An Enemy Who Isn’t Afraid to Die

by Ryu

The Afghanis and Iraqis win because they put more on the table than the Murkans.

To fight an invader, defending your homeland is a holy cause. The defenders know why they are fighting. The Americans are fighting because a suit in DC told them to, and because they will get some good benefits from the action. It’s clear who will sacrifice more and fight harder merely from that.

“Contractor” is a modern word for mercenary. Going pay for military was $1700/month; for contracters – $35000 per month.

About a decade ago, I was offered a job as a civilian contractor in the Stan. Pay offered was $365,000 per year, tax free. If I had….… taken the job, it would have been entirely for the money. I did not care about the war on terror, the US military or the Afghani people. I would have done the minimum necessary, avoided the dangers, and come home to collect the check. I would say many contractors felt the same.

You can’t gamble with scared money. You can’t fight effectively when you’re scared to get shot. The cure for both problems is to know the rules and train, train one achieves a level that makes you more comfortable.

Obviously if there is no risk, there would be no fear. What people are looking for is a riskless, easy way to win. Such a method does not exist. It’s that risk that allows the turrists to win. In a similar way, friction makes motion possible. Sometimes a “bad thing” is not what it appears to be.

It is striking to see how much effort goes into reducing risk by the US military. Their man walk around with about 100 lbs of crap including their body armor. An iron law of nature is that by reducing risk, you reduce return. Riskless profits are fleeting and rare.

Risk is what makes it possible to win. I hope wns will become more comfortable with risk and how to control it. We cannot win by playing it completely safe.

11 Comments to “An Enemy Who Isn’t Afraid to Die”

  1. “Street cred” “beloved Corps” and then you tell me about this big money you were going to make. MY guess a technical field as an engineer or something. I checked into it as well as a fall back option for the $s. What a racket it all is, need proof go to KBR’s website or XE (blackwater) just for a small glimpse of the empire’s big buck man servant corps.

    SPers going right along with it I see with their “I’m not a racist, I hate assholes of any color” shtick, the allowable dissent for future employees if your white. A line so stupid that its due date has already passed.

    • I came to my senses, Robby.

      I too am a greedy pig. That is why I’m a wn. The difference is, I am willing to roll the dice to collect a higher profit than the known profit of being a system tool.

      I’ll give you some inside info, Robby. Anytime someone is rabidly anti-wn, especially an SP, he’s got a mino in the woodpile. Mosby’s got a mino wife.

  2. Europeans used to believe in holy war, but that was back when the Muzzies were invading us. Still you have to take your holy war to the source, and that would mean a crusade against Mecca. The Pope could call for a new crusade and reinstate the military orders, if he wasn’t a complete bitch for the system.

    • Holy war starts with the unshakeable conviction that the enemy will burn in Hell. The first thing we have to understand is that Muslims in fact worship three gods. Of course Allah, but also the Koran, who is supposedly uncreated, perfect and eternal. Taqleed is considered shirk, except taqleed of Mohammed. This proves that Muslims worship Mohammed as well. Christians who do not call out this gross idolatry are complicit in idolatry and will burn in Hell too.

      On a physical level, there are fates worse than death as well. You do not have to be Muslim like the Taliban to torture and mutilate. Islam forbids suicide to avoid capture, Islam forbids euthanasia. Hell is eternal.

      • Oogenhand…

        That is interesting. I’ve taken the view that jihadists are just another variant of radical liberationist who’s path is clearly defined by the worship of a radically autonomous god, i.e., one who will do all things transgressive.

        In practical terms, worshipping a radically autonomous god is equal to denying the existence of God in that each stance allows for a maximizing of one’s autonomy.

        Conflict between these two variants of radical autonomist is inevitable and neither side merits exaltation for their “inspiration” or motivations.

  3. What does SP stand for?


  4. Excellent!

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