Why White Nationalism Will Fail 3: Lacking Leaders

by Firepower
Chris Matthews, Chewing the news

Chris Matthews, Chewing the news (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

The Lost & Lame:

Can leaders be blamed for not wanting to helm a passel of poltroons goose-stepping in wifebeaters?  It isn’t only the stupid Leftist Hippy Kidz degenerated from generations of propaganda by Government Publik Skool indoctrination: Both sides are infected with stupids.  The completely stupid produce similar movements.  You can’t make a silk purse from a pig’s ear.  You all know of Martin Luther King, Jr., but none of you know who the fuck James Earl Ray is; it’s apparent, for none of you’ve ever mentioned him.  While your kids are forced to worship MLK, you don’t even teach them of JER.

Say you eradicate every colored, every jewzoid, every zoggie.  What do you then do? It’s whites that are the true anti-wn power. America was already once a WN Empire – that, if you ain’t noticed, is gone.

Chris Matthews, Jerry Brown, The Clinton Cabal  or Harry Reid types won’t just sit by and let you run free just because you…

…ignore them, beat up on Charles Krauthammer and Herman Cain and have your blinders on to automatically accepting the whiteness of Core Liberalism.

Years ago, piggi wouldn’t dare let you even say “black person” on his pussified blog; now, the fucker’s David Duke.  You are in The Cold Civil War.

Fearsome though they be, coloreds and jews and feminists aren’t your worst enemy, even when united.  Your worst enemy is…… Bill Maher, Chris Matthews, Brian Williams,  Nancy Pelosi, Walter Cronkite, and Bill Clinton types.  It is these LNs in the past who indeed

Fucks You Up Teh Ass EVERY Day!

won the day; those in the present who seemingly will win – they are you real future fuhrers.  These are  your worst enemy: Other whites. MLK couldn’t have done what he did without JFK and LBJ giving it to him – JFK even knew mlk  was a degenerate pervert, white hooker-orgy fucking colored “man of God” liar.  Is that God’s Plan – give it all away free to Affirmative Action descendants of a sex-pervert?  Looks like it is. Relying on “odin” or “god” gets you that kind of inexplicable bullshit we call mysticism.

That,is the perfect formula of pablum proven again and again to lull Murkans to sleep.  The interwebz and its abundance of babblers afraid to call the spade a spade are a problem.  Can you follow one so afraid of Big Government, that they dare not offend?  The answer, sadly – is yes.  It’s why you see the stagnant failure that is the opposition to the FFOL and Liberal Nazism.

If the entire MRM faced-off against just the Vancouver BC Slut-Walk, them grrls would have souvenirs of pockets-full of testicles.

Winning is possible. Only if “wn” unites with other different factions in the Right Fasces (under the banner of simply eradicating Liberalism) is victory won.  That is how the FFOL achieves rulership powers. The Fasces all share one thing in common: They hate whites.  So, to simply hate Leftism is enough.  If not, you get Democrats wielding election power because Republicans are fragmented against Libertarians, MRMs and TEAs etc. and vice-versa.

This takes education; something our side sadly lacks, just as the idiots on the left.  Both camps in The Cold Civil War are just as stupid from years of the successful diseducation propaganda campaign run by the left in Big Government Skoolz.  The Elite want stupids; they need them to rule a country sitting on a mountain of guns.

Foolishness abounds: Fly Farmers do Uncle Beast’s subjugation for him and literally beat their swords into plowshares.

Nationalist whites don’t deserve to win a nation.  Not with the way they behave. Until they’ve earned the right to win, they’ll be no different than PUAs and MRMs.

Today’s wn is as satisfied with venting as is the He-Man PUA-Haterz Klub & the Men’s Rights Bowel Movement.  It is manifest in those wishy-washy sites you tire of hearing me mention.  I won’t pick on your poor little troopers today, they’ve accomplished so much!  Firepower says: If your enemies do not fear you, they fuck you up the ass.

28 Responses to “Why White Nationalism Will Fail 3: Lacking Leaders”

  1. Foolishness abounds: Flyy Farmers do Uncle Beast’s subjugation for him and literally beat their swords into plowshares.

    Good post, except for the idiocy above. Food is a weapon.

    Uncle Beast wins by poisoning the youth with high fructose corn syrup and genetically modified grain taht literally inflames their brains:


    that’s why the kids are so dumb and dysfunctional.

    • It’s very revealing when you censor me
      when I comment on your posts
      then use insults on mine

      Do not do it again.

