Ephemeral Icons of Murka

by Firepower

Ok, I’d Still Throw a HurtFuck on This Ass

We know America is now Murka.

Part of the problem is the rootless, temporary aspect of culture: Any nascent traditions are quickly aborted in an ADD Country obsessed with new stimulants and fatigued by Problem Saturation.  It was not always thus.

There’s simply nothing worth preserving.  Not for a long time – if you dare admit it.

Popular culture is always worth investigating and explaining because it is…popular. Populist.  It’s what people value because it’s what they spend their time on.

Lady Gaga was valuable because she was heralded as a Feminist/Homosexual Champion set to free (yawn…yet again) females from White Male Corporate Oppression. But this time, this one would be The Holy TwoFer: A liberator to both oppressed women and oppressed homos.  Plus, she had that ever-present (important) native New-Yorkiness/Manhattany aura.

Never mind that women and homos jointly control and run the country with fellow fasces of colored synagogue FFOL brethren.

Twofers are grails (and Christs) for today’s Murka, representing today’s only surviving representation of……  the duality of Man and the Divine.  Obama was just such a symbol – is still one.  Murka is obsessed with this type of easy symbolism the way a Pygmy is fixated on a Zippo lighter.  Don’t be an ass:  The issue is not a trite Gaga, but why Murkans are fixated on such triteness.

Gaga’s stature as ascent and fall is definitively explicated* by Maureen Callahan. So good is it, that it explains other trinkets as well:

Perhaps the best analogy to Lady Gaga’s trajectory is the rise and fall of the Showtime series “Homeland.”

When it debuted in late 2011, “Homeland” was a wild and unlikely hit, a thriller about a brilliant, bipolar CIA agent who falls in love with the Marine-turned-sleeper terrorist she’s tracking. Like Gaga, “Homeland” was a surprise: culturally relevant and super weird, electrifying in its warp-speed approach to burning through story.

But after that first season, it became clear that the writers had no idea where to take their narrative, and the show’s once-organic outrageousness curdled into patronizing gimmickry.

The best analogy for Lady Gaga’s trajectory and the rise and fall of the Showtime series Homeland are how greater predecessors predicted them, and are analogous to the culture they come from.  I never watched a single minute of Lost, but detected in the moans of its fans disappointment the same thing I saw in series I decided to view.  I gave roissy’s gff shit about it.

I was a very early watcher of Mad Men and Breaking Bad. I quit after the second seasons.  Both were new, novel and original but plummeted quickly into the all-encompassing, universal Murkan Morass of triviality.

The more fans come, the more The Stupids™ come; to make MOAR money means dumbing it down so nobody feels embarrassed for using their permanent drool-bucket in row 14.  Were Shakespeare alive today, he’d be writing dialog for dicks on Spartacus and Game of Thrones.

MM devolved from a study of the slick menace that made America great in 1960, to a preening contest for Mr. Hunky Hamm as he bedded work wenches.  It became… an old lady’s Soap Opera. It was the same, except it wasn’t about hot doctors.  I gave roissy shit about it. I forgot when I stopped watching.

BB devolved from a study of the ideal everyman forced into desperation by simple Bad Luck.  It became A Feminist Story with Skyler for teh bitchez.  It became a Soap Opera. It became a shootout fest for the action fans. I saw this shit before in 80’s action movies.  I’ve already seen The Godfather Saga.  I knew it was over when the purple teddy bear landed in Cranston’s pool.  That meant it was intended to end there, but the operation smelled money.  The next season went full-ridiculous and the “deep” purple image-stuff vanished immediately.  Even a head forced into baldness by chemo was bastardized with that Tough Guy image of the shaved head.

Like TeeVee…Murka was a once cool place ruined by idiots breeding more crass WalMart lake-front property buyers.

A State that has no valid icons is incapable of forming new traditions that bind a mutable population.  Today, Coloreds don’t march for Ben Franklin in Fourth of July Parades.  You’ll never see a mexican identify with The Pilgrims on Thanksgiving.



