Shane, Scythians, And Survivalists

by eurybates


Shane,” is a book that was written by Jack Schaffer which was published in 1949.  It was also made into a movie which was released in 1953.  It is a western which is set in Wyoming in the 1860’s.  An important theme of both the book and the movie is the Homestead Act of 1862 which granted land to homesteaders who qualified.  Over the course of the program about 40% of the applicants who started the process were able to obtain title to their land which usually amounted to 160 acres.

In both the book and the movie the antagonist is a cattle man who uses large tracts of land to graze his cattle until the homesteaders start putting up fences, etc.

One of the interesting things that I noticed when I watched the movie the other day for the first time was that the cowboys in town called out some of the homesteaders by saying that they smelled like pig.  In the book which I read a long time ago in school – the point of the book was competition for water if I recall correctly.

Antagonism between cow people and pig people seems to have been going on for a long time.  Cow herders usually use bigger tracts of land and they move them on a constant basis whereas pig farmers are more stationary.  Cattle men are traditionally nomadic and pig farmers traditionally sedentary.

You can watch the movie, “Shane,” here.


The Scythians were a nomadic people that lived around the Black Sea in ancient times.  Herodotus relates in his Histories, how Darius I, King of Persia tried to conquer them but since they would never face him in battle it ended up being disastrous for him.  His army was destroyed.  Their land provided no food for the Persians to forage and they ended up starving until they gave up and returned home.

The Scythians were a cow herding people.  For the most part they did not till the land and they did not build cities.  They lived in covered wagons that were drawn by oxen.  They were an interesting bunch of barbarians; they drank out of cups wrought from the skulls of their enemies and they were accomplished equestrians and archers among other things.

The Scythians hated pigs and it seems that they even killed people for eating or raising pigs.


It has come to my attention that there are many different types of survivalists.  Most city dwellers are survivalists in my opinion.  A survivalist is attached to a certain piece of land whether in the city or in the country.

Nomads seem to have the upper hand when it comes to long term survival.  Babylon fell to the Persians.  Gengis Khan dominated the largest land mass on the planet.  Cortez conquered the Mexicans.  The Incas fell to Pizzaro.  Rome fell to the barbarians of the North.

Final Thoughts


11 Comments to “Shane, Scythians, And Survivalists”

  1. I have to disagree with the assessment that the nomads are the ultimate survivors. In my opinion the ultimate survivors are hardy mountain folk. Examples of this include the Afghans(survived Alexander the Great and the Mongol onslaught), mindweapons beloved Chechens(according to Alexander Solzenytshin, the toughest people in the USSR), the Swiss, and Americas Appalachin hillbillys.

    • The Cockroach is
      an “Ultimate Survivor”
      …yet still not as survivable as a rock

      So it’s not saying much.

      By that VRW Logic
      The Jew could be classified as the ultimate survivor – and the ultimate nomad, eh?

      You people must learn one day to think in radical, innovative ways – and very soon.
      Quicker, if you have “precious babies”

      • Not really, the jews used the multiethnic atomized cities of the NE USA to establish themselves, specifically NYC. If they had tried at the time to push their social agenda or infiltrate the institutions of the highly homogeneous south they would have been driven out by the KKK. Still to this day a jew would not be able to infiltrate the social and political institutions of highly Mormon Utah, or Scotch-Irish W.Virginia.

        In other words the characteristics of mountain peoples:self reliance, distrust of outsiders, martial ability, clannishness, and usually a common set of religous belief disable jews from taking over. To thrive, jews rely on having a multi-ethnic society and having leadership that gives them protection.

      • If you say so, fine. But…the Diaspora, migrating and Wandering Jew emigrated to these multi ethnic atomized cities of the NE USA…and did what?

        The Diaspora is the quintessential nomenclature given to a concept of nomadism. Once they’re in Spain. The Inquisition displaces them and they move to Poland. Then WW2 displaces them – and they come here.

        Big Nomadic Hero Idols!© become nomads because somebody else kicked them out. Huns were forced West by Mongols. Mongols forced east by Chinese Great Wall builders. The Huns in turn, drove Visigoth and Vandal West. IOW: Shit runs downhill.

        For 300 years, Jewy Nomadsteins came forth and conquered. Even past Mexican Banditos – now today’s Cartel forces – conquer new territory. West Virginia hillbillies conquered dinky, rocky Moonshineville…and that’s it. It’s still the same today.

    • Agreed. Mountains are hard to conquer even with modern technology. All those Soviet/Russian armored vehicles were made useless in the mountains of Afghanistan and Chechnya. Even deploying light infantry requires the proper season. Getting lost is also a deathtrap. Most of the effort is spent battling the terrain/conditions before you even get to the enemy. Air power works well but in southern Russia it’s basically a civil war where rebels have access to sophisticated anti-aircraft weapons.

  2. We’re in a new environment, differnet things will be adaptable. The mindweapons strategy is an attempt to find an adaptable way of life. But that’s very interesting stuff about the nomads and the mountain people.

  3. Good stuff, Eury. It seems like when one gets stuck in one place, he stagnates. Happened to our vikings too.

    • Whatever happened to Eury? Anyways Jews and Muzz have nomadic origins might be why they frown on pork.

      [ed note: dismissed: if one doesn’t comment on Eradica, one isn’t good enough to write for it. why bother]

  4. Shane is a dumb movie and book. The wounded Shane would have died not long after he said goodbye to the boy and the cattleman’s heirs would eventually drive out the homesteaders to bankruptcy.

    The nomads were string because they had military superiority. When machine guns eliminated their advantage the nomads were no longer relevant. The Mongols are just would be allies of Murka now, and are only allowed to exist as a buffer between China and Russia by the whim of Murka.

  5. There are no real “survivalists” (or at least microscopically few) in the West if we define “survivalist” as “one CURRENTLY surviving a life and death situation?” This self-identifying label is basically a self-advocating mechanism equivalent to the nigel’s “hustle.” It is the most effortless way one can advance his “radical autonomy” in times of questionable action.

    So it is with the Nomads. Were they true survivalists or is that just the line they used as they pillaged another homestead?

  6. Where is eury? He quit commenting.

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