MINO Master Machine: Homeland Security

by Firepower

He Does Have Every Reason To Smile: He Won

Jeh Johnson is a an octoroon named after an African tribal chief.  No mudhuts and flies-in-the-eyes for him; he likes working for jewish & WASP Elite Manhattan law firms.  Real Secret Handshake stuff; he hates White Men, but has (predictably) the white trophy wife.

He went to one of those fashionable Colored Cosby Colleges: Connected – check. 

He practiced his liberal fascism under the Clinton Regime then perfected his Liberal nazism in the Obama Regime. His tenure in Hilary’s Clinton 2.0 dictatorship will no doubt be his Greatest Life Achievement in a blessed 21st century life of a mino.  All his fantasies will come true.

He runs the MRAP Bureau of Police. He bought those Billions ‘O Bullets for use on…… TEA Party white people and not La Raza. He took over The Department For MINO Homeland Security from BIG SISTER Janet Napolitano and her Sensible Shoes …that were so comfortable on carpets.  Napolitano was an obvious (and too easy) FemLEZ target for my MMM Series; if you needed me to point that one out for you, you’re a fucking idiot unworthy to steal ammo for me.  From a lezzy Arizona Governor from McMexicanville to a Mulatto Manhattan, these are your guardians of the homeland.  Well, it’s their homeland now – not yours.  It’s a MINO Homeland.

Jehhh says white males with guns must be killed but decrees miggers shall be freely amnestied. He wants you dead.

Big Sister

He demands preservation of his Lord’s African/MINO Empire. To kill White Men, you’ve got to have the tools.

Every “military man” and Perfumed Prince General that serve him is scum.

Want Some Coffee In Your Cream?

Do not delude yourself: America is not in danger of falling – duh, it has already fallen.  America is ruined.  Just look at it – really see it: Then imagine what it looks like in 2054.  Your grandsons will look like Brother Jehh. Your granddaughters…shall look like his wifey.

Coloreds and minos of every PC mix & match combination rule from every high office and wield power as a weapon on down throughout every tiny USG clerk job. Minos have corrupted and ruined what was once great but it was white liberals that handed it over to them on the platinum platter.

All that fucked-up Hippy 70’s crap of:

If only eeeeevil white males were overthrown and black folks and homos and feminist women ran the country!  How wonderfully perfect things would be!”

…is realized – made real.

I see none of Today’s Brandons! or Tomorrow’s Justins!™ with the stones to resist Lord Johnson or his ilk. They can not free themselves from chains of Government BIGSchool brainwashing programs propagandizing them that Martin Luther King, Jr. was a righteous Black Christ sacrificed by their Evil White Ancestors and will thus continue lying down to Liberal nazism.  They won’t even protest for a goddamned job because they have full bellies and all the PS4 they can stomach living in the same bedroom at home they did when they were 6:  It’s comfy.  All is comfy in Murka.

Even lousy Hippies won their war.

Will you win yours?


11 Comments to “MINO Master Machine: Homeland Security”

  1. I see hubris in the Mino Master Machine. They are going to be their own worst enemy, and go the way of Zimbabwe.

    For example, how long will the Mino Masters keep electricity flowing to Brandon and Justin? They will keep electricity flowing to thesmelves, but not to the whites out in the Slave Districts. So Brandon won’t be able to play PS4, and the process of resistance will begin.

    It will be a combination of incompetence, over-intervention in the free market, and energy depletion that will cut off electricity to the Slave Districts.

    The Mino Masters don’t think very far ahead on how to preserve their rule. They just think, “Hey, I’m on top, look at me smirking at you, white loser! Now I’m going to tax you even more, and give my bruvas even more patronage, and deprive you even more! Hey hey hey, it’s all good!”

    Getting power is one thing; preserving it is quite another. Neither the Minos or the Jews think they need to do anything to maintain their power for the long term. All they know is that it’s fun to abuse their power.

    • All Western Civilizations failed in preserving power. Rome. England. Murka.

      The only reason The Feudal Elite give stuff to Brandon and D’Vontae is to prevent their rebellion.

      They will sell our every aircraft carrier and factory to the Chinese for welfare money before they succumb to
      The Mountain of Guns
      Threatening their Pleasure Palace Penthouses

  2. Why would those average kids fight against this MINOfas? You simply made him out to be the uberbeast. That is the whole of conservatardism/GOPism “they be beasts of POWER, be afraid little people, oh and send money so we can tell you about uberbeast beasts of POWER”

    Here is the deal, you ass rape their AUTHORITY or sense of authority in front of the little darling dipshit fucks.

    You know when the SPers are going ga ga over scolding the WNs don’t write fucking essays about minutae the fucks don’t want to understand, violate the authority they look to, destroy it, then you get to the point hold them responsible for their “Authorities” acts. Left has done this forever, to everything of ours.

    But that is me seemingly one of the few on this ball of mud who always questions authority.

    • Average kids can fight the beast, RRS. Music used to promote it! It’s amazing to observe. Music used to be radical.

    • A belief that stating facts and publicizing the attendant pics
      strips The Kiddeez of their instinctual spirit to rebel against authority
      is the most damning indictment of their helplessness yet.

      Question authority? When have you ever seen The Yoof EVER question today’s current establishment.

      • The skinheads do it. That’s why I like them so much. Same with the rockers and the druggies. IMO, the “good kids” all go to work for the USG and chase the money.

        We’re doing it all wrong going after “the good guys.” The more I see, the more I believe it.

        I say embrace the rebel image. There has to be a way to make it cool. There were no migs in rock.

  3. Most people are not political animals. They just want to pay their bills, watch TV and work. Politics is entertainment, something to stimulate the emotions. Not a life and death situation.

    I think this is one of your best works. The tone seems different somehow.

    Our war goes on in our own heads. To do or not to do? Balancing the probability of winning with the cost of loss. That is the real battle. I don’t consider the enemy to be of any consequence at all.

    [ed note; if man is thus placated, then don’t ask “when will he become a slave” but rather “how long has he been enslaved”]

  4. there is more to this then what WE SEE in public and I bet you could/will find MORE without even digging to much!

  5. I still love how the top Military brass still is made of Northwestern European looking Americans… When this is going to change?

  6. Based on the mainstream media there does not seem to be any opposition, just some less liberal liberals advocating a slightly different type of amnesty. Those who believe in and maybe even celebrate HBD might as well be libertarians for all the effect they seem to have.

    [ed note: as in blogging, the problem isn’t the quality of “rightness” of the leadership, but more the ignominy of the entire plebeian herd]

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