The Jewish Middle-Class

by Firepower

The reason Manhattan Elites are adept at analyzing “the middle-class” is: The more detached you are from an object, the better you are at analyzing it.

If you can reduce it further from a subject to an object, you’ve hit The Sweet Spot of Scientific Analysis.

The dim middle-class owe gratitude to their betters for explaining Important Stuff while they obsessively Tweet about memorializing dead CIA Benghazi mercenaries and Duck Dynasty Outrage!©.

By extension, you can see why the academic, economic, professorial and Business Elites also have a concrete understanding of lower classes.

The reason jewish intellectuals are so good at analyzing the Middle-Class is… there are no jews in it.

21 Comments to “The Jewish Middle-Class”

  1. “One of few things on which most economists and policy makers agreed in 1987 was that the U.S. would never be threatened by anything resembling the Great Depression. We were too smart to let that happen again.”

    Ha, what a load of shit!

  2. Well, there is no going back and nothing in the way. There is no point in being sentimental.

    How can we use this? Many will deny that their family is moving down, not up. How to gain money and power from it? Certainly Murkan business knows this, and they know to focus on Latinos.

  3. Hey FP. Found an interesting story on Welmer. Might be in jail for child support something or other.

    • I disdain murmz like Billy P who ignored suppressed our connecting the FOL to his predicament.

      We warned him politely. He ignored us, avoiding all counterargument elaborating his plan and describing its superiority. Then, he suppressed and banned us.

      Any Wi-Pri-ite believing the same court system that pounds his nuts with a hammer suddenly “sees the light” when the case is about his precious little angels is a fool deserving their turn in the FOL grinder operated by LNs.

      The simpering, gossipy tone of Hawaiian Fagotarian merely matches that of a doosh who blogrolls return of kings and fat Hide & Go Seek hypocrite Matt Foney. Return? Of what? Kings? Hilarious. Let’s call ourselves God Emperors of The Universe because mom always taught us we are exceptional. MRM/PUA now are the Entitled Princesses faking it till they make it – just like Mystery taught them. It’s kids dressing up in Super~Man capes.

      They are a chummy clique beguiled and reduced to now just…expending Outrage on This Latest Outrage!!!™

      I despise hacks like this because they run their sheeeeeple readership herd like carnival barkers. They keep the 500 lb. boy from getting out of his bed to call The Doctor – by distracting him with FREE Pizza.

      No. My spare $100 goes not to the Wimpy William Defense Fund – but for my Scotch and cigarettes.

      Lonesome Willie is Royally Fucked because he allies himself to an illusion of a “Men’s Rights Movement” made of deluded, low-IQ pussies who talk a big game. Had Wills ever noticed in his own forced court appearances the government court is made of BiGGov Career Unionists, coloreds, jews and feminists he just may have noticed they are the real operating nazis – not White Men he detached from with sanctimonious zeal.

      Now, he’ll give The Grand Speech appealing to “reason” and pretend he’s Mr. Smith Goes to Washington… Divorce Court and be crucified because the FFOL does NOT listen to reason: It wants white males like Welmer eradicated.

      Cheap sentiment is the order of the day and so, Hawaiian Ignitarian lays it on with a trowel.

  4. Eradica is built on finding new ways – brainstorming our way out of the same old same old.

    What happened is there are too few of us left anymore to just think our way out of it.

    Those lame “related articles” in the OP with their repetitious subject matter show “our” side to be as fixated on “what happened to the middle class?” garbage just as much as Liberal nazis are fixated on phantom discrimination against Minos and “global warming.”

    “Our” side whistles past the graveyard with pretend thoughts of King Ted the Cruz bestowing a 2018 Presidential Visit to honor their Worm Farms. They are NeoPiggists & Rich Lowryites DERBING each other over that latest infuriating statement Jesse Jackson made on Duck Dynasty and ObamaCare.

    From Great Depression to GREAT Recession, Murkans of both sides simply wished it away like the horror of 5th birthday party anal rape from mommy’s new boyfriend.

  5. You mean White Nationalist Commanders & Intellectuals commentary has no future?

    • It’s all masturbation until one acts. Good intentions, good thoughts do not move the world. We write to help prepare those who are able.

      It’s no different than running a fitness blog. Read all the articles, get a degree, but you don’t become fit by reading. At some point, you have to head to a gym and lift something.

      WN is absolutely not special or unique. It’s no different than starting a business, getting a gf, or going for a walk. It’s a path, not an idea.

  6. @ FP. On a completely different subject can you please help me – Re: US Fag Laws.

    A liberal Easy Coast friend of mine tells me. That in the US their are ONLY 16 States that allow gay marriage. Whereas there 23 States that allow Bestiality.
    I said this was typical Gay prop, gobshiteing.- What the Above statement means – is that there are 29 States that have legislated against Bestiality but there are 23 that haven’t.

    My friend says this is not the case and that some States actually have some “really weird stuff on the books”.

    I find this explanation to be probably – rather odd. But would appreciate your comments.

    • By chance is your liberal friend an anti-white?

    • I remember you. Nice to see you’re still around.

      I would say to not get bogged down in facts. At least in Murka, debate is about emotion. You can make up facts and perceptions as you please, depending upon your purpose. You might say that bestiality is more popular than being homo.

      You can see how reliance on facts does for most. Think of an HBDers against a liberal. No fact in the world will change him.

      • Ryu…

        HBDers are liberals.

        Radical liberals who assert “equal” mechanistic origins.

        Radical egalitarians when one gets down to it.

  7. @ Rob Roy – Is my Liberal friend anti-white? – No
    @ Ryu – I’m after a bit more of a factual reply. – Are the facts as stated by my friend correct, or is this another example of arse bandits thinking humanity in general, has fifty points of IQ less than themselves?

    • I don’t know where your friend is getting the information. Wikipedia disagrees.

      • Sorry, doomfinger, the last table at your Wikipedia link confirms that beastiality/zoophilia is legal in many U.S. states. Ohio, for instance.

        El Sido’s donut punching friend is wrong, it seems, in that the law doesn’t make provision for rooting animals, it’s just that there are no laws against reaming animals in many states.

        Here’s an example.

      • “beastiality/zoophilia is legal in many U.S. states.”

        El Sido’s friend said 23, but it’s 14. Maybe it was a typo?

      • I see. Yes, the rump ranger was wrong on the number.

        “really weird stuff on the books”.

        This is not supported. There are no laws that state something like “You may not gape your boyfriends bunga but you may plow your barnyard friends.” It is simply the case that some states don’t have laws explicitly criminalising bestiality. This is also the case for marriage in that it has always been a given that it’s between one man and one woman, but there have been no laws explicitly confirming what was always a given. This is not a licence then to marry your pet chook.

  8. Keep in mind, though, that real Americans should not even care about what other states do. Only the idiots who need to take a German shower shriek about how messy the laws are and that they need to be organized under one big happy government.

  9. Facts don’t matter. Power is what matters. The rules change with whatever regime is in power. Twenty years ago hardly anyone supported faggot normalization. Elite consensus simply changed. Even at the individual level “debate” is mostly won by whoever has the most perceived social power. When a beta male conservative says something girls say eew. When some jock says it KEWL.

  10. Thanks Pat – I thought it might be the case that the shirt lifting squad were deliberately confusing a lack of legislation with a State backed approval to bugger beasts.
    Thanks Doomfinger – It would appear that the person who supplied my friend with the information, was probably misinformed.

  11. If you aren’t American, and this applies to nominal Americans… One of the benefits of states having different laws and governments is that if your state goes insane you can theoretically leave. Liberals are trying to create a system that no one can escape from if it goes insane.

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