When Things Go Bad…

by Ryu
English: Territorial expansion of Greece (1832...

English: Territorial expansion of Greece (1832–1947). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

…they really go bad. Especially for racists.

To be a good nationalist, you have to know what trouble is. Trouble. Keeps you up at night, running it over in your head again and again trouble. Real regret. Not that false “I’m sorry” that one hears so often.

Nationalism is a very dangerous thing. It’s not a joke, it is your life. Golden Dawn is finding this out in ……Greece. They played by the system’s rules and were winning. The system fought back dirty. Bombings, assasinations, arson.

Everyone knows what needs to be done. Doing it is the hard part. I don’t think people appreciate what it takes to do it. The sacrifice involved, knowing that the publc and even your own family will turn against you.

Power means never surrendering willingly. You have to know it in your bones and you have to see it. There’s a difference between “knowledge” and experience.

This movie taught me much that I did not know; it’s very precious to me.

40 Comments to “When Things Go Bad…”

  1. May I ask what lessons were learned or insights gleaned by watching that movie? As for the politicians in that movie their language reflects that they are fighting for a few percentage of dimwits who actually believe them, otherwise the Chittown landscape is one of tribalism and its zero sum game, the only commonality the tax slaves they milk. If the Libzis could go back in time and bring back General Forest and the first klan to scare off the NIggzis the Libzis would be in heaven, no Niggzis, and no responsibility for their disappearance.

    • You may indeed, RRS. I could probably write 20 pages of notes from that movie. Take the scene in part 10.

      It’s a group interrogation. They seperate all the perps. Cameras in each room. Two interogators. Begin with assumption of guilt, theme development. Leave, walk back in, with fake signed confessions, then the guy play on the kid’s Catholic background. The gestures and how he modulates his voice, touching his hand. Listen to the press conference afterward, the inferences.

      My training is very different from Mosby’s. I look at every word, every gesture, every detail. PUA is vastly underestimated. It’s not the guns or tactics that matter. It’s people. PUAs used to be the very best in the world at human moves.

      I believe in cheating. Nationalists will not win playing by the rules. And I know that wn fails because so many want to wear the white hat and be the good guy. Cheating is right, cheating works. Teachers should teach their students to cheat.

      Lie, cheat, steal….win. I can make anyone, anywhere into a hero. I’ll buy the media and the bookmakers. “Good” and “bad” are proxies for people with power, and those without.

      • Its what whites go thru everyday, an assumption of guilt in the great interrogation by vermin. Thanks for your explanation.

        As I try an tell our intellectuals it is much better to be an interrogator than like the dogs in the movie “Up” who are constantly distracted by the word squirrel, but its what they do, try and be the first to the imaginary treat the anti-whites pretend to offer.

  2. Yes, we all know what needs to be done, but is it the time for it? The answer is a resounding NO. The average American is still well fed, a roof over their head, and still has plenty of tv/playstation. The reason why Golden Dawn and the former soviet bloc nationalist parties do so well is the fact that they live with REAL poverty, widespread alcoholism/drug addiction, and crime caused by minorities.

    Us ‘doing what needs to be done’ ends up with us doing decades in prison or dead, and when we die we will be villified not martyred. Yeah, Dorner, Tim McVeigh, the Beltway Snipers, James Earl Ray, the Unabomber, or the Chechen Bomb Brothers all acted, hats off to them for it. But, did it end the Civil Rights movement, involvement in wars against Muslims, an overbearing fed gov’t, or an end to industrialized society. What needs to be done now is for us, the whites who can see, is to pour yourself a glass of Bourbon and watch as shit gets real for the average goy white. Won’t it be fun to watch brandon and britney

    • not be able to get a job and be bogged down in student loan debt, to watch some silly single mom lose her make work gov’t job due to austerity measures, or how about some prole union asshole lose his job to a Mexican. No, before we do anything as a race in this country people like this need to hurt.

    • It’s the middle class morality. That will disappear as the middle class does. Being hungry and scared can do wonders.

      Kaczynski was right. Look at these scientists turning over their inventions to the USG, who use it to spy on them. They are building their own prisons. 95% of science today is done for vanity and money. It has nothing to do with progress.

      The time will probably never be right. The line is never crossed because the sands shift. The people with the morality necessary to win don’t exist in mass yet. 1000 negro savages from the Congo with machetes could do it, but 1000 white Americans can’t. They still believe in America.

