Polar-Bearing To Knockout Game In The FOL

by Firepower

Eric Holder Does Wonders For My Complexion!

The black created the game of assaulting innocent White pedestrians so the black gets to give it a name.  The black called it Polarbearing because the targets are white.

It took Fox News’ Gretêl Vân Süsterën (Sufferin’ Sussturrin) all of ten seconds to create yet another defeat by defusing Righteous Rage with calling the attacks “random incidents” as if the victims were lucky winners in the nigga lottery.  They weren’t random; the victims were deliberately chosen because the black wants to brutalize whites.  We all know this.  So does Greta: she pretends she does not.

Now the Liberal nazi Eric Holder charges the one white guy with Uncle Beast Hatey-Hate Crimes, while 3,501,264 whites beaten by coloreds are….….. told “stay calm! This were all just random attacks …and if you disagree you’re RACISTS!”  As I always have said: So what exactly is wrong with racism?

Firepower Says:

The stupider whites act, the stupider they become in the eyes of The Beast.

Eric Holder is not scared of you. He doesn’t care about your Tweets – obviously.  It is proof he wants you dead and he doesn’t even care that you knowing he wants you dead makes you furious, for he has the power of Liberal nazism behind him.  All this liberal nazi needs is a big ‘fro, a Black Panther jacket and a spear.

The Media Fasces of the FFFOL deliberately switched the Polar Bear reference because that casts attention on the actual racial aspect of this uniquely Black HATE Crime.  Fox went along also and similarly switched to using The Knockout Game to remove any reference to color and race.  Hide & Seek.

This is today’s FOL/LN usage of Hitler & Goebbels‘ effective propaganda concept of The Big Lie – something so outrageously preposterous it must be true.  You’ll want to look it up for yourself: LIUFY

The Truth is your Government hates you and wants you eradicated by any means necessary.  This is because your government is run and staffed by MINOs: Blacks, coloreds, women, feminists, jews, homosexuals – and any combination of those ingredients.

The diverse fasces distract whites from becoming too angry and finally picking up their guns and shooting the shit out of their Diversity-Propaganda Murka.

But, if you look below, our own Politically Correct Liberal nailed it a month ago. I don’t read Sailer..but he reads Eradica

I’m not dependent upon parasiting new ideas to keep my gig afloat. Ha

16 Comments to “Polar-Bearing To Knockout Game In The FOL”

  1. Well said.

  2. You never challenge the Sustern and FAUX authority, which is understandable, 99.999999% never do such things they merely repeat them and try to intellectualize FAIL.

    I will give you some words, you will ignore them and mock me, I know the script so don’t be offended I’m just saving you time so as to not immediately curtail your TDO and N&J time, but they might ring in your head, and then one day shazam they will make sense and more importantly you can make use of them.

    The words “In your opinion.” You could also use in this case “In her opinion”, or “In FOX News’ opinion.”

    FTR none of the authority types you mention or their taboos mean shit to me I simply do not care about them.

    • none of the authority types you mention or their taboos mean shit to me I simply do not care

      You’d better; they run and control your taxes, your healthcare and what you can criticize.

      And: Announcing the Media Fasces of the FOL’s switch from the White inference inherent in Polarbearing to generic “Knockout” to protect the LN Mino Murkan Machine is not TDO – even JAN.

      I cannot imagine anyone who’s even noted this Ethnic Cleansing switch in terminology.

      • I cannot imagine anyone who’s even noted this Ethnic Cleansing switch in terminology.

        Steve Sailer has noted it in the past: “Knockout Game” v. “Polar Bear Hunting”

      • I do not read Sailer.

        Such simplistic Two-Sentence Post Gods of Phoned-In Foseti-ism do not inform me of the reasons why the scrubbing took place.

        I determine that for myself, then report to the readership.
        It is commonplace to merely note sanitizing took place (which is obvious…)
        and far more important to explain the reason(s).

      • Sure, I don’t have a problem with that. Just pointing out it has been noted by others, that’s all.

        I’ve heard of Foseti but don’t know what that is.

      • Noting a conspicuous change in media propaganda tactics is easy.