      Your Grunge Grange will plant whatever BiGGov tells you.
      When He tires of your dallying with Viking Waco Gadsden Flags
      And requires Doritos to feed the snarling Colored Masses.

      Because He knows what I know:
      When tyranny only begets farming as the response to Redcoat-ism
      And not Concord Green…
      You’ll be His farmurz forever.
      Because farmurs don’t scare anybody.

      Now, if Ho Chi Minh and the Taliban had defeated Uncle Beast via farming….

  2. As long as our side keeps wanting smart badges from libtards defeat is ordained. The day that we tell our Grannies we are going to hold little Britnee and Brandon Libtard responsible for their beliefs is the day we start winning. And the Swatzis will switch sides or simply not give a shit.

    I know doomer porn is in and run to the fly farm in the hills is super secret internet wisdom and all that shit because we are fucking doomed, but just maybe there will be a day when the panicked white libtards are out desperately scraping the “coexist” bumper sticker off their cars.

    Because today we hold opposing views within our little bitty craniums, one view is that LIBERALISM (the conglomerate of the left) is an omnipotent an unstoppable force of dooooooooom, then on the other hand we mercilessly mock the average twit of the left as a weakling POS (but one we desperately want a smart badge from like Timmay Weasel “anti-racist” supremo)

    [all could be sweet salvation in a mere half decade. but there’s that problematic word “could” again. DoomaPorn is Fascionable b/c it SEEMS like a valid alternative to getting bloody. The Revolution will NOT be played on xBox]

  3. Fly farming is not to defend against starvation doom but against slow poisoning doom.

    If you don’t believe people are being mass poisoned and mentally disabled by high fructose corn syrup and 44 chromosome wheat then we are stuck.

    If people are poisoned and mentally disabled they are less likely to be able to organize cutlural resistance against uncle beast.

    • Look around you.
      BiGGov doesn’t need fluoride.

      He has PlayStation and sexting. He doesn’t even need clever methods to sneak zombiejunk into ostensibly “unwilling” subjects; he has these subjects themselves clamoring for MOAR Bigger Better Bread & Circus|Pizza & xBox.

      It’s not only Tomorrow’s Justins!!® addled addiction to (any) goodies as an anchor around your neck, but their current apathy. For instance: You have a family you would die for, yet not one of them even take the time to comment in support of your works on mwir – or defend you here.

  4. There are as many WNisms as there are WNists. Until a uniform ideology is hammered out it’ll continue being the fashionable whipping boy of every other internet ideology. Who’s doing that?

    • I am.

      My description of FFFOL policy
      enforced by LN
      in an emerging Soylent/Hunger Games nation

      …provides the clearest explanation of the confused, frustrated state of current conditions. It explains the formerly inexplicable.

      It is up to the wise to accept it, but the wise are a dying breed.
      I can lead horses to water, but I can’t make them drink.
      And won’t.

    • Until a uniform ideology is hammered out it’ll continue being the fashionable whipping boy of every other internet ideology. – Snake

      Out of curiosity, which dissident ideologies do you have in mind?

  5. “There are as many WNisms as there are WNists. Until a uniform ideology is hammered out it’ll continue being the fashionable whipping boy of every other internet ideology.”

    Hammering out a uniform ideology seems unlikely.

    I thought that Firepower had a good point in this one.

    1) “Winning is possible.”

    2)” Only if “wn” unites with other different factions in the Right Fasces under the banner of simply eradicating Liberalism is victory won.”

    3) “To simply hate Leftism is enough”

    Rather than calling a time out to hammer out the details of our ideal white republic, maybe we should be focused on building a broad based coalition that agrees on one thing. Crushing the left.

    We may not get 100% of what we want, but if you break the power of the left, the white race probably survives.

    • I don’t think it requires a time out or anything like that. Just a list of a few basic things WNs can agree on before moving forward. Incorporating WN into something bigger is a great idea.

  6. William Pierce, Revilo Oliver, George L. Rockwell are all dead… Revilo Oliver’s work is what turned me in a WN.

  7. It’s Civil War II. [Apologies to Tom – lol].

    The idea scares the shit out of Americans left and right.

    Hence the hand-wringing.

  8. Be the social critic, but from what I see when someone starts that way they become bad boy in the basement and eventually like good little Brandon lemmings they will start begging for a smart badge. At Kuntslers blog there is a Brandon that named himself after an Aryan superfriend and he stays there all week “debating” the Britnees and Big Mommas. Aryan Brandon Bad Boy from the Basement would probably cream his jeans if just one of the libtards would acknowledge BBB’s smarts.

