Killing Rich New York Jews

by Firepower


Oy and ach mit der schmer-gargy!

Who’d want to kidnap off the street and kill a rich jew landlord – especially one of those ones with the sideburnsThey’re just like us after all: White, except when Polarbeared.  Those people are so nice and helpful to their fellow whites.

Whites help them by creating a PC World for them that is so safe…you can’t even write the work “jew” without it sounding racist.

How can people get away with this? We all simply know: It’s ………impossible with all the CCTV.  Every Elite is completely protected by impenetrable round-the-clock Secret Service (ϟϟ) Security details.

If a colored chops down a jew in the forest (or a blizzard)… does anyone hear?

UPDATE 1/13/2014: Smugboy could be the victim of a professional murder for stealing $104 MILLION from Obama’s Chicagoland bank.  Jew on jew violence? Over money? Oy!

15 Comments to “Killing Rich New York Jews”

  1. Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  2. Boo Hoo. Poor widdle Jew. H\

  3. Probably killed by a fellow tribesman, organized jewry is basically a supermafia.

  4. I assume you read Unlimited Access by Gary Aldrich. Fascinating book. The Clintons had no real security at all. They even wanted to get rid of the secret service. Wonder what things will be like if there is a sweet sixteen for Hillary.

    • People are too impressed by all this technology they see around them. Cameras can only help after an action. True security isn’t something you can get from bodyguards or technological wizardry. It’s a mindset. You can’t buy it for 99.95 from ADT.

      Anyone can be touched. Just look at what the turrists in the Stan have done; it’s magnificent. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. They have nothing but guts and faith.

      • Muzz have turned
        The World’s MOST Powerful Armee!
        Into brainwashed HooRahs by day – but
        Cringing air/conditioned TV Tent dwellers by night.

        That suits them because it’s familiar:
        Empowered Positive thinkers slaying Turrists and aliens by day (on the couch)
        And basement-dwelling leeches in Mom’s Basement by night.

        If a Sacred Cow Jew can be
        And dumpstered in their
        True Holy Land (Manhattan)

        BigGov can’t protect ANYNE

  5. FP asks “If a colored chops down a jew in the forest (or a blizzard)… does anyone hear?”. Durrrr of course they hear.
    Its a hate crime, that all Americans should feel guilty about for living in such an anti-semitic society. All you have to do is make the coloured a muslim extreeemist and its just hunky dory for everyone. Problem sorted.

  6. Ha – I get it – you mean some bastard ran him over in that car. Jaysus, I hope his hat’s OK

  7. If a Sacred Cow Jew can be
    And dumpstered in their
    True Holy Land (Manhattan)

    BigGov can’t protect ANYONE


  8. What’s a jew?

    Look folks I know to too many people think they are super awesome evil and shit, but I have never heard or read an explanation as to what exactly they are, but I do hear and read what amounts to is a publicity campaign on their behalf.

    As you all know I actually have no respect for much of anything including this jew cult that gets people all worked up, so would someone please explain what exactly is a jew?


    See how silly it all sounds. I’m simply not going to be the bad publicity people for this racket, silly, silly, silly.

  10. Do you think this snappy dresser fell out of a magic pussy? Or does this super snappy dresser have some magic words, and if so can we read them or are they super secret?

    Magic jew pussy, that some serious shit, I’ll bet I can get top shekel in Africa for magic jew pussy as an AIDS prevention measure.

    To top it off after the African war lord fucks him some of that magic jew pussy we’ll have a magic words man dressed up like the clown above to say some magic jew words in that magic language over the wet black dick fresh from that magic pussy. I’m talking some serious money to be made.

    Any of you think we can sell magic jew ass for the homos, maybe in today’s ass backward world (pun intended) it might be worth more?

  11. It seems like the guys who hired a colored gunman to kill this furry hat rat were Greek. Ethnic Whites and just any powerful ethnic group, unlike American no frills, are more likely to seek retribution, when push comes to shove. They all have their own “mafia” squads. There are also rumors that this miscreant pissed off a Commie Chink or a Ruskie.

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