A Change of Focus

by Ryu

For a long time, we have focused on the why of nationalism. The new mission is to focus on the how.

Police states are made possible by police. It is their job to enforce the laws, to protect those with power and to maintain the status quo. By desiring change, nationalists put themselves into direct conflict with the authorities. Some of you know what is occurring in Greece now with Golden Dawn; the police are involved with the system in that effort.

Therefore, nationalists have to know everything that a cop knows. The most common variety of cop works patrol. That’s the starting point.

Everything you want to learn can be found. I’ve been associated with an effort to teach nationalists STEM. The purpose was not necessarily to learn science, but to demonstrate that knowledge is possible. That you can learn anything you’d like to if you’re willing to do the work. Many do not believe in their own abilities.

Overall I am critical of the obedience of LEOs to their masters and their rigid dogma that they are always “the good guys.” However, there are promising aspects of their training. They value their own lives above the rules, above anyone else’s life. They do not believe in fighting fair, that they should ALWAYS have the advantage. They use morality as a tool for their own means and continually recite a mantra that reinforces their own POV. Nationalists ought to do similarly.

One of the most hopeful events in nationalism is what’s occurring in Detroit. It’s being abandoned by the USG and the authorities. Dealing with gangster thugs without badges is much easier than gangster thugs with badges.

Serpico. It’s a movie about a cop bothered by what cops are doing. As you’d expect, it was made far in the past, 1973.

5 Comments to “A Change of Focus”

  1. Um…did this get cut off? Was there going to be a thrust here?

  2. Oh, there’s always more coming. One can’t explore an entire issue in a page or two. Learning takes constant repetition.

  3. This goes right to the heart of what are givens?

    White nationalism is the belief that white man can choose to live peacefully amongst only his white people.

    THIS ALREADY EXISTS… Even if it is incredibly fragile.

    It is a given. WN is a given.

    This is what the LIBERATIONIST seeks to destroy.

    But the most vicious and diabolical LIBERATIONISTS…

    Are other “white” “men.”

    Internecine war with givens.

    “White” cops can be either/or and we will never know outside increasingly unpredictable and arbitrary interactions.

  4. Your community would probably be better served if you stopped teaching them STEM subjects, and instead taught them how to be MEN.

  5. Some worthy advice for omega-poster “precisekumshot” and other losers:

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