    • Yes, we all know what needs to be done, but

      Then, you and your descendants will be forever slaves.

      As I’ve written, Murka only goes one of three ways:

        ~ It gets better
        ~ It stays the same…
        ~ It gets worse

      Already the frog is boiled. The noose, draws tighter. You are enslaved to ObamaCare – to pay your ever-increasing HIGH TAXES so MIGGERS & Minos get FREE weekly visits to the Emergency Room for free cholesterol meds and flu shots.

      Do you think it stops there? Hilary cometh. The Crazy Mexican First El Presidente of Murka cometh unto thine bambinos children.

      I do agree with your general premise. Just remember that prolonging the inevitable means risking your future on Saviour Brandons. Depending on the gamers & sexters to suddenly change and become Thomas Jeffersons.

      So, perhaps it is properly expedient to PoolSide it as a Eradican-type Raider and buccaneer off.

      • Firepower I would love to go all raider on everybody, but I’m biding my time so I can get some brandons to use as cannon fodder.

        With the republican party dead and the democrats now the party of every degenerate except straight white males, brandon, justin, ryan, and kyle will be forced to wake up. I don’t expect the brandons to become any great military or political strategists, but when the FFOL impoverishes them and takes away any meaningful hope of a future for them they will become very angry and violent. This is when eradicans come in pat justin on his gel spiked hair and as he’s crying tell him who exactly took away his xbox, budweiser, pizzahut, and crappy aluminum sided house in the burbs. And then after giving him a jaeger bomb to quiet his blubbering tell him remember all those rounds of call of duty you played now its time to do it in real life.

      • I’m biding my time so I can get some brandons to use as cannon fodder.

        This is a valid leadership observation sadly growing a wiser, more viable option each day.

        The New America will be won similar to how Russians defeated their Nazis on the Eastern Front. Millions of expendable cannonfodder muzhiks [liufy] thrown against smaller numbers of technologically superior opponents dedicated to an antithetical political cause.

        Muzhik fodder were led by intelligent strategists (i.e. Zhukov), who were themselves ruled by a ruthless political leadership circle, by a Stalin.

        It is our BiGGov with the nightvision, NSA, MRAPs and drones, using its united Fasces of Liberal Nazism, its massive budget and Hi-Tech weaponry to rule a vast number of increasingly poorer subjects growing equally opposed to its tyranny.

    • Very true.

      Today’s purely TV~inspired~wn manages their limited resources as well as the tires on their ’97 pickup truck.

      The Turner Diaries was intended to inspire them, not serve as a surrogate for action – and surely not escapist fantasy. Even though it is a bit crude and stilted, it inspired me to elevate the discussion. The bickering louts screaming “oh yeah, what do YOU DO about it?” always Niggerspickike loudest about physically stringing-up coloreds and “retaking” some imaginary street.

      Then, when I remind them they must actually do it, they get curiously angry.

      They should’ve similarly demanded Mr. Hitler lead the first charge into Poland, then we wouldn’t have this mess today.

    • I have read this and your other comments. Why not come and write for us, Jay? I’ll reco you.

  3. Faggots.

    • What does this have to do with me?

      • I have the feeling you should “get with” Ms. Tina and want to introduce you two: With her big mouth, she must give one helluva blowjob.

      • Wait a minute, that comment wasn’t even by Cameron, it was from Clyde.

        Take it up with Clyde, FP, and leave us out of it.

        [then you should be jealous – and grateful to me, for the curious IP proximity means one of you is shackin’ up with some strange]

      • You love to death Mr. Hitler’s sane paranoia, speeches – and spiffy wardrobe.
        Allow us a chance to
        inspire… your ire

        You DO have some goode in ye, little trooper!
        No matter what Chechie said.

      • then you should be jealous – and grateful to me, for the curious IP proximity means one of you is shackin’ up with some strange

        You forgot to complete that sentence, or your grammar is getting worse by the day. Some strange what?

        With regard “IP proximity”, perhaps Clyde is Australian, like myself, thus the mystery is explained. I don’t see what I should be jealous about, though.

        Anyway, the chance for correspondence with yourself, though not requested nor initiated by myself, has been nice. See you around the traps, mate. All the best. Cheerio!