    [ed note: don’t be so cryptic wtf is “some aryan brandon?” – give name to the beast of which you speak]

    • I feel I used up my asshole quota and besides I generally like the man and I don’t want to completely fuck him up. But he goes by Otto Skorzeny and everything he writes is true but Britnee and Big Momma don’t care they think he is mean.

      [i am quite familiar with it…he sounds tolerable, but for that Peter Panzer moniker]

  9. My views are simplifying. It’s really not even about wn, but a generalized problem.

    Many people want things, but won’t do what is needed to get it. I can look at our movement and I just don’t see the stuff needed to win. The morality to win, the preparation, the mentality are not there.

    It would not matter if we were PUAs or Tony Robbins types, or if we wanted to make model rockets. There’s a difference between someone who enjoys discussions and someone who does.

  10. The Cold Civil War is a nice formulation. Original, evocative, and true. I have long believed white versus white/Jew is the primary struggle.

    • “The Cold Civil War” provides an explanation to the confusion, maneuvering and frustration leading up to The End.

      It describes our current state of neither side committing to action – just talk, plans and talk of plans. It is the very definition of stale.

      The culmination could be a bang, like the American Civil War, or a whimper – as the dismantling of a Berlin Wall.

      Firepower also says: Stalemate, like Winter can either end like a Lion or Lamb.

  11. Have you thought about fine-tuning the term “White Nationalism”? Our Marxist elites have successfully defined that term to have negative connotations. People stop listening the moment you say WN. Call it something that is a twist on an acceptable term – for example, Radical Libertarianism or Minarchists. I know it sounds trivial, but I think it is a stumbling block to building the movement. Actually, I suspect the like-minded are already out there – just afraid of being called “racists”.

    • Yes, I have thought about fine-tuning the term, as has Ryu. His opinions are his own.

      I wholly agree those you mentioned ARE indeed “Marxist Elites.” Not the type MSNBC ejaculates about, but the type living in plush Dachas outside Moscow in Stalin’s 1950 USSR: A simple privileged Ruling Class, Ruling Elite.

      I’m leaning toward simply “Nationalists”

      It is not trivial and, yes – it is a real stumbling block being nameless. It literally means we’ve no identity.

      We’ve called for suggestions many times so feel free to brainstorm. It must have a strong abbreviation like GOP or Dem.

      American Dawn (AMDA) – an obvious nod to Greece.
      American Nationalist: AMNA
      Nationalist American Party…etc

  12. I embrace racism (and more critically, racialism). I renounce Democracy. I’m not afraid to say so either (and do).

    All I’d say about your frustration with the glacier response of the vast majority of whites to what is going on– look closer. It IS happening, but a change in consciousness takes generations. As for the lack of leaders… leaders are creative, have vision, are brave, have tact– these characteristics are more likely to be found outside the “movement” than within (just based on sheer numbers). Winning this minority of thinkers will win the day. When The Last Man evolves into a racialist, you’ll have a flash flood of leadership available. Then it is a matter of time.

    I read recently that when 10% of the population believes in something fervently, eventually the entire population will accept it. I think we’re approaching 10%.

  13. American Lightning.

  14. A friend of mine who has earned his stripes as a dissident suggested that Nationalist is problematic in that there is bitter hatred between various European countries and their Nationalist (such as Poland and Russia).

    So in that vein I like White Nationalist or Euro-Nationalist as they are more unifying than simply Nationalist. Unless you want to be an “American” movement.

    My friend also thinks that we should just call ourselves what we are, racists. The term racist has lost its sting for many or the Teaparty types. Of that I am sure. So I like that term for us too. Whatever we call ourselves, they will call us racists. Why not embrace it? Worked for the gays.

    I’m posting my friend’s ideas because he’s not much into blogs.

  15. What Leftists think of Eradica: Wow. Not much…because they hate Hate HATE me.
    They hate neologisms. They “hate” Newspeak because they can’t understand it so they FEAR it. But, they use their own newspeak culled from internerd meme-ology. It’s Trekkies calling Shakespeare a “fanboi”

    I’m more angwy that they label me a “fundie” or their own terminology for fundamentalist. They also hate Xtians.

    If they hate it USE IT

  16. The term “white” should be abandoned and replaced with “European”.

    The mistake made by our cousins in the USA and Australia with now abandoned immigration policies was to use the term “white” in the first place (it’s a horrible term given the vast diversity amongst “white” peace peoples) , instead if stating that the USA was “a colony for European people”.


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