BOTH Parties Must GO: Firepower’s Speeding Cliff Model

by Firepower

When Democrats rule America (which now, is likely eternal):

America speeds toward the cliff at 100 mph to meet its proverbial (and much overused term of) DOOM.  On this, we agree because we see what Murka truly is – what Detroit is – and how Minos rule the vast pile of money.

But, the problem is also replicated when Republicans like Bush 2.0 rule. When Repubs and/or Conservatives rule, Murka heads for the cliff at 50 mph. If two diverse political parties get the same result, but at different times, the problem ain’t the politics.  You can get AIDS from fucking $4000 a night primo Manhattan co-ed callgirls or you can be like …

…Danny 504 and get it from taking Filipino Ladyboys up the poop-chute.  Sure, one method’s faster, but the causal problem isn’t the type of ass… but what you’re doing with your dick.

Both parties are goddamned idiots. Both lead to ruin.  Neither will suffer a bruise in the crash. Both float down from gilded Manhattan/Frisco penthouses on Golden Parachutes made by sweatshop workers in Akron, Ohio.

It’s the same result for both; one’s just quicker.

Even an idealized nationalist rule would cruise to the edge at 25 mph.  What emerges from their scenario is not America but something different:  Look at the people who steer that ship of bellowing hicks – just try to fap one out of pure wishy~magination of what *should* be.   Why sure!  With their record, and their “spokesmen” it all looks rosy, right?  Libertarians wouldn’t be any better because wtf would they do with millions of coloreds who demand welfare for not working?  Think the Minos will just go away?  Ha ha…ha.

Faggots will however, gleefully send Heterojordies off to foreign Maim & DeathLand to protect the rights of Oppressed Gay Africans – to emigrate to Murka, of course.  Faggots never have kids that grow up as Jordies who Fahtfurmurka!™ overseas.  Faggots can’t pump out kids – what with that matching sex plumbing issue.  But, they can adopt new little pupils to indoctrinate and blindly accept that Heather Has Two Mommies.  Little Heather (probably now a boy’s PC Gender-Neutral Name by 2043) will surely want to join the Liberal Nazi FB-I-Rϟϟ as a SWATZI or pilot an MRAP for DHS and slaughter Worm Farmer-Rebels banished to rural Murkan gulags collectives.  The Czar wants his peasants busy working 23 hour days to keep his banquet table full for his guests of Dukes, Counts, Rothschilds, Foreign Royalty and domestic Hollywood/Manhattan patrons.

When Liberals are in control, the country speeds toward the cliff at 100 mph.  When Republicans are in control, the country speeds toward the cliff at 50 mph.

Know that The Decline has now spread to the bone.  Both major political parties are not the solution.  You know what is, but you still won’t do it – even though you gripe each day because you have children to think of.  No: You’ll have them do it.  You have the guns now that look so cooool in your avatars, but you’ll wait until they smother under another foot of dust and rust, then bequeath them down to slack-jawed GENJustin™ 2078.


55 Comments to “BOTH Parties Must GO: Firepower’s Speeding Cliff Model”

    • @mw, mm & ph:
      It is simple: Liberalism and all liberals must be eradicated.
      Murka goes one of 3 ways:
      1. It gets better
      2. It stays the same
      3. It gets worse

      If you do not agree, then stop reading here to vote for McSameney in 2016.

      There are abundant examples of how this was successfully achieved through history.
      That you ignore this is puzzling – and irritating – as I expected you blessed with intelligence.

      This should* be clear to you.

      The Tree of Liberty must be, from time to time, refreshed with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
      You have not read even some of the many books and manuals on how this was done successfully so we aren’t on the same page.

  1. Since we are all trained in the Reactionary School of Shriek we all start N&J blogs so we can vent like leetle beeches. God I hate the Brandons of the Right, fukkin cargo cult shrieking and waiting for the great leader from the misty past of greatness to come back and save them.