      • Ryu misses you,

        And I, him.

        lil’ troopa (that’s actually my usage of written ossie idiom)

        Are you sure you’re not confusing the term with Koopa Troopa from the Mario series? I am aware that part of your WN training to fight the SFA of Liberal-Fascist-Nazism (or whatever it is you call it) is to assiduously play video games and watch youtube clips, so it’s more than likely Nintendo world has crossed over to reality world. I’ll keep an ear out for it in any case. Who knows, perhaps this is yet another instance of you inventing a word for others to appropriate, in this case an entire nation for several decades past.

        And Eradican has yet to feel your angst – your diatribes.

        Never heard of her.

        Sorry about the break-up with Chechi.

        No need for sympathy. It’s only the internet.

        You can either be grasped back into the bosom of Hate
        or return to the hinterlands and go back to piss up a rope

        That’s way over my head.

        btw, you never knew the Simpsons & Outback Jack are still worth more than the last 4 yars of Austrialian GDP!

        You are correct that I “never knew” that. How you knew that I never knew, only you would know. As to the veracity of the compared profitability with GDP, I’d doubt it, but, on the other hand, I have no idea as to the relevancy of the statement with what we were discussing.

        All the best, FP. Keep on fighting the fisting. No one likes to be fisted, just watch Cruising (or, better yet, get Ryu to watch it for you and post on it).

        [only if you tell me which one – tina or Ma~Ma – has the dangerous one snaggle-tooth and which one is the plush, all gums

        ps, you do know, i’m set to delete all this fluff if Ryu understandably objects. don’t wax too clever. i’ll hate to see you wasting time on also writing about Munich Marchers]

      • Seeing as I have some time on my hands in which to procrastinate, I investigated the proposition that “btw, you never knew the Simpsons & Outback Jack are still worth more than the last 4 yars of Austrialian GDP!”

        Assuming that by “yar” you mean year, and it’s not an economic measurement of time that I haven’t heard before till your usage (like Little Trooper), the Australian GDP for 2012 was 1.521 trillion USD.

        [ed note: yar schmarr. i honestly don’t know what you guys call those calendars with the charcoal notches you use for “calendas”]

        This compares favourably with the 2.8 billion USD that the Simpsons was projected to make: The study projected that the studio will eventually make about $2.8 billion from the show through 23 seasons.

        Outback Jack, which I’d never heard of, and made it up by confusing the movie Kangaroo Jack, is a reality TV show that lasted one year. I’d doubt that the profits exceeded 1 trillion USD, otherwise the producers would have kept it going beyond 2004 (unless managed by Eradica, in which case the entire cast would be shot at dawn for being so successful).

        Kangaroo Jack, according to Wikipedia, ” …ended up grossing $66,934,963 domestically and $21,994,148 overseas for a worldwide total of $88,929,111.[1]”

        The combined totals of Simpsons, Outback Jack and Kangaroo Jack still fall well short of the Australian 2012 GDP results.

        So, once again you are vindicated. I “never knew”, and still don’t know, that “the Simpsons & Outback Jack are still worth more than the last 4 yars of Austrialian GDP”. Well done, FP. This has been yet another great victory in your ongoing worldwide march to let people know what they never knew. Thank, you!

      • Austrailian “dollars?” Never heard of it. Isn’t that stuff like, seashells or toilet paper or something?

        Still, you Bondi Nazis have amazing sense of humour.

      • Austrailian “dollars?” Never heard of it. Isn’t that stuff like, seashells or toilet paper or something?

        Yes, you have it exactly.

        Still, you Bondi Nazis have amazing sense of humour.

        Not to mention good grammar.

        {oi a Nazi Grammar Nazi – that qualifies you for like, two armbands in the parade}

      • Teutonic Tina and Maureen “Machine Gun” Martin? C’mon:

        I don’t mind a bit of fun on me own threads, but if others object to it on their work, I’ll delete anything that offends them. I’m kinda like that. I’m The Sweet Fascist.

    • How are you doing, Pat?

      • Good thanks, Ryu, and you?

        We went though all this yesterday, but Firepower deleted the thread. He blamed you for that. C’est la guerre, I guess.

        As discussed, in that deleted thread, the above commenter is Clyde, not myself, nor Cameron. But anyway, the sun’s up and there’s work to be done.

