“Stupid” Things

by Ryu

It’s good to do “stupid” things now and then. Even often.

Most people have a low risk tolerance relative to their desires. They want alot, but they won’t risk alot. This is especially true for wns. I have more admiration for the foolish wns who go for too much, even though they often do not prepare properly – they had the guts but not the brains.

Playing it too safe won’t get you what you want. One has to get comfortable with risk and ……comfortable with loss. Risk and profit go literally together. Youtube is full of kids taking stupid risks, blowing stuff up, car-surfing and other things. But there’s no other way of finding out the limits. The universe will tell you if you’ve exceeded your speed limit.

It’s such a necessary part of development, yet “safety” culture deprives us of it. Security is a mindset. By making the world safer and reducing risk, we also reduce the rate of progress.

Use fear as a gauge. If too afraid, you are risking too much and over your head – abort. If unafraid, you risk too little and are not maximizing profit. The right amount of fear is a little bit, slightly out of control.

Youtube is a good resource for finding this sort of thing. Note the age, race and gender of the participants.

8 Comments to ““Stupid” Things”

  1. I’m learning how to play on the stock market with fake money. Soon I will risk some real money.

    • Be careful! There’s no comparison between fake and real money. The emotional component is most important.

      Don’t get greedy. There’s a “real” return that you should expect. You won’t double your money without taking a huge amount of risk. No way.

      At first, with real money, just try to break even in the long run. If you can do that, you will beat most people. Then you move to making a little bit, then making a good amount. It’s a progression. And it takes years.

      I’d wish you luck, but there is no luck. Take luck out of it and take control.

      • Returns appear to be very small right now if the current news stories are to be believed.

      • You determine the return, but there is a proper expectation. If most traders earn 20%, a good trader can earn a bit more. It’s clear though when someone’s pushing too hard. Their return will be up and down, very swingy. Some do well with that style, but I’d rather be consistent.

      • Not many people are getting 20 percent an anymore Ryu!

  2. Get on a bull. just once.

  3. Go gambling at a public casino and and play till you LOSE one weeks paycheck, if you happened to win go back next week and gamble your paycheck + winnnings, etc keep going till you LOSE all your gambling money.
    After the loss you will feel sick ……but the lesson is you are still the same person after the loss!

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