        Explaining why it changed is the reason for writing.
        Easy notation of the obvious served up for drooling commenters to gripe upon – is the foundation of TDO.

        Foseti once provided value, but now writes two sentences, then his commentariat fights and fills the void with ponderous baying like a pack of dogs jockeying for scraps. If you went there and posted, I bet you’d shake them up.
        Zombietime and William Banzai are purveyors of our finest document-propaganda.

        Today, I read the rare blogger. I don’t even read roissy anymore. I read mw and lotb; anybody who blogrolls me gets read.

  3. Commies had some bad ass shit, you touch that wall, you run anywhere near that wall and they would blow you the fuck away. Then one day the mopes with machine guns backed by the governments total control of the FOX news of their area just didn’t matter because enough people were liberated from the taboos and that was it done in weeks.

    I simply will not show any respect for the libtard/contard continuum of taboo, won’t do it. I especially will not do for any “dissident” who makes his bones telling me how bad they are, shit dude give me something I can use. I would rather know if Sustern’s pussy is shaved or not than respect her “authority.”

    In her opinion it’s this or that, but she is just another fuckwad I will not respect, and I will not inflict that notion that we must respect this or that shit head on any decent human being, won’t do it.

  4. I too notice the scrubbing of PBH to KOG. One has to realize how controlled the media is. If there was a revolution in Murka, it would not be televised. Not allowed.

    Perception is reality. The MSM controls the Murkan mind. If the news media does not cover it, it did not happen. In a dream world, wns could change things in a week by changing the news coverage and some social proofing. The people aren’t against white pride, they are just going with the program. Any program would work equally well. The news creates attitudes, it does not respond to them.

    • Yes, the word “scrubbing” is quite a good one – as is sanitized.

      These are proven controlling methods used by Media Propagandists from Dr. Josef Goebbels to today’s Liberal Media Fasces.

      I will write soon about new terminology and causes of this growing trend. After all, what better means to an end than controlling dimwitted Murkans via media – in a media-drenched society.

  5. Thanks Eradica keep posting, we know this but too many of us are afraid to say or admit it is true.

  6. A horrible thing that this country has come to, not that it was better in the past, but then it was bad in different ways.

    • It had disturbing features in St. Reagan’s day that compounded under Clinton’s reign of degeneracy.

      No true problems are ever “fixed,” they are neglected to fester. Murka had heart disease back then and now – it has heart disease with cancer and glaucoma on top of even that.

  7. While I cannot speak for my community I am certain that I am not alone in the sense that what many of us were hoping for with this case was a degree of vindication, a recognition by the courts of a Western nation that the racism we face is a real, day-to-day reality. I want racism to end but almost as much I want to stop being told by whites that it has. I want every white person I ever complain to about the years of piling slights, the extra hours at airport security, the half-seen glances from across the bus from eyes that fearfully refuse to meet mine, to respond with compassion and credulity and not to even think about explaining them away or ‘informing’ me that racism died with Rosa Park or MLK or whatever and they would know. I want white people to stop questioning my experience of racism, to stop defending every offender as ‘just doing his job’ or ‘just doing whatever.’ I want the excuses and the explanations to stop. I know where they come from. I know you feel accussed. I know you feel that you are not racist (after all, you have that black friend and your maternal grandmother is Chinese). I know you think I’m being too sensitive or too quick to judge (after all, he didn’t call me a nigger and you didn’t notice any racism and you would know). I know that you feel like affirmative action gives me a leg up because you work just as hard and where’s your quota? I know it’s easier to pretend that racism is a thing of the past because you can get by just fine doing that so why can’t I? But here’s the thing: it’s not about you. You are not the one who is slurred, you’re not the one who is refused service, and you’re certainly not the one who is shot in the street. It’s about us. I want you to acknowlegde that fact. To recognise that I experience racism.

    • Then: STOP being the 4% expecting LUV when 96% of you people are criminal.
      You people deserve slurs
      For not controlling animals

      You happen to be the law abiding minority within a vast criminal “minority”
      Now YOU know what it’s like to be a victim of crime

      Once you determine WHY you people …don’t want to live among YOU people
      And you all move INTO White neighborhoods

      Then you can play The Race Card

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