      • All comments are still preserved
        in the TRASH section of the Comment Category
        in the Editor’s WP Tools: Ryu may see them for himself

        Be careful with such fabrications
        or you’ll do yet another replay
        of your “Firepower is an FBI!”
        Tapdance down Aryan Street

      • I like every wn, FP. I don’t get mad at nationalists. It’s kind of a compliment that that someone might think I’m FBI. I’ve got no ego about the work we do and I don’t take things personally.

        [ed note: just beware – and use vigilant caution – of those who concoct lies of you being an “informant” for another side. it’s not an invitation…to a pillow fight]

      • Same as always really, Pat. Where have you been spending your time? I haven’t seen you on any wn sites. You must be reading the Ozzie ones.

      • Don’t feel bad about getting the boot from chechar. He meant no harm. You’ve been tossed from every other site, so it’s actually a matter of consistent success.

      • Where have you been spending your time? I haven’t seen you on any wn sites. You must be reading the Ozzie ones.

        I’ve been in involuntary rehab at the Sanctuary, Byron Bay, for the last…several months…though I’ve lost track of time. The internet privileges were pretty tight so I didn’t get much time at all to go surfing the internet. My day was mostly surfin’, real surfin’, yoga, and weeping in my room late at night.

        My Peace and Tranquility ashram master tells me that nationalism is a state of mind, a territory within, populated by the one and the many. She says that borders block us from experience, and that interaction is an ebb and flow, a coming and going, between all. She also gets pretty angry when I help myself to her bar fridge, so I’ve learned to wait till she’s asleep before my comings and goings, and interact with her via heavy doses of Xanax in her yoghurt.

        As for Ozzie nationalist sites, not that I’m aware there are any, I don’t really have the time, even now that I’m on day release. I’ve been checking in here though, from time to time, just to keep abreast of the adventures of my old troopers.

        May peace and tranquility go with you always, Ryu.

      • Be careful with such fabrications
        or you’ll do yet another replay
        of your “Firepower is an FBI!”
        Tapdance down Aryan Street

        It’s interesting that you should say that as many of my fellow inmates spoke with exactly that same syntax.

        Though I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about, one thing that my ashram master said comes to mind: If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it may well be a goose whose lost all grasp of reality.

        [ed note: et al:

      • Loved your reviews of Eradica (and me) at maurene martin’s aryan street.

        Very Our Man Flint or, Mickey One…that is, if they’ve finally gotten down to Red China’s newest colony yet.

        If not, just re-imagine Fahrenheit 451 or Blow-Up.

      • You get it.

        I do not tolerate it.
        I never have.

        I created Eradica as a modern day Nautilus, to see the wonders and explore new ones.
        …The sad reality discovered is, there are no more, there are none.

        It is as if Columbus set sail, and found nothing but a giant waterfall at the edge of a flat earth. A Diogenes lecturing during his lantern search who finds doods sexting in bodypaint during the SuperDuper Bowl.

        Now that I’ve seen the full extent of The Real Stupid, I tolerate(d) it even less.

        Learning to abide it in silence will be my greatest challenge.

        Captain Nemo had it lucky.

  4. Good video. Kids are being brainwashing into thinking school officials are their friend. I was suspended and nearly expelled once for confiding something semi-illegal to a teacher. Murka has more informants and snitches than east Germany.

    A little while back several student athletes were accused of rape somewhere but none of them talked and they all lawyered up. Their parents obviously taught them how to work the system. Good for them.

    I have nothing to say. I don’t consent to searches. I want my lawyer. Repeat as necessary.

  5. Nationalism is hated because it is such a dangerous threat to the status quo.

    Nationalism is what created the American Revolution and the French Revolution that (temporarily) destroyed the Elite.

    Nationalism unites principled people purely on a true good – a virtue of national Solidarity – poised against Oppressive Regimes comprised of Elites involved strictly for vast money and power; they only care for how many more kilos of blood money gold they can grasp to feed their newest dog mansion.

    • And do you know who brought the french elites back? London.

      Sorry. I am not sorry to see England overrun by paks and hindoos.

      • I am also ambivalent toward every
        white country, region, city or street
        allowing itself to be rolled over
        and fucked up the ass

        The Problem is now
        that’s what they all do

        sure, i “get it”
        i’m supposed to say “it’ll be alright, just wait! we’ll win!”
        but all a wise man can see is endless defeats of a people without will
        by a growing Colored Wave growing bolder and more powerful each election

  6. I’m pleased to see you describing yourself as a racist, Ryu. This is key to our semiotic victory.

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