Why Fanaticism Works

by eradican

Everything in moderation is sound advice. In a kuntry as rotten as Murka it might even save lives. Addiction is rampant here from food, drugs, alcohol, video games, even texting. Where this axiom falls apart however is in the goal setting area. People who lack goals normally fall into the trap of addiction. The less people achieve the more they seek cheap highs elsewhere.

Pleasure is fickle it comes and goes but lasting happiness only stems from the joys of achievement. The greater the reward the more effort required. What’s worthwhile is never free. I haven’t met anyone successful who lived a balanced lifestyle. Sometimes established people comfortable in complacency say “balance” is the key to success but they’re mistaken. People change and the person they once were is not the person they are today.

Why is extremism necessary then? The answer comes from the orient. I’m no fan of goofy eastern thinking but they correctly understand that mind, body, and spirit have to be in harmony. If you’re lazy but ambitious you’re a slacker. If you work hard but lack ambition you’re a drone. Most people live life simply going through the motions. Only when you truly want something and give it your all will you go far.

Starting is always the hardest part. How do you get the engine running? I don’t have the answer. In my experience only someone with little to lose and much to gain has the willpower needed to conquer one and all. The older a person gets the more they have a stake in the status quo. It might even be a shitty stake but people are creatures of comfort and habit.

Singapore skyline

Genetics may also factor into how strongly a person is committed to something. There is no denying assigned biological roles. Someone meant to crunch numbers can never be a warrior and vice versa. This is likely how the caste system developed.

Islam was at the apex of it’s power when the Muzz were most fanatical. When they settled down and became cosmopolitan their military prowess vanished. It took decades to conquer a quarter of the known world. It would take over two centuries to defeat the tiny crusader states of the Levant.

East Asia is lauded today as an economic success. Having traveled abroad I’ve seen it myself. The people are disciplined and devoted to achievement but for centuries these places were backwater cesspools of opium addiction. It’s hard to draw the precise line between genetics and culture. Drug smuggling is a capital offense almost everywhere in the far east for that historical reason.

Fanatic, extremist, radical, and zealot are all dirty words because they work. America’s founders weren’t driven by “moderation”. No successful revolution is. Politics, enterprise, self improvement, it doesn’t matter. To get ahead you need what everyone else lacks.

10 Responses to “Why Fanaticism Works”

  1. I have been corresponding with a paycheck conservative and he called me “rabid.” I said, “Thank you! I take it as a compliment. I am also radical, fanatic and a zealot.” He tried to say that “87% of America supports interracaial marriage” and I said, “That’s a manufactured consensus. If it wasn’t for political correctness, lots of us would be shouting form the rooftops that race mixing is disgusting genocide.” he then agreed that if not for political correctness there would probably be a very different political spectrum in the cuntry.

    • Forbidding criticism of one group by another proves which holds power.

      Silence is admission of slavery.

      This is a manifest absolute.
      It is understood consciously and subconsciously by both Master and oppressed.
      It is another latent reason for the subliminal fear whites have of BiGFED Regimes.
      It is why most shall die
      Biting their tongue

      • Yep, good point. I was criticizing the hell out of them in public back in 2000 – 2002, getting in their faces, handing National Alliance flyers to ADL workers, attending human relations commission meetings. It was fun, even addictive. I ended up stopping because I have a family and the newsmedia was showing up on our doorstep.

        Were I single, I’d have never stopped. Then again, I became a WN probably because of having a kid.

    • “Supports” is a strange word. Supports in that sense means tolerating it or watching it on TV. Most Americans don’t support anything because they don’t care. More accurately, they are indifferent to IR marraige

      • Yes, some are truly indifferent. But more specifically and mostly, they are radically autonomous. “Indifferrence” requires acknowledgement of the basic reality and then emotionally rejecting the effect of said reality. People who were truly indifferent to IR would acknowledge the consequences of such relationships and just not care. What we have are people who don’t care first and then never need make any acknowledgement about certain realities. In short, one logically “progresses” from indifference to radial autonomy as a matter of liberation.

      • Of course, when I say “they don’t care first,” I am not simply talking apathy. We are not talking a “just don’t care” disposition which could indicate an “indifferent” nature. But this nature does not at all demand apathy.

        We are simply talking Final Liberation.

        The basic reality of IR as it concerns a white father
        and his progeny is not going to be “equal” to an IR as it concerns a “black” father and his progeny.

        IR attempts to collapse the submission/imperialist paradigm of sexual racial relations.

        It can ONLY DO THIS when ALL become radically autonomous.

  2. Obsession is what it takes. It’s not healthy, but one does what one must. As one ages, one tends to want comfort and to feel good.

  3. East Asia is lauded today as an economic success. Having traveled abroad I’ve seen it myself. The people are disciplined and devoted to achievement but for centuries these places were backwater cesspools of opium addiction. It’s hard to draw the precise line between genetics and culture.

    Having met some Red Princelings myself I’m not impressed by them. The Chinese have a strong predilection towards laziness. They don’t smoke opium – but they do play on their cell phones all day. However, the Koreans and Japanese I’ve met have been hardworking and conscientious.


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