    EG; some whiny bitch ass conservative Christians are whining about some nativity scene of plastic baby jeebus (PBJ) being taken down at some institution of stupid. So like children they whine, but it would never cross their idiot minds to actually become dissidents. I mean how fucking easy is it to get a fuckin sharpie and start making fishy symbols or crosses, hell go buy some fucking bumper stickers and plaster them around the fucking joint. But NO. Fuck Em

    Same goes for those whiny ass Neo-Confederates, talk about “intelekshuals”, shit the flag causes a heart attack amongst our anti-white overlords, you would think they could get a clue, NO.

    • FTR put me into that pussy camp, lest I sound like yet another net tough talker. Shit in the 90s I had my “Impeach Clinton” bumper sticker now not so much.

  2. There’s no easy or riskless solutions anymore. Since the republicans or democrats can’t do fix it, it’s pointless to watch news and engage in TDO. Doing it is the hard part. I don’t grudge anyone for being afraid of how hard it is.

  3. It is greater than a mere matter of labeling citizens as doers and others as whiners for their actions.

    Everyone knows full well what’s needed, so if they are given easy excuses for their fear, the future of America is then not lightly labeled as one of “doers or do-nothings” – but one of satisfied Masters and Slaves full of regret.

  4. Magnificent post, Firepower.

    But, I echo MW: “Do what, pray tell?”

    • I now only write Truth, anymore.
      Divulging secrets is the Goldilocks Game, wherein whatever porridge is served to the mass is either too hot or too cold for them, so they prefer perpetual butler service – to grumble at the hand that feeds them, instead of cooking for themselves.

      In light of The Truth that Rightists lead a country to ruin, but twice as slow as Leftists…

      I know you ready chaps wish to chuck durable Dick Cheney and rigorous Rush Limbo on a white horse with an M4 to personally absorb bullets at the Bunkers of Liberalism to keep the JAN/TDO Twitterers safey-safe

      But that won’t work
      I know what to do, so
      Give us your suggestions

      When Rush, Patton & Caesar are valiantly cut down proving their virtue, that leaves the Inspiring Words of piggies and Matt Foneys everywhere to lead the next charge by teaching us once and for all that: Black Folks Iz Bad!!

      Everything is within your grasp, but you do not use it.

      • I couldn’t really understand your reply, but this bit goes to my and MW’s question:

        I know what to do, so
        Give us your suggestions

        Since you know what to do, can you please tell us what that is?

        Everything is within your grasp, but you do not use it.

        It’s most certainly pleasingly positive to hear that all is within my grasp, but, unless you tell me what it is that’s within my grasp and how I should use it, then…well…couldn’t you just tell us what that is?

        [ed note: let’s start out with Babby Steps: 1. try reading those book things I’ve posted on Eradica since…day one. 2. get back to me]

      • Pat can afford his snark he resides in the safety and affluence of Australia.

        Take a holiday to Murka someday “mate” might be your only third world visit.

      • “Pat can afford his snark he resides in the safety and affluence of Australia.

        Take a holiday to Murka someday “mate” might be your only third world visit.”

        I don’t understand. I merely seek to know what Firepower says we should do. Do you know what we should do?

        I have been to your country, Eradican. It was pleasant and interesting.

      • We should trade places I’d rather live on an island fortress where threats are so non-existent they’re hypothetical.

      • Aussies are unreliable revolutionaries, for they’ve never experienced even a small need for it as it played not one minute detail of their national history. They are as meek as Canadians; both a result of centuries of total dependence on Britain.

        Aussies’ Weltgeist is one of noise-making so they are not forgotten. That stems from their isolated geographic location and their original colonial purpose. They seem brave, but never seem to know what to be brave for.

      • We don’t have to trade places, Eradican. You could immigrate to Oz.

      • Is that it?

        Nope, not quite:

        You know what to do, and you’re doing it. But I don’t know what to do, and you won’t tell me what you know to do, because the fact that I don’t know what to do proves that you shouldn’t tell me what you know I should do.

        …and add:
        “because your mentality and subsequent actions prove you cannot learn what to do, even on a forum, thereby proving much less trustworthy to act in confidential matters.”

    • Pat Haniggin echoed mw:
      echo MW: “Do what, pray tell?”

