all stops to try and crush genuine white Supremacy wherever and whenever “it” can.

        This isn’t a matter of semantics as the radical liberationists would have you believe…

      • Ryu, would I go to a night club with a guy and help him find women to pump and dump? NO.

        Would I be a friend to a man and hang out with him and give him the social cred and moral support that might help him form a healthy White family? Would I recommend a good man to good women I know? Certainly. This is assumimg I could still be useful in this area. I have actually offered this to a couple men in the past but I think maybe they have given up on women or prefer to try online dating

  7. So, no sons? Any daughters?

    Forgive my intrusion into your personal life, but a woman’s children are her resume.

    • First you will give me YOUR resume. THEN I will check your references. THEN you will have an interview with one of my underlings and if pass muster, you will take a written exam. If you pass, you will be granted a second interview. Then and only then will you even meet me at which point I may tell you something personal about my family. I CERTAINLY WON’T BE SHARING THAT INFO HERE YOU DOLT.

  8. Whether men are assholes or if women are gold diggers become wedge issues for “our” side.
    It highlights the disunity; it becomes the issue for discussion rather than fighting The One True Enemy.

    However,feminism and issues of sex/gender pose inconsequential problems for the united FFOL: They focus on Their One True Enemy – Whites and specifically, White Men. They set aside their differences to attack the castle, eradicate all of the defenders then loot the place.

  9. Fact of the day; Jewish identity is passed on maternally from being conquered and raped throughout history.

    • Which seems equivalent to asking your avowed enemy to completely annihilate your people.


    • Illlustrates one reason I oppose the Oog strategy.

      • Then again… History would tell us that the Jews have no real avowed enemy willing to annihilate them as opposed to conquering and raping them into perpetual existence.

      • Then again, that doesn’t make Oog’s strategy a good one. Take charge, O Supreme one. I’m sure you can muster something up!

        PS. I’ll make coffee.

      • Rita…

        I think I made my two points.

        You are a “racial purist” with no free will and no clear procreation policy for WNs.

        And Jews have NO avowed enemy called “white supremacy” that seeks their total annihilation. This pathological belief is actually an effect of Jewish matrilineal genealogy.

      • I wanted to thank you for that Pussy Riot video at MW’s, Rita Rabbinski. I have been thinking about it a great deal.

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