by Firepower


I invented the word.

Illegal Immigrants = immigrants < Immigers < MIGGER

It packs a wallop – like “nigger”

It’s one of the finest propaganda terms ever – and did I tell you I invented it?

Yet, it has the bashing-tool joy that drives liberals nuts because they can’t reactionarilly demonize it as easily as Nigger.

Many have thanked and complimented me on its invention.  Follow me on DISQUS.

L00k for the RED Satan.

And Remember:

Eradicate ALL Liberals – NOW

27 Comments to “Miggers”

  1. But you are supposed to call them undocumented Raza homeland reclaimers who do all the jobs degraded Yanqui imperialist invaders are too lazy to do!

  2. I prefer the term beaner. No need to reinvent the wheel.

    [migger is an improvement; attaching an engine to the wheel.
    beaner imputes only wetbacks: migger includes muzz, africans and even pre-existing Murkan coloreds by association to the word nigger. migger slanders them all including any future brown turds Murka exports for Demoncrat votes for Hillary]

  3. Nah – us Europeans could assume its some sort of new slang for a mexican. Ooooops see what I did there.

    • The simple beauty (for all beauty is simple)
      is that Migger works for every
      low down scum parasites

      In your case, you could use it not only for that, but also for those paki & pollack invaders to your mystic isle.

      • “those paki & pollack invaders to your mystic isle”. —- hmmm Piggers??

        [ed note: just like a Britti: hating on Teh Whyte Peeples. what WILL you do when coloreds invade?]

      • Ain’t no Britti dumbfuck

        [ed note: brit, mick, ‘tater eatin’ nigger – same diff]

      • For someone who doesn’t seem to understand the difference between health care and socialism you terribly lippy.

        [ed note: daedi sent me noodz, and i’m always upset with a trimmed RedBush] 😦

  4. Let me ask. How should I use this? In place of mino? Instead of nigger? Nig has more shock value.

    • Niggers can only be black.
      Miggers are immigrant parasites like illegal mexes.
      The etymological* evolution is thus:
      Mexican Immigrants = (M)+immigrant. Migrant. Immigrant. Immig. Immigger. Migger.

      Migger creates a new sting for non-black coloreds as applied via close association to nigger.

      I will write more of minos later: Mino means all minorities. Coloreds, the black, illegal mexes, homos, feminists and any PC mix n’ match combo that increases their chance of getting a TSA career.


  5. migger sounds too close to nigger, if you say it IRL people will just think youre retarded, online, that you made a typo or that you’re scared to “really” say nigger

    i liked the old post on this blog – call them colored

    or just pick a random word. say, call them “shoes”. if its used consistently, it’ll catch the attention of the liberals who will freak out and publicise it, which will make it really catch on, see quennelle

    • Call them “Mondays.”

      I mean, nobody likes Mondays


    • It’s supposed to sound close. It’s designed to strike close.

      You’re getting it wrong by using migger as substitute for nigger; migger will apply to, mainly, non-blacks. It will apply to illegal mexes.

      Remember the PC Fury over “niggardly”
      You’re plying the Liberal nazis’ fear of words to anger them and make them look foolish for “banning” a brand new word because they always excuse their nazism with “nigger has a history of oppressive use!”

      When you state “[shoes] will catch the attention of the liberals who will freak out and publicise it, which will make it really catch on”

      …it pales compared to the too close for comfort sting of migger.

  6. I like miggers. It makes sense. No doubt, miggers learned from the nigger on how to use and abuse “white” liberals. The migger is like the sub-spawn of the nigger.

  7. You invented the “dark enlightenment” brah

    [ed note: i don’t even know wtf DE means; i don’t frequent grecycling copyboy bloggers, riffing cryptic~coy Look-At-Me! neologisms as pointless substitutes for DIRECT explanatory terms like – “Liberal nazism” oh – and fuck off]

    • Clyde has a good point though, FP. Seeing as Sailer and Roissy are the fathers of the DE, and seeing as they both stole your ideas holus-bolus it naturally follows that *you* are THE father of the DE!

      • You should also sue Jonah Goldberg for his theft of your “Liberal nazism” in what is a patently obvious ripoff in his “Liberal Fascism” book.

        Goldberg claims he got the idea from H.G. Wells which is obviously another lie. Unless H.G. Wells stole it from you?

      • I reject the pretentious terms “DE” and “Cathedral.”

        These terms utilize superfluous methods of complication.
        Their writers fabricate “new” words from pre-existing words as if they’ve invented them. They fabricate discovery and give it a shiny-new name to create glory for themselves. The point is the self-glorification of the creator/discoverer – not illumination or education of his people.

        “Dark enlightenment?” My, what clever wordplay on two seemingly dichotomous concepts! Dark is Light – got it. Wow!. Let’s call The Wheel the… Circular Propulsion Conveyance

        Cathedral = Political Correctness/PC
        Anti-Liberalism = DE

        If you want to argue New Words Theory!™ on blog salons all day, continue being mesmerized why roissy, foseti, & piggy etc. play with their new toys of new words and avoid calling for eradication of their enemies.

        If they eradicate their enemies, they’ll then have nothing to write about.
        They’ll never do that anyway: It will hurt those potential book deals of theirs. This dance of theirs captivates you as you revel in the magic of their New and Improved! word creations! – and then argue about the words of the words without ever advancing further and graduating to the next step.

        You, are mystified.

  8. No, THIS is a racist thing to say: I love my family.

    Also… what do you call a nigger with more than one brain cell?


    • I like your blog.

      Here’s a tripwire for the minefield:
      ONLY those in power – with true power – can define and then determine
      WHO is a “racist”

    • You have some good links on your side, O. There’s way too many sites for one man to keep track of.

      He’s alright, FP. He give speeches IRL. He’s a high level SP and a wn. It’s quite rare to find a Southerner who is a full wn. Most are just moderately racially aware.

  9. Pollacks are illegal? I thought they were members of the EU.

    • Some people think anyone without the so-called British stock is a nigger no matter how the person looks and acts like. For them the Irish, the Czechs, northern Italians, etc are all niggers.

      Such mindset contributed to the mindless death of millions of whites who might have blocked the migger invasiom.

  10. Pollacks saved Europe’s ass at least twice in 1683 and 1920.

    Poland has the fewest percentage of miggers in a sizable European nation.

    Putting the pollacks into the same bin is an injustice. But then the Brits liked to kill fellow whites while showering knighthoods to hindoo petty rulers and bring their brown kids to England to be educated with future British leaders, so that tradition might be influencing thwt.

    • Very true.

      Vile britties reveled in Wellington killing Napoleon’s frenchmen. Decades later, they starved Irish, whom they looked upon as sub-human untermensch.

      Then, they bend over and take it up the ass from Zulus and wogs – whom they can’t defeat, nor starve.

      The self-hatred of White Men and the glorification of coloreds (ours included) has its poisonous seeds inspired in the black heart of england.

    • 1920??? – was Europe short of cheap labour after WWI ?

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