      Ever since you lasses gave up your guns in the 90’s all you have now are sheep shears.
      So you poor dears really are up a crick without a paddle
      So theres not much you CAN do, except flit from blog to blog askint
      “…WHATTA WE DO firepowerrrr??”

  5. Firepower,

    You certainly have a talent for being humorously serious.

    Let it be told that the logic of Liberation necessitates mass bloodletting AND it will largely come by way of “greater” liberationist slaughtering “lesser” liberationist IN SO MANY UNIQUE WAYS as to baffle the mind.

    A mass culling is seemingly imminent by our own “right hand man” and the “other” hand as well.

    Step 1:
    Reject all forms of self-annihilation.
    Step 2:
    Accept objective Supremacy.
    Step 3:
    Go towards Step 2.
    Step 4:
    Prepare to battle for your free will.
    Step 5:
    Call evil out, prepare to kill.
    Step 6:
    Repeat Steps 1-5.

    One could see this as a basic meta-regiment. Inside and in between steps are places to explore, create, innovate and Capitalize.

    • All right, I will spell it out. Firepower wants you boys to take your guns and tear shit up. He will be watching in the wings, don’t worry.

      Do I have that right Firepower? You won’t even SAY what you want my friends to do. You are the true coward.

      • Maureen,

        There is nothing illegitimate in attempting to command a burgeoning army of soldiers via internet communications ESPECIALLY as it aligns “perfectly” with the Logic of Liberation.

      • In short, Uncle Beast doesn’t get too exercised over the mass killing of Liberationists UNLESS the “act” itself is an act of radical autonomy that rivals the scope and influence of Uncle Beast’s radical autonomy.

      • MoMo, people like you, and your descendants, do not deserve a leader.

        You are content to live out your right-wing hippie Mt.Zionburg commune fantasies and bitch forever on Twitter as if that’s some form of “activism.”

        If a leader were given the choice between commanding your passel of Twits or the Taliban, in one second he’d step all over your neck to catch the quickest jet to Hajjistan. Those that have not earned respect get no screaming wolf-eagle cookie. Sorry.

        Your type incessantly whines about “saving this heah kuntry for Teh Chillrinz!” as if those blessed without children believe it their duty to sacrifice blood & sweat for your degenerate spawn while it plays PS3 all day. Then, you expect the wise to listen to you run your mouth about duty – for you who raised such useless dead weight?

        He whom would lead you deserves contempt.

        You’d never accept a leader who doesn’t fully mirror your low, sloping forehead – or one without kids – even if he was Napoleon himself (look it up…) because you’d also refuse following a man without kids sending your Precious~Hugg Angels off to war.

        Your concern should be opening your beer-soaked eyes to see an utter vacuum of leadership in your “movement.”

        Why should a WISE Man
        risk a fingernail for your little GENJustins™
        who’ve deserved only slavery?

      • My grown children don’t play video games. I am not going to say what they do (too many enemies about) but as usual you make a lot of assumptions.

        FP maybe you are some sort of real life leader and I just don’t know it. Do you meet up with other dissidents IN REAL LIFE?

        [ed note: you NEED EVERY fucking thing spoonfed to you. Perhaps it is your precious grandbabbies that play those games. The phrase is a generalization on generations because I’M NOT PRIVY TO every personal detail about your life. Can you not read between the lines? You cannot, so fail the entrance exam. The attitudes of your type are why Tweet Revolution!™, JAN & TDO captivate you – and why Uncle Beast’s Smart Men keep you confused, stymied and chasing your SnarlyWolfAV Tails.]

      • No Firepower your communication is piss poor and that’s why you won’t be leading anything. I just come here to hate on you now.

      • Wrong. You may be coming here, but
        your type is never permitted to contaminate others by your stupidity.
        Happy Trails to your rural New Zionberg, as peopled by your Roach Rancher trailerpark dregs.

        Go fuck an eggplant.

      • gah, i always suspected Mo Momo had tiny teats, she just seems like ‘the angry type’

        baa-baah -baaarf!