18 Comments to “Ephemeral Icons of Murka”

  1. Good job! The “cycle” from novel to boring seems to be accelerating. Things are over much more quickly. One wonders how far it can go. The only thing worth saving in Murka is the guns.

    Can we use this? Why do a few ideas manage to persist, like the evil Nazis and skinheads? That should have jumped the shark decades ago. We’re beginning to see the slightest breakdown in the taboo.

    I look to the past. I watch almost nothing made since 1995. The spark of originality has left music, TV and the movies. Just think of the constant remakes of movies and songs. You can literally hear the degradation. It’s ugly.

    Something similar will happen if wn ever becomes popular. It’ll change.

  2. Have enjoyed your blog for two weeks now. Good reading gives me
    a new/alternate perspective on important topics. Thanks for the effort.

    • we are a rare breed.

      The Daily Outrage(TDO)is what enchants now.
      That is proven by its unabated growth to a still growing audience.

      Just google the top 10 google searches for proof.

      There’s plenty of mileage left for The Mob that wants to mock
      Pajama Boy
      …even until the next
      Icon of TDO

      • Pajama Boy! So you do read MW, FP. It would be boring for a lot of people to just read training articles. Kvetching helps bond.

        I’m hopeful. Radicals drive the agenda. It flows from the top down, not the bottom up. We don’t get anything from the conservatives, but they need us for fresh material.

        There’s a lot more juice/excitement in real world applications of wn than in TDO. Maybe we should start pushing that. WN is fun!

      • Of course I read mw. It’s his VRW commenters’ Niggerspickiking Talk 0’Tuff!™ repelling me… When it’s from those who wouldn’t even confront their neighbors for leaving a barking dog out at 4am.

        I surmise, that if even “dirty stupid gorilla-monkey niggers” figure out how to keep their identity secret – while robbing a store at gunpoint for crack – patriotism-motivated VRW Warriors in New Zionsville 5.4 could work out a bunch of specops too, even without Young Turk Firepower providing them a written manual.

  3. I also stopped watching Mad Men for similar reasons although I stuck around until season 3 I think. The Borgias was another good Showtime production that went downhill by embracing Murkan degeneracy and was canceled shortly thereafter. I still have to finish Breaking Bad your critique is probably why my interested waned as well. Video games have also declined in quality. All the games I’ve ever mentioned here are old and mostly from a decade ago. There is a big emphasis on high definition remakes because newer stuff sucks. It seems even our vaunted entertainment industry has been tainted by Murka.

    [ed note: Even pseudo-entertainers in the writing & production biz are tainted. its the AFC Effect. these geniuses are products of their times. like kids, they hear a good joke or line, then run it into the ground for attention. that = $$$ in their grown-up minds. Repetition IS THE Signal of a decayed culture]

  4. Yep– nailed it. They all jumped the shark because they compromised what gave them any kind of attraction.

    I have recently re-watched a lot of The Shield. It stands up (allowing for the inevitable PC elements). It was Chiklis’s vision that was borne out of a last ditch at saving his career after his disastrous début in Wired and it worked (for me). I also liked the originality of Deadwood– that was pretty different. Found the wire utterly unwatchable. Even the new house of cards is a pale imitation of the original BBC production.

    All we have left are comic book movies– says it all that source material from 50 years ago is keeping hollywood afloat

    • Today’s “entertainment” is reductionist to the extreme. It seeks to profit from the wallets of children with adult wallets.

      The Bell Curve of profit wanes as a series ages so the propagandists revert (like their moronic audience) into serving easy childish fantasies quickly digested into the mental bloodstream like a hit of cheap sugar candy.

  5. Just thought you might appreciate this one, Firepower, as it certainly made my day a lot brighter: ‘Ellen’ winner dies on dream trip to Australia

    Guess what his name was?

    Brandon McGraw.

