Mayhem Chronicles: 12/21/2013

by Firepower

Americans Are Helpless Unlike Sudanese who Have Access to Firearms and Facemasks

I wrote this at Xmas, but often prefer to see what emphasis peeeeeple put on things they considered EarthShattering!!!™  even a few short weeks ago.  Much is learned by what we of course, remember – but I also learn from what people forget:

White peeeeple must fear Invincible UncleBeast. Millions of hackers even in poo-wer countries operate without fear against (and among) our vaunted (and feared!) omniscient, computer tracking NSA.  Why, the all-seeing all-knowing eye of the NSA even tracks your email!  Belarussian teens who face getting their balls electrocuted in a gulag as punishment for stealing credit cards must have something we don’t. Chant along now:

We obey
Our NSA!

Hip Hip Hoo-ray

NSA is here to STAY!

Perhaps Belarus TEENBrandons think differently when they hear “starve the beast.”  To wn “activists” that means: …Abandon your centrally heated home and move into a barn.

US MarineHEROS!™ “were” poised to stick their pink little lily-white noses into another Third World toilet to help Struggling-Pre-African-American-Africans fix their country Once And For ALL!  The South Sudanese (the world’s newest country) dare to shoot the shit out of their oppressive tyrannical government and DeathSquad their civilian enemy neighbors.  Imagine these silly rebels.  They are inferior to us because they’re savages and they don’t have US Camp Cupcake BiGFed Prisons but instead face being tortured to death.  We are superior.  We Tweet.

We worry about drones taking our picture.  Drones are invincible.  In Vietnam, US chopper crews protected their balls with helmets from 7.62mm AK rounds and copters still were shot down.

Big USG must pass laws that prevent angry white guys from shooting transformers on telephone poles; if colored “urban areas” were left without power in winter they will accuse BiGGov of conspiring to freeze and eradicate them (like they did with The Crack Epidemic!) and march toward the suburbs to kill defenseless whites, sparking a subsequent national uprising.

While USCong is at it, they must pass laws preventing destruction of those cable and telecom junction boxes you see on most side streets – but I’m sure they  have 30 or so surveillance cameras pointed at them and hundreds of local police monitoring the screens.

22 Comments to “Mayhem Chronicles: 12/21/2013”

  1. Excellent! More of this!

    We are not superior to the third world. They are superior to us. They can do what Americans cannot.

  2. Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    Facemasks, facemasks, facemasks…

  3. As I’ve said before, the reason why whites lose is that there is no white race. There is a black race in the U.S. in that all blacks stick together, but they don’t get along with African or Caribbean blacks who view them as inferiors.

    What happened to American whites is happening to American blacks. Fell for that “we’re all Americans” b.s.

    Only with the blacks, the Somalians and Jamaicans aren’t quite as willing to buy into the “we’re all niggers” fallacy.
    Hence the need to “Educate them.”

    Blacks unify around the color of their skin because they have nothing else.

    White don’t do that, because of all their baggage. Also because there are no really feral whites who live a tough, tribal lifestyle anymore.

    Whites need clans. They need orders.

    • If we accept this ^^^ as the basic assumption then clearly only genuine White Supremacy could possibly stand as a truly coalescing force amongst White Man.

      And many “white” men will be on the outside.

      It will never be otherwise.

      • I think a lot of White Patriarchal types get it wrong too. Clan formation is the initial link.

        The only descendents of the Puritans-New Englanders are those Mormons who went west. A relatively small number of people, who had it pretty tough, but grew into a powerful nation within a nation.

        The clan is not the only available unit. It is the central unit that produces the excess males. There are never going to be enough females to g around.

        The excess males are the combat males. They form the orders and brotherhoods and go out to bring in their own women….cue David Lane’s fantasies translated to reality.

        Men today don’t have an abundance mentality. Patriarchs do. That’s the whole purposes of having a large family.

      • The only effective program of increased breeding is the de facto polygamy (and polygyny) of the coloreds.
        They are the ones with 5 “wives” and 34 descendants.

        White youth sleep alone on a pile of condoms in the same bed they did at age 12.

      • White Nationalist have no mandate on procreating and how could they when they don’t really believe in “it.”

        If man is not the product of his beliefs and actions than inevitability reigns supreme and we play the most childish guessing game.

        If the “core” of WN is Atheistic Darwinism then WN is another self-annihilating liberationist movement. And lo-and-behold… The transformation is right before one’s eyes AND disintegrating…

        Not taking WN as a given is the first gross error. The WN claim is insuperable and the reality extant. Not ideal. But it may never be. We keep the rules illuminated and the fire burning, White Supremacists are rejected as self-evident leaders of any true WN movement. This is gross error number two. WN SHOULD exclude Atheistic Darwinist from leadership roles AS IT SHOULD. The consequence of a belief shall be maintained. If there is no Higher Authority and white man lacks free will IT IS SIMPLY POINTLESS for an Atheistic Darwinist TO LEAD any movement.

        To where? And under false perceptions of moving mechanical “men.”

        These are the basic starting points for those so far detached that merely rolling on your stomach is a giant leap.

      • First off, there is no such thing as wn and certainly no WN.