      • Maureen is a woman you can’t expect her to have the instincts of a man. Female warfare mostly consists of spreading rumors, social exclusion, and mean girl shunning.

      • Her pride in her stupidity
        Lives in her fractious remarks
        Proving her kind deserves slavery

  6. I’ll try then and see if I clear FP’s faggot sissy bar, which it seems he sets middling high. Be the Social Critic, destroy piggy beasty AUTHORITY, create anger, confidence and even leadership ability (maybe) in our side.

    • Every day – every decade – that passes on creating leadership, grows the legions of dumb chumps in successive generations.

      A society for positive change then becomes a fallow field
      overgrown with weeds and garbage
      making what was once easy to repair
      a nightmare the longer the years pass

  7. I have a plan straight from Commander Underpants Gnome, and it is three step. Step 1 Name the Jew, Step 2 ? Step 3 Torchlight parade

  8. As nationalists, we depend on people to use their own intelligence. I can lead a horse to water, whip it, kick it, but I can’t make it drink. The horse needs to make the move.

    People have to be able to “make the leap”, take the gap. Dealing with uncertainty is a necessary skill for us. The right people know what they need to do. Those who have the mental block don’t have the smarts or instincts necessary to succeed.

    And if someone can’t do it, that’s OK. Some can’t. There are rules to this game. Information is not enough; Rockwell had the whole thing laid out in 1960. Part of it comes from the reader himself. There are other groups out there trying different methods.

    • True.

      To greatly simplify it for the others who just don’t seem to ever understand:
      Stop doing what you’re doing.
      TDO & JAN & Grecycling
      It’s not working.
      It never worked.

      Do something DIFFERENT
      DO THE OPPOSITE of what has failed

    • Sorry dude Rockwell’s script is done, completely finished and now nothing more than internetainment. In short it was theoretically possible for his plan to work in 1960 but the subjugation of the country for “national restoration” is now way far in the past. Its why I am not a WN, and thank you for your time and patience.

      • What are you now, RRS?

      • Well see Whitaker’s post today, it is not too much of our usual esoteric BS that it should be readily digestible. That said WN lives in Tolkien’s Middle Earth battling giants and super natural phenomenon, it is time to let it go to that torchlight parade thru the halls of vahalla. I’m tired of the vanity plays of the re-enactors and this goes for Hunter Wallace’s little gang of rebel intelekshuals gittin their jollies with super duper essays and the usual babble of “12 likes” from the peanut gallery of WNs still hoping he will “name.”

        I’m for tearing down the walls, opening all the gates smashing all the windows and most of all destroying every idiot taboo inflicted upon whites. But I understand that there are those who have an old script running thru their heads and how life must conform to that and if not then no one is let out of the prison till they conform to the “leader’s” vision.

        [ednote: wtf is a whattaker]

      • While Democrats’ RULE over Mrrka speed us to cliff’s edge at 100 mph
        AND Repubbies speed Mrrka toward it at 50

        It’s not really “The Coloreds” fault – nor even all of MINOs: It was and is the white man. They are the ones who grant unlimited amnesty to the dirty mex rabble; fill endless Welfare Baby bottles; give $$$ to The Muzz Brotherhood.

        They speed toward the cliff as well.

  9. Stop holding back and speak the truth about racial genetic differences, starting with IQ tests, but in the nicest possible way. Once you are fired and homeless you will find the strength to do more.

    • You’ll not find such “scientific TDO” at Eradica.

      We all get it: MINOs are stupider and anybody with The Google can search it for themselves.
      I’ll not be the one to ‘GRECYCLE that fact the 300,000,000th time online.

      The “being nice” part you suggest does work because it doesn’t offend whites’ delicate interpretation of racial relationships – while seeing every one of their major cities (except Manhattan) fall to the Sword of The MINO.

      That such a race has large numbers supporting a Trayvon
      While ‘dat ciddy ‘struction goes on…
      Is almost a conviction of their guilt
      And reason why they should perish…

  10. @precisekumshot Basement dwelling at its finiest. You know nothing about me.

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