What’s Drones for The Goose…

by Firepower

Bring Junior! Fun For The WHOLE Family!

Are Drones… for Ryu?

Nope:  It’s good for The Gander

As I told you earlier in comments:

Soon… other enemies of Uncle Beast would get the goodies.  Unlike domestic enemy non-activity-activists, foreigners have little fear of the Jordie’s On Parade! Show!™  – why, not even on their home soil! Go gooooogle “paper tiger.”

If Third World Toilets can send doom crashing down in Suicide Drones, it’s not too long before…MS-13, Black Gangster Nation and even Flyy Farmurz get them a few of them thar contraptions…

Drones are aerial snipers.  BiGGovs fear snipers. They don’t hole themselves up in their living room den and shoot it out with SWATZIs.  They don’t grow Earthworms Fer Fun N’ Profit! in their own shit on their wife’s living room coffee table either.  What is mobile, you must pursue – and catch – without it doing the work for you.

I’m sure His Imperial Majesty has his Legions of 10,000 ϟϟ Secret Sex Service watching for Domestic Drone-Eez while they order the DPW to get dirty and weld shut them manholes, board up every window and station an ϟϟ Agent on every rooftop to protect The MOAST Beloved Man  In The World.

Uncle Beast has unleashed the blueprint of fighting an enemy you’re too chicken to face.  Just have a bunch of parts (Made in China!) do the work for ya.  Soon, even Muzz will be sending their model airplanes to fuck virgins in paradise, instead of Crazy Hajjis with TNT cummerbunds.

That’s because Russia now makes them also.  If Russia has it, China has it.  If they have it, Iran has it.  All Crazy Muzz will have it.  That means, all our enemies will have it and soon, the Red Chinese will be cranking them out just as fast as LED TVs in Beijing factories.

New vistas of Domestic Bliss will emerge as Drone-A-Dad Programs sprout so Pops can share some Quality Time with Young Brandon, building their own cheap toys reminiscent of 1950’s America.

9 Comments to “What’s Drones for The Goose…”

  1. I have very fond memories of flying RC’s as a kid. There was a Clint Eastwood movie from the 1970’s where someone uses a toy car as a mobile bomb platform to go under a real car and blow that sucker up!

    Let them obsess over drones. I think the real potential is in growing our own HUMINT agents. “Hi mom and dad, this is my new boyfriend Ricky, he speaks Chinese and Spanish and is really good at computers!”

    That’s nice Sarah. Is he coming out to dinner with us?

    Ricky sneaks into hedge fund dad’s room and installs trojan keyboard capture device in his IPAD 25. Billions go poof! It’s all covered up, but Ricky’s gang gets billions of dollars in funding.

    • Indeed.

      We must make The One True Enemy suffer – like in another 70s movie with an iconic star. Let them scramble around, stewing in their own juices like Gene Hackman at the end of The Conversation.

      The hedgie-wedgie is quite a good strategy. We encourage all hot sons and daughters to utilize their youthful charms to the best of their home-schooled familial patriotism.

      Cops mostly have big mouths, with none bigger than BiGFed Cops badge-flashing your daughters, so everybody knows them in the neighborhood. Everybody knows where they live. They are protected from retaliation by the specific individuals they arrest, but a generic and patriotic public justifiably angered at their grasping BiGGov Fascism is further down the knowledge grapevine and therefore not suspect. When word gets around what Goode Neighbor Randy does for a living, nobody can possibly suspect the quiet group harboring deep resentments. They, are sleepers.

  2. Speaking of: Inside Chinas Predator clone mobile ground control station.

    And another interesting bit; in Afghanistan farmers have to turn everything that falls of the sky in, that stuff is then promptly sold to the Chinese, and it rains hardware plenty, a few dozen of drones are already missing or crashed.

    • Combine harvesting the latest Murkan BiGFed hardware with Bill Xlinton’s establishing the gookers with early 90s technology from his regime in exchange for bags of Midnight White House Cash and Uncle Beast has a problem when Dad N’ Lad start affixing spiffy bolt-on goodies meant to excite the Gear Queer Set…

  3. Another effective tactic is one that the Palestinians have employed against the Israelis, Qassam rockets. They are cheap to make $800 and have killed 15 Israelis since 2001. They are mostly a psychological weapon though resulting in widespread miscarriages and PTSD amongst the population in affected cities.

  4. The AK-47 and RPG-7 made guerrilla warfare viable contributing to the end of European world empire.

    These inventions were also produced by western adversaries. Will drones be the new tools of liberation?

  5. Diversatoids will be selling unca beasty toys even before they are put on the shelf. Oh yeah white Libzis them colored folks just love you, they will be loyal serfs, yep.

    Friend of mine was a reserve army officer tasked one time with grading a Mino natguard outfit on some BS exercise, well it all went to hell and the last thing he saw before he skedaddled to save his white hide was dem loyal black folk passing out the 40mm grenades to the other loyal black folk.

  6. The Americans have decided that in war, you are allowed to do anything. I’ve learned that from watching them for many years.

    The most powerful weapons are the human mind and a lack of morality. Drones are just another tech-toy that impress people. People do not change. One has to have the guts to be able to use a drone, before actually using it. My focus is on creating that desire, because with that, people will find their own way of doing things.

    Well FP, damn it, I’m going to have to watch The Conversation. That looks interesting.

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