by Ryu

The essential parts of a man are there by the time he is 8 or 9 years old. He may learn some new information or have new experiences, but his essence does not change.

The right ingredients must be present in the proper proportions. Too much guts and not enough brains results in the typical small time criminal who ends up in jail. Too much brain with no courage leads to the conservative type.

A part of nationalism is trying to impart this genetic gift. Some things cannot be given. This is why our writings seem to be ineffective. It’s also why certain writers can …..…..reveal all the secrets of their trade and yet no one acts on the information.

Part of life is being able to maximize what you have. It’s not enough just to possess a talent; one has to be able to develop it and monetize it.

Sometimes you’ll see a businessman who you might admire. But his gifts are exactly the same as a man has a large penis, who stands seven feet tall, or one extremely muscular. Businessmen are often gifted with a tolerance for uncertainty and a compulsion to act. One can be gifted for business just as one might be gifted for sport.

What nationalists seek men with a contempt for authority, balls, discipline, physicality, curiosity and patience. The type is extremely rare. That there was only one Anders Brevik in a country of 10 million is a good statistic; he was truly one in a million.

I hope nationalists will develop their own abilities and their own way of doing things. It’s not enough to copy others, one has to be able to exceed them. No one has been able to succeed yet.


“Circle of Iron” was a movie about a man looking for all the answers. He passes through many trials. Eventually he obtains the book of secrets. The ending is pretty good.

4 Comments to “Substance”

  1. “Authority” OMG our side worships this, but unfortunately it comes from the other side. Look at Sailer and his intelekshual crew they worship the NYTs (so did Bill Buckley’s NR cult) and even Mindweapon he would wear the skin off his dick if Timmy Wise gave him a smart badge. Our brave warriors only battle with the giants, see Whitaker’s post.

    • Pussycat of the Blogosphere also luvs the NY beta times. He’d sell his left nut just to get mentioned by them.

      You’re an insightful person RRS. You should also expand on your mama missy and little missy concept as well.

      [ed note: nerver happen: our benefactor doesn’t write enough to equal even the letters in their url]

  2. “No one has been able to succeed yet.” I think Brevik had some success. The right wing in Norway is doing better than ever. A lot of people read his manifesto.

    • lmao.

      keep dreaming, Brunhildie. DOES Norway look overrun with repeats of Breivik?
      Have Muzz Miggers even slowed their consumption of Norwegian TAXES?

      France and Italy are full of coloreds. They live in ghettos resembling 1990s NYC.

      That’s NOT the image of progress – that IS the mirage of YOU blowing sparkly unicorns in viking helmets up the asses of your slobbering sisterhood of AmRen Screamers…

      to give you babies “the image” of Hope
      instead of the results
      FROM actions

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