    • Brandon!

      The tenderosity of even our “mighty usmc” proclivity toward photo-essay Sissiedom on shows like Ellen speaks volumes; more than we could even blog/site/forum/grecycle about in 34 years.

      Problem is, there’s nobody wise enough listening to those Wise Volumes and even less taking actual action.

      That Internet Photo Epitaph of his shows he fawtFur & dahdFur the “freedom” to Facebook, Ellen, marry fat bitches and buy shit.

      A poem:
      Firepower’s Ode To Brandons

      O how we’ve cherished thee
      Thy Ritalin® fueled rages of Youth,
      Heady days of 53rd place Soccer games
      And thine smug countenance in your comfy red PJs

  6. He was happy and doing what he loved.

    Gosh darn it, don’t that just beat all?!

    • Liberals and Liberalism must be eradicated in order to end the West’s decay even before repairing it.

      If they are not, they will regroup until they destroy everything we cherish.

      I’ve created the Law of Half-Percentage:
      If 20% of liberals are eradicated, they’ll return in a decade.
      If 50% – 25 years.

      80% eradication means they’ll return in forty.
      It must be total.

  7. Poor old Brandon McGraw, he wasn’t such a quick draw, after all.

    [ednote: poor brandon dead and gone, left me here to sing his song pretty little girl with a red dress on, poor brandon dead and gone]

  8. The intro to “White Power” laid out the templates for TDO and N&J, nothing new has been produced. You could literally read the intro and think you went to any blog site and you could not tell the difference or the era.

    Can WNs be made useful, no I doubt it, they are extremists dedicated to the cargo cult of reactionary politics of yesteryear, just knowing that sounding ever more interwebsbad is going to bring back the great leader of the formerly great country.

    WN is an anchor stuck in the mud of yesteryear. Once you cross that murky border from reactionary peon to Social Critic you will come to that conclusion.

    Social Critic is empowering, WN peon is devouring of soul, but hey the jews make out like a bandit pointing fingers at you and raking in the bucks.

  9. So you WNs here hate me, that is good, but here is a quiz you can self administer. Are you protecting America/Whites from Lady Gaga/Pajama boy, or should the cults that worship junk like those two humanoids fear your scathing critique?

    MW’s reactionary 50 year old post on PJ fuck my face has 49 comments, now tell me you fine folks that you cannot guess what those comments read like? Nixon’s speech writers could write them is a hint.

    • I’m still reeling from mw’s Sea Change of Earthshattering commenty-fiesta about Important Miley’s “Twerking” The Knockout Game and some fake SPLC protester…

      VRW practitioners are my eternal belly-laugh chuckle machine. The comic relief when I need a hoot from the Hootenanny Herd 0′ Hibblies.

      Put them next to each other in the mirror, and they’re the same slobbering, stinking mess as Gay Activists, BigUnion supporters or ObamaBots – just on the “other” side. They’re deluded into believing shouting, venom and ire are in some “magical way” a form of action. It’s not.

      oh, btw, where in the fuck did you get the idea that you’re hated here?
      and where in the fuck did you ever get the idea I AM a wn?

      ryu was is the wn.

      • To be hated is to be special, ask the jews its their shtick, and I have always managed to be hated by who I wanted to be hated by.

        “I’m outraged”, is the usual standard fare from our side, but fuck that stupidity when it comes to gagadick bitch. She is basically an idiot I could make blush within minutes with her bravewhitegirlsexualliberationist shit that I have heard for decades.

        What she gonna say, she wants to strap one on and fuck me, fuck that I’m built like an NFL player and she is gonna get it duck dynasty style in any sexual scenario she tries to shock me with, she is a fucking joke, “bite the pillow bitch.”

        [ed note: it’s why she’s a great GrudgeFuck]

  10. Lady gaga

    One can be like two persons (a woman AND a baby) WITHOUT actually being either.

    This is radical autonomy. And anyone can get in on it.

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