        It is as if “Minutemen” gave themselves a cool name in 1776 then sat on their asses for generations until the American Colony became total tea drinkers in 1876.

        wn lost me. As a concept and word, it has the stench of failure on it like “luftwaffe” and “Republican.”

  4. Have a family by all means. I see polygamy catching on, as there are more and more single,young white women without employment who are opting to become “sister-wives.” It’s not a huge trend, but it is a trend.

    This is kind of top game, because its usually the wife going out and looking for a second live in woman at her husband’s behest.

    But that’s not where it’s at. If you look around, there’s a shortage of white male kids combat aged or younger. Young white males who might prove dangerous to the system are controlled or curtailed their whole lives until they’re brainwashed into serving ZOG in some capacity.

    I’ve been thinking a Boy’s Ranch for troubled white kids would be a great idea and very doable. Seriously thinking of doing it myself, even though I don’t particularly like kids.

    • My wife sometime “jokes” about having a sister-wife. This bull’s too old for that shit though! Sometimes she watches other peoples kids, along with our four, and says it’s no problem having 8 kids under 7 years old in the house. My regret isn’t not getting another wife, it’s not starting to have kids when I was younger.

      • Just take some Tribulus and get on with it. Really, sometimes one thinks the White race is as feeble as it seems. White men welcome middle-age and lower-testosterone, bigger beer guts and easy chairs.

        Meanwhile the Quiverfull types are always lean and procreating into their 50s and 60s.

        Train your older kids to raise the younger ones.

  5. While we’re on the subject: It costs a lot of money to have white kids.

    How did the Israelites multiply while in captivity in Egypt.

    See Midwives.

    Midwifery is the nationalist’s secret weapon.

    I say this as one who was delivered by a midwife.

    Have kids delivered by midwives. raise them without toys and cartoons, (its Cheaper!) and then filter them into schools run by the Orders.

    homeschooling is great to a point, for some kids. boys homeschooled until maybe 10. girls until 15..

    • Could you share more with everyone about why having your children delivered by midwives is a good idea? My daughter is considering this profession.

      • Homebirth means out of the control of the state.

        out of the hospitals, out of the “socialization” process that infants birthed in the hospitals go through (read up on it).

        It doesn’t cost 10-12 thousand zogbux.

        homebirth can be more advanced and less painful for the mother and infant.

        I can get more into the mechanics of it, but it’s an ideal profession for a young white woman.

      • Until you neutralize the State that forcibly imprints the required SS# on any infant it is all VRW dreams and forum fappery.

  6. Alt-righters, contards, SPers are permanently on the defensive, and when they are not they are bullying people who are stepping out of line Kapos one and all. Right now I’m being lectured by an essayist at Radix, I’ll bet if Timmay Weaselfacenstein gave him a smart badge the essayist would denounce me as a “white soooopremacist.”

  7. FP It’s already being done. There are thousands of white kids being born without SS #. Not tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands, but it is a phenomenon that is already occurring.

  8. You have to create a program. That’s step one.

    Once you’ve created program you realize you haven’t got any material in the whole country capable of accomplishing this program.

    So you’re back to square one with Codreanu, understanding that you need men not programs. Manson pointed out there are no MEN in the U.S. He did this around 20-30 years ago, calling himself the Male Matriarch.

    So you’re back at square one with no men and no program.

    So where do men come from?

    • Where do Men come from? Firstly, boys themselves must have the desire to become Men.

      There is an equally White Knight Rescue Mentality in tutelage just as there is in PUA/MRM regarding pussy.
      Older warriors love to beat themselves up for not Teaching Teh Baybee Brandon “how” to become a man. Baybee Brandon loves to perpetuate this myth for it lets him her off the hook by Blaming DAD! *sniff!*

      It is not solely the Older Warriors’ fault. Junior must want to learn how to shoot. How to think. How to be masculine. You cannot teach a weakling pride. The desire for it comes from within. The only model you can use is the rare Teddy Roosevelt example. Research his youth.

      Boys must want to become Men.

  9. I don’t necessarily believe that manhood can be taught.

    And yes boys must want to become men.

    Which means all the boys who are currently bred are being bred wrong.

    Which takes us back to square one.

    The breeding of sons. It’s only a small minority who can be taught to become men. The rest are born.

    Men therefore are sired by other Men who breed with the right woman. She who may bear strong sons.

    Everything else comes afterwards.

    I dislike children, btw, don’t have any and don’t plan to.

    • Having children with the right woman is a dream of man that perished with feminism. Those days are gone. They existed in America, but not today’s Murka.

      The one thing the MRM & murmz get “right” is attacking the vindictive, combative nature of today’s woman.
      Tom Leykis is the authority on refusing to enter a financial marriage with such vampiric creatures.

      To think one can achieve happiness in Modern Murkan Marriage is naive. It is fraught with legal pitfalls thrown in by Fascist Liberal Lawmakers to benefit one falange of its favored minos: Females. Marriage punishes ONLY White Males. Colored males can fuck and run – without paying – and pump out dozens of ghetto spawn charged to the White Taxpayer – namely, White MEN.

      Better to fuck as many “right white” women you can (all five of them) and impregnate them. Pay child-support and Vaginamony while you plan to knock-up the next.

      Having children in marriage is not necessary. Vaginas can have your child without a piece of Government Paper.

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